[TOP 5] Best Hoshizaki Ice Machine Reviews in 2021

5 Best Hoshizaki Ice Machine Reviews, Tips & Guides

Okay, we all want to enjoy a chilled drink around the poolside when the summer is coming, right? Having an ice machine can make your dream come true in seconds. Yes, there is no need to run to the closest convenience stores to buy ice any more. With an polar ice machine in your house, the process becomes easier, giving freedom to get ice as you need.

Of course, choosing a perfect ice maker is not going to be a simple decision. You should buy the one that produces cool and fresh ice cubes. Furthermore, water capacity, the machine’s settings, size, speed, cycle time, daily ice capacity, and much more to the list should be taken into consideration, too.

In this article, we would like to introduce to you Hoshizaki Ice Machine reviews. As you know, Hoshizaki is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial ice machines when it comes to innovation, quality, durability, and reliability. They have launched awesome ice machines in a variety of models, ranging from household countertop machines to professional undercounter ones. Hoshizaki ice makers are highly voted by almost all who have invested into their products. If you are looking for the top high rated Hoshizaki ice machine types available on the market, then you are in a right place. It is our happiness to highlight the best of each model so that you are able to find the exact one that meets your family needs.

Top 5 Hoshizaki Ice Machine Reviews in 2021

Hoshizaki KML-325MWJ Ice Maker

Let’s start the list with Hoshizaki KML-325MWJ! This air cooled ice machine is said to produce up to 385 pounds of crescent ice every day. Unbelievable, right? As one of the well-known Hoshizaki’s Low Profile Series, this maker catches your attention with the small shape, about 22 inches wide. Especially designed to operate in areas with the height restrictions, the ice machine is easily able to fit somewhere with low-hanging ceilings or beneath a stairwell. Be noticed with this matter before buying one!

Of course, all of Hoshizaki’s most advanced features in ice machine technology are found in the KML-325MWJ. Be amazed by the EverCheck Alert System which promises to offer the audible and clear alerts whenever there is any error in the ice machine system! Meanwhile, the CycleSaver design allows this product to create more ice without cycling frequently. For this reason, the cost of operation is kept down during the ice making process.

What do you think about enjoying a glass of cool fruit juice with small ice cubes in it? Let Hoshizaki KML-325MWJ help you feel truly chilled!


  • Produces “crescent cube style”
  • Durable stainless steel exterior and evaporator
  • EverCheck alert system and CycleSaver design for ease of use and efficiency
  • Removable air filters
  • R-404A Refrigerant
  • Lower height for restricted places
  • Protected by H-GUARD antimicrobial agent
  • Enjoy EverCheck alert system


  • A bit expensive

Hoshizaki KM-115BAJ, 116 lbs Ice/24Hr Cresent Cube Ice Machine

Outstandingly ENERGY STAR qualified, the Hoshizaki KM-115BAJ is an undercounter ice machine that creates crescent ice cube. It is important to know that it is an air cooled ice machine. Hence, the air will be used around it in order to keep its condenser cool. Measuring 23 3/4 inches wide and 39 inches high, this product is small and neat.

In general, producing up to 116 pounds of ice on a daily basis is what the machine awesomely does, while the internal storage bin may store up to 53 pound capacity. What does it mean? Simply bear in mind that you are able to store about 50% of the ice produced at any given time. Just because the production levels of the KM-115BAJ are not high, it is more aptly suitable for small-scale and personal ice making process.

This ice maker also features a removable, cleanable air filter which helps to protect the interior of the ice machine from dust and debris. In turn, maintenance costs is reduced and the life of the product is extended.

Hoshizaki leaves a big impression on users with a lot of prominent features, in comparison with other ice machines. Need examples? According to many customers who have used the product, the stainless steel evaporator can resist wear and tear surprisingly, while the Cycle Saver and Ever Check is said to provide a more reliable, energy-efficient ice machine.

Only 4 words for this product – no room for disappointment!


