[TOP 5] Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews

5 Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides


Choosing your vinyl cutter for the first time or just need to upgrade is one of the most important decisions as a sign maker.

A professional quality plotter can make your work far much easier and even make your dreams realities. A fine vinyl cutter should easily to trace out shapes, designs and graphics for clear precision cuts.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews

A bad vinyl can lead to frustration and failure. The reason most people select the wrong vinyl cutting machine is buying based only on speed, price and the force the machine produces. Although this was not a bad strategy some years back, it doesn’t work now.

For instance, you can buy a machine with 500 grams of force that can’t cut the mustard in a professional sign shop.

That is why we have taken the time to find the best. Only the BEST vinyl cutting machines that will never disappoint. The following are the 5 best vinyl cutting machine reviews of 2022.

#1 Best Vinyl Cutting Machine USCutter-MH BUNDLE


This is an excellent vinyl cutter that has 2 adjustable rollers that allow the user to make use of various materials. It features Roland blade holder that give you access to most economical blades that are available in the market today.

There are many people who are using this cutting machine. With adjustable pinch rollers, you can easily use any materials with this equipment. It comes with magnetic blanks, knife, banners, squeegee and a chart.

When you buy this on Amazon, you can get additional cut and design software. This software can help you to easily manage your daily needs without much difficulties. It has the right price, and it’s easy to setup and operate.

Right from the box, this cutter is easy to assemble and within the first 20 minutes, you can start cutting you ofset of papers or stickers. One issue that some customers have over this cutter is that the instructions are a little vague.


#2 Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Tools


Right from vinyl to fabric, you can always trust the Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting tool for cutting. This electronic machine can cut material up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long.

It’s an improved version of its predecessor and has been upgraded with a responsive touchscreen, built-in accessory storage and a handy on-unit cross.

This vinyl cutting machine has a print and cuts feature that enables you to cut precisely around various designs and images that are already printed.

It’s a perfect machine for making printed iron on, stickers and much more. It’s easy to use and has a program that allows you to create your own designs using your own fonts and images with Silhouette Cameo.


#3 Cricut Mini Cutting Machine


If you are planning to cut materials like vinyl, vellum, chipboard, cardstock, vellum and any other popular hobby materials, the Cricut Mini Cutting machine will solve all your problems. This machine can cut various materials in any different sizes.

Thanks to its new and quiet technology, it is can cut up to 8.5-by-inch paper and shape materials and fonts from ¼-inch to larger cuts up to 11-1/2inch.

To maximize its features, this machine also requires a standard connection via laptop or desktop computer. It can also be connected to Cricut Gypsy. It’s convenient when transporting and storage due to its small, lightweight nature. It’s a nice machine to have.


#4 Silhouette Cameo Kit


This is another excellent recommended cutting machine from Silhouette Company. It has wonderful features and has made thousands of sales in Amazon and other online websites. It features a CAMEO machine, bonus pixscan mat. Vinyl starter kit, 12 inch x 12inch cutting mat and a vinyl trimmer.

The machine also has software that can be supported by either Mac or any other PC. It’s easy to use and more powerful. It has a program that allows the user to create and design using your own fonts and images with your CAMEO.

If you love you cutting hobby, then this is the right machine to use. It has a pix scan mat that allows you to easily turn hand drawn sketches into digitised fabric patterns, cut jobs and much more. Just like the above vinyl machines. The Silhouette CANER can cut a variety of materials up to 12 inches wide/ 10 feet long.


#5 Silhouette Portrait & Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews</strong


The Silhouette cutting machines have shown exemplary performance and quality over the past few years. Customers have appreciated their features and also expressed their joy due to its simplicity. Silhouette Portrait is one of the best machines on the market today.

It can cut any material such as vinyl, fabric, magnet paper, card stock, vellum and much more. It comes with a PC and Mac software that will help you monitor the movements and performance of the cutting. This is 50 exclusive designs for users.


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Factors To Consider When Buying The Vinyl Cutting Machine:

The vinyl cutting machine is very useful as it helps the user to cut the paper, foil, and other materials. You can use this machine for crafting purposes or simply decorating your home/office with some creative ideas. There are so many types of vinyl cutting machines available on the market today according to their price range and size.

