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5 Best Ski Goggles Reviews, Tips & Guides

Who doesn’t need a goggle that could meet all your needs for safety and sun protection?

Ski goggles, as the name suggests are used while performing snow activities. They protect your eyes from outside elements like snow, sun, wind and harmful UV rays that may obstruct your vision while performing skiing activities.

Most of the people are confused that whether sunglasses would do while skiing or they should buy ski goggles for the same!

Ski goggles any day would provide better coverage and works as your savior especially on stormy or windy days or when the weather gets brutal, where sunglasses will definitely fail as they won’t prevent the snow from entering around the frames, thereby making it harder to navigate.

So, it is very important to invest in a good pair of ski goggles. This protective eyewear is a must while performing snow activities. A lot of factors need to be considered before you make a purchase. Take a look:

Factors need to be considered before you make a purchase

  1. Lens shape– Basically there are two lens shapes; cylindrical and spherical. The spherical lens produces better optical clarity, as it allows less distortion. Many goggles these days feature double layered lens.
  2. Lens tint– Choose the right lens tint as per the weather, is also very important. A tint specific to the weather provides right visible light transmission for your light conditions. For example- for low and variable light conditions, yellow, gold and amber lenses work better.
  3. UV protection– UVA and UVB are the most important rays to be protected from. UV rays can permanently damage your eyes and distort your vision, so it is extremely important to protect your eyes from harmful sun-rays. Look for goggles that block 100 percent of these rays.
  4. Fit– These goggles are available in different shapes and designs to fit a range of faces. Make sure the goggles fit. Adjust the strap to your head. Buying proper fit goggles is extremely important for proper coverage. Bad fit goggles will ruin the whole purpose.
  5. Anti-fog– Always prefer to go for a goggle with an anti-fog treatment. Anti-fog coating inside the goggles clear the warm air out from inside of the goggles.

best ski goggles

The market is flooded with a lot of options, thereby making it difficult to buy a good pair of ski goggle that matches your requirements and fits in your budget. To ease it for you, we have listed 5 best ski goggles of 2022. Take a look:

5 Best Ski Goggles of 2022

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles


These unisex goggles are versatile and deliver a decent performance. They are basically designed for use in skiing, snowboarding, and other snow sports. OTG stands for Over-The-Glasses.

These ski goggles feature an OTG design, i.e. it can easily fit over the prescription glasses. It features a dual-layer lens with mirrored appearance and anti-fog coating, to provide excellent optical clarity. It has VLT adjustable lenses and spherical shape.

What’s the point of buying goggles, if they are not UV protected? When the sunlight hits your goggles, the vision is disrupted if the goggles are not UV protected. Therefore, buying a UV protected google is a must.

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles come with Soft TPU frame with lenses that provide 100 UV400 protection. They are available in 20+ lenses to work with and offer a different variety of styles and colors for you to choose from.

Suitable for both adults and youth, these goggles have an extra long elastic strap to ensure helmet compatibility with all helmets. They are suitable for both men and women. It comes with a 6 months warranty. However, it is not scratch-resistant.

This super affordable goggle has almost all the features you will require on a skiing trip. Perfect for all the weather and light conditions, these goggles are great and works well for any kind of outdoor activity. High in quality and functionality, this one is a great value for money.

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles


Bolle Carve Snow Goggles are equipped with some amazing and unique features, which make them one of the best goggles available. Featuring a classic design with a matte black frame, the overall design is eye-catching.

Through the Flow-Tech Venting at the top of the lens, these goggles provide enough ventilation required to handle most of the situations.

This engineered venting system technology promote directional airflow across the inside surface of the lens, thereby preventing any clogging from snow and ice. This is very important to have a pristine vision while performing activities.

The lens has an embedded anti-fog layer in the inner lens, which ensures that no moisture is permitted to build up. This makes sure that you can wear them for extended periods of time without any difficulty. The outer lenses are scratch-resistant.

These goggles offer a lot of space for viewing.

The best part is that these goggles have been designed to comfortably fit over most of the helmets, therefore are perfect for all-day use.

These goggles have been padded with an adjustable strap, which makes it suitable to fit almost all head sizes and people of all most ages. These glasses are designed to provide thermal protection. The thermal bear ensures that you remain warm even on days when temperatures are quite low.

These goggles include an embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens that disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build-up that can impede vision.

The outer lenses are sheathed in a protective armor to prevent scratches, keeping your lenses and outlook as clear as a cloudless sky. However, due to their narrow shape, people with wider face may find these goggles uncomfortable.

This all-purpose snow goggle has been endured with some of the amazing features, which make it worth the buy. Comfortable to wear right through the day, these goggles have been reasonably priced. Overall, this is highly impressive and totally worth the consideration.

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual-Pane Anti-Fog Goggles


A perfect blend of style and performance, Pyramex products are best in quality. Not only products but they are also known to deliver a great customer service too. They deliver what they promise.

