Best Tenpoint Crossbow Reviews

Best Tenpoint Crossbow Reviews


Crossbow has been one of the most stylish and innovative gear when it comes to a unique hunting experience. Checking for one means you need to consider a few important factors such as shooting range, velocity, and calibre variety suitable for your preference, budget, frequency of use, and pulling mechanism. 

Not only that, but the manufacturer’s reputation over positive customer feedback is also vital to finding the perfect crossbow. With this, there are tons of modifications over the past few years on how Tenpoint Crossbows improves your hunting experience. All of which are intensively encapsulated to give you an excellent experience. 

With a myriad of options through various sizes and shapes, helpful walkthrough guides for beginners and everything in between, no wonder they have been the leading crossbow manufacturer and favourite by most hunters when it comes to convenience, efficiency, and accuracy. 

Finding the right weapon design strategically for hunting which provides precise functionalities, premium aesthetics, and high-end quality is vital. It is all possible with a Tenpoint Crossbow that has modified and innovative technology strategies designed to provide an easy to firebolt with complete accuracy, precision, and convenience to level up your hunting experience. 

 Below are the Best TenPoint Crossbow models to enhance your hunting experience without compromising quality over value for your money.

Tenpoint Crossbow

 Best Tenpoint Crossbows To Check 

  • TenPoint Vapor RS470 Crossbow
  • TenPoint Nitro XRT
  • TenPoint Vengent S440
  • TenPoint Viper S400
  • TenPoint XR-410
  • TenPoint Turbo M1
  • TenPoint Titan M1
  • TenPoint RDX 400
  • TenPoint M-370 
  • TenPoint Invader 400
  • TenPoint Ranger X2
  • TenPoint Rampage 360

It’s no doubt Tenpoint Crossbows dominates the industry when it comes to providing industry-standard crossbows for hunting. They are engineered to deliver outstanding performance over innovation and enhance product designs through intensive research and customer feedback to modify their plans for perfect and stylish hunting gear.

TenPoint Crossbows are not just your ideal powerful and compact hunting crossbow. It’s an all-in-one package which provides accuracy, durability, style, premium-quality, and convenience in one gear regardless of which model you purchase. 

The product is known to provide lightning-fast velocity over lethal accuracy that won’t weigh you down due to its lightweight product designs. So if you’re looking for the best crossbow in the market right now, TenPoint Crossbows should be your top choice. 

These features will help you decide and weigh your decisions easily.

Tenpoint Crossbow Features 

  • ACUdraw Cocking Mechanism

This technology allows you to cock your crossbow conveniently and easily via the crank system. It’s ideal for heavy lifting and provides relatively convenience and safe cocking. 

The ACUdraw 50 utilizes the system which allows you to cock your arrow via the rope-based tool using a pulley. You can place your foot into the stirrup then pull it upwards with its hooks. 

  • Hit Speed

When checking for any crossbow weapon, speed is vital. Some crossbows may offer you 200 FPS, but Tenpoint Crossbows exceed the required standard rate, which is important when looking for high-quality ranged bows.

  • Construction

Manufacturing materials should also be considered as some may be heavier and will cause fatigue with a longer period of use. Tenpoint Crossbows are made with carbon fibre or polypropylene that are known to be extremely durable and lightweight. It’s practically convenient especially when you prefer to hunt during the colder seasons as it feels warmer and lighter.

  • Scope Type

The scope type is a vital feature that will affect the overall shooting experience. With varieties of scope available, determining the best one to meet your style and preference is important in purchasing a crossbow. 

  • Trigger Design

Tenpoint crossbow trigger designs are intensively engineered to provide safety and smoother level of firing action with automatic engaging protection to avoid injury to the user. 

  • Body Profile

Tenpoint crossbows are compact yet powerful with explicit aesthetics of smaller wingspan when not drawn for total comfort and ease of use. 

Tenpoint Crossbow Advantages

  • Tenpoint Crossbows have auto-brakes safe for cocking and de-cocking
  • It exceeds standard FPS with models that have the maximum speed or kinetic energy (191 FP KE/ 470 FPS)
  • It requires 5lbs. cocking force
  • Tenpoint crossbows are lightweight and weigh between 7.5 to 8lbs only.
  • It comes with up to 1,300 string life shots
  • It can retain its cocking mechanism all day.
  • With unlimited rest. 
  • Known to have the best industry-leading ultra-quiet system.
  • With a limited lifetime warranty. 


