🥇[TOP 5] Best Snowboard Bindings Reviews In 2021

5 Best Snowboard Bindings Reviews, Tips & Guides

Snowboarding is one of the most popular activities during winters. The snowboard bindings are an integral part of this activity if you want to enjoy a smooth and better riding experience.

It’s very important to buy a snowboard binding that matches your board and style. Snowboard bindings are highly responsive to your body’s shifts for accurate precision and control.

Basics of Snowboard Bindings

The bindings basically keep you attached to your snowboard. Before we move ahead, let’s understand some of the basics of snowboard bindings:

  1. Types– There are basically two types of snowboard bindings:
    a) Strap-In Bindings– These are the most common type of bindings that use two straps, an ankle strap, and a toe strap. The two independent straps give you the option to adjust the pressure of each strap as per your convenience. These type of bindings have a fixed high-back and to get in and out of you need to undo the straps, i.e. you need to undo the straps each time you strap in.
    b) Rear or Speed Entry Bindings– Under this there is only one strap which covers both the ankle and the toes. The best part about this binding is its speed of entry, i.e. getting in and out of this binding is easy. You can strap in easily without wasting your time sitting in the snow. However, initially, it may take a take more time to set them up. The high-back can be easily adjusted to different degrees to ensure comfort.
  2. Baseplate– It is made from a variety of materials and is the main connection between the binding and the board. These baseplates also have to cushion that enhances comfort and power transmission. Higher end bindings are constructed out of stronger baseplate materials and are more durable.
  3. Highbacks– A highback controls the heelside edge of your board. Stiff and tall highbacks offer more control and speed, while the shorter high backs have more flexibility and are perfect for beginners. The highbacks also have forward or backward lean adjustments that allow you to easily adjust your binding positioning.
  4. Snowboard compatibility– Snowboard comes with varied mounting options and hole patterns. The snowboard bindings come with different options for mounting. A lot of snowboard bindings have universal discs or multiple discs to cover different types of mounting holes.
  5. Riding Style– Buying a snowboard binding totally depends upon your riding style. All-mountain ones are best for any kind of terrain, while freestyle is best for jumps and spins. Bindings with soft flex offer easy maneuverability and ease of turning.
  6. Straps– Snowboard bindings have varied kind of straps. Toe Cap Strap sits on the front of the boot and is more responsive and offers stable positioning, while the traditional toe strap simply holds your boot in place. Hybrid, ankle and one piece are a few others.

A lot of factors need to be considered before you make the actual purchase. Amidst huge variety and options available in the market, it is not easy especially for the beginners to pick the right one.

To ease it out for you, we have listed some of the best snowboard bindings available in the market. Take a look:

Top 5 Best Snowboard Bindings of 2021:

Flow Alpha MTN 2020 Snowboard Bindings


The all-new MTN snowboard binding needs no introduction. They have taken the market by storm. Just get in and forget everything. Flow and Wiredsport have teamed up to provide this improved and upgraded binding that is a must-have for beginners.

This binding is a perfect blend of comfort and excellent performance. It is lightweight and extremely easy to put on.

This flow binding features their patented rear entry step-in style system; a system that makes it easier to get in and out of this binding, unlike other bindings you might have used before. It just eliminates the process of sitting down and tightening ratchets buckles to strap in.

The locking micro ratchets make it convenient and easy to use; it just locks the hi-back in place and actually tightens with pressure.

The lightweight Airframe lever locks with a simple pull down, making it convenient and keeping your straps in place the way you like them. So, there is no need to sit down and waste the time of managing your bindings.

The Full EVA heel and toe insert improve your overall ride, thereby enhancing the comfort by allowing your board to have maximum flex.

The high density dampening on the footbed offers a plush ride. It features a fully compatible multidisc base plate that easily mounts on all boards including standard four hole, Burton three hole, and the Burton Channel EST boards!

The EXO-Fit PowerStrap features an exoskeleton support-frame that wraps the 3-D shaped ankle strap with a highly durable polyurethane EVA that fits perfectly to your boot while providing energy transmission and maximum comfort.

The steel cable creates a structural power triangle that allows for optimal energy transfer from hiback to baseplate. This high UniBack Alpha has been shaped to provide the perfect balance of flex and support for all types of all-around riding. It comes with one year warranty against manufacturer defects.

You just can’t go wrong with Alpha MTN. This binding just focuses on one thing and that is delivering top-notch performance, therefore it’s performance is unparalleled. With this binding, shreddin’ the slopes is so convenient and fun, that you will just love them the moment you wear them. Genuinely priced, these lets you enjoy a smooth cushioned ride and are totally worth it.

