[TOP 5] Best Turkey Fryers Reviews

5 Best Turkey Fryers Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Deep frying a turkey is a popular and delicious way to prepare a delicious turkey dinner for the whole family. Frying turkey takes less amount of time, and that is why most people find it the best way. Apart from considerable time, it is simple and straight forward method of cooking that doesn’t require any training at all.

Whether you are preparing a turkey for a fiancee or cooking a 20 lb turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, a turkey fryer is the best way to do it. It will do the frying quickly, and its flavor is incomparable with other methods of preparing a turkey.

If you haven’t attempted this method of cooking, and perhaps you are new to deep-fried turkey, the best thing to do is shop for a turkey fryer. Although there are several fryers in the market today, some don’t deliver what they promise. We have scoured the shelves for you and here is a review of the 5 best turkey fryers in 2022. Check it out!

#1 Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Best Turkey Fryers


This model is one of the best options for indoor use, and it’s a crowd favorite. Everyone has acknowledged that it produces a delicious flavor of a deep-fried turkey. Incidents of house fires and near misses can discourage even the best-fried turkey fun.

To ensure that safety standards are maintained, this fryer has been designed to be used indoors. Unlike banners and grills that ofen cause fires due to carelessness, you can fry your turkey inside without any worry.

Masterbuilt 23011114 features a standard digital timer, a gauge that automatically reads the oil temperature and an adjustable thermostat temperature control. This Butterflyball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer is safe and certified to operate indoors. Its design has been engineered to keep you safe at all time. Its stainless and coated inside to keep oil safely contained.

Unlike most fryers, this electric fryer also uses less oil compared to other conventional fryers. A 14-pound turkey can be prepared with these fryers safely and efficiently without the threat of oil spills or boiling over the sides. The Extra-large edition can accommodate up to a 20-pound turkey. It’s the best fryer to cook the best-testing turkey that you’ve ever eaten.


#2 Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer


This is another stress-free fryer that will cook your turkey within minutes. You don’t need to buy hot cooking oil, splatter oil or dispose of any. The Char-Broil Big Easy gives you delicious, simple and safe alternatives to oil-fried turkey.

It uses infrared heat to cook a turkey from the start up to the end the same way oil-frying is done. Expect an evenly cooked meat after the cooking is done. This cooking apparatus uses patented heat wave infrared technology that prevents flare-ups, cold and hot spots. It ensures that the food placed on the table is juicy, crisp and well flavored.

It safely cooks chicken or turkey within 10 minutes per pound. You can season your turkey before frying to achieve the best results. After cooking, you will realize that the bird is well moist on the inside and crispy on the outside without any added fat or calories.


#3 Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer


Serve a nice meal and let your family enjoy a well-fried turkey or chicken from Bayou Classic 1118 32 Quart Fryer. It’s a premium choice for customers who demand the highest quality for any outdoor adventure or activity.

This cooking wear allows you to fry a turkey in less than 45 minutes. With the included Skewer Set, the Bayou Classic transforms into a gourmet chicken fryer making it possible to serve 3 chickens after 20 minutes.

You can also use the same fryer to cook seafood, clams, vegetables or crawfish. In case, the fryer if deep uses the indentation to raise the basket. Enjoy every meal with Bayou Classic Steel Fryer.


#4 Waring ProTF200B Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer


This is a unique turkey fryer as well as steamer. It has a vented lid that ensures no spills and that food cooks well. Its 1800 watt heating element ensures that the unit reaches the right pressure so as to create tender and delicious moist meat all the time.

It features an aluminum frying/rotisserie basket that can hold up to 8 pounds of food. It also has a power and lights indicator for great clambakes. See More: Best Food Dehydrators Reviews


#5 King Kooker 2292 Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker


This unit combines innovation and creativity. It has U-shaped burner that is designed to accommodate a V-shaped pot. All these creativity boils down to even cooking of the turkey when cooking. It’s a convenient fryer that holds up to an 18-pund turkey and cooks at approximately 31/2 minutes per lb.

It features an 188-watt heating element and a 2.5-gallon stainless steel reservoir. Its aluminum frying basket makes frying less risky and can hold 8 pounds of food. It easily minimizes excess spillage and less dangerous when frying thanks to its stainless steel vented lid.



Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Turkey Fryers?