Buying Guides – How To Chosose The Best Tenpoint Crossbow?

1. Size Of The Crossbow

The first factor you need to consider before buying a crossbow is your size. The size of the bow should fit you because every rider requires a different specification and design. So, when buying one for yourself ensure that it fits you well and comfortably so that you can operate it efficiently.

2. Weight Of The Crossbow

The weight of the crossbow is another factor to consider before buying a new one. You may need to carry it for a distance which means that you have to determine how much the unit weighs and if its weight fits your preference or not. If it’s too light, then there are chances that it might not provide you with the necessary force when shooting an arrow. Whereas if it’s lightweight, then it will be easy for you to carry but mostly they do not give enough power when shooting. So consider your purpose and select the best one accordingly so you buy the best ten-point carbon rth bow according to your convenience.

3. Speed Of The Crossbow

The speed of the crossbow is another factor to consider before buying one. You should consider the speed at which it shoots an arrow because it’s directly proportional to your shooting experience. Most riders recommend that you buy a bow that has more than 300 FPS (feet per second) so that you can enjoy your shooting time without any problem.

4. Budget

The price of the unit is another factor to consider before buying a new one. A person must set his and her budget and after that, they should research to know how much their preferred best ten-point carbon rth bow costs. Researching will give you different choices and you can select any option according to your comfort level.

5. Power Stroke Length

The power stroke is another factor to consider before buying a new one. This factor ensures that you know how much distance the arrow will cover when it’s shot. Generally, such crossbows measure between 12 and 14 inches to ensure a better shooting experience.

6. Draw Weight 

The strength of the string should be determined by your weight and height. The drawback is also important because it plays a vital role in determining the level of force an arrow will have after being shot from a bow. A proper measurement can help you shoot accurately and without any problem whatsoever.

7. Durability

The durability of the crossbow is another factor to consider. As you know, crossbows can be costly and if your unit cannot serve you for a long period then it’s a waste of money. So, choose such a ten-point carbon rth bow which has some elements that ensure its durability.

8. Trigger

The trigger of the unit is another important factor to consider before buying one. The trigger ensures that you can shoot precisely and without any problem whatsoever. So, make sure to select a unit with the best and easy-to-use trigger mechanism so you buy your favorite ten-point carbon rth bow.

9. Optics/Scope

Another factor to consider before buying a ten-point carbon rth bow is the optics/scope. The sight of the crossbow is another important feature that needs to be taken into account to buy your favorite unit. Always choose the one which has the best optical features so that you can have a better shooting experience without any problem whatsoever.

10. Cocking Mechanism

The cocking mechanism of the unit is another important factor to consider before buying one. Always research about your preferred best ten-point carbon rth bow and then you can select any option according to your convenience level, but always ensure that the cocking system fits you and helps you in having a great shooting experience.

11. Safety Features

Safety features are also important because it enables you to save yourself in case of any emergency. So, make sure to choose a ten-point carbon rth bow that has the best safety features so you buy your favorite unit.

12. Sound Or Noise Of A Crossbow

Noise or sound is another important factor to consider before buying one. You should consider the noise factor because no crossbow produces the same noise, so make sure that you buy a unit that doesn’t produce too much noise and lets you enjoy your shooting experience without any problem whatsoever.

13. Accessories

Accessories are also important because they act as icing on the cake. It’s always better to buy a ten-point carbon rth bow which comes with some essential accessories so that you can get the best out of your unit without any problem whatsoever.

14. Arrows/Bolts

Another important factor to consider before buying a new crossbow is the speed and quality of the arrows. The speed of the arrow will decide how fast your unit can shoot and at what distance an arrow can fly, so always choose such a ten-point carbon rth bow which has some necessary accessories like arrows or an electric cocking system.

15. Field Points And Broadheads

Some tenpoint carbon rth bows come with field points and broadheads, while some don’t. So, always research your preferred best crossbow before buying one so that you can have a complete idea about it before investing your money.

