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5 Best Waterproof Speakers Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides


Outdoor waterproof speakers are specifically designed for use outside. You will need them if you are going to be sharing or listening to music on the go. Since they are designed and built to take a beating and withstand the hostile demands of life, you will not need to worry when the weather suddenly changes or it starts raining.

They will also give you the convenience of listening to music anywhere. Whether you are relaxing on the patio, working in the yard, or having a good time in the pool, you can still be able to listen to your favourite music.

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With so many outdoor waterproof speakers in the market, choosing the right one can be quite difficult. To help you choose with ease, here are 5 best waterproof speakers reviews of 2019.

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#1 UE BOOM 2 Best Waterproof Speakers – Phantom Edition


If you are searching for the best waterproof speakers, you need to consider buying this UE BOOM 2 wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is waterproof, shockproof, and is designed for adventure. It features a waterproof design that allows you to bring it anywhere with ease.

You are also going to enjoy insanely great, loud 360 degree sound with deep bass when listening to your favorite music. You will not have any trouble using it because of simplicity that it is made with. Just need to tap it to play, pause or skip songs. It provides 15 hour battery life and Bluetooth wireless range of 100 feet.


  • Item Weight- 1.2 pounds
  • Model Number- 984-000551
  • Shipping Weight- 1.8 pounds
  • Dimensions- 2.5 x 2.5 x 7 inches

However, actual battery life is going to vary depending on the use, environmental conditions and settings.


#2 Pyle Sound Box Splash Shock-Resistant Design


This speaker was designed to add audio anywhere. It features built-in Bluetooth and Near Field Communication that allows you to stream music from your favorite devices instantly. Your sound will be kept secure with the rubberized and heavy duty casing that the speaker features.

You will also like the fact that the speaker is very easy to use. It is equipped with touch button controls that will enable you to play your favorite music both indoors and outdoors. You can bring it along whether you are going to the backyard or the beach.


  • Item Weight- 1.76 pounds
  • Dimensions- 3 x 3 x 9 inches
  • Manufacturer- Sound Around
  • Shipping Weight- 1.76 pounds
  • Model Number- PWPBTA70BK

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery along with a charging cable that makes it ready to go whenever you are.


#3 NUU Wake Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


This speaker is what you need if you are looking for the best under water speaker. It provides 100 percent waterproof protection that can withstand dunks, drops, as well as the most severe outdoor elements. It is not only submersible and stylish, but it also features an ultra-rugged design that can stand up to the toughest environments.

Its housing is very strong. It also has protective rubber casing and an integrated handle that makes it easy for you to carry it around. There is also Bluetooth technology that eliminates the need for lugging around separate batteries or wires.


  • Item Weight- 3.3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight- 4.55 pounds
  • Model Number- FBA_W1-GRY
  • Dimensions- 4 x 4.3 x 13 inches

Other features include two speaker drives, DSP that ensures improved performance, and a passive bass radiator that allows it to pump out strong sound that goes the distance.


#4 Yamaha NS-AW350B All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speakers


With these speakers, you can be able to groove your favorite tunes even when it is raining outside. They are versatile two-way speakers that function really well in front, rear, or both positions. Perfect for both deck and porch placement. They will deliver punchy bass and extended treble anywhere you use them.


  • Item Weight- 18 pounds
  • Manufacturer- YAMAHA
  • Model Number- NSAW350B
  • Shipping Weight- 6.8 pounds
  • Dimensions- 13.5 x 8.2 x 7.2 inches

Another thing that you will like about these speakers is the fact that they are water resistant. They feature sealed enclosures and rugged metal grilles that enable them to withstand light wind and rain. They come with mounting brackets and bases that you will find to be quite useful.


#5 Boombotix Boombot REX Wireless Ultraportable Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker


This speaker comes with many wonderful features, including a noise cancelling headphone, built-in clip, and voice control integration. It uses wireless technology that allows you to connect seamlessly to smartphones, iPods, tablets, and laptops.


  • Item Weight- 6.1 ounces
  • Manufacturer- BOOMBOTIX
  • Shipping Weight- 9.6 ounces
  • Dimensions- 2.2 x 3.4 x 3.2 inches
  • Model Number- BBREX02PURPLE

Control buttons are mounted on top to allow you to change tracks quickly, play, pause, and so on. The speaker is water resistant, meaning that it can be used outside when it is raining.