  • Ice Machine built-in Bin
  • Durable stainless steel exterior and evaporator
  • Air cooled self-contained condenser
  • 53 lbs storage capacity
  • Front opening bin
  • Front in, front out airflow
  • Power switch accessible without panel removal
  • Slide in door
  • Removable air filter
  • EverCheck™ alert system
  • NSF, cETLus, and UL certified


  • Lower production levels

Hoshizaki KML-325MAJ, 380 Lbs Ice/24Hr, Crescent Cube Ice Machine

The list of best Hoshizaki Ice Machine is more perfect and sufficient with the Hoshizaki KML-325MAJ. Based on ambient air and water temperature, this air cooled ice machine can make up to 380 lbs of crescent ice per 24 hours. How cool, right? Furthermore, with the CycleSaver™ technology, it helps to produce the same amount of ice in half the time, in comparison with other units. The air-cooled condenser will use fans to reduce the temperature on the evaporator, so that water freeze is made into ice. Producing beautiful crescent cubes will be a good choice for drinks in luxurious restaurants and bars.

Hoshizaki gains its fame with EverCheck™ alert system, so Hoshizaki KML-325MAJ also has this feature, which detects issues. What we like best is H-Guard Plus® protection which is built into the machine head. Its presence helps to slow down bacteria growth in the food areas. Last but not least, the stainless steel exterior is highly durable, easy to clean, and corrosion-resistant.


  • Creates crescent cube ice for soft drinks
  • 380-lb. maximum daily ice production
  • Air-cooled condensing unit
  • The CycleSaver technology
  • The EverCheck alert technology
  • The H-Guard Plus antimicrobial agent
  • R404A refrigerant
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Panels can be removed for convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Ideal ambient air temperature, incoming water temperature
  • UL Safety listed; AHRI and NSF certified
  • NSF, cETLus, and UL certified


  • Ice storage bin or dispenser is separately sold

Hoshizaki KM-520MAJ, 556 Lbs Ice/24Hr, Crescent Cube Ice Machine

If you are in need of the ice machine that creates up a big amount of ice, then give this Hoshizaki KM-520MAJ a try! This impressive an ice machine is able to create up to 556 pounds of crescent ice cubes in a day. Like other versions of Hoshizaki, this product is an air cooled ice machine, using the air around with the aim of keeping its condenser cool.

Enjoy the efficiency of the H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial protection in Hoshizaki KM-520MAJ, which greatly helps to reduce the risk of slime and mold growth. As usual, its stainless steel evaporator means to minimize the risk of corrosion and promise the durability. Users will feel satisfied with the fact that this maker monitors itself for any problem, and then beeps in a pattern to show the issues it finds. Luckily, the self-diagnostic system is also a nice advantage that speeds up the repair process so that the machine still runs efficiently. And yes, you can make eye-catching crescent cubes, which melt very slowly, with this product.


  • 556-lb. ice production capacity per day
  • CycleSaver™ design
  • Durable and rust-resistant stainless steel exterior
  • Removable air filters
  • Condenser is air cooled
  • Quick-cleaning parts
  • Plastic louvers
  • H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial protection
  • EverCheck™ system
  • Cools with R404A refrigerant
  • Cleaning cycle
  • NSF, cETLus, and UL certified
  • UL listed; AHRI, NSF, and ENERGY STAR certified


  • Ice storage bin or dispenser is separately sold

Hoshizaki C-80BAJ Ice Maker

The last on our list is Hoshizaki C-80BAJ Ice Maker. The product scores users’ heart with cubelet ices and equally premium price tag. If you wonder the amount of cubelet ice it can produce up, the answer is 80 pounds per 24 hours. Meanwhile, the self-contained bin is able to hold up to 22 pounds of ice once being filled to capacity.

Available with 15 inches in width and 31.5 inches in height, the ice maker requires little room to operate, such as the office, the restaurant, or break room. The best part is that it is highly convenient for outdoor use, whenever you have a need to use ices. The cubelet ice is unique, soft and chewable, as well as still retaining the flavors of the drinks as cooled.

Designed with fewer moving parts, the C-80BAJ-AD from Hoshizaki promises to extend its life expectancy, along with minimizing the risk of the ice machine running into any breakdown or problem from wear and tear. Be feel confident to use this product as it also meets the height requirements from the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • Undercounter ice maker with built-in storage bin
  • 80 lb ice production per day
  • 22 lbs of built in storage capacity
  • Air cooled and self-contained condenser
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Creates cubelet style ice
  • Front in, front out airflow
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • R-134A refrigerant
  • Swing style reversible door
  • Easily disassembled water circuit for easy cleaning


  • Ice storage bin or dispenser is separately sold


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Ice Machines?

