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7 Best RV Sewer Hose Support Reviews, Tips & Guides


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Best RV Sewer Hose Support

Top 7 Best RV Sewer Hose Support

Draining the RV black and gray water tanks is widely considered a distasteful task by RVer but it’s nonetheless a vital process. To drain these waste tanks, you have to connect the vehicle sewer hose with a dump station inlet and then open the valve. While you could always leave everything as it is, equipping the hose with a set of support should be able to enhance the effectiveness of the draining operation. But how can you get the best RV sewer hose support set when there are too many products around? In the case that you are clueless about what to choose, this article could show a couple of excellent examples along with their reviews for your consideration.

As with any other purchase, you should not rush to the store and buy the first thing you see without thinking it through. To make a wise investment, you must have a firm grasp of market products and your own demand. Wasting money on random purchases is ill-advised because you could end up with less than ideal products. Therefore, sit down and think about your situation then compile a list of desired characteristics. That list would help you narrow down the number of products you have to check and save your precious time. If needed, you could go online and take a look at the opinion of other RVer.

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Top 7 best RV sewer hose support

1. Camco 43051 Sidewinder Hose Supports

Camco 20 Ft (43051) Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support, Made From Sturdy Lightweight Plastic, Won't Creep Closed, Holds Hoses in Place - No Need for Straps
  • The ultimate protection and support for your sewer hose: The 20 feet Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support by Camco lifts and cradles your sewer hose while in connection from your RV to the dump station. It keeps your sewer hose off the ground and prevents potential damage or punctures to your RV or camper sewer hose by safely nesting it in heavy duty plastic
  • Hassle free preparation and setup: Conveniently ready to use straight of the box with no assembly required. Comes complete with winding sidewinder RV sewer hose support, and orange custom fit storage handle that clasps on to your compressed Sidewinder for simple toting and handling
  • Lightweight yet durable and sturdy frame: This all plastic design, creates a lightweight and weatherproof product made to last long. It is constructed with a rust and corrosion resistant plastic material that is durable enough to carry your hose over the roughest terrains
  • Length: 10, 15, 20 and 30 Feet

Made from durable and lightweight plastic, Camco 43051 Sidewinder is one of the best RV sewer hosen supports in terms of all-around application. Its versatile design permits you to work around difficult terrains and unexpected obstacles while ensuring consistent support to the hose. The supports could withstand heat very well so you could use the Camco model without any worry. When not in use, the supports require little storage space and their holder also serves as a convenient handle. There are many length options you could choose from, the longest one is around 30 feet.


  • Compact body
  • Reasonable price
  • Light and flexible
  • Simple to deploy


  • The stability is barely acceptable
  • Quality control should be improved
  • Could break under adverse condition


2. Valterra S2500 Slunky Hose Support

Valterra 25-Foot Slunky RV Hose Support, RV Sewer Hose Holder, Black
  • RV SEWER HOSE SUPPORT: Slunky allows you to maintain proper elevation for the best drainage
  • NEW AND IMPROVED: 26% wider and 30% deeper for increased stability
  • RIDGED BOTTOM: Textured base allows slunky to stay put in grass, gravel, and more
  • Length: 10, 15, 20 and 25 Feet

Featuring a combination of polypropylene and metal hinges, Valterra S2500 offers the RV sewer hose a stable and deep housing. The bottom of each unit is completely serrated so the entire hose support system possesses excellent gripping power. Similar to other designs, the Valterra model lets you curve the sewer hose around as you see fit while maintaining a proper elevation. When you purchase Valterra S2500, you would be provided with a couple of self-fastening straps to secure the supports. The product is available in a total of 4 length options and backed with a limited 3-month manufacturer warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent slope
  • Required little storage space
  • Work well on uneven ground


  • A bit cumbersome
  • Tricky to set up at first
  • The stance of the supports is slightly narrow


3. Camco 40351 Aluminum Folding Sewer Hose Support

Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support, Supports Sewer Hoses Up to 10', Includes Strap Kit to Secure Your Hose in Place, Durable Construction, Lightweight Design, 40351
  • Holds sewer hose securely on uneven terrain
  • Lightweight durable all-aluminum stand
  • Includes strap kit to hold hose securely in place
  • Length: 6 and 11.5 Feet

Designed to match the harsh working environment and unforgiving weather, Camco 40351 is among the toughest sewer hose supports on the market. Its lightweight aluminum body could endure a lot of abuse and still able to deliver a trouble-free draining operation.  In the usual case, the Camco supports would last for years before you could bend or break them. The supports are also not vulnerable to sun damage so they don’t get brittle. Camco 40351 is backed with a limited lifetime warranty which clearly shows the manufacturer confidence in their product quality. In terms of maneuverability, you could arrange the supports quickly and effortlessly without fail.