It comes with a rechargeable medical grade battery that gives you at least 8 hours of run time. It is also built to withstand tumbles and drops. Best Waterproof Speakers Reviews See related products



Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Waterproof Speakers?

Nowadays it has become more common that people are trying to find the Best waterproof speakers . As technology is improving fast, everyone wants to have new things. So there are many Best waterproof speakers companies which want to catch up with their competitor by producing Best waterproof speakers for users. Best waterproof speakers also have to be available in the market because all Best waterproof speakers companies try hard to provide Best waterproof speakers as much as they can. It will be good for you if you choose the Best waterproof speakers company who makes Best waterproof speakers so easy so you won’t have any problems while using them.

1. Audio Quality

When Best waterproof speakers companies try to sell waterproof speakers, they always advertise that their Best waterproof speakers have better and more enhanced audio quality. When you use Best waterproof speakers, you will realize if the Best waterproof speakers provide good sound quality or if they produce bad sound. The Best waterproof speakers company that produces waterproof speakers with good sound quality is most likely the best for you.

2. Availability

Best waterproof speaker company who makes Best waterproof speaker tries hard to make them available everywhere. There are many people who like to buy the new Best waterproof speaker because it will give them a different kind of experience when using them according to old ones that they had before. If the Best water speaker is not available everywhere then the Best waterproof speaker company will not be successful. The best waterproof speaker should be as much as possible available in the market so buyers could choose them easily.

3. Price

Best waterproof speakers price should always be reasonable, or else waterproof speakers company won’t earn a lot of profit from Best waterproof speakers. Best waterproof speakers with a cheap price maybe will have a bad quality because Best waterproof speakers companies try to save money by using cheaper parts. But Best waterproof speakers with expensive price are definitely not worth buying because Best waterproof speakers with high price tag does not mean they are the most ideal choice for you.

4. Battery Life

If the Best waterproof speakers are wireless, waterproof speaker companies try to provide long-lasting battery life for Best waterproof speakers. Best water speakers with short battery life are not good choices, because you will have to charge them often which is difficult if the Best waterproof speakers are used outside. Best waterproof speaker companies that produce with longer lasting battery life is the best choice for you.

5. Waterproof Level

The level of being waterproof is different between Best water speakers, so when buying the Best underwater speakers it is important to find out how much they can resist before breaking. If Best waterproof speaker company doesn’t mention or advertise what degree their product can resist before getting broken then be careful because most likely they are not worth your time and money. Some Best waterproof speakers company will tell you that Best waterproof speaker is underwater Best waterproof speakers, but it can resist a few centimeters which is not very good quality Best water speakers. Best waterproof speaker companies who produce the Best waterproof speaker with high level of being waterproof is the ideal choice for you.

6. Connectivity

The Best waterproof speakers should be able to connect water speakers with other Best water speakers, or the Best waterproof speaker that are not waterproof speakers if possible. You will have many problems if waterproof speakers can’t do anything except play music in Best water speaker mode, because it won’t make sense to spend money on the Best underwater speaker that cannot connect. The Best underwater speaker who can pair water speaker easily is worth buying for you.

7. Durability

Depending on the material used in making the body of Best water speakers they were made from, there are some Best waterproof speakers company who tries their best to produce them as tough as they can. If the Best waterproof speakers are durable then they will last longer and it will save you money since Best waterproof speakers are very expensive. Best water speakers with long durability is the ideal choice for you.

8. Warranty

Best waterproof speakers companies who provide waterproof speaker with warranty are more trusted because they are willing to repair Best water speakers if it breaks due to some kind of damage. Most waterproof speaker company will only give the Best waterproof speaker warranty after you pay some additional money, so think about it carefully before spending extra money on the Best underwater speaker.

9. Portability

Best waterproof speakers should be as much as possible lightweight, or Best water speaker companies tries to provide Best water speakers with unique features that makes it light. If Best waterproof speaker is too heavy then Best waterproof speakers will not be used by many people because Best water speakers are for traveling and not for staying at home. Best hard subwoofer company who manufactures Best hard subwoofer with portability feature is the ideal choice for you.