16. Warranty

Another important factor to consider before buying a ten-point carbon rth bow is the warranty. Always buy the best crossbow which comes with some manufacturer warranty so that you can get your unit repaired or replaced if it gets damaged or broken. Make sure to read about all the necessary features and specifications so you can have a better idea about your preferred unit.

17. Price

Price is another important factor to consider before buying a new crossbow. Always select the one which comes within your budget so that you can buy your favorite unit without any problem whatsoever.

So, these are some of the most important factors to consider before buying a new crossbow for yourself or hunting. Make sure to read all necessary features and specifications of each ten-point carbon rth bow so as you can have a complete idea about it before investing your money.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Tenpoint Crossbow?

A ten-point crossbow is a compound bow that delivers an extended range and increased velocity over traditional crossbows. They are designed to provide hunters with high-performance archery equipment but without the need for extensive recurve instruction. A decade ago, when they were first introduced, these bows were not nearly as popular as they are today; however, today’s ten-point crossbows continue to prove popular because of their price, reliability, and accuracy.

Tenpoint crossbows are produced by TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, an American company located in Bloomfield, Indiana. They currently produce three models of crossbows; the Vantage, Vanquish, and Carbon Impact. The first model is a compound bow that can reach speeds up to 350 feet per second (fps); the second model reaches speeds up to 320 fps and features the world’s fastest auto-loading system; while the last one delivers speed up to 390 fps.

Why Are Tenpoint Crossbows So Popular?

Tenpoint crossbows are popular because they not only deliver top-of-the-line performance but also for their high mesh-quiver ratio. A high mesh-quiver ratio is a term used to describe how much storage space there is inside the quiver attached to the crossbow. Tenpoint crossbows typically have the highest mesh-quiver ratios in the industry with between 200-300 cubic inches of storage space, therefore hunters can bring additional equipment without sacrificing velocity or accuracy.

How To Shoot A Tenpoint Crossbow?

Hunters can shoot a ten-point crossbow similarly to a traditional bow. The first step is holding the handle of the crossbow with one hand and using your other hand to draw back on the string, take aim, and fire. However, hunters should be careful when using a ten-point crossbow because these bows produce higher velocity and can cause more damage. Consequently, hunters should always wear gloves as well as protective glasses to avoid injury from the string.

How Accurate Are Tenpoint Crossbows? 

Tenpoint crossbows are exceptionally accurate because of their high velocity and low vibration. A ten-point crossbow can deliver bolts or arrows up to 400 fps, which is faster than traditional compound bows by over 50 feet per second. Along with the speed, these crossbows provide hunters with less vibration and therefore more accuracy. The combination of high velocity and reduced vibration produces bolts that travel straight and hit your target every time.

How To Load And Shoot A Tenpoint Crossbow?

To load a ten-point crossbow, simply pull back on the drawstring until it clicks into place. Then, attach the bolt to the string at its nock point and release the drawstring. The last step is aiming and firing your arrow. Remember to always use an armed guard because these bows are quick and deliver high-velocity bolts capable of traveling up to 400 feet per second.

Are Tenpoint Crossbows Worth The Money?

Tenpoint crossbows are an excellent investment for hunters because they are high-performance equipment without the need for extensive recurve instruction. They are also durable and deliver top-of-the-line velocity, therefore one of the most accurate hunting tools on the market today. These bows are priced similarly to traditional crossbows, but their accuracy makes them worth every penny.

Can You Decock A Tenpoint Crossbow?

No, hunters cannot decock a ten-point bow. Decocking is a term used with traditional or compound bows that allow you to safely lower the drawn cocked arrow without firing it. Unfortunately, ten-point crossbows do not have this safety feature and therefore should always be drawn as well as fired properly to avoid injuries.

How Long Can I Leave My Tenpoint Crossbow Cocked?

Tenpoint crossbows have a patented safety cocking mechanism that allows hunters to leave their bows cocked for 48 hours. However, after 48 hours the limbs of your bow may be damaged and no longer functional. Therefore, we suggest always un-cocking your crossbow or waiting 8 hours before trying to shoot again.

