Survival Backpack Buying Guide

We never know when the next hiking trip will be. It is good to have a survival backpack on hand just in case a friend or a family member invites you to a sudden mountaineering trip. After all, the sceneries and the outdoors are excellent locations for escapades.

When we speak of backpacks for hiking trips, some of you may think that any type of backpack will do. While those can be used to store your essentials, there is no guarantee that it will remain intact the entire trip. Hence, it is vital to have a survival backpack ready for emergencies.

With the numerous brands and models available in the market, it can be challenging to find the right one for you. While most brands promise to deliver the best quality of backpacks, it is quite a test to determine which ones truly deliver. To help you get the survival backpack to suit your needs, use this guide.

A Useful Buying Guide for Survival Backpacks

There is more to backpacks than just its storage capacity. There are a lot of other factors that you have to consider to make sure you get convenience, functionality and quality in one backpack.

Consider its weight

When choosing a backpack, you have to make sure that you choose one that you can carry. It is ideal to get a backpack with a lightweight build. This is because the backpack will be filled with a lot of other things that will make it heavier. You have to get one that can balance the weight and one that you can carry when hiking long distances.

Get one with a padded hip belt

This may seem like a normal backpack feature; however, this can make a lot of difference in your comfort when carrying the bag. A padded hip belt should be well-built and cushy to prevent having sore spots in your lower back and hips. The main reason for a hip belt would be to work as a cushion while stabilizing the backpack.

Shoulder strap quality

Your gear can be heavy and straining on the different areas of your body and this does not exempt your shoulder area. To make sure you minimize sore muscles and areas in your body after hiking, get padded shoulder straps. These will make you feel comfortable as the weight of your load is well-distributed, plus the impact of the gear on your shoulders will be lessened.

Go for one with a waterproof feature

This is by far the most important feature to look for in a survival backpack. You have to get a backpack that can endure different weather conditions. Most backpacks with this feature are breathable. In this way, all the items inside your bag can remain dry and fresh throughout the entire trip. A bag that is not waterproof can have your items wet and filled with mold over time.

Find an internal frame that suits you

There are three major types of backpack frames. These are designed differently to cater and organize your things in diverse arrangements. Whatever your choice may be, you can be assured that all these are made to support the load while keeping your hips less strained.

Estimate your needed capacity

Knowing your backpack’s capacity is important as this will determine the weight you can carry. The standard measurement for backpacks is in liters. Usually, a person needs around thirty to fifty liters for three nights; an additional twenty to thirty liters should be added for longer stays.

Choose one with a rain cover

Rain can be a hurdle for hiking trips, umbrellas may not be a thing because of challenging and sketchy trails. So to make sure your things are well-protected, it is always a good idea to get a rain cover for your backpacks. If you do not want rain covers exposed when not needed, you can always go for a detachable one. Not only does this work well with rain, it also does a great job in working against moisture.

Ventilation is important

A backpack’s ventilation technology is important. When you hike or blaze through trails, you are definitely going to sweat a lot. A backpack with a poor ventilation system will have your bag aggravating the warmth on your back to the point of getting you to sweat. This is not good for your health especially if you hike regularly.


Survival backpacks are made to get you the most convenient and efficient way to store everything you need when going out on a trip. It is only right to get one that serves its purpose in terms of comfort and functionality. Apart from this, you can also bank on getting one that has an amazing aesthetic appeal for you. All these can be found in one survival backpack, all you have to do is get one that suits your needs. Once you get all those sorted out, you can then determine if the backpack is indeed worth its price.

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