It has become very difficult for a person who does not have much experience with using these machines to buy one from the market because there are lots of factors that must be considered before buying them. A person must consider multiple factors before they purchase a certain model from the market.

Here Are The Factors That You Need To Consider Before Purchasing The ‘vinyl cutting machine’.

1. Material

Material is the most important factor that must be considered when purchasing a vinyl cutting machine. Different materials require different types of machines therefore you need to know about what type of material do you want to cut before buying the vinyl cutting machine. There are basically two types of materials available, one is paper and the other is foils [usually used for food packaging]. Machines which use paper as a material are always costly compared to the ones which uses foil as a material. Also, make sure that your chosen model can handle both types of materials or not? If not then buy a separate machine for each type. Some high-end models also allow users to cut multiple materials at the same time.

2. Size

The size of the vinyl cutting machine is another important factor that should be considered while purchasing a vinyl cutting machine. Small machines are more affordable and do not require much space while large models need high storage areas and also take longer to cut larger materials such as foils or other such things. So consider what size suits you best before buying one from the market.

3. Connectivity

Another thing that needs to be considered when buying a vinyl cutting machine is its connectivity options [to laptop, pc, etc]. Make sure that it has an inbuilt wireless modem for connecting your device with the computer and sending data to it without manually plugging cables into your device every time you want to transfer data to the machine. Moreover, most of the models are also compatible with USB cables which can be plugged into your device for data transfer without any problems.

4. Price Range

Price is another important factor that you must consider before buying a vinyl cutting machine. Most of the companies sell these machines at different prices according to their features and performance capabilities, therefore, it is better if you firstly brief yourself about what type of model meets all your requirements then search for it on the market to purchase it from a trusted supplier hence making sure that you get the best deal as per your budget range. There are lots of online stores available where you will find different types of suppliers selling these machines so make sure that you visit them and compare different products before finally making a decision about which product to buy from the market.

5. Quality

Quality is another important factor that you must consider while purchasing a vinyl cutting machine from the market if you want to get rid of all problems in the future. High-quality machines are always more reliable, durable and come with longer warranty periods therefore make sure that you purchase a model which has a better manufacturer’s warranty period for making your work easier without any problem in the future. If you will take care of your machine properly then it will last for years without creating any trouble for you during its lifetime at home or office.

6. Modes Of Operation

An additional feature which needs to be considered when purchasing a vinyl cutting machine from the market is its mode of operation. There are basically two types of modes available. One is the manual mode in which you have to design your work on a computer then manually feed that data into the machine to cut different shapes and sizes of materials using its blade or cutter while another type is the automatic mode in which machines come with separate software for designing files easily without any problem. These machines also support ‘AutoCAD’ which allows users to design their own files according to the shape, size, and other specifications required by them at home or office. It automatically generates an appropriate file which can be fed into the machine later for cutting different types of materials accurately without any error.

7. Manufacturer’s Support

It is better if you purchase a vinyl cutting machine from a trusted manufacturer that offers better after-sales service and support to its customers. You should always go for a well-known company that has received positive reviews from its customers in the past for making your work easier by providing them with better service and support. These companies also offer flexible warranty policies according to which you can get your faulty machine repaired or replaced in case if any problem occurs in the future. So make sure that you purchase a vinyl cutting machine only from a trusted seller who offers a wide range of features as per your requirements.

8. Durability

Durability is another important factor that needs to be considered while purchasing a vinyl cutting machine from the market [if you want it to last for years]. Low-quality machines are always less durable when compared to expensive ones available on the market today. If you are purchasing a model which is expensive then it will be more durable when compared to cheaper ones therefore make sure that you check its features before buying it from the market.

9. Safety Standard

Safety is another important thing that needs to be considered when you are purchasing a vinyl cutting machine for your home or office. Always choose a model which comes with advanced safety features like auto-shutdown in case if the machine overheats for giving off any damage. These machines also come with blade guards and other security features for protecting the operator from injuries while cutting different types of materials into pieces within seconds without any problem. The most popular brands available on the market today offer both inexpensive models as well as costly ones so make sure that you go through reviews carefully before choosing one for making your work easier at home or office.