  • Lightweight
  • High endurance
  • Great warranty
  • Stable and fold nicely


  • Pricey
  • Very stiff
  • Quite short


4. Level-Trek LT80080 Sewer Hose Support

  • Length: 20 Feet

With an efficient accordion design, Level-Trek LT80080 is a versatile and compact product suitable for hook up campsites. The declining height of the support pieces ensures that your draining operation would not run into any opposition from gravity. Thanks to the use of quality plastic, the support is rather light but still able to withstand the average working environment.  Utilizing a deep-groove design, Level-Trek LT80080 is capable of securing and stabilizing the sewer hose at all times. Along with the support, you would also receive a tight Velcro crap to secure the pieces and a 3-year warranty.


  • Compact storage
  • Nice length and angle
  • Easy to deploy and fold
  • Work well on low vehicles.


  • Expensive tag
  • Not exactly tall


5. Lippert Component’s 365053 Complete Flow down Assembly

Lippert Component’s 365053 Complete Flow down Assembly with Drawstring Carry Bag
  • Custom setting to turn corners and level to nearly any uneven surface
  • Smooth, 30" half pipe support sections
  • Prevents waste buildup
  • Length: 10 Feet

Consisting of a series of half-pipes and adjustable legs, Lippert Component’s 365053 is an innovative design that possesses excellent versatility and durability. Because you could easily adjust the support height at will, the system could adapt itself to almost all imaginable slopes.  If needed, you could even eliminate one section of the half-pipe and set up double fitting to form any angle you like. When the hose supports have to traverse through unstable or rough surfaces, you could invert the legs to enhance stability. In general, setting up the system only takes several minutes and you would receive a handy bag to store the assembly.


  • Convenient
  • Admirable adaptability
  • Come with a storage bag    
  • Able to handle loose surfaces


  • Mediocre length
  • Quite expensive
  • The quality control is barely acceptable


6. Valterra D40-4020 Sewer Hose Support

Valterra D40-4020 20' Sewer Hose
  • Supports the RV sewer hose, winds around any obstacles, and provides the even slope necessary for the perfect drain every time
  • Designed to stay in place - does not creep back from original extension
  • Sturdy accordion style design for more stability
  • Length: 20 Feet

Constructed with a convenient slope, Valterra D40-4020 lets you drain the waste tanks of your vehicle in an efficient manner. As it’s an accordion-style product, you could maneuver the support around stubborn obstacles and challenging terrains relatively easily. Once deployed, the serrated bottom of the pieces would make sure that the system stay put. Without human interaction, the support is unable to move away from the designated position. Given that each of the support pieces possesses a deep hose seat, it’s highly unlikely that the hose could fall over during a draining operation.


  • Well sloped
  • High and stable
  • Stay firmly on the ground


  • Inconsistent performance
  • The material is not exactly strong


7. Valterra A04-0009 Easy Slider Sewer Hose Support

Valterra (A04-0009 Easy Slider Sewer Hose Support
  • Easy Slider sewer hose support is made of tough extruded plastic that will not break or bend
  • Provides an even flow-no backups or overflows
  • To set up simply hook the chain to the camper and adjust slider to proper length
  • Length: 10 Feet

If all you need is simple no-hassle hose support, Valterra A04-0009 would be able to match your taste. When fully collapsed, its length is only around 35 inches so you could store it anywhere you want. To deploy the support, you have to extend it, wrap the adjustable chain around the RV pipe opening then attach the hose. Adjust the support length so it cold covers all of the hose and that would be it. The most notable advantage of Valterra A04-0009 is its simplicity but that is pretty much everything. In term of flexibility and stability, this hose support fall far behind other products mentioned in this list. It’s nonetheless a good choice in case your camping destination doesn’t require sophisticated products.