There are many factors to consider when you’re considering buying a turkey fryer, and we’ve briefly looked at the above. The most important of these factors is the price because this will determine if you can really afford one or not. A lot of the cheaper models will only last for a few uses before you need to buy something else, so it’s best to just go with one that has more features and costs a bit more but will last longer. Another factor would be what kind of space you have in your kitchen or backyard since some of these contraptions get pretty big and may not fit where you want them to. If possible, try getting fryers with side tables so that you don’t need any extra equipment to place things on while they’re cooking. They also provide extra space for you to place more things on, so it’s always best to go with these models if you can.

1. Intended Use

We’ve said this a couple of times already but it’s important to mention that you should get a turkey fryer for the intended purpose of frying turkeys and not something else instead. If you want to make fried chicken or even french fries, there are other ways to do so without needing oil because these things won’t cook properly in hot oil. It’s best to get one of these if you want to fry up foods like turkeys and just use a different method for anything else.

Many of these models can be used for both indoors and outdoors, but some people prefer to have a separate unit in each place so that they don’t need to keep moving things around. Some units aren’t meant for cooking in winter seasons due to their inability to retain heat well when compared to others, so it’s best if you know what kind of weather conditions your fryer will be exposed to most often.

The vast majority of turkey fryers are only designed to cook one bird at a time. Using larger units for this purpose is just not practical because they are too large, bulky, and unwieldy for the average user to handle easily. If you have a family of 6 or more then it might be worth investing in two smaller models so that everyone can get their turn, but for most people cooking your Thanksgiving meal requires buying an additional small pot if you want to accommodate more than one turkey at a time. However, if you regularly prepare meals for large groups on special occasions then perhaps owning two or three of these units is what’s best for your cooking needs.

Moreover, it’s faster to fry a turkey in a deep cast iron pot than it is to roast one in an oven. The results are juicier and the meat comes out more tender because the oil heats up faster and cooks much faster than an oven can ever hope to do. All you have to do is preheat your unit, add in some cooking oil, and let it warm up until you see billowing white smoke rising from the top of the metal screen (indicating that it has reached its proper temperature). Once this happens then it’s time to add your bird. The short amount of time required for frying makes cleanup quick and easy when compared with other methods such as roasting or baking. Many people even say that their fried turkeys taste better than ones that have been roasted.

2. Types

There are many different kinds of fryers available on the market these days, and they range from small tabletop models to large gas-powered machines that require connections to an outdoor propane tank. The biggest advantage of these large models is that they heat things up faster than smaller units but also require you to have more people around when cooking larger turkeys or even busier holiday seasons.

There are three types of turkey fryers available on the market today.

Electric fryers are the safest to use, but they’re also not very practical when you want to be outdoors enjoying your time with friends and family in the fresh air. Propane-fired units are usually larger than electric ones and can accommodate a much larger bird (up to 16 pounds). They come with their own propane tanks which means that no one else will accidentally set them off while there is pressure inside of them, but you still have to stay nearby at all times while they are lit and cooking your food.

Gasoline or kerosene-powered units were popular in years past, but most people who come across these old models opt to burn them immediately, rather than attempt to find the parts they need to get it up and running again.

These are the main factors you should look at when buying turkey fryers, but there may be others depending on your specific requirements. If possible, it’s best to get ones with side tables so that you don’t need any extra equipment for preparing food while simultaneously using the fryer itself to cook it in. You can also them for other types of meat and even other things like seafood and vegetables, but be careful not to cook anything for too long or else it may get burnt.

3. Size

One of the most important considerations when buying a turkey fryer is it’s size. You don’t want to buy one that’s too big because it will just waste space and not give you enough room for other things in your kitchen. However, if you go too small then you’re going to have limited features and capabilities which could be problematic at times. If possible, try to get a unit that has adjustable sizes so you can use it regardless of what kind of pan or cooker you need to use inside them.

Units designed for home use tend to be smaller than those used in commercial settings although their features are usually more advanced as well which can be problematic if not handled with care. In general, most advanced units have adjustable sizes which allows them to handle cooking jobs both big and small without requiring too much attention from their owners during use- just set everything up and let it cook until your food is ready!