Can I Use A Tenpoint Crossbow In The Rain?

While a ten-point crossbow can be used in the rain, we suggest hunting on calm sunny days without any precipitation. If it rains while you are out hunting, stay inside your blind or shelter to avoid damaging your bow. Also, if you have a fiber-optic sight use clear lenses so they do not get damaged from exposure to water.

Be sure to check back next time as we continue our series on TenPoint Crossbows where we will discuss how these bows stack up against others and what some of their innovative technologies are that hunters find most useful. 

Do Tenpoint Crossbows Have Drawbacks?

Tenpoint crossbows do have some drawbacks. For example, they require 60lbs of cocking force, and hunters with a weak upper body may not be able to cock their bow without assistance. Hunters can carry an extra rope cocker or purchase the Tenpoint rope cocker system which provides an easier cooking experience for hunters who struggle with heavy bows. Alternatively, ten-point offers a crank cocking device that is available through most dealerships and provides additional help during the drawing process for hunters in need of assistance while drawing back their crossbow string.

How Do Tenpoint Crossbows Compare To Compound Bows?

Tenpoint crossbows are similar to compound bows because they feature a high velocity and low vibration. However, ten-point crossbows do not have the same recurve limb design as compound bows and therefore require less maintenance. Compounds that feature cams and wheels will always need additional string wax and general upkeep while points can be used without constant care and attention like compounds.

Can Tenpoint Crossbows Be Used For Hunting Big Game Animals?

Tenpoint crossbows can be used for hunting big game animals such as elk or moose. Hunters should only use bolts made of carbon or aluminum because bolts made from other materials such as fiberglass or even steel may harm the animal or damage your bow. Be sure to use a high-weight and speed crossbow bolt for big game animals so you can deliver the appropriate power to take down the targeted prey with accuracy and precision.

Can Tenpoint Crossbows Be Used For Target Practice?

Tenpoint crossbows can be used for target practice, but we suggest using the Tru-Fire target system that will stop your arrow after it has pierced through the target allowing hunters to reuse their arrows without fear of damaging them on impact with rocks, trees, or other hard surfaces outdoors. Hunters who want additional targets should consider purchasing an archery deer target as well as a foam block holder which allows you to find your arrow more easily.

Are Tenpoint Crossbows Worth The Cost?

Tenpoint crossbows offer top-of-the-line components and features at a high price. If you are an experienced hunter and want the best of the best, we suggest purchasing a ten-point crossbow to get maximum velocity and kinetic energy so your bolts can effectively kill animals while still being silent enough to avoid spooking them during hunts. As always, be sure to check back next time as we continue our series on TenPoint Crossbows where we will discuss different sights available for their bows, whether they should purchase a crank cocking device or rope cocker system, additional accessories that improve accuracy when shooting from elevated positions such as tree stands or blinds, and more!

Are Tenpoint Crossbows The Right Choice For Me?

Tenpoint crossbows are great for hunters who have a confined space but still want the power of a high-velocity ten-point crossbow. They should also be considered by experienced hunters who can properly maintain their bow to ensure it is always in peak working condition. Hunters should keep in mind that even though it is not necessary, additional accessories such as a crank cocking device and target system could significantly improve accuracy when hunting from elevated positions while using ten points powerful crossbows!

Be sure to check back next time as we continue our series on TenPoint Crossbows where we will discuss different sights available for their bows, whether they should purchase a crank cocking device or rope cocker system, additional accessories that improve accuracy when shooting from elevated positions such as tree stands or blinds, and more!

Be sure to check back next time as we continue our series on TenPoint Crossbows where we will discuss different sights available for their bows, whether they should purchase a crank cocking device or rope cocker system, additional accessories that improve accuracy when shooting from elevated positions such as tree stands or blinds, and more!

TenPoint has become one of the biggest names in crossbows because of the high-powered weapons available. The range is completely customizable, so it’s easy to get your bow exactly how you want. They offer some great equipment for any hunters out there. 

What’s The Difference Between Recurve And A Compound Crossbow?

