What to Look for When Buying a New Tent

Buying a tent is like shopping for a home. There are different styles, sizes, designs, and features. There are many to choose from in the market today, that’s why it can be tricky for the buyer. There are little ones, big ones, cheap ones, and the most expensive ones. This guide will show you exactly what to look for in buying a new tent suited for every outing.

The Usability

Decide first where you will be using the tent. One of the first things to remember on how to choose a tent is that there is a specific tent suited for every location. Knowing where you are going for a trip or outing can help you decide exactly what to get. If you are only planning to camp for the weekend or go on an overnight trip, a backpacking tent is highly advisable. You won’t really benefit from a heavier one, especially if you’re traveling alone.

The Size

Know the rule of thumb. If you are planning for a car camping adventure, get a bigger tent. You will surely appreciate the extra space to roll around, especially if you are with a group of people or if you’re bringing your kids and your pets. When backpacking, get a tent that’s one person larger than what you need. If you are going with your partner, do not get a tent for two people alone, go for a three-person capacity tent. Of course, you will need room to keep all your belongings too.

The Right Weight

Backpacking with a specific model is likely made with lightweight materials. It’s the right choice if you want to huff a tent on your back and go camping in comfort. Some people use a non-freestanding tent with guy lines rather than styles or models with dedicated poles in a tent. 

It has been said that it’s the best option if you are thru-hiking because they are not heavy to carry along. However, for regular campers, freestanding tents are easier to carry and set up. It’s packable as well. 

Suitable for Any Weather

There is a great three-season tent to consider because it has a bomber fly and vestibule space to keep all your gear and safe from the rain. If you’re car camping, get a two-season tent to ensure it can protect you and your belongings from the sun and keep the airflows when the temp rises. You will only need the four-season tent if you go for a winter camping in high locations. 

The Packability

Though you would consider the weight when buying a tent, make sure that it can also fit inside your backpack or quickly straps outside your bag for easy access. Once you have bought one, do a practice run. Try to pack the tent and all your stuff in one bag. If you have a problem fitting all of them in, think of the best possible way to distribute the load inside your pack.

Pitching Before Buying

It’s always a good idea to read about capacity and tent’s dimensions. But, to experience using it is a better idea so you can judge if it’s an excellent option. You can get inside the tent to test the comfort of the room yourself.. So visiting a camping store to pitch your tent is recommended before you buy it.

Its Durability

To make sure that you are getting the most durable tent, read reviews, and ask for the best recommendation from people close to you. There is nothing wrong if you try and listen to what people are saying before you plop down a hundred bucks.

Ease of Use

Tents these days are intuitive, but some are easier and quicker to set up even in pitch dark or wind force. If you are not used to setting up tents, practice in your backyard so you’ll be ready to go on real camping.

So are you all setup? Read these recommendations before you hit the road for the best camping experience.

Ultralight Backpacking

  • Going hiking or camping for thru-hikes on the Appalachian, Continental Divide Trails, or Pacific Crest, go with an ultralight backpacking tent.
  • If you are only planning for a weekend backpacking trip, speed is not an issue at all. So, it’s best to take a backpacking tent. 
  • If you are camping on established sites already like a base camp where you can safely park your vehicle, a car camping tent is the best to use. 

Camping is a fun exercise and a good way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city living. If you want to have a great experience, make sure you have the right tent, gear, and essential supplies with you to make your trip worthwhile.

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