10. Portability

Portability is another important factor that needs to be considered while purchasing a vinyl cutting machine from the market [if you want it to move with you]. For newbies, I always recommend them, portable models, because they are easy to use and come lightweight so you can easily carry them from one place to another without any problem. However, people who have experience in this field prefer heavy-duty machines for their office works since they need high durability and performance that’s why the best choice for them is a large-sized vinyl cutting machine that comes with more capabilities when compared to smaller models which are available on the market today.

11. Cut Quality

It is better if you purchase a vinyl cutting machine that delivers the best cut quality when compared to other models on the market today. Some machines come with low-quality blades which can never give you desired results so always go for a model that comes with a high-quality blade or cutter for making your work easier without any problem. You should also consider the machine’s feed speed because it determines how fast or slow your machine will slice through different types of materials into pieces within seconds without any problem.

12. Warranty/Guarantee

It is better if you purchase a vinyl cutting machine from a well-known seller who offers flexible warranty policies according to which you can get your faulty machine repaired or replaced in case of any issue that occurs during its working process. These companies also offer a money-back guarantees on some models so make sure that you check its warranty and return policies before buying it from the market.

13. Design

Most of the cutting machines out there come with compact designs which are easy to use while some feature large sizes that come with more capabilities when compared to small-sized models on the market today. If you want to purchase a model for your home then I would recommend you choose one which is lightweight so it becomes easier for you to carry it from one place to another without any problem. Heavy-duty models come with higher price tags but they are good enough if you need durability and performance at the same time.

14. Maximum Working Area

The maximum working area is yet another important factor that you need to consider when you are purchasing a vinyl cutter for your home or office. It is better if you choose one with a large size so it can easily accommodate different types of materials into pieces within seconds without any problem. However, you need to look at the overall space because most models come with medium-sized dimensions which make them suitable for small office spaces as well.

15. Degree Of Accuracy

Manufacturers today offer vinyl cutting machines with a degree of accuracy for ensuring great cut quality. If you are professional then it is better if you purchase a machine that comes with high accuracy level otherwise you can go for a less precise one depending on your requirements.

16. Depth of Cutting Blade

Most of the vinyl cutting machines out there come with deep blades which can slice through different types of materials during their working process. If you are looking for a mobile model then choose one that comes with a shallow depth blade because it will never scratch your surface or cause any other kind of problem while cutting through objects. However, if you want to purchase a heavy-duty machine then it is better if you go for a high-depth blade because they are stronger than their counterparts and offer more accuracy when compared to others.

17. Maximum Cutting Thickness

You should also consider maximum cutting thickness before buying a vinyl cutter from the market because most models feature limited thickness levels due to their design and performance level. If you cannot cut thicker materials using this machine then it will never be an ideal solution for your needs. It is better if you purchase a heavy-duty vinyl cutting machine that comes with a maximum thickness level so it can cut through different types of objects without any problem.

18. Working Speed

It is better if you first check the working speed of a vinyl cutting machine before buying one from the market because they come with a wide variety of speeds depending on their model and design type features. For bigger projects, I would recommend you choose a faster model as compared to their counterparts as they are easier to use as well as offer great performance levels during its working process without any problem. However, these machines come with higher price tags so only go for them if you have enough budget for this purpose or want to purchase a professional vinyl cutting machine for your needs.

19. Safety Standard

Most of the vinyl cutting machines out there come with safety features including an emergency stop system, automatic blade lock for added security, and much more. It is better if you check out this point before buying one because it will help you protect yourself from various types of injuries that can occur during its working process without any problem.

20. Self-Diagnostic Feature

This feature comes in handy when you need to know about different errors that take place during the cutting process. If your model doesn’t offer such type of functionality then you should also look at other factors so it becomes easier for you to determine whether or not the machine has stopped working properly or not without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Vinyl Cutting Machine?

A vinyl cutting machine is usually a simple device that has a motorized wheel, which holds sharp tools. When the vinyl is fed through it and removed from the other side, very precise cuts are made into the surface of the material. It can be used to make decorations for clothes or items for a home, as well as custom signs or lettering. Vinyl cutters vary in size and complexity but they tend to be designed around these general principles.

How Does The Vinyl Cutting Machine Work?

These devices rely on the cutting process working by driving a thin blade across a flat piece of material at high speed. In order for this to happen, there must first be an underlying image drawn onto the material that will resist being cut. This image is referred to as a path and it can be drawn or loaded into the software used by the person doing the cutting. There are many different kinds of vinyl available for use in these machines and they can differ wildly in their thickness and how well they will take to cutting.

