The Best Wood For Fire Pit That You Can Find

The Best Wood For Fire Pit That You Can Find

Wood is usually the best and convenient fuel for a fire pit. You can use the fire pit for cooking or a source of heat. But it not like you can use any type of wood whenever you want. There is a specific order to do this. Several kinds of wood work better than others at certain environments and seasons. So do you want to know more about them? If you do then this article will show you the best wood for fire pit. Give it a look and you will know what wood to use for a good and stable fire. Smoke, heat and the ease of burning of each wood will also be presented.

The best firewood you can find is obviously the one that can satisfy your requirements. From cooking to heating, there are wood species that very suitable either for of the tasks. Many of us tend to go for the cheapest and easy to find woods around and that is a mistake. While you still going to burn them in the end, appropriate woods will always be able to serve you better. Below is information about wood classifications along with some suggestions. They will offer you a general idea about wood usage and their associated functions.

Best wood for fire pit 1

Best wood for fire pit

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The classification of common and popular woods

Seasoned wood – The Best Wood For Fire

This is the type of wood that has been dried for at least year or two. When first cut down, woods still got lots of moisture inside their cells and structures. If you just insert these woods into the fire pit right away, the fire will become less efficient. This is due to the fact that more energy is needed to burn the freshly thrown in woods. That is why expert claim that well – seasoned wood is the secret to a bright and effective fire. The usual practice is to collect the woods now, let them dry and uses them in the next year.

For the most part, the thicker the woods, the longer it takes to dry them. Only woods that possess less than 25% moisture level can be considered seasoned woods. So if you want to have a sufficient stock of them, store the woods where it’s cozy and warm. From time to time, moisture can find its way back to the wood in the form of rain or snow. If these happen to reach your stored woods, just dry them again. The moisture only lingers on the surface of the wood this time. A few hours of drying is enough since there is little moisture in the woods core.

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Seasoned wood

A good way to check if the wood is seasoned is to take a look at its appearance and the core color. From the outside, the surface seems to be dusty and gray since it has been sitting around for quite some time. But the distinct sight of a properly seasoned wood is the color inside. Seasoned woods core often got a while color, usually lighter on the outside portion. While it may take a lot of time and effort to get the wood to this state, the investment is totally worth it.

Hardwood and softwood – The Best Wood For Fire

Hardwood is what you call woods that are very dense. They got a lot of potential heat energy and burn longer than softwood per volume. That is why they are good for sustaining a fire pit in order to cook or warm yourself. However, they are also harder to catch fire and more expensive. In the other hand, woods that belong to softwood category can be burned more easily. They are less dense than hardwood and relatively cheap. Softwood is excellent to ignite the first flame but cannot burn as long as hardwood and provide lesser heat too.

  • Examples of hardwood:  Red and white oak, birch, hard maple, dogwood, almond…
  • Examples of softwood: Southern yellow pine, eastern red cedar, cypress, ….
    best wood for fire pit 3

    Best wood for fire pit

Popular woods type to burn in the fire pit

The list below consists of woods that are great for a pit fight. Depend on their availability and price, the woods suitability and affordability may vary a lot from one to another.


Alder delivers little heat and burns considerably quick. It did offer a way to make quality charcoal. The smell is acceptable with a dedicated scent mix with some sweetness flavors. You can use it smoke to processed such as fish, pork, poultry and bird


Probably the best of all fire woods when it comes to cooking food. Though you may have some trouble finding it since Apple is more popular in the furniture industry than as fire pit fuel. The apple wood when burn will give out a gorgeously sweet scent which makes it very good for cooking. The heat is more than enough yet the flame is just right. Quite suitable for poultry and pork but will go well with almost anything you can think of.


Got a nice smell and produce a sustained flame without being too excessive. A good choice to cook and smoke foods. You can chop it into planks and make dishes such as pork and fish with the grill on top of them. Absolutely among the better firewood species for cooking if employ correctly.


