Worst Travel Trailer Brands – 5 Names That You Must Stay Away

Worst Travel Trailer Brands

Worst Travel Trailer Brands – 5 Names That You Must Stay Away

Compare to camping tents, travel trailers provide their occupants with a higher level of comfort thanks to a wide range of onboard facilities and equipment. However, everything comes with a price, buying a travel trailer is considered to be among the most expensive purchases you could make in your life. With so much money involved, it’s obvious that you want to get a quality, reliable and long-lasting product. To do that, it’s essential that you know what RV manufacturers to avoid no matter what the salesman said. In the case you are buying your first travel trailer and don’t know much about the issue, this article could help you avoid some worst travel trailer brands

Important Note: Generally speaking, to survive in the industry, all brands must have something that attracts potential customers and keep them interested. Nonetheless, it’s advised that you avoid names that make an appearance in this article altogether if possible. Salesman persuasion techniques along with well-calibrated marketing strategies could enhance these brands reputation but their products would likely let you down sooner or later.

Of course, you could buy any recreational vehicle from any brand you like as long as you certain that you are making a wise investment. Do not buy a travel trailer unless you have a firm grasp on its performance. That means you have to get a clear understanding of the RV characteristics, warranty terms and policies, customer service, etc. Customer reviews and online recommendations are helpful but it’s going to a big mistake if you make the final decision base on them alone.

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Top 5 Worst Travel Trailer Brands Reviews

1. Thor Hurricane

worst travel trailer brands 1

Thor Hurricane is one of the least known RV brands nowadays so there is a good chance that you never heard about it till today. There is a reason for the dubious popularity of this brand: It seems that all brand new Thor Hurricane products are assembled from used components. Needless to say, the quality of Thor Hurricane travel trailers is below average and a wide range of operational problems have been reported. Structural weakness, fire hazard, incorrect rating, ineffective brake,… These are some of the issues you could experience if you decide to buy Thor Hurricane products.

2. Fleetwood

worst travel trailer brands 2

Founded more than six decades ago, Fleetwood is considered to be one the most respected names in the business. For a long time, Fleetwood products offer commendable performance and their reliability is top notch.

Unfortunately, nowadays, a lot of defects and flaws have shown up on various Fleetwood models which substantially decrease customer trust. The interiors, such as seats and their covers, degrade much faster compared to other brands

3. Gulfstream

worst travel trailer brands 5

Back in the old days, many people came to like Gulfstream products because of the helpful services and solid performances. Today, there are many customer complaints about unexpected leaks and sudden rusting which cast a lot of doubt on the quality check of this brand.  A number of components are installed incorrectly / illogically and that truly hurt the occupant comfort along with Gulfstream reputation. Post-purchase service remains excellent but they may charge you additional fees to solve problems.

4. Winnebago

worst travel trailer brands 3

Winnebago is a relatively new name on the RV market but they already attract a good number of customers for such a young brand. However, the surge of client appears to tempt Winnebago to release more products to meet demand which lead to a considerable drop in the quality. Some common problems include loosed interior components, unreliable lighting fixtures, damaged wall and many more. While products are backed with warranty, the response to customer claims is inefficient at best.  

5. Coachmen

worst travel trailer brands 4

In most of the case, the performance of Coachmen travel trailers is quite admirable and they should be able to satisfy most customer needs. Recently, the quality of Coachmen products seems to reduce a lot compared to before, that is why it earns its place on this list. People tend to complain about fragile drawers and slides, interior leakages, exposed wirings and alike. Technically, buying your travel trailer from Coachmen is not a bad idea but you should inspect the model carefully before you proceed with the purchase.

Things You Have To Avoid

  • Don’t Have A Concrete Idea Of What You Need

There are many questions that you have to answer properly before heading to a dealer and buy a travel trailer. To purchase a recreational vehicle when you don’t exactly know what you want could lead to a messy situation. As a result, you should attempt to make a list of desired features and capabilities. In addition to that, you have to consider your shopping budget, the operation expense, potential parking space and similar issues. These preparations would considerably narrow down the number of products you have to check out and save you a lot of time in the process

  • Decide Without Careful Consideration Beforehand

For most of the time, it’s highly likely that you would end up with a less than ideal product if you buy without thinking. It’s strongly recommended that you take things at your own pace, check out all available options before you come up with any conclusion. As long as you are willing to invest your time and effort, you should be able to find a travel trailer that suits your demands. There is no need to buy the first vehicle that comes to your eyes and making hasty purchases due to salesman word is simply unwise.

  • Underestimate The Importance Of Paperwork

Nobody truly enjoys going through all of the involved documents and make sure that they are correct but it’s still necessary to do so. The right paperwork is all you need in order to avoid potential problem regarding the trailer ownership and so on. In most of the case, the paperwork must be finished within 30 days of the purchase and all essential documents have to be transferred to you. It’s going to be tedious and time–consuming but you need to read through everything to determine if everything is in order or not.

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