When the machine is running, it feeds the vinyl forward through its blades at high speed. The sharp tools that hold them cut into the surface because of this movement and when enough has been done, the material is lifted up slightly by one side. As it comes back down onto a horizontal surface below, any excess pieces fall away and all that remains behind is what was required in order to make the desired design or lettering. This process may be repeated if the user wants more than one cut in the material.

How Can I Make A Vinyl Cutting Machine From Home?

To create a basic vinyl cutting machine at home, you will need to obtain a few things. These include:

-An electric motor with some gears on it.  It should be around 5 volts and have enough torque to pull through 3 pounds of plastic or vinyl that is about 1/8th of an inch thick. You can find both these types of parts easily on sites like eBay or Amazon. Once you have them, follow the guide below to build your own DIY version of this tool.  The following advice comes from an experienced craftsman who was looking for ways he could work faster while still producing a high quality end result.

– Firstly, attach the motor to a large gear that is threaded onto a shaft. This needs to be done with small nuts and bolts as tightly as you can manage. You will need some long screws or nails to hold them in place securely during this process. Once they are all attached, you should have what looks like a small record player from olden times on your hands.

– Next, find a plastic container that has straight sides and drill holes into it near the bottom. These should be at least 1/8th of an inch in diameter just like those on the vinyl cutter blades mentioned above for use in the final product. The container should then be placed over the gears so that there is an even amount of space between the two.

– Now take another smaller gear and attach it above this one using hot glue, superglue or epoxy resin. The top teeth should be facing downwards towards the plastic container you just put in place. Once done, find a way to fasten this gear securely onto your first assembly so that they are both rotating at the same speed once the motor has been hooked up to power them. It should now look like a traditional record player just made out of different materials.

Now that you have assembled everything together, all you need to do is plug it in and practice cutting with your tools until you get used to how they work on vinyl or other plastics This process improves over time so it’s best to start small and work your way up. Those with other knowledge about machines could even use the design here to start experimenting with cutting pieces out of metal or other materials if they wanted to.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having A Vinyl Cutter At Home?

Most people who are involved in creating designs for t-shirts, posters or other types of clothing will find that having a vinyl cutter around can be very useful. While it is possible to pay professionals to do this for you, doing things yourself makes it easier to create authentic looking items without any mistakes being made because you forgot where something went wrong. The following list includes some ways people have benefited from having their own vinyl cutting machine around:

  • You can create your own images, designs and words using computer software. This allows for custom t-shirt printing that shows off the imagination of the creator
  • Some vinyl cutters can handle other materials aside from just plastic or vinyl. People have used them to make stencils out of metal or even wood if they wanted to make truly unique items
  • Many people use these machines in order for their artwork to be showcased at local pop culture conventions where different people show off what they are working on these days.

What Are The Different Types Of Vinyl Cutters?

There are many different types of vinyl cutters on the market for people to choose from. You can find them in art supply stores or other places that specialize in selling similar machines. The following list includes some examples of what you might see while shopping around:

  • Digital vinyl cutter – this type is made up of a roll of electronic material which is repeatedly marked by a blade mounted underneath it. This design allows for large quantities of regular sized stickers to be created at one time without having to change out the material too often
  • Desktop vinyl cutter – these look like printers and work by cutting through larger pieces of vinyl or plastic rolled up on reels. They are good if you want something portable still powerful enough to handle most jobs while out in the field
  • Vinyl cutter plotter – this is a type of device that has two arms which hold blades all along their length. These type of machines are often used to create high precision cuts and other types of straight line images on larger materials such as carpets or cloths

What Is The Best Way To Find A Good Supplier Of Vinyl Cutters?

You can find good manufacturers and suppliers by doing some research online or asking people you know for recommendations. You should take your time when looking around since it will affect what kind of design you get in return. Here are some tips people have followed to make sure they were getting quality vinyl cutters:

  • Get an idea of the overall price range that is available before you start shopping around. This will help you find something that is affordable but still powerful enough to work for you
  • Find out what kind of warranty the manufacturer has included with their product before making your final decision. Most companies offer at least 6 months on machines while others go with a year or more
  • Read honest customer reviews about the different types of cutters you are interested in buying. These can let you know if there have been any problems reported in the past with a certain type of machine and which manufacturers typically produce higher quality units

How Easy Is It To Operate A Vinyl Cutting Machine?

