Class A vs Class C: What Is The Difference?

class a vs class c

Class A vs Class C: What’s different?

Have you ever wonder what is the meaning behind motorhomes classifications such as Class A and C? Generally, it’s essential that you know the vehicle body type when you purchase the RV. That will help you determine if that RV is suitable to your lifestyles and needs or not. This is when the Class comes in. And if you intend to purchase an RV, some knowledge about RV Class may be of use. In this article, you can find interesting information about Class A vs Class C, along with their benefits and specifications.

Before we go into their details, let’s talk about their distinctive features. Class A motorhome is the larger of the two with a cockpit attach directly to the living quarter. It pretty much resembles a bus with a large space. In the other hand, Class C motorhome has the cockpit separate entirely from the living quarter. The sleeping beds often located right above the cockpit. It also has a smaller body compared to Class A motorhome. These are the basic differences that can help you identify one from the other.

That should help get the general idea of what Class A and C motorhome look like, Now, let check their specifications and benefits. Both types have their ups and downs in different scenarios. Obviously, you will need to visualize them in your own situation to see which one is better suited for your use. If you want to go camping in the RV, a good understanding of the Classes is a must. So let’s get into it.

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Class A vs Class C: What is the difference?

Class A motorhome

Class A vs Class C 2

Class A motorhome


Besides the front, there is one thing that makes Class A stand out: Space. While the space in Class C is somewhat limited, Class A offers you a lot more room. Class A motorhome with slide out section can even double the interior size. It’s also a lot more reliable than Class A with high standards facilities and strong constructions. If you want a comfortable ride, Class A will easily fit that requirement.


As you can figure out already, Class A most notable advantage is its space. If you want to go on a long trip with your family, this is the best option. The tall ceiling allows comfortable atmospheres and breathing airs. The storage space is also substantially larger than the Class C. The driving is also smooth but you need to have some practice with it. The cab is considerably higher than the ground, it gives better vision but the turn rate is also longer. Maneuvering it in and out of highways is not easy.


While Class A did offer lots of convenient, it also cost more than a Class C. You can purchase a brand new Class A for 60,000 – 3,000,000 USD. For used Class A which is about 10 years old, expect a price to be approximately 20,000 to 1,000,000 USD. That is a pretty hefty sum of money there. And when you put in the operating cost and maintenance, it may give you a real headache. This is why you should plan ahead before deciding to buy a Class A.  If you rush the purchase, it will put heavy pressure on your wallet.

Class A vs Class C 3

Class C motorhome


As stated above, one the primary feature that differ Class A from Class is the front of the RV. Almost all of the Class C RVs are constructed with an overhead area on top of the cockpit. This area can be used as sleeping space, storage or for entertainment purpose. There are indeed some Class C RVs that don’t possess this notable feature. But for most of the time, you will know if a motorhome is a Class C or not by checking this section of the RV.

Class A vs Class C 4

Class C Motorhome


Many class C RVs are short enough to fit in most highways and campsites with little problem. The cab is relatively close to the ground so it feels much easier to drive and handle. This gives it a less intimidating air than the standard Class A. The overhead bed, if you want them, will be a cozy and warm place to spend the night with your loved ones. If you are really good at improvising, you can alter the RV back portion to get extra room.


This depends on the model you are looking for and if it’s used or brand new. Yet for the most part, you will find that a Class C that cheaper than a Class A. The price tag of a newly produced Class C will be between 50,000 and 115,000 USD. If your wallet is a bit tight, used Class C that comes at a price of 15,000 to 70,000 USD is also nice.

Side note about a variant called Super C

Construct on semi truck chassis, this Class C RV can overcome anything you can throw at it. Equipped with a strong engine and tough structure, you can easily pass through mountains and rivers with no trouble. You can pretty much tow anything from a trailer to a boat with it. Tough terrain can no longer give you a hard time. However, all of this didn’t come without a price and it’s a high one. Super C that just rolled of manufacturing line will be around to 200,000 to 750,000 USD. Even the used on will stay at 100,000 to 500,000 USD

Class A vs Class C 5


And that is pretty much every basic thing you should know about Class A and C. Both RV types are great if you use them in the right conditions. At the end of the day, it’s all about your preferences and requirements. Do you want an RV with a large space? Would your camping be a long or short one? How much money are you willing to invest in the RV? Answer these questions and you will know what you need in your vehicle. Combine with information about Class A vs Class C, you can have a wise purchase now.

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