Most Popular Vegan Backpacking Foods For Vegans Campers

Most Popular Vegan Backpacking Foods For Vegans Campers

In this article, we discuss the vegan food and most popular vegan backpacking foods for vegan campers. Why? As we know, vegan food supplies are lightweight, calorie-dense. They are tasty and quick cooking. What kind of vegan meal? We often eat nuts, fruits, and freeze-dried meals, sometimes we must change it. We need more receipt of vegan backpacking foods.

Cracker homemade

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First thing, what is vegan

Well, we understand by this way; a vegan food does not consist of eggs, honey or any food from an animal. Diet of vegan should be full of a variety of nutritious delicious foods. A vegan meal includes vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits or grains…Besides, that vegan does not wear the leather coat, fur/silk or wool either.

Vegan or not vegan, the balanced diet is needed. A Meal with a diet high in fruit and vegetables is a good thing for our healthy lifestyle, even with camper/hikers.

Here is some vegan food for our breakfast, lunch + snacks, and dinner. Do not forget, Snacks is indispensable for hikers.

The Benefits of going vegan

The benefit of a vegan meal diet is often higher in vitamin C and fibre and low in saturated fat. Furthermore, statistics show that vegans have a lower BMI (height-to-weight ratio) than meat eater.

A vegan meal diet limited meat or dairy products are likely to contain a lot less saturated fat, which is related to increased cholesterol levels and increased risk of heart disease.

Caution, if you try to keep a vegetarian diet you are potentially at risk of missing out on certain micronutrients as low in calcium, vitamin D, iron; vitamin B12, zinc, and even omega-3 fatty acids. Whatever, you should get enough of these nutrients through specific vegan food sources.

Make sure we choose the right meal for dairy-free alternatives, for example, Alpro unsweetened soya milk is a source of calcium, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12 (which are found in milk), plus also vitamin D. Or Humous is offered – the tahini (sesame seed paste) in the recipe is a good source of calcium, including zinc and iron.

Most popular vegan backpacking foods


Not anyone has time to prepare a vegan meal at home. Here is a quick list of vegan breakfast items, you easily find in a standard grocery store and in the “natural foods” section if you know.

  • Oatmeal (Quaker Oatmeal)

Here is the instant packet of oatmeal as your backup snacks for whole days. Usage: water and put in a spoon of butter (peanut butter) in the packets for a unique snack.

vegan food backpacking

Oatmeal (Quaker Oatmeal)

  • Granola and Cereal

You can find them in the grocery stores and online. We offer Nature’s Path and Trader Joe’s and other brand is Cascadian Farm Organic. They have lots of flavors and supply for you high in calories.

  • Dehydrated milk

You should combine of snacks and milk- here is dehydrated milk, and the soy milk uses it for cereal and granola.

  • Banana Chips  (Prepare at home)

This vegan meal supply to you gluten-free, high-energy, lightweight, and vegan.

Ready 2-3 just ripe bananas and one tablespoon fresh pressed lemon juice.

vegan backpacking foods

You can prepare it at home


– Do not cut bananas thick, just around into 3-4mm/1/8 inch slices.

– Use a bowl to mix lemon juice with 1/4 cup water.

– Use a dehydrator tray to place banana slices on. Then brush each slice from both sides with a mix of lemon juice and water above. OK, dehydrate at 57C/135F for 6-10 hours. YES! Store bananas chips in an airtight jar.

Lunch and Dinner

  • Dehydrated Beans

Santa Fe Bean Company is the name we recommend you, it is available online to shopping.

Another name is Whole Foods, and Fantastic Foods, check them in grocery stores and online. We kept all three brands in our pack and soaked them in peanut butter jars anytime we feel hungry with no cooking necessary.

Vegan Food

Dehydrated Beans

  • Boxed Meals – One reason you want to hike?

Pack Earth Balance Cheddar Mac & Cheese! We love all of their vegan products, include crackers, snacks, and nut butter. Fantastic Foods- which we ate without cooking. They make instant hummus, taco meat, and tabouli. Choose more with crackers, pita chips, Wheat Thins, or Triscuits. Two hikers can be split with one box of Fantastic Foods product.

Near East brand, easily to shopping in basic grocery stores and Whole Foods, together they make tasty couscous meals like Toasted Pine Nut Couscous or Roasted Garlic, which is quick-cooking and flavorful for your lunch.

We love soup for dinner so we recommend Dehydrated Soups for you. Why Taste Adventure? Yes, this soup has options for flavorful, quick-cooking, and budget-friendly soups with chili.

Another name of instant soup is Thai Kitchen brand. Log in their website to figure out a fantastic spreadsheet get all dietary and allergy information that you need.

Vegan backpacking foods


  • And Snacks

In this post, we recommend you with the salty snacks- the standard potato chips, pretzels, and tortilla chips. Depending on your need, such that finding filling, flavorful, vegan salty snacks.

Do you like Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, or Nuts? You should collect these all together because you will need them on the way you hike.

Yeah! Finally, we offer you with chocolate. Chocolate in most trail mixes tends to have milk, so be sure to check labels.

Vegan – Try to avoid!

Most of us try to avoid: unhealthy weight-gain; puffiness; clogged arteries; and lethargy or low-energy; and even long term diseases like obesity.

“Eat whole, real, unprocessed foods!”- Keep this advice in your mind if you want vegan.


Accommodating a vegan diet while meal planning a multi-day backpacking trip can be a challenge. It’s hard to figure out enough plant based meals that are also lightweight, calorie-dense, and quick cooking. It’s a lot of constraints, but it’s definitely not impossible. But while there are more vegan options now than ever before, finding them among the sea of other just-add-water options can still require a bit of searching.

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