Getting an ice machine can be a very fun experience and if you are one of those who love to drink your own ice cold beverages, then you will need to know how to choose the best ice machine for you. As there are many different types of ice makers on offer, you will need to take into consideration your budget, as well as what kind of ice you plan to make. The following article is going to look at some of the different types of ice makers and which may be the best option for you.

Most of the ice machines that you can buy will be able to produce around three or four liters of ice per hour. These are great for parties and other social events where you want to have plenty of ice for drinks and even snacks. These ice machines are also great for picnics and when camping as they will keep your refreshments cool.

An electric ice maker is probably the best option for anyone that doesn’t enjoy having to keep an eye on the ice levels. These machines will require that you plug them in and then you will have access to ice whenever you need it. This is incredibly convenient as it means that you don’t have to stand by a frozen table looking for a drink. They are also incredibly quiet, so even the slightest noise will not bother you as much.

There are also a couple of different options for an ice machine that use salt and water. These are the most popular and can be found in most groceries and even some health stores. The way that they work is that a few drops of liquid salt are placed into a small reservoir and then the machine melts the salt. Then a sheet of paper is dipped into the water that is melting and this traps the liquid in it. This is a simple process but can be highly effective and at times can taste amazing depending on the brand you choose.

Another type of ice machine is the portable version. These are a great choice for anyone that doesn’t want to invest in a full-sized machine. They are generally smaller and easier to store at home. Usually you can use them with either water or salt but there is usually a variety to choose from with each manufacturer. These work in a similar fashion as the larger versions but allow you to do more than just make ice.

Finally there are full size ice makers that come in many sizes. They are great for commercial use because they have a wider range of uses. For example they can be used to make ice cream, sorbet, and even frozen yogurt. These machines are generally a good investment because they will last for many years before you will have to replace it. They also come with many features including custom settings which can make them extremely convenient.

There are plenty of other things to consider when you are learning how to choose the best ice machines for your home or business. You should look for ease of operation and how long the machine has been around. How easy to clean the machine is also important. You want something that you can easily keep clean because you may be using the machine in a public place. A machine that is difficult to clean can be very bothersome.

Once you have these basic things figured out you can start learning more about individual models. You will probably want to visit a store and test drive several machines until you find the one that works the best. It is always a good idea to take a friend along when you test drive a machine to make sure you are comfortable operating it. Be sure to choose a machine that is powered by electricity rather than gas because you don’t want to risk electrocution. Also, make sure to take a look at the warranty and what it covers. Some machines offer a year warranty, while others will not.

1. What Is The Lifespan Of An Ice Machine?

One of the questions that most consumers ask when considering purchasing an ice machine is, “what is the lifespan of an Ice Machine?”. There are many ways to classify ice machines, but there is one type that is very misunderstood. This is because many people mistakenly believe that an ice machine is a portable machine that can be moved from location to location and then is used once and then disposed of. This misunderstanding is leading to hundreds of dollars spent each year on buying Ice Machines that will never be used. In this article I will show you the three main lifecycle stages of an Ice Machine:

There are many ways to classify ice machines; however, the three most popular are (a) based on the kind of cooling media the maker uses, (b) based on the kind of ice producing capacity of the machine, and (c) based on the configuration of the components in the maker. The way that Ice Machines is classified as to how long they will last depends mainly on the manufacturer of the Ice Machine, however, there are other things that can affect the longevity of an Ice Machine. These things include:

It is very important that you choose an Energy Star Water Cooled Ice Machine or an Energy Star filter because these two products will dramatically reduce the amount of times you need to replace your filters. Energy Star ice machines that have a filter and a sturdy enclosure will save you the most money in the long run because they will require less energy to maintain. Filters that use ion exchange and multi block filter will also dramatically reduce your need to buy new filters because they will keep the water looking clear even with time.

