How To Clean RV Awnings | Clean And Care Your RV Awning

RV Awnings is a feature that keeps rain away from your RV windows. Have you ever thought what a tarpaulin looks like after a few months out in the sun? Yes, your RV awning needs cleaning, how to clean RV awnings- Let’s read the under tip, it is not difficult for you to do with.

how to clean rv awnings

RV Awings

Need to know the Type of Awnings on Your RV

First, know what material you’re working with

Basically, RV awnings are usually made of two types of materials (fabric): vinyl and acrylic. We need to know about that because how you wash your awning depends on the type of material from which it’s made.

Acrylic fabrics

Acrylic awning doesn’t encourage the growth of mildew, and Acrylic fabrics are not waterproof. But you may use a brush if your RV Awning is particularly dirty- Please use a stiff brush, water, and regular soap.


Vinyl awning fabric is mildew resistant. Mildew may form on the fabric, but in case the fabric is dirt and dust that collects on the fabric. But, it will be worse in high temperature and certainly if the fabric is left stored wet.

How to clean RV awnings?

RV Awnings Cleaning and Care

Cleaning first! Before you repair and preserve your RV awnings, take the time to clean the awnings. This is especially helpful to prevent dirt from embedding into the fabric, you should avoid scrubbing harshly on awning fabric, especially on the underside. Scrubbing can remove the water retardant finish on Acrylic fabrics and scrubbing can damage the material on any awning fabric. So, we recommend using a very soft bristle broom or soft bristle scrub brush if you do choose to clean the fabric in this tip. Then follow these steps. You may need to check pressure washer surface cleaner reviews in order to get one for cleaning your vehicle.

STEP 1:  Use a gallon bucket (around 5 gallons) to mix a combination of mild dish washing powder and water.

STEP 2: For comfortable you can use a soft bristle broom or long handled brush, apply the soap mix to the top of the awning “ONLY”, allowing it to be saturated. DO NOT do any scrubbing yet! Let’s roll up the awning and wait for at least 15-20 minutes, this will allow the soap to breakdown and destroy the dirt.

STEP 3: After that times or so, extend the awning out fully and thoroughly rinse both sides of awning. Check out the awning, if the awning is clean, then allow the awning to “DRY COMPLETELY” before rolling back up. IMPORTANT! Never use oil based or abrasive cleaners on your RV awning fabrics. And never use aftermarket cleaners on your awning fabric too, no matter how much the Salesman tells you.

Unfortunately, If you discover some stubborn stains after cleaning your fabric as we recommended above, do not worry, you can do the following. Mix ¼ cup of liquid bleach to a minimum of 2 ½ gallons of water along with the dish soap. After that apply this liquid to the stain- only on the top of the awning fabric and gently scrub with a SOFT bristle brush in a circular pattern for several rotations. Kill your time then let this stand for a few mins, BUT do not let it Dry. Let’s Rinse off and inspect your awning. Okay, time to check the result. O.M.G You still see residual staining, calm down and try adding some baking soda powder to the area and apply the dish soap or bleach mixed then gently scrubbing again in several times and then rinse immediately. OK. Let’s enjoy with a cool beer.

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The other easiest Way to Clean an RV awning

Here is the fast way to Clean an RV awning that I know. This is a quick tip demonstrating how to clean both sides of your RV awning in one easy step at the same time.

I used bleach to clean my RV awning. You mix up the water and bleach, make sure about 2 parts bleach 10 parts water (Divide the bottle capacity by 5 and that’s how much bleach. 12 oz. / 5 = 2.4 oz. bleach because 2 parts in 10 are the same as one part in five), and you should spray with 3 bottles.

Extend your awning on the way out and start spray in the bottom, just start to spray and cover the underside of the RV (both sides). Then you rolled it up and let it safe for a while. For after 1 hours to soaking, we extend your awning again, let’s see! It is pretty clean. But, if you find it still dirty, you should clean with a light scrub and use a brush. Then you have to do this point: let it dry. Now is the time you enjoy, run on with your RV to show off to your friend!

Protect Your RV Awning

Clean RV awning is one of the ways that we protect our RV Awning from the damaging effects of UV Radiation. We should clean RV Awning Routinely but please note we use with appropriate products. Here we list out some commercial cleaning products for cleaning your awning fabric. 303® Aerospace Protectant™, Camco Awning Cleaner, Telford Awning Cleaner, and B.E.S.T. Awning Cleaner.

CAUTION: Do not Roll Up a Wet Awning!


There are a variety of ways to clean an RV awning. In this tip, we only show you the easy way and quick steps to clean your RV awning routinely. Let’s comment here to share with us how to clean your RV awnings. Thank you!

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