[TOP 12] Best No Cook Backpacking Meals For Camping Trip

12 Best No Cook Backpacking Meals For Camping Trip Reviews, Tips & Guides

If you’re planning to hike the long trip and you were hoping to do No Cook Food to save weight on fuel or you tend to offer the snack to meals, read this article and full fill your menu and read some suggestions here with Dried Fruits, cheese, sausages, dried meat or fish.etc. Make sure you really understand what is the best No Cook backpacking meals and find out how to prepare your menu.

Yes, it is not so weird if you are not a big fan of hot food and do not carry any kind of stove with you when you go camping or hunting. You should always do that because of these advantages:

– You will have more time to enjoy with your friend or family and do another thing. For example, You boil water to make instant noodle is much quicker than make a wild strawberry pie in an oven (have you ever see backpacker eat like kings?). No cook meal means you will have more time to watch wildlife in the night.

– Man needs to have two or three big meals and snacks, but a woman will happy with simply snack all day whenever she wants to eat. And sometimes we do not buy a stove, cookware, etc, may be we can save a good deal of money.

Another side, it depends on where you camping. For example, you go camping in the mountains, cooking in the mountains can be very exciting and enjoyable even cooking in the high winds can be very frustrating for you.

When you are tired you need a hot meal, it can really perk you up. It means if you choose no cooking backpacking meals you need to be more creative in your meals.

It means you always keep an emergency meal/food in case your body fever or when you feel a little homesick then you will need something hot. I recommend you carry a spoon, a stainless steel cup, sugar, and tea. For what? When you use these, a fire is required.

Anywhere we go camping, make sure we eat three times a day: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. How you choose the right meals/foods? Let’s find out in 12 best no cook backpacking meals ideas for awesome trip.

12 best no cook backpacking meals ideas


For breakfast you try to make sure you full of fat to get the calorie density high enough. If no-cook meal I will take:

  • Chia Seeds with Instant Breakfast

Especially, here’s a meal for the serious ultralight hikers. One packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast powder mixed with a cup of water, then add a tablespoon or two of chia seeds, then you have got a super food breakfast include beverage packed with a few hundred calories, omega 3-fatty acids, protein, antioxidants, and more.

Do you know about the chia seeds, they will actually soak up the liquid to help provide more food mass.

No cook backpacking meal

Chia seed with instant breakfast

Tip: You could even prepare this in the night before, you just only put chia seeds in your water bottle. Then when you wake up, your camp-made energy drink will be ready for you to say good morning.

  • Granolas and Cold Cereals

Cereal or granola is very convenient food for a breakfast on the go. So easy, even your kid can do that, to add milk powder and cold water in it then …EAT!

Tip: Granola- It is a breakfast and snack food consisting full of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other sweeteners such as brown sugar and bring to you nutritious, lightweight, high in calories.

Granola is the top cake that is carried by people who are hiking, camping, or backpacking. It depends on your favor, you can eat granola with yogurt, honey, or fresh fruit (example: bananas, strawberries or blueberries), or milk.

No cook backpacking meal 2

Granolas and milk

  • Dried Fruits, Nuts, and Berries

Pros: dried fruits and nuts are lightweight, easy to store, and nutritious.

It is an ideal snack food for hikes because of the taste and aroma of freshly-picked berries. On the trail during the summer period, there are lots of berries so, you can pick: blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, cranberries and marsh berries.

No cook backpacking meals ideas

Dried Fruits, Nuts, and Berries

  • Breakfast Bagel

To make sure your full up, Bagel is the one you look for. You can eat it bagel with much peanut butter and honey, or you can eat it with tuna, ham, or cheese, etc. You will feel satisfied when you have protein, carbohydrates, and fat to start your long day.


In afternoon, we shouldn’t eat a large meal because it makes us slow down. Recommend you should have a light meal for your lunch. It is easy to make, quick and high energy but delicious.

  • Wraps and Burritos

Someone said this is an idea to fill in your stomach. Mix materials to enjoy with banana and peanut butter or Tuna. Other kind is cream cheese and smoked salmon. We recommend here is chicken and pesto/ chicken and canned pineapples, etc.

No cook backpacking meals

Wraps and Burritos

  • Canned Beans and Vegetable Salads

Live in the natural environment and taste great with corn, tomatoes, avocado, and tortillas. Without any meat? Yeah! But do not worry, these food are very high in vitamins and fiber.

  • Sausages

Many kinds of sausages, you can pick Salami, pepperoni or mini summer sausages. All are good for your backpacking.

No cook backpacking ideas

Sausages is awesome for camping trip

  • Dried meat or fish

No cooking meals

Dried meat or fish is favorite food of many campers



The meal you have been waiting for all day has finally arrived.

  • Cheese

Here is the best cheese for a backpacker: hard cheeses such a Parmesan and Cheddar (9.5 g/ounce) – is good fuel for cold or hard hikes. Both of them are the best for extended trips, snacking, and meal topping.

  • Pizza Wraps

Spare a little time to prepare materials: tomato powder, some water, salt or pepper and herbs if you need. Now you have done for the base of pizza wraps. Add in cured meats and sliced cheese, meat to your pizza like salami, pepperoni.

Pizza Wraps

  • Crackers

Feel free to eat and enjoy with crackers. If you feel bored, combined with cheese or other food items as tuna, dips, soft spread with a little honey or butter. Eat crackers and drink tea, wow! Wonderful!

  • Cold Soups

When you feel tired and hot in your throat, we show you this meal that we called Cool down Gazpacho – 113 Cal/Oz. This cold soup will refresh and fill Spanish inspired cold soup quenches your thirst and prove the nourishment of a fresh salad.

no cook backpacking meals

Cold Soups is not bad idea

Well, you have got meals enough for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even snacking for all day. So, how do you think if we recommend you about chocolate, corn chips, or Tsampa with olive oil? Why is Tsampa? It is a traditional Tibetan pre-roasted barley flour dish eaten by Sherpas. We mix the tsampa flour with nuts and spices (our favor taste) such as cinnamon and ginger and finally add olive oil and water on the trail.


If you plan for long distance hike, maybe uncooked meals make you feel bored, but you can mix and match ingredients and try to add to your meals some fresh vegetables as carrots, broccoli, or green beans. They will help you have got a balanced meal to keep you fueled for all day long. Yes, no cook backpacking meals is for campers.

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