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Every man who loves to look great knows that shaving is paramount. It is like make up for women. If you love shaving and seeing yourself look great then you need to take care of the blades you shave with. A great way to do this is to take care or your razors and brushes.

Best Safety Razor Stand Reviews

Keep them away from areas they may hurt people and air dry them so they remain effective for longer. Safety razor stands are great in the way the help you keep your bathroom neat and yet still ensure your razor and brushes are cared for. But the question remains, which is the best razor safety razor stand?

#1 Perfecto Deluxe Chrome Best Safety Razor Stand

Perfecto Deluxe Chrome Razor and Brush Stand - The Best Safety Razor Stand. This Will Prolong The Life of Your Shaving Brush.
  • Great solution for elegant storage of razor and shaving brush
  • Facilitates air drying for longer brush life.
  • Weighted base for stability with Rubber like, non-slip sole. IF STEM LOOSENS, POP OUT THE SOLE AND TIGHTEN SCREW. AS, YOU CAN SEE IN THE PHOTO.

This has been rated as the best safety razor stand. It has continuously gotten 5 star ratings on amazon. It comes as an elegant solution to brush and razor storage related problems. This is a great help in preventing a disorganized look and helps prevent the damage of the razor and brush you use while shaving.


The design is elegant and has a classy look that goes well with any bathroom décor. It also comes with a neutral color that guarantees. it will not clash with the décor in your bathroom or irritate your wife for looking so out of place.

Made of a heavy tip- proof metal. To protect your sink’s surface from damage, it has a rubber bottom. Its weight and the rubber bottom ensure that it will stay put no matter how wet your sink top gets.

Easy to clean

It is made of chrome, which makes it easy to clean and keep sanitary. The chrome cover also prevents the stand from slipping if your hands are soapy. It also gives it that masculine look that leaves an impression of how organized and clean you are and how you love taking care of yourself and your items.

#2 Magnus chrome razor and brush stand

Miusco Natural Badger Hair Wet Shaving Brush and Shaving Stand Set, Chrome, Silver, Compatible with Safety Razor, Cartridge Razor and Disposable Razor
  • 100% sterilized and soft pure badger hair shaving brush, it can generate rich and warm lather for comfortable shave
  • Lift hair and open up pores on your face, naturally exfoliates your skin, helps minimizing irritation and shaving burn
  • Quality shaving stand securely holds all equipment, keep them nice and clean

Wet shaving requires that you air dry your brush and razor thoroughly so that they can last longer, remain sharp and prevent rusting. This razor and brush stand allows you to protect your brushes by ensuring that you can air dry them.


The whole purpose of buying a razor stand. So that your razor can be protected and you can protect others from being cut by the razor. This stand is tip- proof so that your brush and razor have no chance of falling or cutting anyone.

#3 Escali deluxe chrome razor and brush stand

Razor and Brush Stand,Oak Leaf Deluxe Chrome Stand for Razor and Brush Bathroom Vanity
  • TWO SLOTS: Two slots for the storage of your razor and shaving brush, elegant, safe and convenient.
  • PROTECTION OF SHAVING SUPPLIES: The Oak Leaf Razor and Brush Stand is designed to protect the shaving supplies and keep the supplies dry, clean and fresh, so as to prolong the life of your facilities. For better hygiene.
  • NON-SLIP BASE: The Holder is with a circle base, which is firm and not easy to dump. Great stability, worry free from dumping. Weighted base for stability, rubber like, non-slip sole.

Escali deluxe chrome razor stand has a non-slip sole and the bottom of the stand is made from material that prevents it from slipping from the sink no matter how soapy and wet it is.

It is cheap if compare to all the functions, the design and the ability to safely hold most razors and brushes, this stand is very cheap.

#4 SimplyBeautiful deluxe Razor and brush stand

SimplyBeautiful Deluxe Razor and Brush Stand, Black
  • Our favorite design is now in black
  • This classically shaped chrome stand holds most brushes and nearly all razors
  • Excellent for allowing for good air circulation so brush dries properly

Stylish and sturdy

The design of the stand ensures that it will complement the colors and the designs you have chosen for your bathroom. Its black color makes it a universal item that will look great no matter where you place it in your bathroom. Its chrome features ensure that it looks elegant and sleek.

