Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer – Which One Is More Suitable For You?

Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer – Which One Is More Suitable For You?

Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer 6

Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer – Which One Is More Suitable For You?

Fifth wheel and travel trailer are great ways to enjoy your life on the road thanks to a variety of benefits. However, depending on the current needs and requirements, you may opt to pick one instead of the other. Their price is not exactly cheap so if you just rush out and purchase randomly, it will be a waste of money. So if you are having a tough time dicing between the two, this article can help you. A general comparison between the Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer along with their unique characteristic can be found right here.

When it comes to towable trailers, there are two types: the Fifth Wheel and the Travel Trailer. Each of them got their pros and cons with fit a wide range of situation and environment. Should you in need of a RV, there is a good chance that you will get what your need from one of these two. However, there is a lot of difference between the Fifth Wheel and the Travel Trailer which may confuse your decision on what to get. Luckily, you can take a look at their basic specifications down below in order to make a wise purchase.

General overview – Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer

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  • Fifth Wheel trailer

A Fifth Wheel trailer is towable RV that can be identified by a raised section at the front. That part will hang just above the bed of the towing truck and equipped with a Fifth Wheel coupling. This means you can only tow a Fifth Wheel trailer if your truck got a Fifth Wheel hitch. The vertical connecting mechanism makes it stand out from other travel trailers that usually employ a horizontal one. From a general perspective, Fifth Wheel trailer is tall, big and usually spacious that packs a lot of convenient and utilities.

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  • Travel trailers

In the other hand, travel trailers vary greatly in their size and shape. While some of them are designed for only two people, the capacity can reach as high as 12 peoples in high ends products. A travel trailer can be connected to the towing truck by a conventional hitch. Its luxury may range from acceptable to extremely high class.

Space and feature

  • Fifth Wheel trailers

Most Fifth Wheel trailers are designed with high living standards in mind. It employs every inch of its space to maximize your comfort. That is how a Fifth Wheel trailer can make you feel just like your home with an assortment of tool and device. It’s a major advantage since the lack of space is the reason why an average travel trailer can’t have too many luxury accessories.  You will never feel cramped while using the Fifth Wheel trailer thanks to its spacious interior. The storage space available to use is also much roomier than a travel trailer

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  • Travel Trailers

In most of the case, travels trailer tend to have limited dimensions and just adequate storage capacity. But this helps keep the weight down and can be towed by a variety of vehicle instead of just the pickup truck.  There are also a lot of models to consider with an affordable price tag. From the compact pop up camper to the premium liner, almost anything you like can be found on at least one type of the travel trailer. If you can accept a rather low ceiling and have a tight budget, the travel trailer is the best bet.

Maneuverability and ease of use

  • Fifth Wheel trailers

The use of the vertical hitch makes the Fifth Wheel trailer stable and easy to handle. Towing a trailer like this is smooth and uneventful since it doesn’t sway to the side as much as the travel trailer. You will also find the process of hooking up and backing it into the parking lot is relatively simple. But in some cases, the RV size can cause considerable issues. The RV length may limit the number of parking that which you can use. Its height may get obstructed by overhanging tree and obstacle. The large number of moving components means a lot of things can go wrong at the same time

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  • Travel Trailers

Due to its humble dimension, travel trailers usually have less restriction in height and width. You can fit the travel trailer in pretty much any campground parking space you can find. Its weight also allows it to be fairly nimble on the road. Use of the truck bed is still available for you when towing a travel trailer. But if you use a large size travel trailer, swaying may occur frequently if you are not careful. The low ceiling and barely acceptable storage of a general travel trailer make it not the most convenient choice in long-term travels.  

Which one is better for you?

  • You should pick the Fifth Wheel trailers if:

Technically, it all depends on what you are looking for in a RV. Should you have a strong truck, generous pocket and want to be comfortable on the road, the Fifth Wheel trailer will serve you well. It can provide you with any level comfort that you may desire. Its rummy interior will never make you feel cramped or suffocated that might happen in the smaller travel trailer. Fifth Wheel trailers have a rather a marginal effect on your truck driving performance thanks to its hitch. Tight turns or quick curves, it will firmly stay in your control

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  • You should pick the Travel Trailers if:

In the case that you don’t have a dedicated towing vehicle and want something on the budget, you won’t go wrong with the travel trailer. As long as you can accept a bit of inconvenient, the travel trailer is a practical choice for a RV. It’s versatile and doesn’t require too many things to operate. While Fifth Wheel trailers require you to have the proper hitch to tow it, travel trailers have no need for that.

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And that should cover most of the basics, should be easy to understand, right? In the end, your own preferences and requirements will be the deciding factors. So compare them to the information above and see which one can satisfy you the most. With a comparison between Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer, you can now make a wise and informed purchase.

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