Flux Bindings Pr Mens Snowboard Binding


This is a freestyle, all-mountain snowboard binding that comes with the basic instinct. Featuring a soft outer flex and firmer inside flex this super-tough snowboard binding provides for added response.

This is a budget binding by the Flux line, but its low price doesn’t mean that it compromises on the quality aspect. The straps are extremely comfortable and the flex is soft enough for you to enjoy a comfortable ride.

The micro adjuster with 2.5-degree adjustment increments provides for the forward lean adjustments, thereby ensuring maximum comfort.

The Alpha ratchet metal buckles are so easy to use and are lightweight enough with increased lever angles that they work easily even if your fingers freezing with snow.

Featuring a conventional strap entry-method, Equipped with the original, first-ever Toe Mask Strap, this binding provides a solid hold and evens out pressure without actually stressing on the pressure points. It comes with Flux’s custom UU fit for a full 360-degree wrap around the heel, that evens out pressure and gives a natural and comfortable feel.

The chassis is constructed from a super tough nylon material, i.e. a fiber mix with a medium flex adding on to the versatility as it is perfect for all-mountain riding.

The adjustable toe-cushions allows you to make adjustments on the fly and that too without requiring any tools. It features a 3D profile ankle strap, whose three-dimensional shape eliminates any pressure points.

The best part about this binding is that it has been designed to fit any boot on the market. The only loophole of this product is that it doesn’t provide enough shock absorption; thus it is not a good binding in case of a bad landing.

It comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty.

Given the price range and comfort level of this binding, this one is worth more than its price. It is extremely supportive and a very good binding for this price range. Offering a soft and custom fit, this one is a perfect lightweight binding that won’t break your bank.

Salomon Snowboards Rhythm Snowboard Binding


When it comes to snow sports equipment, Salomon as a brand needs no introduction. They are known to make some of the best quality products, and Salomon Snowboards Rhythm Snowboard Binding is one of them.

These highly versatile bindings feature a soft flex which makes it great for beginner/intermediate riders and also for pro/advanced riders who prefer a freestyle riding.

The best part about having a soft flex is that is easily maneuverable at slow speeds. It features a zone baseplate which is much more durable in nature and easy to fit. It delivers unparalleled performance and unmatched comfort.

These bindings are available in 5 colours, which includes a few loud colors like yellow and pink, making it easy for you to catch the attention your way.  It also comes with a full EVA pad cushioning system that maximizes comfort while minimizing fatigue.

It has a smooth crank aluminium buckle. Salomon boasts of a 3D Profile ankle strap, which is an old classic kind of ratchet style strap that is soft and padded to give a cushion kind of feel. It also has a torsional flex that provides support with no pressure points and the lock-in toe strap keeps the boot locked into the heel cup.

The strap adjustments are easy to use and require no tools. For any unwanted shock absorption, it features a unique HB vibrating filter.

The rhythm high back allows for a plush and comfortable ride; meanwhile, it also allows the riders to improve their riding skills. It also has an asymmetrical shape for increased support both on the inside and outside.

The adjustable toe ramp offers an excellent transmission on the toe edge. Its universal disc compatibility makes it compatible with all existing mounting systems on the market.

Equipped with the Salomon’s patented Integrated Mounting System, a technology that keeps the disc screws in place, meanwhile allowing you to adjust your binding angle, it makes sure that all the screws remain intact in their place.

It comes with a 2.5° canted footbed that gives you an extra edge to control your riding, and also reduces any kind of burden on the knees. It comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty.

Overall, this is one of the best snowboard bindings you’ll come across. With such a reasonable price, this is unarguably a deal that is not supposed to be missed. Delivering an all-mountain performance, the Rhythm bindings are a must buy.

Burton Mission EST Snowboard Bindings


With a medium flex, these comfortable snowboard bindings are highly responsive and perform well on all kinds of terrains. This mild flex allows riders to make quick and technical maneuvers, even at high speeds.

It features a single component construction that has been simply designed and is one of the main reasons behind this binding being lightweight.

Burton comes with its own mounting system called the channel. The EST models only fit on the channel systems. This mounting system replaces the plastic under your foot with more cushioning, which in turn gives an improved footbed.

It also lets you chose your own stance, as it minimizes the contact area between binding and board.

It features the AutoCANT SensoryBED cushioning system, under which the dual-density EVA automatically settles your boot into a natural position irrespective of which stance you are on. It not only enhances comfort but also gives more board control to the user.

The nylon composite lightweight EST is responsive, yet playful. It single-component construction eliminates weight and allows adjustable forward lean through a little dial on the back and hi-back rotation easily.