4. Material

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it’s not a bad idea to consider how well made and attractive your unit is. You want to get as much as possible for your money but the last thing you should do is sacrifice quality for price since this can be problematic in many ways. Some units are made from stainless steel which makes them more durable and resistant against rust or other forms of corrosion that may cause problems over time. As long as you take care of your fryer and follow all manufacturer instructions it should be very easy for you to keep yours working well even after years of use.

Most modern oil-based cooking methods use some type of metal screen or basket as a means to lower the bird into the hot cooking oil and then lift it out again. This allows you to keep your hands safely away from the grease – but it also means that there is no danger of dropping a naked turkey into a pan of boiling oil. The mesh material protects your fingers from grease burns while offering a firm grip on the end of the handle, which prevents any accidents from occurring whether you are carrying it from one location to another, or simply lifting it up and down over and over again throughout the time required for frying your Thanksgiving dinner. Many models come with their own deep metal baskets, although if yours does not have one already then you might want to purchase one separately (or use a stainless steel colander instead).

5. Types Of Fuel

Another consideration is the type of fuel used by the turkey fryer. Some people prefer using electric heating elements while others like propane heaters more since they offer better heat control and also require less attention over time. The most common types are propane and electricity, with propane being more widely available at hardware stores and other such locations as opposed to electric ones which you can only find online or at specialty shops. Propane units tend to be cheaper than their electric counterparts but they’re not as environmentally friendly since they release more greenhouse gases into the air if compared to those that use electricity.

Electric fryers require a standard outlet or extension cord in order to operate. If this is not available then you will need to purchase a portable generator that can supply enough power for all of your other appliances as well. Some electric turkey fryers come with their own small heating elements, while others rely on preheating coils that are positioned around the main oil reservoir. Many other models have an attached propane tank instead – which means no one else will be able to accidentally bump into them and cause them to accidentally tip over, causing a potentially dangerous situation that could easily lead to burns or even fires breaking out.

Propane-fired units are considerably larger than any other type because they require a separate fuel source (propane tanks) which need to be constantly refilled whenever they run out. However, many people find the benefits of having propane outweigh the disadvantages of dealing with heavy tanks and lengthy hoses. The heating element on most models is placed directly underneath the oil reservoir so that it can quickly reach the required cooking temperature without wasting any time or energy.

Carbon dioxide turkey fryers require special equipment which can be purchased at your local home improvement store under a variety of brand names (not just specific brands associated with cooking appliances). You will also need an air compressor or generator that can power all of these components together in order to get them working properly. Carbon dioxide burns much cleaner than other types of fuel, but many people complain about its loud noise levels and sometimes erratic cooking performance. It is probably the best choice for people who frequently deep-fry foods on a regular basis, but it may not be ideal for those who only want to fry one or two turkeys each year.

6. Structure

Depending on the type of turkey fryer you get, the structure may vary somewhat. Some other models use an open wire grid to keep your foot elevated while others have a closed top so that it’s easier to add more water or other cooking liquids should this be necessary. When it comes to heating elements, some units provide all-in-one systems while others simply rely on propane burners for heat production.

As is with most products, it’s important to make sure your unit is made from quality materials that are designed for longevity. The cheapest units tend to be made from very thin steel which makes them more vulnerable to rust or corrosion over time. Not only will this impact how sturdy your unit is but it can also cause contamination in your food if you’re not careful enough when washing your unit afterwards.

The pot is shaped like a tall, rounded top-heavy cone. The long handle on the lid should be sturdy and attached securely to the pot itself so that it doesn’t come off while you are frying your turkey. Most have a basket inside for putting in the turkey, although some have racks that can suspend a whole turkey above the oil instead. They usually have a device attached below the pot where you place your source of heat (usually propane) because most do not come with this part. This allows you to adjust how much heat reaches the oil inside thus controlling how fast/slowly the cooking process occurs.

7. Weight

Another thing to consider is the weight of the turkey fryer since some have a tendency of being too light for their size. Some people prefer lighter units because they’re easier to move around and clean, but others want something heavier so that their unit stays in place whenever they use it.

As there are many manufacturers of turkey fryers, it is difficult to specify the weight for each model. However, most models have weights between 30 and 45 pounds. This number depends on the size of the turkey fryer. Larger ones can be heavier than smaller ones.

