How To Heat A Tent Without Electricity In Winter Camping

How to heat a tent without electricity

How to heat a tent without electricity in winter camping?

When talking about camping, a lot of people think about sunny days with warm weather. That period is truly a good time for camping trips. Still, there are certain natural beauties that you can only experience at the colder times of the year, especially winter. Camping in the middle of the white snow under the night sky got it own appeals to many campers. Yet to camp in such weather, you need to have proper preparations. In this article, you will learn about arguably the most important part: How to heat a tent without electricity

There is a variety of methods to keep your tent warm. From warming item such as clothes to portable heaters, you can use whatever you want. But electric heater still possess certain risks of fires. So do you want to know how to heat a tent without electricity? It’s actually a simple task. As long as you have the right stuff, you have no need for electric tools. Just take a look down below and you will see that you can achieve that by possessing the appropriate items for a winter camping trip.

How To Heat A Tent Without Electricity?

Camping Stove

This may come as a surprise but there are camping stoves which can be used to heat the tent. While normally employ to cook your food, the heat generates by a camping stove is enough to keep the tent warm. However, this may consume wood, fuel or gas that originally for cooking. But in times of need, the camping stove is an effective heat source nerveless. With a logical plan, the camping stove can serve both as a heat source and cooking equipment. If the weather gets too cold, fire up the stove to get yourself a hot cup of tea and raise the tent temperature.

Most camping stoves are designed in a way that you can use it in the comfort of your tent. When you cook, the heat dissipates from the stove will spread through the tent and keep you warm. Some of them even come with their own snorkel. Smokes or harmful toxins will be transported directly through the snorkel straight to the outside of the tent. This means all tent occupants well – being will be assured as best as it can get

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Insulated pad, liner and carpet

The pad will be a nice addition to the sleeping bag. Its purpose is to further withhold inside the bag. Same as the sleeping bag, you will need a pad that can deal with extreme temperatures. Pads with high R – values will be sufficient, higher than 5 if possible. Consider packing an extra cover to secure the pad in one place. If your tent is located on uneven grounds, the pad may slip away during your sleep. Insulated pads don’t utilize electricity so get one of them if you don’t like electric tools.

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Beside the pad, a bag liner will greatly enhance the sleeping bag effectiveness. The temperature inside the sleeping bag can be increased by 10 degrees if you employ a bag liner. It’s also much easier to wash compared to the bag itself so use it as many times as you want. For the carpet, you could go to any type you like. However, to further preserve the heat, a thermal carpet will be wonderful. Laying the sleeping bag blanket right above the carpet is an excellent method to stay warm in winter camping.

Top 6 Best Tent Heater For Winter Camping

The most important thing to do is to ensure you are dry and warm at all time. Nothing can do that better than the tent heater. Want to look for the best tent heater on the market? Well, you are in luck since you can find the reviews of the top 6 popular ten heaters right below.

Clothing accessories

What you wear is an influential factor in the temperature. Your set of accessories must be able to retain a sufficient amount of heat. This must be reached while not hindering the body movement or overheating yourself. A traditional set includes a hat, a scarf, a pair of socks and gloves. If you put them on right, they will allow you to stay warm as long as you have them. Do remember not use any of them if they are wet. Wet accessories take away a large amount of heat and you may potentially catch a cold.

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The body

Above are what you can get to help you with the heat, you can also do something on your own to stay warm too. Exercising once in awhile will serve you well. It increases the body heat and speeds up the blood circulation. You don’t need to go on a full course workout of course, just sit up will do. However, try to keep things in moderation. If you sweat too much, it will create humidity in your clothes and that will take away your body heat fairly quick. Wipe yourself after you done just in case


Besides the important items already mentioned, there are several useful stuff you can use to increase the heat. One of them would be the heat packs. They can be used in a relatively simple way, just lay it around the tent or inside the sleeping bag. These packs will generate heat for quite some time. You can also preheat several hot water bottles and use them in the same manner as the packs.

And if you ever feel the need to urinate, do it right away instead of holding it in. You will waste energy keeping the liquid in. Everything inside you will require energy to stay at the average body temperature so relief yourself whenever you want. As usual, try not to get wet while doing so to prevent any loss of heat.

A recommended electric portable tent heater

If you desire some sort of insurance in case the weather turns bad really fast, Lasko electric heater is what you need. While it did run on electricity, the machine can quickly generate heat in the whole tent. This means when the temperature drops so low that even your preparations fail to take effect, Lasko can be the lifesaver.  And since it runs on electricity, you don’t have to worry about the smell and fume as in gas heaters.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Short Description

  • Size: 7 x 6 x 9.2 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Settings: High, low and fan only
  • Built-in safety


And that is pretty much it, not too difficult to take in, right? Camping in any weather is fine if you are properly prepared. For winter camping, The tent and yourself must be kept at an acceptable temperature. You can do just that without the use of any electric tool simply by getting the stuff above. With them, you can enjoy the camping experience with comfortable warmness. Still, a portable electric heater won’t hurt as a precaution measure. Better safe than sorry.

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