What Is A Class B Motorhomes? Pros and Cons

Are you planning on the trip? Let’s choose the class b motorhomes. Class b motorhomes is the best class b RV for the small family choice or a couple. You are new camper and confused about RV, if you don’t know how to choose a best RV. Ok! let’s get together we are finding out about class b motorhomes to stamp you are a very smart camper.

What is class b motorhomes?

Class b motorhomes are also known as conversion vans, van campers or camper vans, they are built from standard van bodies. That is a motor vehicle contains a rear compartments for living and sleeping in.

Figure out inside and outside of class b motorhomes

It is the smallest of the classes and The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis is the dominant platform for today’s Class B motorhomes. But do not worry, it has the best fuel economy. Most class b RVs include kitchen, bathroom, dining room and sleeping facilities, with the bed doubling as a dinette during the day. Bathrooms are tiny, there are the shower and toilet in the same cubicle (but it still better much more we have to go out to look for…). The extra height is accomplished for many Class B’s by either raising the roof or dropping the floors, enabling most people to stand up fully, but otherwise, the original vehicle dimensions usually limit the living space.  

Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhome from outside

Kitchen inside Class B Motorhome

A corner of Class B Motorhome

Dimension of class b motorhomes

It is really necessary to know about the simplicity base specifications and RV Weights for the safety of your family and others around you. It is important to understand and stay within the weight ratings of your RV and tow vehicle. Vehicle and trailer weight are numbers fall into two categories. Actual weights to measured weight of the vehicle or its components and Factory quoted weights may be averages or estimates of actual weight and ratings are limits placed on the vehicle or its components, which should never be exceeded.

So if are you still confused about weights occurs when the two above categories are mixed, explore and check details with the following weights: Cargo Weight, Curb Weight (Curb Weight, cargo Weight, persons weight), Dry Weight, FGAWR, Gross Axle Weight Rating, Gross Combination Weight (include GVW of tow vehicle and GVW of towed vehicle), Gross Combination Weight Rating, Gross Trailer Weight ( includes all GAW’s, tongue weight or king ping weight, weight on all deployed jacks), Gross Vehicle Weight, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, King Pin Weight, Maximum Loaded Trailer Weight, Payload, RGAWR, Tongue Weight or Unloaded Vehicle Weight on the manufacturer’s website to understanding.


  • Class b motorhomes is least expensive motorized RV.
  • It is easy to drive on the highway and around town.
  • Class b motorhome tow a small trailer or support a carrying platform on hitch receiver to serve for  local transportation. And it’s easy to fits in a standard driveway of the garage.
  • Class b motorhomes can reach less accessible camping sites.


It’s small so its space is limited (with members of travelers is usually two, but not more than four).

Time to explore the class b motorhomes RV Manufacturers

It costs a lot of money and you want to make sure you are getting a quality product. Every manufacturer name listed below has a great track record when it comes to RVs. Keep in your mind that no matter how good quality control is. There will be issues and this is why they provide warranties for their products. If you are considering buying a  RV, check user reviews and the manufacturer website and do a complete walkthrough before handing over your money. The name’s list below may help you search for a new RV.

Casita Travel Trailers

This is the most choice of campers, enter their website to make sure you have a right choice and get a Casita – get value.

Pleasure Way

Pleasure Way builds custom Class B motorhomes on completed Ford, Chevrolet, and Mercedes chassis’. Make your choice to a very high standard RV. Pleasure Way motor homes are sold through an established dealer network to ensure owners are able to receive assistance almost anywhere in North America. Campers are looking for a Class B unit would do well to consider a Pleasure Way motor home.

Lazy Daze

Did you know this brand name? This name is popular and closer with the camper has a passion in faster and cheaper to utilize quality components. This, in combination with their excellent manufacturing staff, has created a Lazy Daze motorhome with outstanding durability and competitive price.


“Let’s not make any changes, let’s make only improvements!” to confirm an Airstream is always “in style” conceived and constructed as a lifetime investment in happiness. It seems there is no planned obsolescence. This is as true in today’s models as it was of the first Airstream to see the light of the open road. Do you want to see the classic Airstream of the thirties in the museum? No! It’s still in use today’s. It is as sturdy and modern in appearance as the first day it swung into traffic. Come with Airstream and make your dream come true.

Northwood Manufacturing

Northwood products are Arctic Fox Fifth Wheels, Arctic Fox Travel Trailers, Arctic Fox Truck Campers, Wolf Creek Truck Campers, Fox Mountain Fifth Wheels, Nash Travel Trailers, Snow River Travel Trailers, and Desert Fox Toy Haulers. That is an easy way for you to make a decision. Sometimes it is not only your choice, it is your family members choice.

Tiffin RV

If you’re thinking about buying a Tiffin coach, don’t be shy about asking the owners to tell you about their experiences. What you will find is a family business. They’re unique in this industry.


Newmar is the brand name created by RV people. They’re very well experienced and after sale service to tech assistance even after warranty expired. Newmar is for you – new campers you will need more advice to own your class b motorhome.

By the way, you can explore more information with Midwest Automotive Designs LLC, Roadtrek At Roadtre, Winnebago or Coachmen RV. They are the most respected name in the camper van, custom conversions in luxury Sprinter Vans or wholesalers (in case you want to be partners).


The size of these motorhomes gives them an advantage over larger models. Their smaller size makes them affordable. Easiest of all RVs to park and maneuver, even in town or city settings. Why here we offer you with Class B Motorhomes. With us, this is simply our opinion based on our personal experiences and talking with actual owners. If your favorite brand isn’t mentioned here, tell us about them in the comment section below.

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