This one got a high level of moisture and may take a long seasoned period to be effective firewood. Once seasoned, eucalyptus is a hardwood type and delivers great heating energy. An ideal fuel if you want to get a heating fire going on. Its smoke may carry a resinous smell though not to the point of being unpleasant. Still, it is ill-suited to cooking fire due to that very smoke.


Consist mostly of small-sized pieces and branches, it only good for a fast fire. But its smoke can be said to be an ultimate choice to processed food. Its scent is rich and fruity combine a tiny bit of tartness. You want to make a quick fire to cook poultry, red meat and alike? Well, there is hardly anything better than grapevines for the job.

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Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Wood For Fire Pit?

You will need to learn how to choose the best wood burning for your fireplace. You have a wide variety of options. It depends upon the style of your home as well as the amount of space you have available. There are two basic types of fireplaces: those that use natural gas and those that use propane. The choice is yours and no matter which one you choose, the process for choosing the best wood is the same. As long as you take your time and are thorough, you can create an excellent fire that heats your home and looks great.

The type of wood you choose may be affected by what kind of fuel you have to burn, the moisture content, and the time of year. For example, a fire that is going to burn most efficiently in the winter will burn better if it is made of hickory or maple. If you aren’t sure, check with someone at the store who knows how to select the proper materials.

Hickory and pine both have great attributes as a fire pit choice. Hickory has a long life, when it is properly maintained. It burns hot and can char easily. The aroma from a piece of hickory that has been seasoned is unmistakable. Even if it smells great, you may want to try a more expensive quality.

A good quality hardwood like black oak will burn for years. A well-aged piece of black oak will have a rich, sweet, nutty flavor that many people love. It also tends to stay cool better than most other types of woods. You don’t have to treat black oak nearly as often as you do red oak. Some people don’t like the taste of ash in their food. If you find that you don’t want to have ash in your food anymore after you’ve had it a while, you can just buy some white oak chips instead.

Some wood enthusiasts are big fans of madrone wood. It has a unique smoky smell and great firewood options. It’s a great choice for those who love the smoky aroma of burning oak but don’t want the expensive price tag that comes with it.

The next thing you need to consider when learning how to use your fire pits is what type of wood you’ll be using. Most wood inserts have some sort of seasoning built into them so you won’t have to take time to choose the right type. There are plenty of different seasoning kits available on the market today. Just look for a product that uses either Cayenne red pepper or just salt and let your imagination go wild with ideas on how to create your own seasoning.

Some people prefer soft woods. They prefer something lighter such as pine. This way they can still get a good heat out of their fire without having to add as much fuel. Pine burns slow and stays hot. However, because it’s a softer wood you’ll want to make sure you don’t have any hard spots on the inside of your fire. Hard spots on soft woods are where the fire goes out faster than they should.

There are plenty of great wood manufacturers that provide excellent supplies of wood for campfire uses. Look for well-seasoned wood and choose a product that works well with your stove and your style of cooking. Once you start cooking on your new fire, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it! Camping has never been more exciting!

Oak, maple and ash are some of the most popular hardwoods used. Other hardwoods include maple, pecan, pines and cedar. You can choose from many different kinds of hardwoods to use in your fire. This is where shopping online really comes in handy.

You can shop by brand or simply type in the words “hardwood” or “real” wood. Once you find the products you’re looking for, you can look at the different grades and quality of wood. For example, the oak is a very high grade wood and can burn extremely hot. However, if you want something that is lower in grade, you might consider trying a pine or birch.

There are plenty of ways to make your fire easy to maintain. However, the real key is choosing the right kindling. Choosing the right kindling makes a big difference in how long your fire burns and how hot it gets. With the right kindling, you can start enjoying outdoor fire pits in no time at all.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Wood For Fire Pit?

Which is the best wood for a fire pit? Many people have different answers to this question. However, there is one answer that everyone should know. The best types of wood for a fire pit are redwood, cedar, and pine. These woods all burn consistently, hot, and produce a clean flame. They also burn longer than other types of wood.