User reviews indicate that some larger turkey fryers may weigh over 50 lbs., so this information might help you choose a proper one for your family use or food business establishment. It’s also advisable to take the measurements of what you will store in your kitchen into account when buying a new pot because an item must fit properly in the place where you plan to put it. Also, consider checking out countertop versions if storage space is an issue in your house or business establishment.

8. Color

You can find frying pots in different colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your kitchen or restaurant’s decoration. If there are several models and sizes to pick from, also check what other users say about certain color options if you want your pot to be as stylish as it is functional. That way, you will know which option may look better than the others and thus meet your preferences more closely. Most people buy black or stainless steel turkey fryers for their home use – but there are also consumers who prefer red or yellow ones if they think these colors make their kitchen look nicer.

9. Safety

Sometimes, your turkey fryer causes a fire or other accident, so make sure the model you pick is designed to provide safe usage. Usually, manufacturers include instructions on how to use the pot correctly – always follow these instructions and never take any shortcuts. It’s also important to keep inflammable liquids away from the cooking area when using your fryer because spilled liquid can lead to fires. That’s why most people prefer models that have rubber or silicone feet instead of plastic ones – they tend not to move around while boiling oil, which provides extra safety.

Because turkey fryers are so inherently dangerous, the safety of these units is very important. Look for a model that has a long sturdy lid handle to prevent burns and fires – this is where you will grab the pot when it is time to turn your bird over or take it out. Make sure that nothing (especially children) can bump and knock over the propane source while the unit is in use. Do not take chances with fire – if you have young children or pets at home then keep them away from the cooking area entirely until you finish your cooking. If possible, cook on an open deck or patio without anything around to catch fire.

10. Flexibility

Since you will probably use your pot for other types of food preparation after frying turkeys and frying more than one turkey at a time is not recommended, it’s best to buy a versatile cooking tool that can be used more than once. Look for models that offer two or three additional accessories – such as a basket to lower and lift the bird in and out of the oil, an oil mop for cleaning the inside of the pot, and a temperature probe if you want to make sure your fried turkey is cooked properly.

The best turkey fryers will be those that can be used for more than just frying a whole bird. They should be able to accommodate pots or racks to cook other items as well, such as vegetables, appetizers and side dishes. Some users even like to use their turkey fryers regularly for steaming crabs and crawfish during the colder months when outdoor cooking competitions are not as common.

11. Cost

One thing that may determine how well you can get prepared is how much you’re willing to spend on a cooker in general. Most basic models are available at online retail outlets and big box stores while more advanced ones can only be found online unless they offer shipping options outside their official website only. Since price is a major point to consider, you should also make sure the unit you get it from has a good return policy in case something goes wrong and you need to return your order for any reason.

At first glance, it may seem that turkey fryers are expensive pieces of cooking equipment. However, considering the features they provide and the fact that you can use them for other types of food preparation, having one or more at home is actually economically wise.

12. Level Of Environment Protection

Most turkey fryers claim to be environment-friendly, which means they are less likely to pollute the air with their fumes. Not only can this keep your home cleaner, but it also improves your family’s health by reducing the risk of respiratory problems related to continuous inhalation of toxic substances – so buy a pot that has an EPA certification if you want the cleanest kitchen in town!

Just like other kitchen appliances, turkey fryers have to be made of safe materials so consumers are not exposed to hazardous chemicals while cooking. Some manufacturers use only FDA-approved materials for their pots, which is definitely a plus if you want to reduce your family’s exposure to toxic substances. However, there are some fryer models that are still sold with lead components – which is why it’s always important to check product specifications before buying anything.

13. Ease Of Cooking And Transporting

Forget complicated recipes and time-consuming preparations – with the right turkey fryer, you can cook delicious fried foods at home or in your restaurant without too much effort. Models with detachable parts are easier to clean than those that are fixed, so keep this detail in mind if you plan on using your pot for frying fish or veggies. Also, look for models with digital controls and automatic thermostats – these features will enable you to cook without constantly watching the cooking process, which is especially important if you’re used to working under time pressure.

You should also check whether the turkey fryer is easy to lift and transport – so you can use it as needed. Some models have a handle on top of the pot, which makes them easier to carry from one place to another, but if your frying pot does not have this option, try looking for a model with a lightweight design instead. That way, you will definitely improve your cooking experience by being able to do multiple tasks with an appliance that meets all your expectations.