10. Sound Quality

The Best waterproof speakers should provide high quality sound if they want to attract more customers. The Best underwater speaker which produce low-quality sound can damage human ears, so it is best to choose the Best waterproof speakers with high-quality sound system. Some of the hard subwoofers might not be the Best waterproof speakers, but the Best water speaker with high-quality sound is the best choice for you.

11. Additional Features

Sometimes adding additional features like Bluetooth or wireless connectivity can make it more attractive if chosen properly depending on your needs and wants. Always look for the Best water speaker company who provides unique features like the Best waterproof speakers with additional features to make the Best water speaker more attractive.

Best waterproof speakers companies who manufacture Best hard subwoofer with wireless feature is the ideal choice for you.

12. Audio Power

The Best waterproof speakers should have water speaker with high output power to be able to produce the Best hard subwoofer at high volume. If Best hard subwoofer can’t produce hard subwoofer at higher volume then it is not worth buying the Best underwater speaker, because the Best hard subwoofers are for producing loud sound. The Best portable Bluetooth speakers company who provides Bluetooth speaker with audio power feature is the best choice for you.

13. Design And Size

People are willing to choose waterproof speakers with water speaker design because Best hard subwoofer has good appearance, but hard subwoofer should be made from high-quality materials so hard subwoofers can last longer. The Best portable Bluetooth speakers might not provide waterproof speakers at all if Bluetooth speakers have bad design. Best outdoor Bluetooth speaker company which provides outdoor Bluetooth speaker with the best design is the ideal choice for you.

14. Built-in Microphone

If water speakers come with waterproof speakers feature then hard subwoofer is good for you, because a waterproof speaker allows water speakers to receive water speaker calls. The Best outdoor Bluetooth speaker which comes with the Best outdoor Bluetooth speakers feature is the ideal choice for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A  Waterproof Speaker?

Waterproof speakers are devices designed to provide great sound quality and loud volumes while being submerged in water. The membrane of waterproof speakers is usually made out of a special material that won’t rust or corrode, such as rubber or zinc alloy. This helps the speaker to perform well even if it’s completely submerged for hours at a time, without any negative effects on its capacity to produce clear tonality.

Most modern portable handheld waterproof speakers work using Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your device wirelessly over short distances (in other words, Bluetooth transmits signals through thin air, not through physical connection). While there were once hardware-based solutions for making portable underwater music players, Bluetooth waterproof speakers have become a popular choice because of their convenience, excellent sound quality, and affordability.

Where Can I Use A Waterproof Speaker?

The best place to use waterproof speakers is in the shower! Not only can you listen to your favorite music while you get ready for work or study, but waterproof Bluetooth speakers also make an excellent companion for shaving and shampoo time – there’s nothing better than having your bathroom playlist play along with maximum volume in order to really wake up in the morning. You can even set it so that it automatically turns off when it detects running water in order to conserve battery life (which can last anywhere from 4 to 16 hours depending on which model speaker you choose). This makes it much easier to keep track of your device when you’re in the shower because there’s no risk of it getting wet or dropping into the drain.

What About Swimming Pools?

Waterproof speakers are often a popular choice for pool parties and other events where water is involved. While holding a waterproof speaker might not be the best activity to do while swimming laps, Bluetooth waterproof speakers allow you to use your music player hands-free from an arm’s length away – this allows you to swim around while enjoying your favorite playlist without having to worry about losing your device in the pool! They also help add ambiance when hanging out at the beach or by a lake, especially if you have an outdoor floating speaker that comes with its own dock to float on top of the water.

What Are The Different Types Of Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers?

There are many different types of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, including hanging waterproof Bluetooth speakers which are specially designed to be hung on pool fences or trees for optimal sound quality, floating docks which you can place in the water at your own desired height, and portable handheld speakers that are small enough to fit inside your pocket. Portable speakers usually come with a built-in microphone so that you can take calls without needing to bring along your phone.

  • Portable Waterproof Speaker

These devices tend to be the most popular due to their affordability and portability. Some models even come with suction cups or clips that allow you to clip it onto shower walls, faucets, desks, fridges, and more, while others can even be dropped into the bathtub for some aquatic tunes.

