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7 Best Ski Helmets Reviews, Tips & Guides

Who wants to ruin the skiing or snowboarding experience with an uncomfortable and undependable gear?

The ski helmet is arguably the most important part of safety gear when you plan a ski or snowboarding trip. Ski helmet has been specifically designed to cater to the protective needs of winter sports.

Equipped with a lot of useful and technical features, these helmets provide protection against any serious falls and impacts that could incur in the course duration of playing any winter sports.

What should I be looking for, before buying a helmet, is one of most frequently asked questions by most of the skiers and snowboarders.

The market is flooded with options, and amidst such huge competition, the confusion is bound to happen. Buying a ski helmet that fits true to your size and matches all the activity needs is not that easy, as it seems.

Features that you need to be considered before making a purchase

To help you understand better, we have listed some of the features that you need to be considered before making an actual purchase. Take a look:

  1. Type– The most common type of helmets used by skiers or snowboarders are the hat shell helmets. These helmets have soft ear pads that are easily removable and washable.
  2. Proper Fit– Buying a helmet that fits true to your size is extremely important. A properly fitting helmet means that there should be no gaps anywhere and all the padding from the helmet should enclose the head properly. Almost all the helmets offer custom fit adjustment making it convenient to get that perfect fit. Adjustment dials or BOA system, etc. are some of the best options available.
  3. Ventilation– Another most important thing to consider while buying a helmet is ventilation. Proper flow of ventilation keeps the air flowing and avoids building up of moisture inside the helmet. It also prevents your goggles from fogging up. Helmets feature two types of vents; adjustable and fixed vents. Adjustable vents can be manually opened or closed to regulate the temperature. Fixed vents are always open to allow adequate airflow.
  4. Construction– Some helmets feature a tough mouldable plastic called ABS construction, while others have an in-mould construction (it has liner fused with shell), that is much lighter in weight.
  5. Inner Liner– Mostly made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam, it absorbs any impacts, thereby giving dual protection to the wearer. Helmets with liners are usually heavier in weight.
  6. Goggle clip– Almost all the helmets have a strap or a clip at the back of the helmet to keep your goggles in place.
  7. Weight– A heavier helmet, obviously means better construction, thereby more protection. However, you need to wear it on your head. So, go for the ones you are actually comfortable in and can wear on your head.

 best ski helmets

Best Ski Helmets of 2021

Looking good on the slopes should not come at the expense of safety. Just for the sake of buying a stylish and good- looking helmet, don’t compromise on the safety aspect. To ease it out for you we have listed 7 best ski helmets of 2021. Take a look:

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet


This half-shell sports helmet features bombshell construction, which uses an injection molded ABS shell that is highly durable and dent-resistant and can handle high impacts. With the weight of only 550g, it is lightweight enough for an injection molded helmet. This helmet is extremely comfortable to wear.

It features a fixed venting style. To ensure proper airflow, 14 vents on the front, top, and back of the helmet have been strategically placed to keep the climate under control in all situations.

This not only maximises air flow but also allows heat exhaustion when the temperatures get warm. It comes with a self-adjusting Lifestyle fit system that adjusts to your head as you ride, giving a comfortable hold.

It comes with audio-compatible ear pads that provide protection from any outside elements like wind and storm, even on the harshest days. Made up of solid foam, these ear cups have no perforated holes, which improve sound transmission.

These ear pads keep your favorite beats blasting whether you’re tearing down the singletrack or pushing pow. All earpads are fully removable and machine washable. These ear pads are compatible with Skull-candy audio systems, i.e. skull- candy speaker pockets are included, so this is basically a perfect choice for ski helmets with audio.

It also has a removable goggle lock. It comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty. However, before making a purchase make sure that the helmets fit your head shape.

The best part is that you can remove the insulation and use this helmet in summers for skateboarding activities. You don’t get a dial adjuster in this one, but the back of the helmet has an elasticised band that stretches to accommodate your head.

Overall, this is a simple helmet that does its task of providing safety and protection. No extravagant functions, therefore it is available at a budgeted price.

This snow sports helmet is the perfect choice for the new skier or for the borders on a budget. A perfect blend of price and functionality, this one is worth the money spent.

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet


The Lucky Bums Helmets are not bound to any introduction. Best in class and quality, they are designed to protect you even when you’re catching air or gaining speed, i.e. no matter how harsh the situation, they comply with overall safety.

The Lucky Bums Sports Helmet is an all-rounder helmet available at an affordable price. Simply-built, it has a round shape and an odd padding configuration, this stylish helmet looks good. It features a top-notch quality design with an adjustable dial.

This snowboard and ski helmet is equipped with a very safe ABS material, a material known for its strength and durability. The ABS material is covered by a supporting EPS outer shell that provides dual all-around protection and caters to all your safety needs. It also caters to all EN1077 standards and it has been CE certified.

