A Short Comparison About Truck Camper vs Travel Trailer

truck camper vs travel trailer

A short comparison about truck camper vs travel trailer

Camping is a fun and exciting outdoor activity. To take a break from the daily busy life and enjoy the wilderness will refresh your mind and body. And of course, when you plan to go camping, you must think of a place to rest and sleep. A tent is a nice option but what if you want something more than that? Well then an RV will fit your requirements. There are two popular RV types around: truck camper and travel trailer. If you want to know more about them then this article will be useful to you.

If you desire an alternative that is more comfortable than a tent while camping, there’s hardly anything better than an RV. A quality RV can provide you with anything you may need on a camping trip. From electricity to heat, the RV got it all. But there are many RV models and types. How can you choose the one that suitable for your trip? Lucky for you, you can find information about two basic RV types right below. A comparison about truck camper vs travel trailer may help you to know what to choose.

A quick reminder: There is no such thing as the better type here. It’s all about what can satisfy you the most. Both RV types have their strength and weakness in different situations. Depend on your needs, one type may look better than the other and vice versa. Now, let’s take a look at their specification.

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Truck Camper

A compact and versatile choice

The truck camper is usually mounted on the back portion of a truck. You can use the camper when it still attached to the truck or standing on it own legs and jacks. Nowadays, there is a variety of truck camper sizes. From small pickups like Ford Ranger to 1 – ton rating truck, you can easily find a suitable truck camper and dpf delete kits for your vehicle.

There are also truck campers that come with slide – out sections. To put it short, you can extend these sections out when the vehicle is parked to increase living space. And when you start moving again, you just have to retract the slide – outs and you are good to go. All of these can be controlled by a single a button. Another type of a more or less the same function is the pop-up camper. As the name suggests, you can pop up the top part of the camper when you park. Like slide – outs, this will offer more room.

Great for short distance trips

You will see that the truck camper is among the least expensive among the RV types. It’s somewhat more affordable but still not very cheap. However, this is an economical way to explore the RV lifestyle. If you already got a truck, you only need to find an appropriate camper. After that, you are ready to go camping. Since truck campers tend to be fully detachable, you still have the use of truck whenever you want. Trucks with a suitable camper on the back remain easy to drive and handle.

If you want to go on short camping trips, the truck camper is a great solution. Longer trips may not be suitable due to limited spaces and the usual lack of long term facilities. You can always look for large size truck camper but if it too big, you may find it hard to maneuver your truck.

Travel trailer

Truck Camper vs Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer

From living spaces to toy haulers

A travel trailer is an independent vehicle that must be towed by a car, pickup or SUV by a ball hitch. Most travel trailers are considerably large with bathroom, kitchen and sleeping quarter. The bigger the trailer, the stronger the vehicle you need. Some travel trailers also utilize slide out section and pop up section to enlarge its interior. You can tow such trailer around in the low profile then fully deploy it when you park.

Talking about increasing the space, there is also the fold – out trailer. They work just like the slide outs and pop up. The only difference is that they expand outward and rearward to create beds. This makes them generally lighter and can be towed by small vehicle compare to the usual travel trailer.

There are special travel trailers called toy haulers. Besides the usual set up, it also includes a mini garage to store vehicles for your trip. You can put in there many things from motor bikes, ATVs to even a small boat. All of them can be safely transported through the trip within the toy hauler. You still need to properly prepare and secure everything you want to bring on the trip though.

truck camper vs travel trailer

Pretty much home on wheels

Travel trailers offer you the comfort that just likes a house. The large size with many self – contained commodities makes them more suitable for a long trip than the truck camper. You may have to practice how to properly drive while towing travel trailer though. How to turn and reverse with a wide and long trailer on your back are what you need to learn. Sometimes, you may need a spotter to guide you back into camping spot since the trailer may block your vision.

All the trailer benefit didn’t come cheap. Its price is much higher than the truck camper. You probably have to look for an off site facility to store your trailer. Many homeowner associations don’t approve RV and alike. The operating cost of the travel trailer may easily strain your budget if you don’t plan everything ahead.

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RV is a good choice if you want to go camping in comfort. So if you want to know more about popular RV types and their features, the above information will serve you well. By giving you a comparison about truck camper vs. travel trailer, you now have a general picture of what you need for the trip. As long as you can get the correct RV, your camping trip is guaranteed to be a fun and relaxing one.

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