If you are looking for the best fire pits then you need to avoid using softwoods, or treated woods. All three of these types of woods are susceptible to rotting. What makes this worse is that it makes your fire pit useless. You can use softwood for stacking, but you will not get a clean flame as a result. Also, because the fire will not last as long with treated wood, you may end up having to buy another fire pit if you ever decide to change the stack.

What is the best kind of wood for fire for heating? It really depends on whether you want your fire to be dry or wet. If you have a pit that you want to get really hot, then using hardwoods would be the way to go. What is the best type of wood for fire for cooking? If you are trying to grill steaks or prepare foods with a nice finish, then softwoods would be your best choice.

2. Why Do You Need A Fire Pit On Wooden Deck?

Fire pits, also known as fire bowls, are becoming an increasingly popular addition to decks across the country. They give you a place to enjoy the warmth of flames without having to worry about starting a fire or having to keep soot and ash collected in one place. They also give people a place to sit around a campfire and relax while listening to the sounds of crackling wood or watching the flames slowly burn down into the evening air. Most of all, fire pits provide a means of entertaining without having to worry about the clean up. Unfortunately, the last two reasons are the most important reasons why anyone would want to put a fire bowl on their deck, but that’s not true with all of them.

Why do you need a fire bowl in the first place? The most obvious reason–and the reason that you almost always see a fire pit at Burning Man–is so that you can use it to create a fire without having to worry about starting a fire or constantly having to scoop ash out of the bottom or trying to collect dead leaves or twigs from the top of a burning bush. Think of how many times you’ve tried to start a fire on an open flame such as a lighter or a newspaper. All of those little sparks that fly out are generally because there is some fuel (wood, charcoal, fuel oil, or gas) that caught fire and ignited, sending those tiny flying sparks all over the place.

This problem is easily solved by placing fire pit benches or chairs next to a larger, more open fire pit, but there are other problems as well. Consider the scenario of a larger wood fire pit that surrounds a patio. The patio is surrounded by several small trees, and the surrounding leaves and branches could potentially send tiny twigs and leaves into the air, or small pieces of ash and charcoal flying into the air. It’s very easy to get the sparks going in a confined space like this. But when you have multiple small fires going at once (let’s say you have six fire pits going simultaneously), the sparks can spread quickly, covering a much larger area and causing much bigger messes.

3. Can You Use Any Wood For Fire Pit?

What types of wood are you going to want to use for your fire pit? For my family we decided on two types of wood. We used redwood for the fire because it is much cheaper than cedar but it does have a lot of bark which can catch on things and make your fire a bit smoky. The other choice we had was pine and our main consideration was what kind of color do you want for your pit? I decided on a very natural looking brown and my husband went with a lighter shade.

Can you use any green wood for your fire pit? Well, there are lots of things you can do with green wood such as making smoke balls. These smoke balls are a great way to get more of the scent from the burning logs in your fire pit. You can also try making a campfire trail or even a marshmallow trail. Just smudge some pine needles around and that’s all you have to do.

Do you need pressure treated wood logs for your fire logs or are they not needed? Pressure treated wood logs are what most people need since they can handle the heat and they also do not get too hot when burning. Pressure treated wood logs can be bought at a local lumber store or from a large chain like Home Depot. If you are unsure if your wood logs are pressure treated then ask the person at the store for help.

4. How Do You Prepare Wood For Fire Pit?

In case you are living in cold regions, then how do you go about to heat the wood pile that you have for burning in fire pits? The most important factor that you need to take into account is the moisture content of the wood. If the moisture content is less than 25% then it would be of no use trying to start a fire in your fire pit with wood. Instead, you should check out for the moisture content of the rocks that you are going to place around the fire. As the rocks are made up of hard rock then they too will hold back the amount of moisture so that it does not start to rot.

Secondly, you should ask yourself if you have a dry fireplace. What I mean by dry fireplace is if there is no moisture present inside the fireplace. This does not just apply to natural fire pits but also to stoves that are designed in this manner. If you do not want to use it near a source of water then how do you know that the wood that you will burn within it will burn? If there is moisture present then there are high chances that the fire pit will burn unevenly or not at all.