It comes with two protective layers with superior ventilation that wicks off any moisture and prevents overheating. To prevent snow build-up and induce ample airflow, the EPS inner shell of this helmet contains multiport with mesh screens.

The internal fabric lining and ear padding come with hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment to provide overall safety. The ear covers have been designed in a way to allow sound transmission.

It comes with a padded chin strap that enhances comfort. The goggle loops prevent your goggles from falling off. The micro-adjustable strap provides for the perfect fit and makes this helmet comfortable to wear all day long.

It offers you 4 sizes to choose from. This snowboard and ski helmet comes with manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects against defects in materials or workmanship.

Carrying a reasonable price-tag, this is a perfect choice for any outdoor activity. It ensures that you stay safe and protected, no matter whichever activity you do.

OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet


Available in 9 different color combinations for you to choose from, this versatile helmet is built for comfort and safety. All the colors are available in matte finish. Noting extravagant, this helmet provides simple functionality and does the function it intends to do. To ensure safety, it is equipped with a reinforced ABS shell and shock-absorbing EPS core.

Featuring a lightweight construction, this helmet is easy and comfortable to wear all day long. It is so lightweight, that you won’t even feel you’re wearing anything on the head. The inner lining is extremely soft and warm.

The helmet comes with a size adjustment dial on the back side to adjust the circumference for the snug ensures a perfect fit.

This helmet offers best-in-class ventilation. It is equipped with 14 individual vents that take the airflow and ventilation to next-level, ensuring comfortable skiing for hours. It ensures an all-weather airflow climate control, therefore works best even under harshest weather conditions.

As far as safety is concerned, it fully complies with EN1077 safety standards. The helmet also has leather earmuffs.

This helmet comes with 1-year money back guarantee warranty and offers friendly customer service. As it is available in many different sizes, it gives you more options to choose from, giving you a perfect fit and comfort. It has a goggle clip that prevents your goggles from falling off.

The padded chin strap is extremely soft and ensures maximum comfort.

Favorite of many skiers, the Outdoor Master Ski helmet, is built with the best of the technology. Featuring 1 year 100{56368d5dad23cd4e3382df4ac1db10505f0fc2df03737b8dac5f1bd5cdb754b3} satisfaction guarantee, it ensures its customers a risk-free purchase.

You can return it easily in case anything is wrong or if sizing doesn’t suit you. Available at a cost-friendly price, this one is totally worth the money spent.

Zionor Lagopus H1


ZIONOR helmets are known for their superior quality, innovative design and professional pre-sale, after-sale service and solid warranty policy.

Constructed out of high-grade ABS material and featuring a robust shell, this ski snowboard helmet provides full-protection on the slope. The outer looks totally stylish and it is available in nice matt color options. This helmet is lightweight and allows for easy wearing.

The reinforced in- mold design features shock and impact-absorbing premium EPS material that provides double protection. These material ensure shatter-resistance, impact-resistance, crash-proof and high foam density.

This helmet is suitable not only for skiing or snowboarding but also for any other winter sports.

The lining is made of a top-grade plush material that is highly breathable and will keep you warm. The goggle loop situated on the back prevents the goggle from falling off while down-hilling and at high speed.

So, you don’t have to waste time adjusting the goggles and simultaneously avoid any unexpected incidents. It features a customizable sweat-absorbing, padded chin strap, which is made out of high-end material and is thick and adjustable, ensuring a comfortable wearing.

It also has an adjustable dial fit button located on the back of the helmet, that allows you to adjust the helmet according to the different head size. The unique vent holes allow for smooth airflow according to different temperature conditions.

Although, it comes in a decent size and will fit most of the people without any problem. Make sure you choose the correct size based the circumference of your head. The multi-spots attached padding design allows for a convenient takedown.

This helmet also comes with the firm fitting earmuffs that are detachable to allow better clearance. The company offers 100{56368d5dad23cd4e3382df4ac1db10505f0fc2df03737b8dac5f1bd5cdb754b3} Money back guarantee to protect your right.

This sturdy and durable helmet is equipped with almost all the features that make sure you have fun on the slope while doing any outdoor sports. This high-standard CE certified helmet fully compiles to the EN1077 standards. With a reinforced layer and strong PC and EPS outer shell, this helmet is built-to-last. Reasonably- priced, this one is worth the deal.

AKASO Ski Helmet


Akaso is not a famous product, but surprisingly their products are amazingly good in quality. Reasonably-priced, their products are extremely comfortable and slowly gaining the spotlight. Slowly, they are becoming the favorite of all the skiers and snowboarders.

Featuring a lightweight and durable construction, this skiing helmet has been made with some great ventilation features, to help minimise any moisture build-up inside. It may look bulky, but it’s extremely lightweight.

The helmet outer shell is equipped with an impact-absorbing EPS liner. The interior fleece lining also helps with heat retention. The fleece liner can be easily removed.