Most of these machines look like printers and work in a similar way. They come with software that is used to draw or trace what you want to create and then send it over to the machine itself via a USB cable connection to your computer. After that, all you have to do is put whatever material you were using inside of the machine and press start. From there it should only take a few minutes before the item is cut into shape and ready for further use. People who are looking for an inexpensive hobby can quickly get hooked on vinyl cutting since it doesn’t cost much money while still being fun at the same time.

Do Vinyl Cutting Machines Also Print?

People often use vinyl cutters as a form of printing as well as cutting. This is because many of them create an image on paper by first transferring it onto some type of material using the blade. Most people do this process in order to make sure that their creation looks nice from both sides and isn’t damaged from having been held up against a surface before being cut out

  • Inkjet printers – these popular types of machines are able to transfer images onto any kind of porous material such as T-shirts or wood materials without too much trouble
  • Laser printers – this machine transfers an image through a toner cartridge which then sticks to what you are working on, effectively making it permanent unless wiped with some type of solvent afterwards
  • Thermal printers – these only work on materials that have been specially made for this type of printing system. They can also be a little bit slower than other types listed above

In What Ways Can I Use My Vinyl Cutting Machines?

You can use a vinyl cutter in a number of different ways, all depending on what you feel comfortable with. Some people just create small items while others go as far as to being able to create more complex designs and even large print runs of the same item over and over again. it is typically best to get one of higher quality if you plan on doing more complicated things but they will cost you more money both up front and long term since they need replacements parts from time to time

  • Car decals
  • Wall stencils
  • Window graphics for home or business
  • Yard signs like political ones during election season
  • Custom t-shirts with logos, pictures or other personalized designs that will make you stand out from the crowd

What Is The Best Material To Use For Vinyl Cutting?

You can use several different materials to create almost anything with your vinyl cutter. It is up to you which type of material you feel comfortable using since each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some common materials used for this process:

●  paper – most people start off by making items out of paper because it is relatively cheap but it takes a lot longer than some other options available. This is also not a good idea to use if you want something that is going to last for a very long time without having some type of protective coating on top you

  • Vinyl – this is one of the most common materials used because it can be purchased in many different colors and has a lot of uses. It also lasts for a fairly long amount of time if cleaned properly after each project
  • Metal – more complicated machines can cut through metal sheets but you need to make sure that it is compatible with the blade and software doing the cutting first, otherwise you will damage your machine or create an inferior product
  • Plastic – just like paper, plastic tends to be easier to work with than other forms but also does not last as long as others
  • Wood – many people prefer wood instead of metal because they can create more complex patterns and items with it. However, you need to make sure that you sand the edges down well enough in order to prevent injuries when using your finished product or placing it somewhere where people might touch them since sanded wood tends to be extremely sharp

How Often Should I Clean My Vinyl Cutting Machines?

You should clean your vinyl cutter about once a month in order to prevent it from becoming covered with a lot of stuff that will just cause problems for you later. Some common items that can get stuck onto the blade heads are leftover bits of adhesive, dust and dirt, paper fibers and even dried up paint depending on what you use your machine for most often

How Do I Clean My Vinyl Cutting Machines?

Here is how you can go about cleaning both smaller machines as well as larger ones:

  • Smaller units – these types of cutters always include some type of cleaning tool which allows you to easily wipe away any debris caught inside the cutting head itself. This method is rather simple but not very effective overall because it does not remove all types of items stuck to the blade
  • Larger units – these machines typically include a compressed air unit that blows out any debris in order to clean off the cutting heads. The process is rather simple but also requires you to take apart each head individually in order to do so, which can be very time consuming

If your machine does not come with any included cleaning tools or units, you might want to consider buying them separately since they are both inexpensive and very helpful overall. If you cannot find this type of tool anywhere then take apart your cutter head by following the instructions found in its manual

How Do I Know Which Vinyl Cutting Machine Is Best For Me?

This depends on how much money you are willing to spend as well as what types of projects you plan on using it for. For example, if you sign a lot of letters and other smaller items then you should buy a more compact unit that does not take up as much space and costs less overall because you will not need all of the extra features.

