[TOP 4] Best Quietest Motorcycle Helmet Reviews In 2021

4 Best Quietest Motorcycle Helmet Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you seeking for how to get the best quietest motorcycle helmet in 2021? We have the best collection of quietest motorcycle helmet that you can check and make your own choice.

If you are a motorcyclist, you should know which helmets can fit your needs. However, Some motorcycle helmets are very loud. In addition, if you are newbies, you may ignore this trouble. A helmet is not just a helmet. For motorcyclists, helmet plays an important role in riding parts – “safety and comfort“. A quiet motorcycle helmet can offer you good feelings of quietness because it can help prevent the wind noise, and you can enjoy your riding without being annoyed.

Remember that the sound levels of wind noise can reach over 110dB when you are at high speed. Many motorcyclists are facing the hearing problems when the sound levels of noise are at 85dB. Many newbies may not know this fact. This can be the big problem if you ignore. If riding motorcycles is your main method of transport or if you ride daily on the road, you should find solution immediately. Understanding this, we gather information and give you full reviews, tips, and guides about how to choose the best quietest motorcycle helmet!

In this article, we provide the list of best quietest motorcycle helmets that you can choose from. Make sure you check the level of safety and quietness that the helmets can support, not just focus on the price. Therefore, you can be kept safe when riding on your motorcycles and enjoy your “journey” on the road.

Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviews in 2021

When talking about the motorcycle helmets, we mention about the level of quality. It is not about the price, style, and design. You should put your safety in the first priority. Therefore, it is worth of investment. When riding a motorcycle on the road, you can face with many risks and dangers. A good helmet can be the best “shield” that can protect you from injuries when accident occurs. However, you should notice that expensive price doesn’t speak out the quality of helmets. This doesn’t mean that you should go with the cheap price. The best helmet should offer good level of safety and comfort. In this case, the size, and materials of helmet will be the main factors for you to consider. Below is the list of best quietest motorcycle helmets is currently available in the market.

#1 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor/Sun Shield Full Face Helmet


1Storm Motorcycle is one of the best motorcycle helmets that you can consider as your choice. This helmet comes with a variety of colors that you can choose from. The padding can be easily washed because it is removable while the helmet has DOT approved.  One of the best advantages of this helmet is the weight. Many motorcyclists prefer lightweight helmets because they can help reduce neck pain, and fatigue. 1Storm comes up with the Dual Lens Design – Inner smoked lens and outer clear shield, which allows users the best experience when riding.

#2 Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


The Bell Qualifier comes with DOT approved. This helmet is designed to last. The helmet has wind collar which can help block out the wind and noise well. Therefore, you can have good experience and feelings when riding a motorcycle. The other accessories of helmet can be removed, replaced and washed. These stuff are interior padding, shield, and chin strap. Unlike other helmets, this helmet offer ease of use (installation, and replacement). One of the best advantages of this helmet is the antifog, anti-scratch and UV protection built into the visor.

#3 Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet


The Fuel SH-FF0016 comes with affordable price. The quality is good. This helmet is DOT approved. The shield of this helmet has feature of quick release. The cheek pads are removable so they are easy to be cleaned. Since the helmet is lightweight it offers good comfort for users.

#4 Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


The Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 is considered one of the best quietest motorcycle helmets that you can have a look at. This helmet comes with nice design, and good quality. Equipping with a pair of earplugs, you can experience almost non-existent noise when riding at 70mph+. Make sure you pick up the right size in order to have best fit.


What makes a motorcycle helmet quiet? The main factor is aerodynamics. Most of motorcycle helmets are designed to have wind tunnels and good curves that can increase the aerodynamics of the helmet. Therefore, this makes a motorcycle helmet quieter.

Different Types of Quiet Motorcycle Helmets

There are many different types of quiet motorcycle helmets that you should know.

Full Face Helmet

One of the best motorcycle helmets is the full-face ones because they are considered as the safest helmet type that you can wear. Because the full-face helmet can cover the entire head well so it offers good level of protection. The cheekbones, jaw and chin area are also covered well.

The full-face helmets also have good visor protection which can block out unnecessary elements such as wind, rain, dust, and debris. Therefore, your eyes will be protected well.

However, the full-face helmet has one main disadvantage: the weight. These types of helmets are heavy so it can impact your neck. In addition, this helmet type can also have limitation on the vision. Some full-face modern helmets are improved with the weight so they are much lighter compared to the traditional ones.

Modular Helmets

Another good helmet type is the modular helmet. The modular helmets are designed to allow riders to communicate, eat, and drink easily withour removing the helmet. These helmets are very popuplar these days. However, because they don’t have features of full-face helmets, they don’t offer solid protection. In addition, they are likely to be the heaviest helmets.

Open Face Helmets

This is designed similar to the full face helmet, but it doesn’t extend fully the face. This helmet type has good level of protection that can pass DOT standards. However, this is not good at noise prevention. It doesn’t have visor too. Many riders have to use a pair of goggles in order to ensure they can see properly in high winds.

Off Road Helmets

This type has similar function to full-face helmet, but it has some limitation. Many off road riders have to use goggles in order to protect their eyes. All in all these helmets do offer excellent protection.

Half Helmets

This helmet type is considered as one of the lightest helmets. However, the helmet type doesn’t offer full protection since it is the half-shell type. Its lack of coverage doesn’t provide much in the way of best protection. Unfortunately, half helmets aren’t great for noise levels due to its design.

Novelty Helmets

This helmet type offers little to no protection at all. It only helps your head coverd from the sun.

If you are seeking for the best quietest motorcycle helmets, you should go with full face motorcycle helmet. Although the price of these helmet types are expensive, it is worth of investment for the best protection.

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