Holds most razors

Although it may not be able to hold all razor sizes and shapes, it is able to hold firmly most of the shapes.

#5 Chrome razor and shaving brush stand from super safety razors

Chrome Razor and Shaving Brush Stand from Super Safety Razors
  • Ensures proper brush drying to prolong brush life while also storing your razor. Hanging your badger, boar or synthetic bristle shave brush with the bristles facing downward prolongs brush life, improves brush performance and decreases drying time
  • Accommodates all long handle safety razors
  • Heavyweight base for stability


Chrome razor and shaving brush stand fits all standard razors. While it may not hold all type of razors, fit to hold standard razors making it the perfect equipment for your bathroom.

It will also hold all stand brushes that are between 20-25mm with knots.

Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Safety Razor Stand?

First of all, it is important to know your qualities before buying the safety razor stand. It is because some factors may be considered as an inconvenience rather than benefit.

Before purchasing any type of safety razor stand for men, first consider the following factors:

1. Material Used    

The material should be made from high quality or durable materials especially if you are on a budget. The reason why this factor has been included on the list is not only because it will influence your budget but also with the quality of workmanship on its manufacturing process. You can check out some websites that sells online men’s shaving supplies for example, Amazon.com to find the best deals of these types of products. A quick tip would be to buy one that has a good brand reputation and you can afford. However, if you want to save more money, buying a cheaper one is also acceptable but the quality might differ from one brand to another.

2. Type Of Stand    

The second factor that should be considered is the type of stand for safety razor. There are different types of stands available in the market; however, there are three main types which include: wall mounted stands, countertop stands and magnetic stands. Each type has its own advantage and disadvantages. For wall mounted or tabletop stands, they provide an elegant way to display your safety razors without environmental damage while countertop ones need additional space on your working table because it acts as a resting place while shaving while magnetic ones provides ease for storage. In addition, there are also some stands that provide additional features such as callus removers and magnetic holders.

3. Amount Of Space Available   

It is important to consider the amount of space that you have because this will determine how big or small your safety razor stand should be. One good example would be wall mounted stands which require additional space for hanging the safety razors. However, countertop models can save you some space especially if you do not have much room on your working table. As for magnetic ones, it is best suitable for people who travel often and want to bring their safety razors wherever they go without hassle. If you are looking for a full-sized stand that provides an elegant way to show off your shaving gear, then it will be better if you choose wall mounted or tabletop ones. You can also check out men’s grooming website for other types of stands that you can find.

4. Display    

Another factor to consider is the type of display. The term “display” means how it will be exposed to your guests and others while using it inside your bathroom. Although there are no strict rules when displaying a safety razor stand, some people may not like to show off their shaving accessories because they feel uncomfortable doing so; however, other individuals would prefer having an elegant stand in order to let other people know that they care about their grooming accessories. If you do not want any attention from your visitors or neighbors or if you simply keep them because you love it then you should opt for a simple one without design and color. However, if you want something that looks elegant and expensive, then choosing one with design and color can help highlight your shaving gear.

It is important to consider the factors mentioned above before buying a safety razor stand because they can influence how it will be used by you or anyone who uses it. These are only some of the factors that should be considered; however, there are many others which need to be taken into consideration as well such as space availability, display type, material used, brand reputation among others. Just keep in mind not to sacrifice quality for price rather be smart enough to find one that has both an affordable price tag but also made from high quality materials for better durability. No matter what kind of stand you choose just make sure that you buy one that fits your needs. You can also check out men’s grooming website for other types of stands that you can find.

