Top 20 Must Have RV Accessories For RV Owners

Traveling in an RV is the perfect method to move around and enjoy your time on the road. It will provide you with just as much benefits and convenient as any stationary house. If you want to go somewhere and take a break from the busy life, you can’t go wrong with an RV. However, there is a good chance that a factory manufactured RV is not going to give you a complete satisfaction right away. You need to purchase and outfit it with additional accessories so that you can truly feel comfortable. If that is also what you want then this article is for you

There is a wide range of RV gears and gadgets available on the market for many uses. Depend on the people preferences, one may find this particular item useful while others feel that it’s redundant. To ensure that you won’t waste money on anything you don’t need, you must set out your own set of requirements first. Before you buy anything, the item in question must be able to fulfill at least of the requirement. That is how you can make a logical and informative purchase. But if an RV just comes into your custody only recently and you need some recommendations, they are right below. They are very simple and easy to use so it’s very practical for beginners.

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Top 20 Must Have RV Accessories For RV Owners

1. Instant Pot

Have you ever feel that your current RV cooker is too slow and eat up a lot of energy? In that case, buy an instant pot then you can get rid of all the worries and frustrations. The instant pot will be your rice cooker, yogurt maker and even a steamer which is a lot of function for one machine. Its power efficiency is considerably better all the items that it replaced while also reduce the overall waiting period. If you are looking for the best kitchen gadget, look no further and grab an instant pot. The compact size of the pot only requires a small place.

rv accessories must have 1

As versatile as it is, the instant pot will not heat up the entire RV when you use it. This is quite a common problem when it comes to cooker but you won’t have to deal with it here. Due to its multifunction capability, you can prepare anything from a lobster meal to a cheesecake and even chicken dishes. You can potentially cook all of your meal inside the pot without having to use additional pans. Want to whip something up in a rather short time? Then you will come to appreciate the flexibility of the instant pot. It will be your most prized tool in the RV kitchen

2. Portable Ice Maker

Another kitchen gadget that truly shows its worth during hot summer days, a portable ice maker is a much-needed accessory. Your RV is not very good at making quick batches of ice and usually lacking in capacity.The process may even slower if the RV is sitting under the sun and its water got heated up. But with a portable ice maker, you can constantly produce ices for you waters and drinks every few minutes. This is a lot faster than the average freezers which only produce quality ices after 5 to 10 minutes at best.

3. Vent cover

rv accessories must have 2

If your RV is operating in cold and wet climate, moisture can become a serious problem which can affect the vehicle functions. So a roof vent cover will definitely come in handy in such situations. It keeps the vent open and makes sure that the RV is fully ventilated at any given time. Installing and removing are relatively simple which can be done in a blink of an eye. Do remember to select the product that allows a sufficient volume of air flow for your RV.

4. Surge Protector

rv accessories must have 3

Nowadays, RV packs a lot of electrical devices that provide most of the benefits that you can achieve on the road. As the number of devices increase, the looming threat of a power surge which can fry up everything is just around the corner.  No matter how you confident you have in the RV electrical system, having a backup plan is always necessary. So go out and install your RV with an appropriate and reliable surge protector as a precaution. This is a logical investment compared to the hefty cost of replacing every burnout components across the RV.

5. Tire Pressure Monitor System

rv accessories must have 4

Road safety is the number one priority while you are traveling with your RV. And a properly inflated set of tires is essential in order to obtain that. When the pressure of a tire is insufficient, the tire will overheat and a blowout can occur. Such incident can easily lead to fatal results for the occupant while also inflict thousands of dollars worth of damage. A Tire Pressure Monitor System (or TMPS for short) can help you prevent that. A TMPS will constantly keep a tight watch on the tire pressure and temperature. You will be notified by the system at once should there are any problem

6. RV Wheel Chock

This is quite a useful should you ever need to secure the RV tire so it won’t slip. There are several models of wheel chock that can assist you in changing the RV tire too. A good wheel chock must be tough enough to endure the weigh of the wheel and a part of the trailer weigh on it. Ideally, your choice of wheel chock should be able to stay intact even if you run over it several times. Of course, it will also need to stick as tight as possible to the road surface.

