RV vs Tent Camping – Some Things You Need To Consider

RV vs tent camping

Outdoor camping is a great way to gain new experience and broaden your mind. However, whether if it’s just a local place or in foreign lands, there is always a need to decide what you should bring. When it comes to traveling, a place to rest and sleep to recharge your stamina for the next activities is very important. So, between a tent and an RV, what is the better choice here? If you don’t know what to pick then perhaps this article can help you. A detailed comparison between RV vs tent camping will definitely be useful for you to make a decision

RV vs Tent Camping

The tent has been around for a long time and it works well as a shelter in camping trips. It’s light, easy to use and require nothing but a bit of time and effort to deploy or remove. If you are a simple person that just wants to immerse yourself into nature, a tent will be your best bet. Nowadays tents posses many features that are effective at protecting you from the weather and harmful elements. The tent is also a versatile choice since you can pretty much lay it out anywhere you want. If there is enough space, dry and flat then a tent can be deployed.

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But given the advances in technology, it’s not hurt to enjoy the benefits of the modern while camping. That is when the RV comes into play with almost every luxury you can imagine. It will make feel you pretty much at home with an assortment of electric tools and utilities. A RV is quite expensive though and it will require a lot to function properly. There are constant demands for energy and fuel supply that can severely restrict your camping plan. Couple with the maintenance fee, the operating cost of an RV can easily give you a headache.

As you already see, both the tent and the RV got their own pros and cons. This may make one look more attractive than the other in certain situations and requirements. To answer the question that which one is better, you must rely on your current and pressing needs. Each people got their own preferences so there is no common answer. Rushing to buy a product without proper thinking will be just a waste of money. If you happen to be new to camping, you can check out several helpful hints for your consideration right below.


Obviously, even the most expensive tent will have a hard time reaching the price range of an average, brand new RV.  If you decide to buy a tent, you only need to pay one time for its cost. But for the RV, you have to constantly deal with a bunch of fees ranging from the fuel to the water and then the electricity. Not to mention the replacement expense that can occur when you perform maintenance on the RV. Depend on where you live, you may have waste extra money in renting a storage space for the RV. And that is barely scratching the surface.

For the most time, camping with a tent is more economical compared to the RV. As long as you are willing to sacrifice some of your usual comforts, tent camping is a great way to enjoy the nature. You don’t have to keep looking for a parking lot and shore power on your travel as with the RV. And if you truly want electricity and water by your ride, a tent campsite can help you with that. The cost of spending a night or two in such location is still cheaper than its RV counterpart.


The RV truly excels the tent in this manner with a variety of facility from a kitchen to a shower. While all tents can ensure you have a place to rest your head, there is little else to offer. Waters to drink, cook and shower are quite limited. You either have to camp the tent near water sources or consider packing lots of water bottle and container. Not to mention that unless you deploy your tent under a tree shade, the sunlight will quickly heat up the tent.  Use of electric tools and devices involve battery operated ones only unless you have a generator.

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However, for all the RV facilities to operate normally, you have to supply it with plenty of necessities. For an example, shore powers and dump stations for RV are not exactly easy things to find around. In most case, only RV parking lot got comprehensive structure and equipment to properly support your vehicle. This means while you are traveling in an RV, you probably have to plan the trip through such places. This may somewhat limit your freedom on the road but will guarantee a comfortable and uneventful trip.


Most people feel that camping with a RV is safer since they are completely shielded from the outside. While that may be true to some extent, such as small animals, the RV is still vulnerable. It doesn’t need to be something substantial, a power surge by water leakage or malfunction water filter is more than enough to ruin your day. But with better facilities, RV can considerably reduce the risks compared to the tent. Your food can be kept for much longer and the proper disposal of wastes is possible. Proper hygiene is also relatively simple to maintain.

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And that should cover most of the basic points, not too hard to understand, right? In the end, it’s entirely up you to decide which one to use for your camping trips. If you can accept the cons and appreciate the pros of either the tent or the RV then that is what you should choose. Don’t simply select one over the other just because there are peoples that spoke highly of it. You need to crosscheck everything with your own preference before making a decision. That is how you can ensure that your money is well spent and won’t go to waste.

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