The Zero Forward Lean offers a more relaxed feel. The Canted Living Hinge design enhances comfort by naturally adapting to the comfort of your legs.

Both the ankle and toe straps feature a minimised construction and a 3D shape that conforms to any boot and offers a pressure-free fit. You can easily step into the binding as the ankle straps easily move out of the way without any obstruction.

The straps can also be adjusted without any tools so they always remain centered over your boot. Burton’s Flex Slider also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The rubber wraps are grippy enough to provide a locked-in fit and pressure-free comfort.

It is equipped with Burtons smooth glide buckles that are solid and durable. The aluminium and polycarbonate levers are lightweight and have reliable ratcheting power. These buckles crank down super easy.

Overall, this binding copes better at higher speeds and delivers a true all-mountain performance. This is a great binding for anyone who doesn’t want anything fancy, but a simple and durable binding that delivers efficient performance. Given the price to performance ratio, this one is impressive.

Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings


Malavita binding enjoys a good reputation amongst riders. It comes with a mid-range flex that’s 100 focused on freestyle. The best part about having a medium flex is that they perform equally on all kinds of terrains. They are highly responsive and comfortable.

It features a dual-component baseplate construction and EST baseplate construction. Burton comes with its own mounting system called the channel. The EST models only fit on the channel systems.

This mounting system replaces the plastic under your foot with more cushioning, which in turn gives an improved footbed. With EST, the possibilities for flex is infinite, and and you can choose your own stance.

The hinge technology flexes dynamically with your leg for increased foot roll, thereby enhancing the comfort. It features the 30 Short-Glass / Nylon Composite Spar and lower, which is slightly more responsive than the 18 short‑glass/nylon composite, that makes it responsive and plenty playful.

The ergonomic zero-lean canted hi-back design adapts to the natural contours of your legs to give maximum control to the rider. It single-component construction eliminates weight and allows adjustable forward lean through a little dial on the back and hi-back rotation easily. The Zero Forward Lean offers a more relaxed feel.

It has a reinforced rubbery material that wraps around the heel of any boot. The heel hammock lets you tie your straps a little looser to give a fast response.

The higher the Forward Lean angle on your hi-backs, the quicker your heel-edge turns. It features an asymmetrical, Hammock strap with a seamless and minimal design and a spine shape that wraps the boot in response. You can also flip the straps to enjoy more flexibility and freedom.

It perfectly combines two materials together into one technologically advanced, firmer toe strap. The spine has a firmer material while the softer over-molded material improves boot-wrap.

The PU-free and stitch-less construction with a 3D curve offer a pressure-free fit. It features Burton’s Double Take Buckles with “Insta-Click” engagement, which means there are fewer cranks to tighten. It not only eases the use but also improves the strength of this binding.

Malavitas have plenty of adjustabilities and they are really easy to use. These bindings have great shock absorption, which makes them perfect for freestyle kind of stuff both in or out of the park. The entry and exit are smooth and the flex slider on the ankle strap makes it further convenient. These have an autocant in their footbed which reduces fatigue over time. The ankle and toe straps are extremely comfortable.

Overall, these all-mountain freestyle bindings are super-comfortable and offer a great board-feel. However, it rides exclusively with boards featuring the channel. Given the use and features, its price tag stands truly justified and this one is worth the money.

System MTN Men’s Snowboard Package APX Bindings 2021


These bindings feature state-of-the-art step-in or rear-entry design that lets you get in and out of the bindings easier. It eliminates the wastage of your time while you sit down to strap yourself. All the buckles and straps are smooth and convenient to use.

The ankle strap opens automatically to create enough room for your entire boot. The best part is that cinches back down with just one lever. It features a fully compatible multi-disc base plate that allows the MTN to easily mount on all boards including standard four hole, Burton three hole, and the Burton Channel EST boards! This covered baseplate allows these snowboard bindings to fit your boots perfectly.

It comes with a 3D molded ankle strap that is covered in highly durable polyurethane that is highly responsive and offers maximum comfort.

One feature of this model that needs a special mention is the patented design of its rear cable, which allows the rear cable to lock the hi-back in place. Basically, it tightens the bindings with pressure making them stronger and more responsive in nature.

These bindings are highly safe in nature as they keep you intact on the board, thereby offering a comfortable ride. The sliding strap adjustments make it convenient and easily matches your riding style. The full EVA padding on the hi-back and high density dampening on the footbed through both the toe ramp and heel of the bindings helps in shock absorption.

Overall, these snowboard bindings mount easily on all kinds of boards, delivering a plush and an efficient ride. These bindings are a perfect combination of safety, durability and performance efficiency. It has almost everything you would require from a binding. Reasonably priced, these snowboard bindings are worth every penny spent.

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