Best Way To Waterproof A Tent And 2 Necessary Types Of Items Reviews

Best Way To Waterproof A Tent And 2 Necessary Types Of Items

Find out to get the lesson for your camping trip. Yeah! awesome if you read this tip is mentions about the best way to waterproof a tent. Follow me! I share to you what I know about this problem.

O.M.G! My tent needs waterproofing now

Calm down!

Before start, you should check your tent

Firstly, You need to look for which areas of your tent need waterproofing. Did the waterproofing coating of the wall have a problem? Similar to repair the motorbikes’ wheels. Each area of your tent will require different kinds of care. So you need to fill the bath full of water and push the tent under the water. If you see little bubbles of air escaping to the surface, bingo! You had found the area that you have to work on. Then let your tent dry out.

Secondly, you should clean the fabric of your tent to make sure your tent is clean before waterproofing it. Then use warm water to soak a sponge with a soft surface (not use with a rough surface or a washing machine for clean the tent). Lastly, the floor is the most important part of your tent when it comes to waterproofing, even if your floor is in mint condition, use a tarp under your tent whenever you set it up. The tarp will stop the rocks or vegetation trapped under your tent from damaging the floor.

best way to waterproof a tent

Make sure clean your tent before waterproofing it

Best way to waterproof a tent? Check it now


Time to start to water proofing

You can buy seam sealer from Amazon, then apply it in a thick layer on the seam, and let it dry. You will see, the seam sealer will provide excellent waterproofing, and will not allow the water to slip through the cracks. Scotchgard Water and Sun Shield– Do you know this waterproof spray? Use it to spray on the whole floor. Apply it to the inside of the tent, then soak the floor in the waterproof spray. And grab a piece of cloth to distribute the liquid. Wait a second for it to dry. Do not forget! Most waterproofing sprays are not good for your health. Therefore, you have to avoid from this gas. Do not inhale any of the gas. Let’s open all the doors and windows on your tent while you spray it.

I recommend Scotchgard Water and Sun Shield to waterproof and protect your tent. It is very good protection neither for your other furniture outdoor. Pros of Scotchgard is it dries quickly with no streaking and Scotchgard enhances the breath ability of the fabric too.

Is there only way with Scotchgard? If you are not satisfied we recommend others kind of waterproofing sprays like Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield Patio & Grilling, Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On Waterproofing- recommend for the person who works outside (use for their coat) and furniture outdoor. Plus, Kampa Super Hydrophobic Waterproof Spray- an Ideal for Tents, Outdoor Clothing, Shoes, and Bags, Furniture, Umbrellas- Pros: Easy spray on application, and Waterproof Spray Ideal For Tent Cloth Shoes Fishing Camping Fabric Protector. When the inside is dry, you repeat the same process on the outside of the floor, then wait for it to dry. These steps above are easy to do. Hopefully, you will succeed.

What is Gorilla Clear Repair Tape?

This is the trusty repair tape to fix your tent’s problem, may be the problem is a tear. Gorilla tape has thousands of uses, used to repair including Plastic repair/ labeling, camping, automotive, leather, tarp, etc. It has an extra thick adhesive layer. Gorilla Clear Repair Tape is best for providing a waterproof, perfect for shipping, or  moving and tough.

How to use this kind of repair tape?

You can use this tape to fix your tent’s tear everywhere. Follow my step under:

  1. Choose and cut a tape piece, the size is large enough to extend.
  2. Brush off the area where the tape will be placed.
  3. Note: tape both the inside and outside of the tent’s fabric to prevent debris from sticking to one side of the tape.

Gorilla tape is unique, it is easy to tear by hand to fix, patch or seal. So, how to do if my tent leaks?

Not too difficult to find out why your tent is easy leaks? You need to check and inspect your tent periodically to realize a sign that water is sneaking in your tent. Just set your tent up in a dry place, there has sunny spot or brightly room for you can check all the seams. Focus on the most exposed seams as the tent floor, or fly, and bottom of the tent body—and attachment points, which are likeliest to let in water.

Firstly, On the interior walls, then apply painter’s masking tape from both sides of the seam. Secondly, apply sealant to the interior wall seams of your tent, especially the lower portion. then go all the way around leaving a thin layer of sealant around 1/4 of an inch past the seams. Focus on the way that you fill in all of those needle holes. Please take a note, avoid getting sealant in the zippers (if you still want to use your tent). Apply the same amount remain of sealant to any seams on the tent floor that you doubt it is not safe.

Do not forget to check your tent pole or replace a new tent pole.


To protect your tent, you should read the directions, clean your tent from time to time, and store your tent when it’s dry. But if something happens to your tent, take easily to find out the causes. The most important way to protect your tent is waterproofing. We recommend the best ways to waterproof a ten are the spray-on fabric treatment and the trusty repair tape.

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