The main difference between compound and recurve crossbows is that the string of a compound bow remains in tension while an arrow is loaded whereas the string on a recurve bow returns to its original position after the arrow has been launched. Recurve bows also produce less velocity than their compound counterparts, make more noise, use more energy for cooking, and are not as accurate at long range.

The best arrows for recurve crossbows are 20″ aluminum shafts with field points weighing 150-160 grains. Aluminum arrows offer the perfect combination of durability and affordability while these crossbow’s low velocity limits penetration capabilities which makes field tips ideal for self-protection during hunting excursions. Tenpoint crossbows can also use carbon arrows that are up to 30″ in length and weigh 340 grains. Carbon arrows provide additional velocity, therefore increasing the arrow’s penetration capabilities which is important when hunting bigger games with these bows.

Tenpoint crossbows are considered the Mercedes Benz of recurve crossbows because they produce a high velocity, offer top-notch accuracy, and are relatively easy to maintain when compared to other brands. Hunters who invest in Tenpoint products can rest assured that they will be hunting with one of the world’s most reliable bows for many years to come.

What Are The Best Tenpoint Crossbow Brands?

The best brands often-point crossbows are Tenpoint, Barnett, and Excalibur.

Ten Point Crossbow Technologies is the company that manufactures the original-point crossbows that started this popular hunting craze. The company was established in 1979 by owner Rod Haneline who launched his first bow to the public in 1993 which became known as one of the most accurate recurve bows on the market today. Hunters quickly recognized the quality products built by Ten Point and business began booming. Rod Haneline now owns multiple facilities where he designs and engineers all of their products with the aid of his design team.

Ten Point offers a variety of top-notch crossbows including both recurve and compound models for hunters as well as experienced shooters. Hunters who are interested in purchasing a Ten Point product can expect to pay top dollar for their products, however, they will have no buyer’s remorse about the quality of these bows.

Barnett Crossbows is another well-known crossbow manufacturer that started in 1980 when founder Jay Barnett designed his first recurve crossbow. The company has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in America today and offers excellent products at affordable prices to hunters around the world. Barnett crossbows are owned by Stingray USA Inc, which is also responsible for manufacturing other popular archery brands such as Diamond, Grizzly, Parker, PSE, Shadow Tech, Soar Valley Archery Supply, Trophy Ridge Arrow,s and several others.

The company manufactures roughly 70 different models of recurve crossbows with some being designed for beginners while others are targeted towards highly skilled shooters. There are several brands under the Barnett name including Bear, Diamond, Grizzly, Parker, PSE, Shadow Tech, and Trophy Ridge.

How To Sight In A Crossbow Scope Tenpoint?

To achieve accurate shots with a Ten Point crossbow, shooters will need to properly sight the equipment. Since optics are not included in this brand of the bow; hunters will need to buy their own crossbows scopes for accuracy purposes. There are two ways that shooters can improve the accuracy of their Ten Point by mounting a scope onto it. The first method involves sighting in the crossbow without the use of additional optics. If you choose this option, you will need to focus on your target ahead of time before firing an arrow at them. You must also remember to adjust for windy conditions when attempting long-distance shots while using only iron sights. Shooters should try out different distances and test how quickly they can line up an arrow between each shot while using this method.

The second option is to use a scope that will allow shooters increased visibility over their target when sighting in the crossbow. The scopes give hunters much greater accuracy than trying to shoot in unaided conditions so it’s in their best interest to choose this option. Ten Point recurve bows can be used with any type of scope, however, Barnett recommends using red dot or holographic sights with these products.

Barnett offers several types of scopes that are compatible with-point crossbows including illuminated reticle, multi-reticle, holographic sight, red dot sight,t, and others depending on whichever model you get. Some models are equipped with fiber optic pins for easy adjustments while others have adjustable brightness levels.

Hunter’s can also use laser sights with ten-points crossbows, however,r Barnett recommends that they only use the ones that are compatible with their scopes. In addition to crossbow scopes, hunters will need a broadhead wrench for both arrow and bolt changes before purchasing their next trophy from the field.

How To Install A Hand Crank On A Tenpoint Crossbow?

Many hunters would like to use a Ten Point crossbow but don’t have the strength or skills required to cock these powerful weapons. These individuals can purchase a hand crank so they do not need to rely on another person for assistance when taking their shot.