2. How Much Ice Should I Get In A Day?

In this article we will look at how much ice we should get in a day, and when is the best time to use ice machines. Ice Machines are very popular in many restaurants and bars, because they help you to keep your drinks chilled without having to worry about ice cubes or constantly re-filling cold glasses. Ice Machines work by circulating the cold water around the steel coil which is filled with a mixture of ice, salt and water. This machine is a Economical way of chilling large volumes of cold drinks

There are two different sizes of Ice Machines that you can get your hands on, a big one that takes up quite a bit of room in the fridge and a tiny little machine that can be put to very good use in your home or office if you know how to use it correctly. When deciding how much ice to get your hands on it is important to have a guideline, as you don’t want to end up getting too much in a single day. It is also important to know when to stock up, as you don’t want to run out before your next visit. Ice Machines are available from department stores such as Target and Walmart, and from a wide variety of online websites that stock hundreds of different kinds of ice machines.

As long as you are aware of how much ice you need, and know when to stock up, you should be able to keep your drinks chilled for a long time without running out of ice. Ice Machines are a great thing to have in any kitchen, and especially at home where there is no doubt that you will be serving drinks for guests to take home. The cost of buying these machines can vary from place to place, but in general they can range from ten to twenty-five dollars. As long as you are aware of how much ice you need, and where you buy it from, you should be able to keep your drinks cold for long periods of time.

3. What Size Ice Machine Do I Need?

Easy Ice offers you the answers to the question, what size ice machine do I need? The table shows you an approximate amount of ice per hour that you will need per day to supply your business with the ice it needs to operate. Remember, this is only an average calculation and your actual ice usage rates may vary widely. Make sure you only purchase ice that is designed to be used by your company.

It is important to understand how much ice to buy. Most ice machines come standard with 5 cubic yards of ice per cubic meter. If you sell medical products, you will need more or less than this amount. If you are in an industry where you deal with more sensitive materials than food and beverages, you should probably err on the side of caution and purchase slightly more than the manufacturer recommends. One thing to keep in mind is that the smallest commercially available ice machine is usually the one that sells the most products, so if you only need one or two units, it is best to stick with the small ones.

Another important factor that goes into purchasing ice machines is the condenser unit that is to be installed in them. Typically, these units range between three thousand to six thousand gallons and they require a minimum of thirteen amps of electricity. These condenser units come in a wide range of wattage and they also come with variable speeds and different shut off features. Some of the models with higher wattage output actually have an automatic shut off feature, while others require manual setting. Once you determine the maximum number of units that you will need to operate daily and the number of units that will be used during special occasions, you will be ready to make your decision. Purchasing the right ice machine can mean the difference between a successful business and one that is not.

4. What Type Of Ice Do Ice Machines Make?

Ice machines are a versatile addition to any business and make for great profits. There are all different types of ice machines to suit your particular needs. A large commercial ice machine is perfect for a restaurant or hotel because of its capacity and ability to create large amounts of ice in an instant. It’s also ideal for delivering food or drinks in bulk or to offices and homes. If you’re looking for that perfect commercial machine, we have provided you with this information to assist in your decision.

Condensers are what makes the temperature inside the machine get lower when it is waiting for the ice to melt. There are many different types of commercial ice machines including truck mounted condensers, counter top condensers, stand-up versions and smaller scale mini-consulsors. The type you choose will depend on your specific needs and budget. When it comes to the features of different types, most have the ability to lower the temperature as the machine is turning the milk, juice, or whatever you want into the frozen drink.

Ozone depletion and refrigerant deodorization are two other major issues when it comes to using ice machines. Commercial grade refrigerants or non-freezing oils are required for refrigeration and ozone depletion leads to the contamination of surrounding surfaces. We have put together a comprehensive guide below to help you better understand the differences between different types of ice machines to better aid in your decision making.

5. Are Ice Machine Water Filters Necessary?

Are Ice Machine water filters necessary? Most homeowners believe that ice machines with filters are a luxury item that is unnecessary and even a health hazard. Although filters for ice machines may seem like a good idea from a cosmetic standpoint, filters have some real world benefits that you may not be aware of. In fact, filters are very important to the proper functioning of your ice machines. Without filters, your ice machine will clog up and not produce ice; but, with clean filters your ice machine will run smoothly and effectively and with minimal maintenance required.