Lightweight and stylish, these goggles have traditional temple arms, which give these sunglasses a sporty look. The best part is that the temple arms can swivel approximately 15 degrees up and down, in each direction at their connection point with the frames, giving users a customised fit.

These temple arms have a quick-release feature that allows it to come off easily, in case you want to convert safety glasses into sporty goggles.

These goggles feature dual lens technology; the outer polycarbonate lens protects against any kind of environmental conditions, while the inner acetate lens prevents fogging. Not only this, the outside lens is coated with H2X Anti-fog Technology.

The anti-fog feature is created via a dual-pane-lens design that isolates the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the eyewear. There’s no point of buying sunglasses. The scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99 protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.

It includes an adjustable safety strap hooked securely to the ends of the temple arms, thereby proving safety in case your glasses are lost or damaged while doing any kind of activity.

It gives you five lens colors to choose from; clear and amber lenses are perfect for indoor use and work well in low-light conditions. Grey lenses are perfect for sunny outdoor activities. The silver mirror style with gray polycarbonate lenses provides a mirrored finish.

The indoor/outdoor mirror-coated I-Force combines all these features in a single lens. It very well balances the movement between indoors and outdoors.

These extremely comfortable glasses can be adjusted in a number of ways and are extremely versatile and flexible. These goggles have passed MIL-PRF 32432 High-Velocity Impact Standards, which is the Industry standard of excellence. The vented foam carriage results in less sweat, thereby keeping your face cool.

Overall, these stylish safety glasses are one of the best anti-fogging safety goggles available in the market. Given their quality and versatility, the price tag is completely justified.

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles


Taking a note of the fact that athletes spend a maximum of their time in the air, Oakley got inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots, to provide its fighters with the optics that maximise their field vision, so that they don’t miss any target. Its sleek and modern design is eye-catching.

These goggles are 7.25″ wide and 4.05″ high and virtually all lens, basically due to the frameless design. The Rimless lens design provides for unparalleled peripheral vision in every direction.

Due to its large size, the lens covers most of the skier’s face, thereby providing adequate protection from outside elements like the sun, wind, snow, and rain. However, the large size may pose a problem for people with a small face.

These goggles have less breathability as most of the area is covered. It has a thin open cell foam at the top of the lens which allowed some airflow. However, it allows easy breathing because of the small breathable section at the bottom of the lens.

PRIZM bioengineered lens is of top-notch quality and absorbs the peaks in the color spectrum, thereby providing excellent light transmission for optimizing contrast and visibility, increasing your vision to view details in the snow. For more enhanced comfort, the streamlined frame and outrigger design provide full helmet compatibility.

The Flight Deck Prizm Goggle comes with an expanded lens volume situated on the low-profile Ridgelock sub-frame that allows for quick and easy lens switching in accordance with the change in light conditions.

The UV-blocking Plutonite lens with integrated Prizm technology blocks 100 of UV rays and harmful blue light up to 400 nm to provide excellent light transmission.

The triple-layer face foam ensures comfortability for all-day wear. The dual ventilated lens combined with F3 anti-fog coating provides clarity of vision at every angle. You can also opt for the iridium glare reduction lens coating, which is totally optional.

It is compatible with most prescription frames, due to the discreet frame notches at temples of the frame without compromising its fit. Flight Deck fits most helmets well because of its easily adjustable strap.

It has a rigid lens carrier with flexible o matter faceplate. The rigid frame that keeps the lens secure to maintain the high-quality of the lenses, this eyewear comes with a specially-woven electrostatic Microclear™ bag for cleaning and storage.

However, it only comes with one lens, which is a bit disappointing.

Providing one of the largest fields of view on the market, its optical quality is quite pleasing. Extremely comfortable, these snow goggles are worth their price.

Smith Optics I/OX Goggle


With its comfortable, all-rounder design these goggles are favorite of skiers and snowboarders. Its sleek, contemporary design and modern appearance, captures the eye at a glance.

Its unique, over-sized over-the-frame design lenses provide an exceptional field of view and a great peripheral vision. The oversized construction also ensures protection from outside elements. However, the oversized frame does not provide a good fit with all faces or helmets. It includes bright light and low light performance lenses.

It has a Quick release lens change system. But the interchangeable lenses are difficult to manage as it is not possible to swap them without fingerprints all over them.

The 5X anti-fog technology provides five times the fog absorption compared to any other model in the market. AirEvac integration technology along with the interchangeable lens reduce fogging and helps you wear this goggle all-day long, no matter how extreme the conditions are.

They are available in different frame and lens color combinations, catering to a wider audience.

The thin open-cell foam both at the top and bottom provides ample ventilation. There is no fogging or moisture build-up inside this goggle, under any condition.

The lens quality is excellent and offers a crisp and defined view, even on snowy and stormy days. TLT lens technology is the reason behind crystal clear vision. The lens is scratch-resistant both inside and out and definitely, outperforms the other in this same price range.