5. Price    

The third factor to look for when buying the best safety razor stand is the price point. Basically, prices will vary on each manufacturer of safety razors and this includes stands as well. You have to take into consideration that some items are being sold at a discounted rate while others are pricey depending on their quality of materials used in manufacturing them. Although some people might argue that quality comes with its own price but there are also other factors which have been considered on choosing whether or not it’s worth paying extra cost such as brand reputation, type of material, durability and so forth. Therefore, you should prioritize your needs first instead of focusing on an expensive one if you think that it is not necessary at all.

6. Ease Of Use    

The fourth factor to consider when buying the best safety razor stand is its user-friendliness. Although some stands are just placed as a resting place, there are those that have additional features such as callus remover and storage for shaving supplies. Therefore, it would be better if you choose one with more useful features to help you save money from buying those separate items rather than those who only provide upscale look and doesn’t save up your things organized, isn’t it? A quick tip: before purchasing anything online is to make sure whether or not the product has an efficient customer support system because sometimes it might give trouble during installation or something similar; therefore, having a good communication with their customer representative can reduce possible conflicts between customers and the company itself.

7. Size Of Stand    

In choosing your stand for safety razor, there is a need to consider the size of the stand which may depend on its usage or purpose. You have to determine how you will use it and consider whether you will store it in your cabinet or place it on top of your table. If you want to use and place it in your bathroom countertop, choose one with compact size; however, if you prefer placing it inside your bathroom cabinet, choose one with larger sizes which can accommodate more razors at once. This factor has been considered because sometimes large-sized stands might occupy enough spaces on the countertop which may be a bit inconvenient especially if you have limited spaces or counterspace.

8. Weight   

Another important factor to consider when buying a safety razor stand is its weight. Even if it is made from high quality materials, if the weight of the stand itself is too heavy for you and it can become a big hassle sometimes so choose lighter ones because they allow you to move them around effortlessly. If you want to place your stand on top of your bathroom countertop, pick one that has lighter weight; however, if there are multiple stands in one package like 3 or 4-piece sets, then go for those with heavier weights because they provide better stability. In addition, there are also some lightweight stands which can support up to 5 pieces at once. Some men prefer placing their stands inside their cabinets; thus, they need sturdier ones. In this case, choosing one that has a heavy weight is better.

9. Design And Style    

Lastly, consider the design and style of your safety razor stand. One main reason why people buy shaving stands is because they want to display their razors with elegance and sophistication in one place. You can choose from different designs such as chrome finish, nickel finish or wooden stands with various colors such as black, white, brown or red. Those who love retro look can settle for vintage styles while repurposed material may be a perfect choice for those who prefer modernism. In addition, you can also find some models that come with additional features like callus removers and magnetic holders.

10. Brand Reputation    

The next factor that should always be considered when buying any type of product is the brand reputation. As mentioned earlier, choosing a well-known brand can provide you with great stand. It does not simply affect the purpose of using the product but also in maintaining its durability even when repeatedly used. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are buying a product that has been tested by other customers or clients for quality and effectiveness before putting it into your shopping cart.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Safety Razor Stand?

A safety razor stand is a simple and plain, yet elegant way to store your safety razors. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose – hold your safety razors vertically to dry after you have washed it off after shaving or if it was dropped in the sink.

What does a safety razor stand look like?

They can be made of metal such as steel, brass or copper alloy. These types of stands are heavier than plastic material so there is less chance for tip-over. The other main material used for making these stands are wood products such as teak, rosewood, mahogany, etc… I’ve even seen some very stylish models with an exotic hardwood stand featured. The last type of stand I have seen is a very modern looking acrylic, which gives you the best view of your razor while it dries. Sometimes there might be a particular reason why certain material or a different design would work better for a specific person. For example, if you have any sensitive skin types and tend to get irritated by metal while shaving, maybe going with a wooden stand might be more suited.

Safety razors come in many shapes and sizes as well as materials used to make them out of. As such, these safety razor stands can as well. Some are designed to hold only one single size/model of razors whereas other stands allow for multiple types and brands. Since most stands do not come with lids, you can also find those that have a cover to prevent dust from accumulating on your razor.