Hand cranks can be installed onto any Ten Point crossbow including the Carbon Nitro and the Viper models that both range from 160-200 pounds in draw weight. Installation of this tool is relatively quick and easy compared to switching out parts on your bow, making it an excellent addition for novice shooters.

It is important to note that hunters must be sure their hand crank is compatible with their crossbow model before using it. Hand cranks come in two different sizes, including the thesis-inches and the 10-inch models so shooters will need to double-check which one they have purchased before installing it on their weapon.

Once you’ve determined which type of crank works with your bow’s new draw weight, you can install it by simply adjusting the trigger accordingly. Be careful when doing this since an improperly installed hand crank can cause injury or damage to yourten pointt crossbow. When the new draw weight is set up properly, simply extend your arms forward and let it lock into place before pulling back on the string again.

When To Replace Your Tenpoint Crossbow String?

Crossbow strings are subjected to more stress than many other components on this powerful tool. Over time, they begin to fray or break which can have a devastating effect on your weapon’s accuracy and power. For example, the string may snap during flight causing the bolt not to fly as far or straight as you had intended it to.

Here are some warning signs that shooters need to pay attention to when tryingto figure out if their crossbowsneeds new bowstrings:

Bow wobble is one of the most common problems related to frayed crossbow strings. These tremors will cause bolts fired from your Ten Point crossbow to stray off course. A string slap is another early sign that there is an issue with the string since it is the slapping sound made when the string strikes another part of your bow. If you hear this noise, immediately stop shooting to assess the situation and replace your string if necessary.

One advantage of using Ten Point crossbows is that these dangerous situations can often be prevented before they happen. Since bolts are held in place by a prodder containment system, users will not have an issue with bolts firing prematurely or while loading their weapon which is common among other models on the market.

Another reason why shooters should consider upgrading to TenPoint products relates to how easily parts are replaced when something goes wrong. It only takes about five minutes for hunters to switch out Ten Point crossbow strings, making it much faster than most brands on the market today.

What Are Some Essential Crossbow Hunting Accessories?

Shooters will also want to purchase accessories that are compatible with their Tenpoint crossbow for added hunting success. Common items include lightweight quivers, cocking devices, and scope mounts.

Lightweight quivers are recommended for hunters who need to carry more than one bolt in the field and do not plan on using a hand crank (since they typically add extra weight). Since these accessories attach directly to the crossbow stock, they never interfere with your shot and provide perfect balance during hunts. 

Another useful accessory is the cocking device since it significantly reduces draw weight by as much as 70%. A handheld or rope version can be used (when shooting from a stand) but some hunters prefer the crank because it works fast and allows them to remain in the shooting position (a rope cocking device requires you to bend over and pull back on the string).

Finally, scope mounts allow shooters to attach their preferred optic to their crossbow. As with other Ten Point products, these accessories are easy to install and provide no movement or accuracy issues while hunting.

What Are The Best Broadheads For Tenpoint Crossbows?

Shooters will want to consider using TenPoint broadheads since these blades are made of 100% stainless steel and provide an impressive cutting diameter. Using a mechanical blade opener, shooters can quickly adjust the tension on the head to make adjustments depending on what they encounter when hunting.

The best part about these accessories is that they are durable enough for any type of condition hunters may face during hunts (includingbone-crushingg hits). With an overall length of 1 1/16 inches, these blades provide plenty of cutting power while maintaining flight speed.

These blades also come in athree-packk for added convenience and can be used on any animal up to the size of deer. Hunters who want an amazing price and plenty of options will love this accessory since it is easy to use and maintains the same amount of power as other broadheads available today.

Since hunting accidents involving crossbows continue to rise, shooters will want to do all they can to ensure safe and enjoyable hunts. Among the easiest ways to do this is by upgrading their current equipment for Ten Point models which are known for providing an excellent experience while using crossbows on hunts.



TenPoint Crossbows always rings the bell when it comes to the best-ranged bows in the market. It’s no wonder because of their high-quality products, durability, efficiency, lightweight, and established reputation back up with positive customer feedback and remarkable client experience. 


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