How To Keep Mice Out Of RV | Causes And Tips

How To Keep Mice Out Of RV

In the frigid winter, to avoid from predators and the cold, animals take shelter and live in automobiles, under the hood of your engine. A lot of mice than you might think, can be especially alluring to rodents and usually mice. RVs engines are usually warm, dry and undisturbed, providing an ideal shelter for feeding, resting or breeding mice. In fact, rats and rodents aren’t major threats to our everyday health. But, it is justified to be concerned about the mice can cause considerable damage to the RV, the damage that could end up costing you a significant amount of money. Let’s find out how to keep mice out of RV.

The major cause of rodents and mice in the RV

Sometimes you have read through from thousands of comments, for example, have mice chewing on your RV wires. So, to fight and win the mice, you should try to understand your enemy’s behavior, psychology, and place to move in. Here is the major cause of mice move in your RV.

o Your RV is parking in spots that may have rodents/ mice skulking around.

o It is parking in bushes, in wooded areas or spots where the grass is tall.

o Garages and surrounding areas not tidy. Not remove food or vacuum up the crumbs and trash on regular basis. Even empty coffee cups that may have a little sugar can attract mice and rodents.

o Open the hood. An open hood makes the engine a much less inviting shelter for the rodents/mice.

o You may not often check the engine entrances. Make it easy for rodents/mice to gain access to the engine.

o Mice /rodents like places that seem dark and warm. The garage at which you parked RV wasn’t light.

how to keep mice out of rv

The damage that could end up costing you a significant amount of money

Where Mice/Rodents hide in your RV?  

Rodents/mice are notorious for chewing through vehicle wiring, plastic, and rubber lines. Before you think how to keep mice out of RV? Or Ways to keep mice out of RV, you may think where did they hide in your RV?

o You may be inspecting the underside of your RV for any gaps or holes.

o Open drawers and cabinet doors inside your RV. Look in all the corners and especially where plumbing and wiring enter the RV. If you can see any animal feces and urine, let’s mark these areas. Look in all the corners and crevices, especially where plumbing and wiring enter the RV. If you see any animal feces and urine you may mark these areas.

o Mice/Rodents will find out the door with cracks around to enter your RV.

o All countertops, sinks, floor, cabinets, everywhere, they can make a nest.

And now, time to find out how to keep mice out of RV!

How to keep mice out of RV

At now, when you are aware of ways for mice enter your RV, the risks rodents/mice pose to your RVs. Let’s protect your RV by some ways as

Block their entry points

They have no chance to move in your RV. That is the first thing you have to do to block them out of your RV. What you will decide to use to block them depends on your preference like spray foam – it is an easy and no-hassle way to quickly block a hole.

Keep it clean

Mice move in your RV because they need “house” to live. Try to make them bored. Remove all the kind of food that is left on your RV. If you’re keeping food around, inspect the storage compartments, cupboards or fridge.

Night time light

We also know that mattresses, face mask or paper products, insulation are materials to make themselves a nest. Installing a night time light this is an idea to keep mice out of the garage.


Nothing works better than old-fashioned mouse traps once they’re inside. These little cages are cheap and easy to use. Try trapping first in homes, garages. Bait with either cheese or peanut butter. A few of the traps are T-Rex Snap Trap, Rat Zapper, Tin Cat Repeating Mouse Trap, Victor Snap Traps, etc.


Most of RVers not recommend around pets or children. Why? Because if the mice eats the poison and goes around then goes under a cabinet to die, the stench will last for months. RVers often travel with their pet and they would not use poison  around dogs. Kids travel with us occasionally, so using poison when they are around is definitely NOT AN OPTION.

Look For Holes

When we saw that the mice were in our RV the first thing that we check for holes in our RV. You would be really surprised how small of a whole is required for a mouse to fit. Mice can fit in through dime size holes leading to the outside of your RV. For sure, we should check in during the daytime. Let’s open up all of your cabinets and drawers, then look for light from the outside. It is also important to test the dash area and the floor runners as well. Then you may check if you see any light shining through, you’re going to want to secure the holes.

If lucky you do find larger holes, you can use thinly laced wire mesh or net to keep the mice out. Mice are very crafty and they can quickly make another small hole. Using caulk or foam to seal the hole is an easy way to make sure that the mice cannot get in.When you’re looking for holes, you also want to ensure that any regular openings to the outside, like your water line or your sewer line, are temporarily blocked. This way makes the mice and other rodents cannot get in through those areas.


Whatever, prevention is key. Anytime, you see a sign of rodents/mice appear around of your RV. Firstly, try to park it in the clean and light garage. Secondly, keep it away from seeds, dog/cat food, rubbish, or cheese, etc. Finally, you may use these best way above or some products below ….to keep mice out of RV. Good luck!

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