2. Why Use A Safety Razor Stand?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider using one of these stands:

You want to extend the life of your blades by storing it in an environment where it will not encounter moisture or dust when not in use;

You don’t have room in your bathroom cabinet to store multiple razors; and/or

You appreciate the elegance of these tabletop devices, which often come with decorative options such as Swarovski crystal embellishments, brass finishes, wood accents and more.

3. What Types Of Safety Razor Stands Are There?

There are several types of stands on the market, including:

Magnetic – a stand that holds your razor in place using a powerful magnet;

Countertop or tabletop – a stand that can sit on your bathroom counter or vanity table;

Wall-mounted – a type of safety razor stand designed to hang from a towel rack, shower head or other similar fixture with a hook-style mount; and

Razor case – an enclosed container where you keep your razor for travel purposes (e.g., camping trips, business trips, etc.).

4. How Do I Use Safety Razor Stand?

The specifics vary depending on the type of safety razor stand you choose to buy. In general however, they’re pretty simple to set up and use, with most coming in one of two forms:

With a magnetic strip that you affix to your wall or other surface on which you want to store your razor;

Or on a tabletop stand on which you place your shaving razor when not in use.

5. Why Are Some Safety Razors Stand So Expensive?

Safety razors are generally more durable than multi-blade cartridge systems since they have far fewer moving parts (e.g., hinges, springs, rubber grips or small plastic blades). As such, many safety razors last for decades without needing replacement — making the initial investment in buying one well worth it over time, both financially and environmentally speaking. Furthermore, like all good things (clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.), some safety razors are made with better materials and have more intricate designs. The fancy ones tend to cost a bit more, but if you want something that will last for years to come without breaking or wearing down then they’re well worth it.

6. How Do I Maintain My Safety Razor Stand?

Like any other piece of machinery, if you want your safety razor stand to last then it’s important that you perform routine care and maintenance on a regular basis (e.g., using blade oil, cleaning the blades). Although not required, most stands come with alcohol swabs and cotton pads which can be used to clean and disinfect surfaces before placing your shaving razor onto it for storage purposes.

7. Why Should You Get Safety Razor Stand?

Safety razors are typically more expensive than other types of razors. You want these to last as long as possible, right? The last thing you’d want is to ruin it by not drying it properly. Safety razors are notorious for causing nicks because dried soap scum decreases its effectiveness over time (even with regular cleaning). A stand… well… stands your razor up while it dries, preventing this from happening. It’s like putting your razor in a glass after you shave (which they suggest you do).

8. How Long Does My Safety Razor Last?

It largely depends on how well you take care of it, but they can last for decades if properly maintained.

9. How Much Do Safety Razor Stands Cost?

A typical safety razor stand costs anywhere from $12 to $38 depending on how fancy you want yours to look. Some are made with renewable bamboo wood while others are metal alloy. Other materials can include plastic, ceramic, or glass. The list varies so be sure to shop around if you have the time!

10. How Long Can I Store My Razor?

For as long as you like! It will stay in good condition for a few months, but it’s recommended that you shave with it at least once a week. Otherwise the blade edges might be dull and will require replacement sooner than expected.

11. What Is The Difference Between A Stand And Holder?

A stand holds your safety razor while it stands upright on its own whereas a holder requires more support to keep anything from falling over (e.g., non-slip mat). Both do similar tasks, but they both provide two separate functions depending on what you need. Some shaving stands come with holders and some don’t so just pay attention to the dimensions before making your purchase!

12. How Should I Store My Safety Razor Stand?

A good rule of thumb is to always place it in the same spot so you know exactly where to look when you need it. This not only ensures that your shaving cartridge doesn’t get misplaced, but also that you don’t forget how to find it one day! You can keep it on a shelf or dresser if there’s enough space, otherwise just throw it in a drawer for safe keeping until next time. Anything works as long as its out of sight!

13. Do Shaving Stands Come With Holders?

Not always, but most do. If it doesn’t have one then you might need to buy a separate holder or find something else suitable that can hold your shaving cartridge in place without causing too much pressure on the blade edges leading to possible damage over time. It’s best not to force anything if this is the case because there are simply no replacements available short of buying another safety razor all together.

