How To Fold A Sleeping Bag Swiftly And Properly

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag Swiftly And Properly

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag Swiftly And Properly

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag Swiftly And Properly

From a multiple day camping trip to a one – night sleepover, the sleeping bag is a really helpful item to have. It’s light, easy to use, and can match a wide range of weather and environment conditions. Nowadays, sleeping bags can also come with a compression sack to keep them compact while on the move. However, knowing how to fold a sleeping bag remains an important nerveless. Shoddy work can lead to the bag taking more space than it should be and generally awkward to carry. Should need a couple of hints on this subject then this article can help you.

Keep stuffing the bag into its container or your backpack and hope for the best is really unwise. That will accelerate the wearing rate and considerably shorten the product life. So take it slow and steady, figure out the best way you can reduce the sleeping bag dimension for transport. This must come without putting it in an odd shape which can potentially tear itself apart or hinder your movement. The whole thing may look fairly simple but if you don’t put your mind into it, the bag could end up rather messy in one way or another.

Down below are the tips and tricks to help you successfully fold up a sleeping bag without any issue. Feel free to make adjustments if needed to better fit your current needs. There are many lines of sleeping bag models out there with different characteristics so be flexible.

How to fold a sleeping bag

  • Step 1: Determine the construction of the bag

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Certain types of sleeping bags are meant to be packed loosely. If you attempt to fold these products, the insulation may be permanently damaged and lower the value of the bag in the field. To avoid this mistake, check out the sleeping bag manual before you decide to fold it. The manufacturer advises and usage recommendations can be found in there along with whether folding is suitable or not.

One more way to tell the bag is foldable is to examine its body feature. If there are straps or arrangements for them near the head, you could probably fold it without any worries.

  • Step 2: Shake the bag

Before you attempt to proceed with folding, hold the bag up and shake it around a few times. Anything from food crumbs to dirt and alike shall be removed in this fashion. Sometimes, you can even retrieve items that have been left inside the bag by mistake as well. A sleeping bag should only be folded if there are no foreign or unwanted stuff within the bag interior. These can easily reduce product performance or outright destroy it if you are not careful. Be thorough and unzip or loosen the sleeping bag to achieve a maximum effect.

  • Step 3: Lay the bag flat on the ground and fold it in half

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When you are absolutely certain that there is nothing left, zip or tighten the bag back again. Next, pick a level and clean surface to lay the bag on then run your hands through its entire length. Search for any unusual bulges and investigate the causes before moving on. After that, apply pressure on the bag and get all the air out to fully flatten it. The presence of the air bubble could get in the way of the folding or make the bag bulky which takes up more room than necessary. You can use a roller to ensure that the state of the bag is ideal for the next phase.

Now you need to fold the bag in half with accurate alignment. Start from one end and fold it over so that both ends line up with each other. This is vital in order to get a smooth and effective folding so pay utmost attention. The edges and corners of the bag’s ends should be neatly placed on top of one another. Again, use your hand to feel the fabric and see if there is anything is out of order. The dimension of the folded sleeping bag will be decided by how well you perform here so spare no effort to get it right. If everything seems good, time to give it a rollover

  • Step 4: Roll the bag and secure it with straps

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Leave a heavy object at the top of the bag while you are rolling it from the bottom. This is to keep the bag edges and corners from wiggling which can kick them out of alignment. In the case that you are having trouble with the roll, use a stick or a pole as the grip support. Instead of rolling the bag around its body, you will roll it around the stick.

The bag usually moves a bit after each roll so use your knee to clamp down the rolled portion to keep it steady. Keep the knee there even after rolling is complete. One moment of slipping and the bag would pop open again so stay sharp. Most sleeping bags come with sets of straps or cords to tie the bag when you finished rolling it.  In the case that you can find any, nylon strings would be sufficient. For the knot, you can try whatever style you want but the shoelace style is recommended. It’s reliable and can be removed quickly at a moment notice.

Finally, remove the pole or stick if you did utilize them then the sleeping is now properly packed. If the bag comes with its own container, put it in there, zip up and that would be it.

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And that should be enough to cover the basic step of how to fold a sleeping bag, quite simple, right? A nicely folded sleeping will fit nicely in your backpack and make it convenient to use when the need arises. All you have to do is to follow the instruction above and you can do it by yourself. As long as you get the hang of it, the folding sleeping bag can barely give you any problem from now on. Read also About hiking backpack for your kids.

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