7. Safety devices

rv accessories must have 5

There will be a lot thing that can happen while traveling in a RV. So it’s not hurt to make sure that you are properly protected. Corner Guards and fire extinguisher are two common item that can ensure your well – being. When you go through bumpy roads or rough terrain, you may lose your balance and hit your head somewhere. That is why covering all sharp angle in the RV interior by the Corner Guards is vital to your safety. And you already know how important the fire extinguisher is when it comes to dealing with fire hazards.

8. Signal booster

The uses of cell phone and Internet have become an integral part of our life.  They are the way to search for information and call for help when necessary. So signal boosters for your phone reception and Wifi are really helpful especially when you are in the middle of nowhere. There is a wide range of signal booster available pick the ones that you think is good for your RV and preferences

9. Solar charging system

rv accessories must have 6

Electricity is an essential resource for the RV to function and it may run out abruptly if you are not careful. By possessing a mobile solar charger, you can avoid that scenario. Depend on your needs, you can purchase as many solar chargers as you want. If you really travel around a lot in the RV, consider installing permanent solar panels for maximum effect.

10. Portable vacuum

To keep up the hygiene is important, you don’t want to get sick by fungus and alike. So get yourself a handle vacuum and clean the RV interior regularly. This will keep everything clean and offer a healthy environment to live in. Stronger and more effective than a broom, the vacuum is the ultimate cleaning tool in an RV.  

11. Large size plastic cans

Having several durable cans in your vehicle could come in handy sometimes. You can store additional water and gasoline beside what already in the RV primary tanks. If you also bring a separate generator with, these cans will be the perfect way to fuel the machine.  

12. Repellant

rv accessories must have 7

Mosquito, fly and alike can be extremely annoying at certain times and seasons. However, several bottles of insect repellant are more than enough to keep them away. There are a lot of products in this category and some offer rather refreshing scents too.

13. Two-way handheld radio (Or walkie-talkie)

When reception is low and you need to keep everybody in contact with one another, the walkie-talkie is very useful. It’s also convenient as a way to signal adjustments when you are backing the RV or connecting a hitch.

14. Air compressor

rv accessories must have 8

Got a flatted tire with no auto shop insight? Then it’s time for the air compressor to come into play.  It can inflate anything from a bicycle to a RV tire in a blink of an eye. For road emergency, you can hardly expect anything to be more helpful than an air compressor

15. Weather radio

This will receive any emergency broadcast about weather condition which is utmost important. Tsunami, tornado, flashflood,… will be notified about these dangers before you actually have to meet them. If you are in a place that phone reception is unreliable, a weather radio can be the difference between life and death

16. Hammock

Staying in the RV may get a bit boring so how about taking a nap outside for once? All you need is two attachment points then you can set up a nice hammock.  Reading and falling under a tree shade is quite a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoor life.

17. Hoses

rv accessories must have 9

While certain RVs come with their own hoses, preparing spare ones is not going to hurt. You will need at least two of them, one for fresh water and one for the dumping out the wastes. Select your hoses in the way that you can’t mistake them for one another.

18. Collapsible baskets

You will need something compact to store anything from dirty clothes to solid wastes. Collapsible baskets will be an excellent solution here since they are light, cheap and effective. When not in use, you can collapse them and they will barely take up any space

19. Bathroom chemical

Having some troubles with the WC smell? Perhaps several spoons of bathroom chemical can help. They will neutralize and disintegrate anything that can potentially clog the entire RV piping system. Just drop them regularly and nothing bad will happen.

20. Bicycle

rv accessories must have 10

A great method to stretch your muscle, having a bicycle around is a good way to exercise the body. With a bike, you can visit local location easier without having to bring the bulky and cumbersome RV.  It’s affordable, compact and gets your body to move after sitting a while in the RV.


And that should be the end of it, pretty straightforward, right? Getting the right RV is very nice already but to purchase the best set of RV that you must have to go with it is even better. While not everyone has the same needs and requirements, the list above should be more or less beneficial to your in one way or another. Feel free to add any other item you like so that you could have a custom built experience with your RV.

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