  • Hanging Waterproof Speakers

These speakers are designed to be hung on pool fences or trees for optimal sound quality, allowing you to listen to your favorite music out loud without needing to set up a Bluetooth connection with your device. This makes them perfect for swimming pools, lakeside beaches, backyard decks, parks, and other areas where there’s no need for wires or cables.

  • Floating Waterproof Speaker Dock

Just place this speaker dock in the water at your desired height – it automatically floats around as soon as it detects water! This ensures that you’ll never have to worry about losing these devices in the pool again – just let them float!

  • Bluetooth Speakers With Remote Controls

Some Waterproof speakers come with Bluetooth remotes that let you change the song or turn it up or down without having to reach for your phone. This is a great way to add some convenience when using your device, especially if there isn’t a stable surface insight – you can just grab the remote from your pocket and keep on enjoying your music wherever you are.

How Does A Waterproof Speaker Work?

Waterproof speakers are wireless devices that connect to your smartphone, tablet, or another device within a range of 30 feet. They’re usually powered by rechargeable batteries with an average playback time of 4 hours up to 16 hours depending on the model you select.

All Waterproof speakers have built-in microphones which allow you to take hands-free calls – this is especially useful when you’re wet after taking a shower and can’t reach for your phone without dropping it! This feature also allows you to use voice commands through your device’s personal assistant (Siri for iOS users or Google Now for Android users) in order to make things even more convenient.

How To Use A Waterproof Speaker?

Using a waterproof speaker is very similar to using any other type of sound system. All you need to do is grab your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet, open up the phone’s Bluetooth settings, select the Waterproof Speaker from the list of devices, and pair it with your device. Once you do so, you’ll be able to use it as long as both are within 30 feet of each other, allowing you to listen to your favorite music without interruptions!

How To Connect A Waterproof Speaker?

The first thing that you need to do in order to connect a Waterproof Speaker is turn on its Bluetooth capabilities. This can usually be done by pressing on/off switch on the speaker itself – the LED indicator will blink while it’s powered on. When you see that happening, look for your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth settings and select the Waterproof Speaker from the list of available devices. If successful, your device should display a notification saying “Connected” and both devices should be connected within 30 seconds.

How To Use A Selfie Stick With A Waterproof Speaker?

Most waterproof speakers come with Bluetooth remotes that let you change songs or adjust volume by pressing buttons on the device without needing to reach out and touch your smartphone (this is very convenient when you’re in the shower!). This option can also allow you to take selfies without having an extra hand available. All you need to do is pair your selfie stick with your phone/tablet and attach your waterproof speaker to it. Once you do so, you’ll be able to extend the pole and use the Bluetooth remote to take photos using your device’s camera!

Why Should You Get A Waterproof Speaker?

Waterproof speakers are great for people who enjoy listening to music through their smartphones but find that wires or cords can often get in the way. They’re also perfect for people who want a good sound system without having to fill their room with bulky speakers – just put them in water and let them float away! It’s also much more convenient if you plan on taking some hands-free calls while wearing wet clothes after showering – you can finally talk on your cell phone without worrying about dropping your phone!

What Are The Disadvantages Of Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers?

Although waterproof Bluetooth speakers come with many benefits, they’re not perfect and come with several disadvantages that you should be aware of before making your purchase. The first disadvantage is that you can’t use these devices around very large bodies of water like oceans or seas, as the Bluetooth technology used in these speakers isn’t powerful enough to extend their range that far. Another disadvantage is that there’s no way to repair them if they get damaged – it usually takes a few drops on concrete for the waterproofing material to break down.

Is There A Way To Make My Existing Speaker Waterproof?

Yes! Using a Ziploc bag will let you listen to your favorite music while taking a shower by placing your speaker inside and sealing it up. This will protect it from water damage, but keep in mind that this won’t provide full waterproofing if you drop it in the pool – most modern speakers will be damaged by submersion, so this method doesn’t work for every device.

Can You Use A Waterproof Speaker Under Water?

Yes, but we recommend staying within the manufacturer’s specified usage area. If you want to take your speaker with you while swimming or diving underwater, make sure to pick a device that can handle submersion as some speakers aren’t built for this purpose and will break as soon as they’re submerged.

How To Connect A Waterproof Speaker To An iPhone Or Android Device?