What Is A Turkey Fryer?

The Turkey Fryer is a device that uses propane or natural gas to heat oil for deep frying turkeys. Many people say that the taste of the turkey comes out better when it is cooked by fryers as opposed to roasting them in an oven. The reason for this may be because the fryer cooks the turkey at a lower temperature than what you would have with an oven, which means that more of the juices stay inside and don’t dry up so much. There are also people who call these contraptions fryers ‘turkey cookers’ but they all essentially do the same thing – they use high temperatures to quickly cook things like turkeys, chicken, steak, and others with little time needed for preheating.

A conventional turkey fryer is a large pot that can hold 5 liters or more of oil. It usually comes with a cover and a basket for the turkey, tongs to handle the food, and an immersion-type cooking thermometer. The best ones have nonstick surfaces inside and out, including the handle on the lid, to make it easier to clean up. Some also come with a rack to suspend a turkey above the oil. Others may come with other accessories such as a propane heat source or battery-powered electric heat source.

Can I Mix Different Oils In A Turkey Fryer?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to use the same oil when cooking, heating or cooling down the pot – that way it will last longer and your food won’t taste different than before. You can use vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil or peanut oil for frying turkeys – just choose whatever you like more to prepare your Christmas meal. Don’t ever mix old oils with fresh ones because this could lead to dangerous bacterial growth in your fryer.

If you buy a new turkey fryer every year, switching brands should be an option if you want to save money on replacement pots while using high-quality appliances instead of cheap models that may break down after only several holidays. By following our advice about what to look for in a good turkey fryer, you should have no trouble buying a new appliance that will meet all your expectations.

Does Turkey Produce Oil?

No, turkey meat doesn’t produce oil because it has a low fat and water content. It only absorbs the natural juices of other ingredients and this is what makes chicken or any other poultry taste great. If you want to use your fryer to cook different types of food that require high-temperature grease, such as steak, you should definitely mix the oil with something else – like vegetable shortening for example.

What Is The Healthiest Oil For Deep Frying In A Turkey Fryer?

There is no such thing as a healthy oil for deep frying. As we have already mentioned, different oils have different smoke points and they all affect the health of the people who consume food that has been prepared by a turkey fryer. We recommend either using 100% olive oil or going for an organic version if you want to prepare healthy meals while minimizing your family’s exposure to hazardous chemicals, pesticides or additives – which can end up in fried poultry or meat due to overheating or contamination when they are transferred from one container into another (for instance when the turkey is lifted with a basket).

Can You Reuse Oil After Frying In A Turkey Fryer?

You can reuse oil after frying in a turkey fryer, but it should be cooled down first. The best way to do that is by allowing the grease or cooking fat to cool down totally and then using a funnel – or another tool that prevents spilling – to transfer it into an airtight container for storage purposes. Make sure you never put hot grease inside your refrigerator and do not mix different kinds of oils together because this could lead to dangerous mix-ups and contamination. And, when you want to use the same oil for frying multiple times, make sure to allocate some time before your holiday meal and filter it properly or replace the container as often as needed. This will preserve the quality of the food and ensure that your family stays safe from health problems caused by using impure oil during cooking.

How Many Turkeys Can You Fry Before Changing The Oil?

It depends on how many turkeys you are planning to prepare and whether you plan to reuse the same oil for frying multiple times before replacing it. If the fryer has a detachable pot, this should be much easier because you can separate them and clean everything properly using detergent or other materials that remove contaminants from grease. The best method is to filter the oil or replace it completely if you plan on frying more than one type of poultry – because food debris can end up in your pot and contaminate other types of meat or fish that you will be frying later on.

What Temp Is Oil When Frying Turkey?

This depends on many factors, such as the type of food you’re cooking and whether you’re going to reuse the oil. In case you’re preparing a single meal that requires high-temperature grease, it is best to start with hot oil that can reach up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsius. If you want to use your fryer for multiple types of meat or fish throughout the year, we recommend using oils with different smoke points because this will make frying easier and help preserve your machine if they reach extreme temperatures due to contaminat​ion or overheating.

Is It Safe To Cook Frozen Chicken In My Turkey Fryer?

