Tips to Install a Central Air Conditioning Unit at Home

Improving the quality of your indoor air will go a long way to eliminate the risk of respiratory diseases. Quality indoor air not only improves your health but makes your living space comfortable.

There are various measures that you can employ to improve indoor air quality in your home. A central air conditioner will work to supply your home with clean and fresh air. The AC unit will also work to improve the room temperature and make your room comfy.

How Does a Central Air Conditioner Work?

A central air conditioner has a system where the air is sucked in, cooled in a central location, and distributed to one or more rooms through ducts. Central air conditioning systems consist of two main units. The condenser is installed outdoors and handles drawing air and heat into the house.

The evaporating unit is installed indoors and works to cool air drawn from the environment and distribute it within the home. Central air conditioning units are of two types, the split system and the packaged central AC.

Split-system Central Air Conditioners

This system consists of the condensing unit installed outdoors and the evaporating unit with ducts to supply air indoors. The condensing unit draws in air from the environment and pumps it to the evaporating unit. The evaporating unit consists of a fan and coils to cool the air and distribute it in your home.

Packaged Central Air Conditioners

In this AC system, the condenser, evaporator and compressor are located in a single unit. This unit is mostly installed on a roof or on near the house in a concrete slab.

The air ducts may be installed in the walls to supply air within the home and transfer the indoor air towards the packaged AC outside.

Installing a central AC unit requires you to have basic knowledge of the types and how they work. Here are other additional factors to consider when installing a central air-con in your home.

Size of Cooling Space

The size of your living space that needs cooling should guide you in choosing a suitable AC unit. Thus, you should determine the amount of space in your home that needs cooling and where you spend the most time, as mentioned in Matrix Air Conditioning.

The split system AC will prove convenient for small spaces and homes that already have a heating furnace installed. Packaged systems are also suitable for both small and large areas.

Packaged AC systems offer an added advantage due to their compact nature. The compact nature ensures that they don’t take up too much space for installation.

AC Installation Company

Installing an AC might seem like a simple DIY task, but there is some complexity to it. One may get injured while installing the AC unit. Also, the poor installation of the air conditioner may cause mechanical problems with your system.

Find the right professionals in your locality to handle the installation of your air conditioning unit. The AC professionals have the right tools and equipment to put your conditioning unit in place appropriately.

The air conditioner installation company will also help you find an AC unit that matches your cooling needs. Locate AC professionals in your area and have your conditioner installed.


Determine the type of central air conditioner that will keep your room ventilated while conserving energy. Choose between the split and packaged systems, depending on your space and cooling requirements.

If you’re looking to install a central air conditioner, go for the energy-efficient model. Determine whether the AC unit under consideration complies with the energy conservation standards for residential air conditioners.

Check for the energy efficiency rating (EER) on the air conditioner. The higher the score, the lower the energy consumption. A high EER rating means low energy costs for you.


The cost of central air conditioners will vary depending on the type, brand and power consumption. Certain sorts and brands of central air conditioners may be expensive but with a higher energy rating, thus saving you energy costs in the long run.

Consider the installation fees as well, and other maintenance practices that will cost you. Find an affordable unit and a company that will provide their AC services at a friendly cost. Plan on your budget and give the AC company a call.

Smart Options

We live in a digital world where we can have and access almost everything at the palm of our hands. When looking to install a central air conditioner, consider smart units that come with programmable thermostats.

The smart thermostat can adjust your room temperature setting to suit your specifics. An air conditioning unit that has Wi-Fi connectivity makes it better. The thermostat is linked to your phone through Wi-Fi, making it easier for you to adjust the room temperature settings comfortably and remotely.

Some central air conditioners have several thermostats for adjusting the indoor conditions of each room separately.

Upgrading Existing Options

A split central AC unit will work better for a home that has a furnace installed. This is because the furnace will be connected to the ductwork for heating purposes.

Conversely, if upgrading an existing AC unit, consider same-sized systems and look for an option that reduces your energy costs.

Find an air conditioner professional to perform a load calculation. The AC contractor will determine whether the duct system requires resizing or replacement.

The air con company also evaluates whether the indoor evaporating unit and the outdoor condensing unit are the same. The existing unit and the new central air conditioner should match in terms of branding, energy efficiency and performance.

Maintenance Practices

Check out the maintenance schedule provided by the AC company. Check whether the central AC unit comes with a warranty for labor and regular inspections for your cooling unit.

Plan a maintenance schedule for your unit to ensure that mechanical problems are avoidable and guarantee durability.

Please conduct your research and learn more about central air conditioners, how they work and why they are an essential addition in your home. Seek referrals from friends or family about the central ac units in their homes. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from professionals in case you get stuck.

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