First, turn on your Bluetooth function and turn it off again once the LED light starts flashing – this lets your device know that a Bluetooth connection is incoming. Next, press the Bluetooth pairing button on top of your speaker until it starts running a search through its list of available devices (this should only take a few seconds). Once your phone appears in the list of available connections, click on it to start the connection process.

The device you want to connect your speaker to must be within 30 feet of the Bluetooth speaker in order for this process to work. Once it’s successful, your phone will pair with your new waterproof Bluetooth speaker and you’ll be able to start playing music!

How To Connect 2 Waterproof Speakers Together?

If you have two waterproof speakers that are compatible with each other, try connecting them through their Bluetooth settings – the first one should appear as an option in the second device’s list of available devices when they’re in range of each other. Simply select it and wait until both devices complete the pairing process – note that this doesn’t work for all models and manufacturers.

In other cases, you might have to use an audio cable instead of a Bluetooth connection – check your user manual to see what connections your model supports before making a purchase. We recommend using a standard 3.5 mm jack for connecting your speakers together, which should work with just about any modern device thanks to their ubiquity in the market today.

Is It Possible To Connect A Waterproof Speaker To An Aux Cable?

Yes! In fact, this is another way you can connect 2 waterproof speakers together – simply plug one speaker into “aux” on the other and use either stereo or AUX mode depending on what you prefer (most models support both). Note that this won’t work if both devices are from different manufacturers since they might require different formats for this connection – check your user manual to see what works before you make a purchase!

Will Salt Water Damage A Waterproof Portable Speaker?

No, as long as you don’t leave it for extended periods of time. Saltwater can cause corrosion which will damage your Bluetooth speaker over the long term – some speakers even come with a warning not to use them where salt water is present!

Can You Use A Waterproof Speaker In The Rain?

Yes, and many models support this usage just like their more-traditional counterparts. However, we recommend that you avoid using them during storms or heavy rain if possible because most speakers aren’t designed to provide adequate waterproofing for such conditions. If you do plan to use it in rainy weather, make sure to wipe off any excess moisture before turning on the device so you don’t risk putting water into the internal components – check your user manual for more information about this and other precautions you should take when using your speaker in less than ideal weather conditions.

What Materials Are Used To Make A Waterproof Speaker?

Waterproof speakers usually feature a durable plastic or rubber outer casing that protects the internal components from damage due to moisture, dirt and dust, which is why they’re perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking. However, some portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers also come with unique shells made from metal or even wood to give them a particularly classy look – these generally cost more but are extremely durable and stylish!

Do All Bluetooth Speakers Work Underwater?

No. Some models aren’t designed to function underwater because of their low budget and lack of features – while you can technically use your waterproof Bluetooth speaker underwater, it might not be as durable as a model that’s designed to work in this environment.

I Have A Waterproof Speaker. How Do I Operate It?

Waterproof speakers have all the same buttons as their non-water counterparts – volume control, play/pause and skip options, etc. The only difference is that they’re usually waterproof so you’ll have to open them up if there isn’t much dirt or moisture inside – wiping down the outside should be enough if any dust or dirt gets trapped inside!

Some waterproof speakers also come with particular modes that make them suitable for swimming without worrying about water damage – these are usually designated by an “IPX” rating followed by one or two numbers (where the numbers signify the design of the device to protect it from water in different ways).

Waterproof Speakers Are Expensive. Is It Worth Buying One?

As you might have noticed, waterproof Bluetooth speakers generally cost more than their non-water counterparts – this is because they’re designed with extra care and attention to detail in order to properly balance the price/quality ratio. They often require more materials in their casing, come with more features or offer dual compatibility for ease of use by both poolside swimmers and travelers. If you plan on using your speaker outside or around water frequently, investing in a quality waterproof speaker will save you money in the long term since you won’t need any other accessories!

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Waterproof Speaker?

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers offer the same benefits as other models, such as easy wireless connectivity and high-quality audio. However, they’re also designed to be significantly more durable than their non-water counterparts so they can withstand damage from water and moisture – this makes them perfect for poolside use or any activity that might involve getting sweaty! They’re also perfect for travelers who want a single device that works both indoors and outdoors without breaking the bank.

How Are Waterproof Portable Speakers Protected?

As mentioned previously, waterproof speakers are usually manufactured with high-quality materials that prevent water damage – some also come with an extra level of protection to ensure that they last as long as possible. This can include a special coating on the exterior of the speaker or even internal components that are made from material that is less likely to be affected by water.