The third factor that you need to consider when asking how do you prepare wood for fire pit is the weather. It might not be a good idea to get wood during winter. When there are snow and ice covering the surface of the pit, then it would not be possible for you to get wood easily. Similarly, you should not opt for dry wood in summer. If you are thinking that the heat would help you in getting the wood then you are wrong.

5. What Not To Burn In A Fire Pit?

Why is it that some people like to use fire pits to grill or even roast marshmallows while others would rather leave the ash and the coals to smolder and do nothing more than watch television. Ash can be just as effective as wood in a wood for fire pit project but the ash can have the tendency to mold if left for a long time because of the moisture content. You also don’t want to use high quality pine for your burning project because it will only last a very short time and the natural elements of the forest such as termites could start to affect its structure. Most of the time, a good fireplace pit project consists of making a fire, gathering up all the materials you need, and lighting the fire. This makes it easy to do the work since you don’t have to worry about starting the fire, spreading the ash, or caring for the fire afterwards. However, the process itself is very tedious, which is why most people prefer to use wood for fire pit projects.

When trying to decide which type of material to use for your fire, consider the following: firewood is made from trees that are cut down, scraped, and then dried; hickory, also known as hardwood, comes from dead trees which are left unburnt after the tree dies naturally or due to pests and insects; cherry is a hardwood tree from Asia that is usually sewn into logs; and pine is a softwood tree which is often used for tools and furniture. If you want the fastest, most stable type of wood for your project, try using Hickory which has a long-lasting burn time. The reason why this type of wood is so good for this is because it holds the heat longer compared to other woods and there is no need to continuously add more wood to create a consistent heat source.

Another thing to consider when choosing which type of wood for your project is the type of fuel used for burning. Different woods have different burning times and effects on the human respiratory system. For example, while the combustion of pine might give off an aromatic smoke, some types of woods are toxic to people if they are inhaled. Be sure to do your research so that you can choose the type of wood that will work best for your specific needs. Firewood can be purchased at most hardware and home improvement stores as well as from online retailers. For more information regarding firewood and how to properly prepare your own, check out the “Resources” section on this site.

6. Are Wood Burning For Fire Pit Safe?

These days there are many brands and models of fire pits available on the market, all of them claiming to be the best, however some have been considered the best because they can withstand different types of weather conditions like hot summers and still burn well in cold winters. There are many brands that offer different kinds of wood like oak, maple, cherry, etc. Some manufacturers offer a wide variety of products, while others only offer a couple of choices. If you are planning to build a pit but is having second thoughts about which brand or model to buy, then here are a few things that might convince you to consider one brand over the other.

Pressure Treated Wood: Wood is classified into three categories, first being soft woods, second being hard woods, and the third one being soft woods classified as coniferous. Hickory is one of the most popular choices of hardwood due to its availability, its good quality and resistance to insects, decay and termites, as well as being an excellent choice for pressure treated wood fire pits. Cherry is another good hardwood as it is very dense and strong, but is relatively soft. Ash is another popular choice of hardwood fire pit material as it also burns fast and evenly, although it does not burn hot like hickory and maple.

Smoke Value: Wood fire pits burn with a deep and unique “smoke” when you kindle them, much like how a campfire makes a distinctive fire. Different woods have different smoke effects and some are better than others. If you are looking for a particular type of smoke or would prefer a particular scent, then you should ask the manufacturer or retailer if they have a special kind of wood that you can order. It is also very important that you think about the fact that many kinds of wood will produce different types of smoke if kindled in different ways. For instance, some woods will produce more or less smoke depending on how they have been treated, while some will produce more smoke if lightly rubbed with a damp cloth.



And that should be the end of it, not too hard to follow, right? A fire pit a traditional feature of an outdoor camping trip. The fire put can also be used as a cooking spot or a heating source too. But if you want to have a good fire pit, you need to have the right kind of firewood for each stage and task. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to get. Simply glance through the above and you can obtain the best wood for fire pit in no time.

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