  • Larger cutters – if you want to create huge banners, signs and other types of projects that span several feet in size then these are your best bet since they typically include more software options as well as the ability to cut through tougher materials such as metal or plastic
  • Mid-size machines – those who plan on having their vinyl cutter running every day should go with one of these models since they provide users with enough power to complete most jobs but also keep the price down while still having some of the less commonly used features
  • Smaller machines – if you want a machine that is truly portable and easy to carry around with you everywhere you go then these are the best option since they tend to cost much less than larger units while also being very easy to use overall

How Long Do Vinyl Cutting Machines Last?

This number varies depending on what you do with your machine and how often you use it. Here are some of the most common lifespans that people experience when using their units:

1-5 years – those who want a vinyl cutter that they can bring along to events but will mostly stay at home should look into getting one of these since they typically last for about 1-5 years on average before they need any type of serious maintenance

3-10 years – this is a very popular option because it provides users with a durable device that lasts for quite a long time without having to pay an arm and a leg in order to get one since they cost more than smaller units overall but less than larger cutters

8-15 years – if you are serious about using your vinyl cutter to make money or create large-scale projects then investing in one of these is the best option since they can last for up to 15 years on average before needing to be repaired

Over 10 years when properly maintained – if you want something that will work well for many years and require very little maintenance then buying a machine that has an automatic lubrication system is the best possible choice. It costs more than other units but it does not need any type of oiling so it lasts much longer overall unless you completely wear away the blade heads over time.

How Can I Make My Vinyl Cutting Machines Last Longer?

There are several steps that you can take in order to help prolong the lifespan of your cutting unit. Some of the most popular include:

Cleaning it regularly – if you take the time to clean your cutting machine every so often then this will help keep dust and debris off of the blades which can prevent them from wearing down over time. Most units come with their own cleaning supplies but if not then use compressed air or cotton swabs followed by a microfiber cloth in order to get rid of any leftover residue

Avoid using low-quality vinyl – whether you are using your unit for personal or business purposes, always try to use real vinyl whenever possible because anything else tends to wear away very quickly while leaving behind dirt and scratches on the surface overall. This means that you will have to pay more money for better materials but it does tend to make your unit last much longer

Avoid thick materials – some people like to use thick vinyl such as sign vinyl in order to create large-scale projects or banners but this can actually damage the blade heads over time if you are using a small cutter. The thicker the material, the faster it will wear away at your blades so try to stick with medium thicknesses instead of very thin or extra thick types.

How Can I Save Money When Buying A Vinyl Cutting Machine?

The price of these cutting machines is not cheap but there are ways that you can save money when making your purchase:

Look into buying secondhand – many people end up selling their cutting units once they upgrade which means that there are tons of bargains out there for those who do a little bit of research. Look for secondhand models that look almost brand new and try to find out what materials they used before buying them if possible

Buy refurbished – some places sell fully refurbished items which means that you will get your unit looking and working like new at a fraction of the cost. Always inspect any pre-owned machine very carefully before making your purchase so there are no surprises later on

Shop around – always compare prices at different shops or online before making any decisions, even if it takes some time. Even small differences in price can add up over time so make sure to shop around as much as possible before deciding on one specific model

Consider spending less on accessories – while it is important to buy quality vinyl and good craft knives in order to ensure that your cutter lasts for many years, you don’t want to pay extra money on items such as vinyl rolls since they wear out over time. Some machines also require special blades so keep this in mind if you ever need replacements down the line

Why Is My Vinyl Cutting Machine Not Working?

There are a number of reasons why your vinyl cutting machine isn’t working as expected including:

A broken/cracked blade – if any of the blades within the unit itself are cracked or damaged in any way then it can make your machine struggle to complete an entire project. This is especially true if you try and use a cracked knife on thick materials since it could break apart and cause further damage to your unit. Replace these blades right away

Cutting width is too wide – improperly adjusting the cutting width can result in poor results overall. If you aim for something that is too thin then this means that more details will become blurry while thicker types might not cut all of the way through clearly. Try setting it at medium thicknesses instead

The mat is peeling – the cutting mat is what you place your vinyl onto in order to get it cut properly. A rolled up or loose mat can cause cuts that are crooked while a damaged mat might not keep the vinyl in place very well at all. Test out different mats on your unit before deciding on one specific type.


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