How Do I Keep My Waterproof Speaker Working?

To keep your waterproof speaker working properly, follow these steps below:

– Check if it’s dirty/dusty before using it – wipe down any excess debris with a clean cloth

– Avoid dropping it especially when fully submerged in water to avoid cracking the casing or damaging internal components – this might cause irreversible damage so don’t risk it!

– Avoid using it in extreme temperatures – this includes exposing it to high heat or leaving it out in the cold for long periods of time

– Keep it away from direct sunlight whenever possible to avoid overheating

Do All Waterproof Speakers Also Float?

Not all waterproof speakers float, but most do because they’re designed with portability and durability in mind. Some models that are larger than average might not be able to support their own weight so purchasing an additional floating accessory is recommended if you plan on using your speaker outside or around water frequently.

Some waterproof speakers also come with special “drop-proof” cases which protect them even further – these cases often have brightly colored designs which can help you spot them when dropped into deeper waters!

How To Solve Waterproof Speaker Connection Issues?

Most wireless speakers that are waterproof usually connect to compatible devices via Bluetooth – the most common issues that users face with this type of connection include:

– The speaker not appearing on the device’s Bluetooth options (for added security, ensure you’ve set your device to ‘discoverable’ mode before attempting to connect)

– Low volume levels due to surrounding noise or interference from other electronic devices

– Disconnections/interruptions during playback

To resolve these problems, purchase a model which has noise cancellation technology built in so it can be controlled remotely via an app. This will allow you to adjust the volume levels without worrying about its position or surrounding noise! If there’s any kind of external interference, simply move your speaker further away from the source of interference.

Waterproof speakers are easy to use, affordable and extremely versatile – if you want the best sound quality without worrying about constant upkeep or additional accessories, investing in one is your best bet!

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Waterproof Speaker?

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers offer the same benefits as other models, such as easy wireless connectivity and high-quality audio. However, they’re also designed to be significantly more durable than their non-water counterparts so they can withstand damage from water and moisture – this makes them perfect for poolside use or any activity that might involve getting sweaty! They’re also perfect for travelers who want a single device that works both indoors and outdoors without breaking the bank.

How To Pair Waterproof Speaker To Bluetooth Devices?

To pair your waterproof speaker to a Bluetooth device, follow these steps below:

– Make sure you’re within six inches of the speaker and activate its pairing mode (this varies depending on the model)

– Tap ‘discover’ or ‘search’ on your phone or laptop if it isn’t automatically detected by the device’s Bluetooth options

– Use the pin code displayed on both devices to pair them, then enter this code when prompted to confirm that they’re connected.

How Do I Maintain My Waterproof Speakers?

Waterproof speakers are similar to other Bluetooth models in terms of maintenance but bear in mind that they’re designed with extra protection against water damage. As such, they may require slightly more attention than usual:

– Keep the speaker’s exterior and components as dry as possible to avoid rusting and corrosion

– Use a lightly damp cloth whenever necessary to clean excess dirt or dust from the speaker

– If you notice any signs of water damage (such as bubbles underneath the rubber cover), cease use immediately and contact your local warranty provider for repairs!

What Is The Difference Between Waterproof And Splashproof Speakers?

Waterproof speakers are designed with all types of liquids in mind – this includes but is not limited to moisture, rain, splashes, spills, and environmental elements. They excel at keeping a consistent connection thanks to their built-in noise cancellation technology which can cut out surrounding sound/interference. They’re also perfect for outdoor use and traveling!

Splashproof speakers are slightly less effective than their fully waterproof counterparts in terms of water resistance, but they still deliver crisp sound quality with little to no noise/interference. Splashproof models are ideal for use around the home or outdoors if you don’t plan on placing them directly under running water or exposing them to any significant levels of moisture over a short period of time.



If you’ve ever had a party in the pool or by the beach, then you know that your music is going to get wet. That means that if you want to enjoy good sound quality with your favorite songs when swimming around in water, it’s time for an upgrade! One of these best waterproof speakers will help ensure that even during crazy fun times like parties in the pool and on boats, your tunes are still playing loud enough so everyone can hear them clearly. Which one has caught your eye?

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