🥇Top 10 Must-have Items Of A Wilderness Survival Kit List

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Top 10 must-have items of a wilderness survival kit list

We all want to do something for a change of pace once in a while to relax our body and refresh our mind. Among the options, camping is an excellent activity that people of all age can truly enjoy without fail. Of course, heading into the outdoor empty handed is very unwise, you have to prepare properly. While it’s nice to bring as many items as you able to carry, overloading has a really negative impact on the camping experience. In the case you want some recommendations, this article can introduce you to ten necessary item of a wilderness survival kit list. Take a closer look and see if you should include some of them in your loadout.

There is a diversity of preferences and demands, hence, the ideal camping inventory could differ a lot from one person to the other. Some of the items might seem quite useful to you while the rest appear to be more or less redundant. Depend on personal taste and camping environment, it’s totally fine to modify the list a bit to better suit the situation. You don’t have to strictly limit your choices to the items shown below, be flexible and ready to improvise instead. Do whatever it takes to make the trip comfortable and memorable for you.

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Top necessary item of a wilderness survival kit list

  • Fire starters

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Starting a fire is a nice way prepare hot food and drink, the fire shall keep your body warm in chilly weather too. As a result, it’s recommended to put some fire starters into your backpack, three of them should be sufficient. Many kinds of fire starters are available for you to choose such as lighter, striker, match, flint and so on. It’s a good idea to accommodate them with tinder and starting aid as well to get a fire up as soon as possible. Keep everything you need to start a fire in waterproof containers. Store them in a place that you are able to readily access them should a need arise.  

  • Survival Knife

Given that you probably have to do a lot of chopping and slicing, a reliable survival knife will come in handy. A fixed blade knife possesses the strength to get the job done but a foldable one is nonetheless adequate for light duty tasks. The usual knife applications could range from cutting rope to batoning and many more. Remember to bring a sharpener along so you can process the knife blade in case it becomes dull. Never try to force your way through materials with a dulled knife since it’s very dangerous.

  • First aid kit

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It’s easy to sustain injuries in the wild, therefore, a first aid kit is definitely an item you must have nearby. A simple scratch might worsen relatively fast if you don’t treat it in time. Should you unable to make a kit by yourself, you can always grab one from the store. You don’t have to go after high-level stuff, all you need are gauze, antibiotic, bandage, disinfectant and painkiller. Pack them carefully so they don’t get damage on the way.

  • Tent and sleeping bag

Unless you want to directly expose your body to natural elements like rain, wind and snow, you have to think about shelter. A combination of a tent and a sleeping bag is more than enough in most of the time. Do check their qualities thoroughly to make sure that they are able to endure the weather and the environment. Exam the packed profiles of the tent and the bag to see whether they get in the way of your movements or not.

  • Water filtration system and purification tablet

In multiple-day camping trips, it’s unlikely that you manage to carry the necessary amount of water on your own. After the main supply is exhausted, you have to look for other water sources along the way. Obviously, you cannot drink water from the ponds and rivers whenever you like since you may get sick. Harmful microorganisms are hard to detect with your bare eyes. This is why it’s important to have a couple packets of water purification tablets and a water filtration system. They should be enough to secure you drinkable water for the duration of the trip.

  • Flashlight/Headlamp

While you can use the fire starters to illuminate your surrounding area, a flashlight or a head lamb are much better alternatives. In total darkness, a flashlight/headlamp is an excellent tool to guide you through unfamiliar terrain. As long as you have enough battery, you will have a dependable source of light when it’s nighttime.  

  • Paracord

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In the wilderness, you may find yourself in need of something to secure material together. A few roll of Paracord is probably the best thing you could ever use in such situation. It’s advised to have two separate sections of Paracord with a minimum combined length of six meters

  • Navigation

The last thing you want to experience is to get lost in the wilderness while your supplies are dwindling. To avoid falling into a predicament like that, ensure that you have something to assist your navigation. Compass, map and GPS, include at least one of them in your camping inventory. Each of them weighs nearly nothing so there is no reason not to bring one along. Needless to say, you have to learn how to use them beforehand.

  • Communication

A lot of things could occur on a camping trip, some of them you cannot possibly handle by yourself. Having a way to contact outside help is extremely vital. While a cell phone is adequate if you have reception, consider getting a radio and a whistle. They will help you notify other people of your presence efficiently and effectively.    

  • Changes of clothes

Wearing wet or unhygienic clothes is a simple way to get sick in the middle of nowhere. So if the trip last for an extended amount of time then remember to pack changes of clothes. Cotton is nice but prioritizes synthetic since the latter dry much faster.


And those are ten necessary item of a wilderness survival kit list from this survival website, do you like the idea behind them? You cannot enjoy a camping experience to the fullest unless you are well prepared for the trip. Use the list above as references and you should be able to put together the best camping loadout.

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