The three-layer DriWix foam ensures no wind penetration around and inside the goggle, even while skiing at high speeds. The frame design provides a lot of venting inside. It is helmet compatible and the ultra-wide, silicone backed strap ensures a comfortable fit. It has a rotating outrigger positioning system and a medium/large fit.

It also includes a microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Given the functionality and features, this one is a great value for money.


Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Ski Goggles

Lens Interchangeability

There are many good systems available today, each one being unique. There are many ways to change lenses. We could write an entire article about them all. The old method of lifting the lens from the frame’s top and then removing it one at a time is no longer practical. These goggles are rarely used for changing lenses.

These newer systems are incredible. Magna-tech’s Anon range is the best in class. Dragon goggles have Swift-Lock, while Giro has a wide range of lens-changing options. Swapping lenses is easy with each technology.

Lens Colours

The Lens Base Colour, which is the tint applied to the base lens, is the colour that you see through. The Lens Base Tint can be almost any colour. The base colours of traditional lenses are often brown, yellow, and pink. Newer models come with grey, blue, or green bases. Although it is often argued that different base colors are better for different conditions than others, the VLT or Contrast are the most important factors.

Sizing and Fit

The most crucial, and sometimes confusing, part of the buying process for goggles is the size. Ski goggles are available in three sizes: medium, large, and small. There are some models that are made specifically for women, in lighter colors and with narrower frames. However, goggles can be used by both men and women. You’ll also find “low bridge” options for people who don’t like the standard nose bridge.

You want to feel comfortable while wearing a goggle. Pay attention to the field of vision. An unbalanced goggle can cause vision problems. The nose and around your eyes are two common pressure points. You can relieve these pressure points by tightening the buckle or sliding clip around the back. You should increase the size if your goggle feels too tight after loosening. We will cover this in detail below. You can get a good idea of how it will feel on the mountain by trying your goggles with your ski helmet or a similar ski helmet at the store.

Ventilation and fog mitigation

A good ventilation system is one of the most important features that solid goggles have. A good ventilation system is a must. You can combine the benefits of a good ventilation system and a ventilated helmet like any Smith model (see our helmet guide to see stack flow compatible helmets like the Smith Quantum).

Other features include a waterproof coating on the inside of the lenses and moisture-wicking foam wrapped around the frame. Micro-laser-etched grooves will be used to channel moisture towards the exterior of the best-quality goggles.

Remember to let your goggles air dry. If necessary, you can wipe the outside with the goggle bag.


Because comfort is subjective, it proves to be more difficult than other test criteria. There are many factors that come into play: the goggle’s shape and size relative to the wearer’s nose, structure, facial size and nose shape. When choosing a goggle, you should also consider the frame material and flexibility of the goggle, its padding material and quantity, aswell as comfort from the strap. Keep in mind whether your goggles will be worn with a helmet or a beanie.

It’s easy to change lenses

It is important to match a lens to your light conditions. Most goggles come with interchangeable lenses. The majority of models tested in this test have two lenses, one for bright light and one for low light. It is easy to change your lenses. This is a common misconception. The lens attachment system for goggles has been improved by manufacturers over time, making it much easier to change lenses.


High-quality, durable goggles are essential for a high-functioning contender. Imagine your expensive new goggles falling apart after you have spent so much money. It is difficult to assess long-term durability, but it is possible to identify weak points like scratches on the lenses or loss of elasticity in the straps. Ski goggles must be durable enough to withstand repeated abuse in any weather condition.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which color lens is best to use with ski goggles

It all depends on the day. For flat light days like snowy, overcast or foggy days, orange, red, and brown lenses work best. Mirrored lenses and lenses with very dark colors are ideal for sunny days. Clear lenses and yellow lenses are the best for night skiing.

Do beginners need ski goggles?

Ski goggles are a great investment for beginners. These goggles make it much easier to see and protect your eyes. You can ski with enough distractions. Ski goggles are better than none if you have a limited budget.

What is the purpose of ski goggles?

Ski goggles make it easier to ski. By blogging the wind, they keep your face warm. They shield your face and eyes from the sun. You get twice the sun exposure from being out in the snow. The sun rays are reflected off the snow, which reflects them back.

Do ski goggles need to be worn?

Skiing without goggles is not a necessity. Many skiers don’t need goggles. Some prefer to use sunglasses when skiing. Skiing without ski goggles may be more comfortable on a warm day in the upper 30’s and 40’s. Ski goggles are more comfortable on colder days, below the mid-30’s.



The best ski goggles are the ones that fit you well. It’s important to be able to see clearly when skiing, so it’s worth trying on a few different pairs of goggles and seeing which pair is most comfortable for your face shape. You might also want to consider how much light they let in or if they have interchangeable lenses depending on what time of year it is. Once you’ve determined the right type of goggle for you, make sure that any purchase includes a warranty with them!

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