It is not recommended to cook frozen poultry in any kind of pot because this increases the risk of contamination and may lead to illness. In case you do use a frozen turkey, make sure it thawed properly before putting it inside your fryer. While there is no need to defrost poultry beforehand, this will reduce the risk of hazardous bacterial growth after cooking – which could cause foodborne diseases if too many bacteria were transferred from one container into another due to improper handling.

How Long Do You Cook A 20 Pound Turkey In A Turkey Fryer?

When frying a 20-pound turkey, you should make sure that it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit or 74.5 degrees Celsius. However, this will take up to 4 hours and if your fryer has a detachable pot, you should use oven mitts and lift the poultry with a basket because the grease may cause serious burns if it’s exposed for too long. If you can’t fit your turkey into the machine properly, we recommend using oven bags instead to reduce the risk of contamination. Can I cook stuffing inside my turkey? While we don’t recommend cooking stuffing inside your raw bird – as doing so may lead to illness – there are several advantages to adding cooked stuffing once your poultry turkey is in a turkey fryer.

Are Turkey Fryers Necessary For Cooking?

This depends on your preferences. If you want to fry poultry or other types of food, investing in a turkey fryer may be the best decision because they are specifically designed for this purpose and come with proper insulation to protect both you and your kitchen from high-temperature grease.

A turkey fryer isn’t necessary when cooking a holiday meal, but it can make the process much faster and easier because you don’t have to wait for your oven to heat up before placing your poultry inside. If you’re preparing multiple types of meat or fish in one frying session, using oil at the right temperature is also beneficial because it won’t transport bacteria from meat to meat if contamination occurs.

What Is The Best Size Of Turkey Fryer?

The size will depend on how many people are planning on attending your festive dinner so try to collect this information in advance so you can order the right pot for frying. If you plan on buying an indoor turkey fryer, check whether it’s detachable – especially if you want to use it for other types of meat or fish in the future – so you can separate the pot from the heating base and clean it everything properly.

Are Turkey Fryers Safe?

Turkey fryers are safe when they’re used properly, but it’s important to stay cautious throughout the cooking process. You should never leave the machine unattended because even if you think that your food is fully cooked, there can still be bacteria inside your poultry. If possible, cook with an adult at all times and check the temperature of your meal so you don’t burn or undercook it.

However, turkey fryers can be dangerous and cause both minor and major injuries, like burns and fires. Keep the following in mind when using a turkey fryer: Don’t leave it unattended! When you are done cooking your turkey, make sure to move it off of the heat immediately. Make sure that the oil is completely cool before attempting to clean your turkey fryer or dispose of old oil. Do not use water on an oil fire – smother the flames with a tight-fitting lid instead. If you have a propane tank for your unit, replace its valve cover every year so that you will be able to recognize if something is wrong with the valve itself.

What Are Some Tips To Keep Safe For Turkey Fryers?

It’s important to stay cautious throughout the frying process and never leave your machine unattended. Ideally, cook with an adult at all times and check the temperature of your meal so you don’t burn or undercook it. If possible, don’t bring children near a fryer unless you’re monitoring them closely because even if your food is fully cooked, there can still be bacteria inside your poultry.

How Long Should I Replace My Turkey Fryer?

Five years. If you have a turkey fryer that is older than that, it is time to replace it. Turkey fryers are not designed to last more than 5-7 years, especially if they are used often. Depending on how much oil your fryer holds, you could be wasting thousands of dollars worth of oil over the years by continuing to use an old turkey fryer instead of buying a new one.

How Much Do Turkey Fryers Cost?

Depends on the model and brand. Manufacturer-refurbished units are often available through the manufacturer or through third parties. Look for free shipping or delivery prices if you are purchasing online or if you are buying from a store. Replacing your old unit with a new one will cost at least twice as much, so it is better to buy now than later!



A Turkey Fryer is a must-have in every kitchen. You may consider buying one of these Turkey Fryers for your kitchen. They are necessary in every kitchen and can help you cook healthy meals and save time too!. The last thing you want to do is consume fried food with high levels of saturated fats, which cause heart disease and weight gain. Get the most out of this Thanksgiving holiday by using a turkey fryer instead! If you are looking for the best fryers on the market, check out our blog post with detailed reviews of five popular models today–we have something for everyone’s budget there.

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