Different Types of Fishing Rods Explained

Different Types of Fishing Rods Explained

Fishing is fun only when you choose the right gear. There are different types of gears and each also comes with different kinds. Having no idea about those can make you experience the worst fishing trip ever. However, I have seen a lot of beginners struggle with fishing rod since there are a bunch of different types.

And in this very guide, I have explained different types of fishing rod so that beginners can have enough knowledge about which one they should choose and when!

So without further delay, lets dive in!

Spinning Rod

This is the most popular fishing rod type and it is for beginner anglers. If you have never held a fishing rod before, then the spinning rod is your way to start. A lot of beginners find it hard to separate baitcasting rod from spinning rod since they look almost the same. However, there are still a few things that make the spinning rod a lot different from the baitcasting rod.

Spinning rods are lightweight compared to other rods, especially baitcasting rod. And spinning rods are shorter than baitcasting rods, plus, they come with big eyes which minimizes the friction when the line flows out. Spinning rods length could be 4-feet to 9-feet, and the number of eyes could also be from 4 – 9. Casting with a spinning rod & reel setup is way easier than casting with a baitcasting setup.

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Fly Fishing Rods

As the name suggests, this kind of rod is for fly fishing. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and weights. Fly rods are extremely flexible. These kinds of rods are mostly used for catching small fish species but there are some powerful and big fly rods which are used for catching big fishes as well. And they will be expensive that is so obvious since they come with both great strength and flexibility.

Fly rods are pretty different compared to other fishing rods, for example, you wouldn’t find the butt piece of the fly rod. They are designed that way so that line can flow out freely when casting. Another one is, fly rod requires heavy line so anglers don’t worry about line snapping at all in fly fishing.

Casting Rod

This one is mostly used by professionals. Casting rods come in to play when you want good results when fishing in running stream and open ware. The casting rod enables the angler to set the bait at the precise position on the hook, which makes luring the fish very easy.

However, casting rod also comes in two kinds,

  • Spin Casting.
  • Bait Casting.

Sea Fishing Rod

As you have already guessed, it for anglers who love fishing on the ocean. Sea fishing isn’t as easy as freshwater fishing, it takes a lot of experience and a good investment. Anyways! Sea fishing rods are used from boats or ships. Boat rods are smaller compared to the giant ship rods. Having that said, you must have enough idea about the suitable rod length for you.

Sea fishing rods are extremely durable and strong since they are meant to haul up big fishes. The reel and line used in sea rods are also durable and thick.

Telescopic rod

A telescopic fishing rod isn’t something that beginners should think about because even professionals sometimes struggle to get the right use of that. The perk of the telescopic rod is they are extremely easy to carry. Whether by car or behind the back, everyone finds carrying telescopic rod very convenient. And that is due to their ability to get collapsed and extended.

When closed the can be as small as 2 ft and when extended they go 20ft. The collapsibility doesn’t make the rod weak, it is extremely durable. The rod tip is pretty flexible which makes it suitable for surf fishing.

Trolling Rod

People who want to play with fishes, trolling rods are designed for them. As you lure the fish to the bait, that is definitely a fun experience that most anglers enjoy. This fishing rod is set near the head of the bait and they are designed for playing with big fighting fishes. Trolling rods are lengthy but that doesn’t mean they are thin, since they are designed for fighting big large fishes they need to be capable enough.

They are pretty thick, sturdy, and extremely durable. If you invest in a good quality one, you won’t have to worry about them snapping.

Surf Fishing Rods

Surf fishing so exciting as long as you get down with the right gear, especially surf fishing rod. These kinds of rods are long and durable as well. Casting with these rods could be a little hard at the beginning but after a few tries, anglers should get a good hang on it. The rod length could be anywhere from 12 to 15-feet.

Some surf rods bring a sinker which plays a big role when casting on a wavy area. Due to the sinker, the line wouldn’t float, instead, it will go deep. This rod has a long keg so that you can cast it with both of your hands.

Ice Fishing Rods

Not everyone likes ice fishing, but there are a bunch of people who loves that, including me. Ice fishing is so relaxing and extremely rewarding if you know how to do it. People who don’t like warm weather, ice fishing is a precious escape for them. However, let’s get to the main point.

Ice fishing will require you to make small holes on the ice surface then put the hook through that, and that is why ice fishing rods are small, around 25 – 37-inches. Comes with very few eyes, I mean you don’t need a lot of eyes in the ice fishing rod, and neither you need the long length.

In case you don’t know, the classic ice fishing rods don’t come with a reel and you will have to wind the line manually.


These are the most common types of fishing rods. Apart from these, there are few others who are not in use now anymore. However, hope this guide provided you what you were looking for, if there is anything else you need to know don’t hesitate to hit me through the comment section.

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