The tension dial on the back helps to easily adjust the fit of the helmet and enhances the comfort of the wearer. The ear guards keep you comfortable on the slopes.

For ventilation, it has adjustable vents on the top slides that let regulate the temperature inside. The goggle loop on the back ensures the safety of your goggles.

Both the liner and ear guards are removable for comfortability and can be easily washed to keep the helmet sweat & odour free. The fit is really nice and will fit most head shapes.

To ensure safety, this ski helmet has been CE certified. The best part about this helmet is that it comes with a lifetime breakage warranty. So, during any time of its usage, if you encounter a problem, you are insured. Isn’t it like amazing! As long as you own the product, you are covered under warranty.

This helmet has been competitively priced. Given the price to performance ratio, this one truly justifies its price-tag. This helmet provides maximum durability as well as protection.

The great outer shell material and impact- absorbing EPS liner ensures the safety of this helmet. This good-looking helmet is worth the buy and is truly recommended.

Smith Optics Maze Helmet


This low-profile helmet is one of the lightest certified snow helmets in the world. Weighing only at only 270g, it feels lighter in hands and obviously gives a light feeling when worn on the head.

Featuring a clean, modern look, it has been carefully engineered and combines the minimalistic aesthetics with in-mold construction. Simply designed, yet extremely stylish, this is what Maze is all about.

However, don’t mistake the light in-mold construction of being cheap. The helmet has been constructed of tough and strong materials.

As far as ventilation is concerned, this is not like any high-end helmet This fixed-ventilation helmet is equipped with AirEvac 2 ventilation technology featuring 9 vents. This Smith pioneered AirEvac technology allows for superior goggle integration.

It has a total of 9 vents, with two small rectangular vents at the front of the helmet combined with six above the crown and four at the base of the neck. The vent in the front splits the air into channels that run throughout the helmet.

The exit vents are positioned at the top and bottom of the back of the head, but they are also small in size keeping with the shape of the helmet. But then, Maze has removable earpieces, which can let in a lot of air flow on a warm day.

The Maze is available in nine different colour combinations, so there is something for everyone. It is available with or without MIPS. The maze features the X-Static performance lining. It comes with a removable goggle lock that prevents your goggles from falling off. It is compatible with Skullcandy Audio Systems.

The fit system is simple, as there’s no dial lock to adjust tension. It just has a simple self-adjusting lifestyle fit system, that surprisingly assures an adaptive and a comfortable fit. It features ultra-light single layer webbing.

The Maze comes with different foam pads that can be removed or at least rearranged to give a proper fit. However, the lack of adjustability can still be an issue for some. So make sure you buy the right size in the first place. This helmet comes with Snapfit SL2 earpads, that are easily removable.

This helmet conforms to the ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B certifications.

This no-nonsense helmet has been designed to give you the ultimate protection you need in a fixed-ventilation helmet. Overall, it is a decent helmet available at a reasonable price. This urban helmet is suitable for relatively low-intensity rides.

Traverse Sports Dirus Convertible Ski & Snowboard Helmet


Perfect for snowboarding, skiing, skating, biking, and other activities, this matte snocap colored helmet features ABS shell exterior and shock and impact absorbent EPS Foam interior. The ABS shell is sturdy and durable enough to provide you with the ultimate protection.

Giving a snug and secure fit is what makes a helmet effective. Traverse Sports Dirus incorporates an ErgoKnob Adjustable Dial, giving a customised fit as per your preference, thereby offering better protection.

It features a fleece netted cap made out of mesh material, with a soft layer of padding that wicks off any moisture and regulates the temperature inside.

It features padded earmuffs that provide protection and warmth from harshest weathers that you may have to face. These padded earmuffs are easily removable allowing the cool air to flow freely through the helmet.

The padded chinstrap is adjustable and is extremely soft, thereby enhancing comfort. A reinforced goggle clip is conveniently located on the back of the helmet to keep your goggles perfectly positioned and preventing it from falling off.

The goggle clip also ensures that you can integrate any pair of snow goggles with this helmet.

With a total of 10 vents; the six vents on top, two in the front, and two in the back allows proper and an improved air circulation. It also includes two additional layers between the top of the helmet and your head; the mesh wire layer provides protection while the mesh cloth layer helps in moisture-evaporation.

The best part about this helmet is that its convertible feature that makes it an all-season helmet. You can easily convert this ski and snowboard helmet into a bike/skate helmet.

All you have to do is just remove the earmuffs and netted cap and insert the set of included interchangeable pads, during the warmer months.

This helmet conforms to the various helmet safety certifications including the EN 1077:2007 for Ski Helmets and CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203 for Bicycle Helmets.

Overall, this highly versatile helmet ensures the utmost quality. Given the features and functionality of this helmet, it truly justifies its price-tag. Favourite of all the skiers and snowboarders, this convertible helmet is worth the consideration.

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