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RV Generator Buying Guide

Don’t you just love the thought of parking your RV in the great outdoors? You get to enjoy a restful and comfortable stay while drinking your morning coffee or lounging with drinks in front of a scenic view. The treats of owning an RV are endless. But what happens when the power goes out? You should read our article about the RV Generator Buying Guide for more information.

Thanks to technology, there are now RV generators available to make sure you get all the power you need throughout your stay. As convenient as it may seem, getting an RV generator is not a walk in the park. Your selection of the right one is crucial as getting the wrong one can cause more trouble than good.

If you purchase an RV generator that has higher wattage than your required power, you may end up with fried circuits. On the other hand, getting one with less wattage than your required power may leave you with dysfunctional and unusable appliances and heating systems. So it is important to pay attention to all the important details no matter how big or small.

The search for the right RV generator can be challenging. There is no best RV generator for everyone as each one has varying needs and preferences. So to help you get the right and most suitable RV generator for you, we have prepared a couple of guidelines that you can follow.

A Useful Buying Guide for RV Generators

RV generators are sold everywhere. You can find it in stores and online, but how do you really know which one is the right option to choose? Here are some simple steps that you can take before buying your RV generator.

Set a Budget

It may be tempting to get the best RV generator in stores, but the question is, can you afford it? With the different models available in the market, you may be stuck with tons of choices and narrowing it down is not exactly an easy task. So to make it easier, you have to set a budget. Set an amount that you are comfortable spending, in this way, you also get to weigh in other aspects such as features that you are willing to pay extra for.

Calculate Your Required Wattage

As mentioned earlier, not getting the right wattage for your RV has implications. To know how much power you need, you have to calculate and set an estimate before purchasing one. Create a list of all the appliances and systems that run on electricity. From there, write down their starting wattage and running wattage. If you have more than one unit for appliances, then note it down too.

To determine the wattage you need for your RV generator, multiply the wattage with the unit and add all the results together with the other appliances’ wattages. From there, you will have an idea of the range your RV generator should have. This value will be the deciding factor for you as all the other factors come after.

Decide on a Fuel Type

Your generator should run on fuel to operate, hence, deciding on which type is needed. You can go for diesel as it is good and clean in terms of energy emission and burning. However, this is not ideal for those with smaller engines and it has a shelf life that is shorter than other types.

If you do not want it to run on diesel, you can opt to go for LP or liquefied propane. This is eco-friendly and has a longer life span. However, this may limit your storage as this can’t be stored in conventional containers. Plus, it is 10% lower in terms of energy yield as compared to diesel and gas.

Apart from the two, gas remains the most popular option for many. This is because it comes in affordable prices, it burns faster and can easily be stored in containers. This allows the user to store more for future use.

How Much Noise You Can Tolerate

Since you are to put this in your RV, you have to pay attention to its noise emission. Generators produce a certain type of noise when operating. While RV generators are less noisy than the regular ones, there are still those that have an output range that may be too loud for you. Consider the decibel value of its output and determine whether this is something you can tolerate or not.

Features and Portability

When looking for an RV generator, it is important to get one that is portable. This is because there are chances where you may have to carry it out of the car for better ventilation and exhaust mechanism. Go for one that is lightweight and small because there will be times where you have to carry it from time to time.

You can also consider those models that have handle bars, folding arms, or carry racks for easier mounting or transport. There are also those that come with rear wheels and grip rails as these can make it easier to drag and pull. Some models also have LED control panels that allow better control and information tracking.

A remote can also come in handy because you do not have to walk out of your RV to turn it on and off. There are also those that are equipped with an automatic safety shutdown feature to ensure your safety at all times. When deciding which ones to get, make sure to prioritize your safety and comfort.


Purchasing an RV generator is not as easy as it may seem. But if you take a look at the following pointers mentioned above, you can make the process easier. By understanding all your needs, you will be able to be precise with the specifications you need. When you have all these ironed out, you are then ready to purchase your RV generator.

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