An ice maker running with poor filters will most likely produce an off taste; something that you do not want to happen with a valuable commodity like ice. Ice machines with filters often experience problems such as scale build up which can reduce the efficiency of the machine and adversely affect its ability to produce ice. A filter for your ice maker will help eliminate scale build up as well as any other problems caused by dirt, debris or dust collecting on the inside surfaces of its water tank. Filters for ice machines will also help prevent hard water from scale building up and actually breaking down your equipment; something else you don’t want to happen.

Water filtration plays a very important role in the way your ice machine operates and how it should be operated. Without good filters, your ice wand will clog up and no ice will be able to be made. If your ice machine is making delicious tasting ice, without a clean filter you could very well be wasting money on a product that is costing you more than it is worth. Keeping your ice machine clean and operating properly is a vital part of ensuring that you are getting the maximum use out of your ice machine. If you take proper care of your ice maker, it will last you for many years and save you money in the long run. Ice machines are a must have item for your household and the maintenance that it needs will ensure that it continues to operate flawlessly for many years to come.

6. Do Ice Machines Cool The Ice They Produce?

When you think about it do ice machines really cool the ice they produce? If you have ever used an ice machine before in your home than I’m sure you know that when you add the water, plug it in and turn it on, without doing anything else to it except turning on the fan and walking by it to quickly fill the storage bin with ice then yes, it does indeed get your ice per day cold. The problem with this however is that this ice per day is only at the temperature of the water in the storage bin and not the entire tank of ice that you actually need to have at your house for entertaining purposes such as parties and whatever. So, if you were to buy a new ice machine with an attached storage bin then you could easily store enough ice for all of your ice needs for the rest of the year and then you could defrost whatever you need without having to worry about the water being at the correct temperature.

Ice machines also run on electricity, which is of course a very efficient source of energy but unfortunately it also has the drawback of emitting lots of waste heat which we don’t want to be breathing in or wasting. Ice machines therefore have a dual function. They do actually cool the water they produce and they also use that wasted energy to turn the compressor on and drive the fan which turns on the heating elements within the storage bin. This waste heat can be used for powering your electronic equipment such as computers and televisions without any detriment to your home’s cooling system. This means that instead of blowing cool air around your house you will instead be blowing warm air around your house.

Ice machines come in a variety of sizes ranging from small 3 hp units to large industrial grade 5 HP machines. Which one you choose should depend on your exact requirements. The smallest 3 hp machines will be perfect for getting around your household requirements such as placing ice on drinks for your kids. If you are intending on making ice for an outside party then a large industrial freezer will be required. They typically cost between $500 and $1000 and they can last for up to 15 years with minimal maintenance and replacement parts being relatively inexpensive. So when thinking about purchasing an ice machine do consider what functions you need the machine to perform and how big or small your budget is.

7. How Long Does Ice Machine Take To Make Ice?

How long does ice machine take to make ice? When you are buying one for your restaurant or home use, you need to know how long it takes to make ice. It is important because you need to determine the right temperature range to fill the machines with the needed ice and make your ice cream delicious. The ice machine cycle time depends on the capacity and the type of machine you have. A good rule of thumb to determine the ice making time is that it will usually take 3-5 cycles for each cycle of the maker.

Once the ice maker reaches the correct speed, you plug in the electric circuit. A thermostat regulates the heat and coolness. The cold water from the tank is pushed into the electric motor which turns the water on and off. In the meantime, the electrical circuit makes the required hot or cold water through the valve. At this point, the hot or cold water is now available for use by the customer. To make ice cream in this machine, follow these simple steps.

First, the electric motor is turned on. The compressor then compresses the refrigerant gas until the pressure is at the desired level. After that, you plug the valve and set up the ice machine’s safety valve. You now wait for the refrigerant to fully flow to the evaporator coils and release the refrigerant gas.


Final Verdict

It is a good idea to shop around and do your research before buying anything. But, hopefully you’ve known where to start with our review. We’re focused on helping you pick out the best Hoshizaki Ice Machine for your needs in terms of budget, quantity, style, noise, and so on. Let’s try!

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