14. Where Should I Put My Safety Razor Stand?

The best place for your shaving stand would be somewhere where its easily accessible so that you don’t forget about it! You’ll want to dry off the cartridge after every use anyway so putting it close by makes sense. too many other items around it is a also bad idea because you might knock it down and possibly break something (e.g., glass table).

14. How Should I Clean My Shaving Stand?

Just like with any other piece of equipment, washing with warm water and mild soap is usually enough to get the job done. There will be some contaminants that won’t come off as easily such as rust or oil residue, but that’s where an abrasive cloth or toothbrush comes in handy. Once you’re satisfied then give it some time to air dry overnight before using your safety razor again! If rust forms don’t panic because you can use a lightly dampened cotton towel to rub away at the surface until nothing remains — this happens over time so keep on top of maintenance every now and then to ensure its functionality!

15. Can I Use My Safety Razor Stand As A Holder?

Yes, definitely. You just have to place it in the center of your shaving cartridge and be ready for some bumps or bangs if you don’t balance it properly. It should stay put regardless but you never know what can happen so make sure everything’s nice and even before walking away from your station. If it falls down due to lack of support this might not break anything but it could bounce around enough that other things are affected too (e.g., soap bowl).

16. What Material Is Best Suited For Shaving Stands?

Any type of material will do, but metal alloy tends to last longer because its more solid than wood which wears over time. However a wooden stand is still a great idea because it can absorb some of the moisture from your shaving cartridge so you don’t have to worry about rust in the future. It also looks much nicer when dressed up next to its holder or on a shelf so consider going with something that’s more stylish!

17. Can I Put My Safety Razor Stand In The Dishwasher?

No, but this shouldn’t be necessary either way. Just use hot water and mild soap for quick cleanup every time you need it then air dry overnight before using again. If there are any substances that won’t come off easily due to contaminants then wipe down with an abrasive cloth until all traces of dirt and oil are gone. Dishwashers will strip away essential oils which can lead to rust over time so don’t put your safety razor stand through that type of abuse!

18. How Should I Use My Safety Razor Stand?

Just place the cartridge in the center and make sure it’s balanced. Most stands have a groove specifically made for this purpose which works great as long as its not too loose or tight. You don’t want it wobbly or you might knock it down by mistake, but if its too snug then placing and removing will become a hassle over time because you might end up breaking something off (e.g., shaving cartridge).

19. Will My Safety Razor Stand Work With Any Type Of Holder?

Not necessarily, no. You must consider what type is most compatible with your current equipment before going with anything specific. Some stands are too small for certain cartridges or might be too big so it won’t fit snug if you have a wire that wraps around to keep the cartridge in place. This is why knowing what equipment you have before making any purchases can save you some time and effort since there’s no point buying something that doesn’t work!

20. What Is The Purpose Of Shaving Stands?

Safety razor stands are intended to provide stability which prevents your shaving cartridges from falling off its base for hygienic purposes. Dropping them will definitely lead to damage which isn’t covered by warranty so avoiding this outcome altogether is ideal. Stands also help dry your shaving cartridge so rust doesn’t form, but the temperature of air has an impact on this as well so don’t expect everything to stay bone dry! Proper care should be taken for safety razors no matter what type because shaving cartridges are very delicate and require a lot of precision. If you’re not sure how to use one then consider watching some tutorial videos before receiving it in the mail — this way you’ll know exactly what’s required when the time comes (e.g., shaving stand).




If you’re looking for the best safety razor stand, be sure to consider your needs before making a final decision. For example, if you want something that doesn’t take up much space and is easy to store away when not in use, then the Dovo Safety Razor Stand might work well for you. Otherwise, if storage isn’t as big of an issue but stability is more important instead, then the Quality Goods International Double-Sided chrome plated steel may suit your needs better. Make sure to read our reviews on these stands so you can make an informed decision about which one will work best with your lifestyle!

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