  • Simple and cheap
  • Could be deployed in seconds


  • Inflexible and unstable
  • Only good for basic set up


Buying Guides  – How To Choose The Best RV Sewer Hose Support?

Choosing the best RV sewer hose support to buy involves understanding and assessing a number of factors. Here we give you some of these factors especially those that those buying for the first time may not be aware of.

The weight capacity 

This is an important factor as it determines the maximum capacity of your sewer hose. Capacity here refers to the diameter or thickness of your sewer hose including any fittings if applicable. The reason why the weight capacity is important is that it determines how much pressure can be put on a particular sewage drain port without causing damage. This means that before choosing a suitable sewage drain port, you should know its limit first considering that you should not connect a sewer hose twice too thick for a particular type of sewer connection. There will never be problems if you match the hose and drain port’s weight capacity.

Remember that before purchasing an RV sewer hose support, you should research to determine whether it will be able to withstand the weight of your sewer hose and any fitting used on it together with any other equipment attached if necessary. Normally, supports are made from very strong materials such as aluminum alloys or steel. These materials can serve as an assurance that the support is heavy duty and can hold up for a long time even when exposed to weather conditions such as sun and rains.

The height of the sewer hose support 

Most people do not consider this factor but those who have been camping know how important the right height of the sewer hose support is especially if they want to use their sewer hose while still standing up. The height of the support determines how close you will be with your sewer hose to the ground. There are many reasons why this is important especially when it comes to emptying out tanks. You do not want to get in contact or be surrounded by dirty waters right? When choosing a sewer hose support, remember that you select something which can hold up your drain port at least five inches above the ground. This will give room for parking and also ensure that no one trips over it in case there are children around.

The ease of use 

If you have ever tried attaching a sewage drain hook-up, then you know how important the process is especially when you’re trying to save time especially when rushing after arriving at the camping site. That’s why you need to find a sewer hose support that is easy to use and can be set up in no time. Keep in mind that you’re going camping with your family, kids and maybe some friends too. This means that the last thing you want is something complicated once it comes to setting up a drain port especially during emergencies or even if there are children around who may accidentally step on the hook-up.

The stability 

Another important factor for those new buyers for RV sewer hose supports is stability. If you have been camping before, then this should not be an issue as stability has been one of those features considered when choosing a suitable sewage drain port by most campers. Stability here refers to how well will the support keep its ground especially if there’s a lot of pressure on the hook-up especially during windy conditions. Normally, you should not expect support with adjustable height and height adjustability to be stable because that would mean that it will only be stable when standing at its lowest point or highest point respectively.

The ease of storage 

If you have been camping before, then you know how important it is to save space especially when trying to carry so much equipment on your travel trailer. That’s why you need RV sewer hose supports that can collapse or fold for easy storage such as those available in Tote N’ Lock brand. This means that regardless of how thick your drain hook-ups are, they can still fit into any storage compartment within the travel trailer. These supports also feature a slim design which makes them easier to carry when folded.

The ease of cleaning 

If you’re trying to save space when packing up after arriving at a campsite, then there’s nothing worse than having a sewage drain support which is hard to clean especially after being exposed to dirt and other contaminants while setting up around the camping area. That’s why you should look for RV sewer hose supports which you can easily clean with a wet towel or a hose, preferably with a no-stick surface. This means that you do not need to bring extra tools just to effectively clean the support and have it ready for storage after arrival at your camping site.

The length of the sewer hose 

The lower the height of the sewer hose support, the higher is its pressure against gravity. In other words, if your sewer hose has a long length of more than 30 feet, then expect it to provide better stability over time especially when compared to those shorter ones which only offer around 12 feet of length. Of course, this does not mean that longer sewer hoses are better as there’s a trade-off between ease of use and maximum drainage distance.

Make sure you purchase the appropriate size 

If your drain hose has a diameter smaller than 2 inches, then make sure you purchase a sewer hose support with equally small hooks to match the weight of the hose. Keep in mind that larger hook-ups may cause strain especially when dealing with relatively longer and thicker hoses which most campers use these days. This means that using a travel trailer with shorter and thinner black and grey water drainage hoses is easier for most RV sewer hose supports because they only need to support smaller weights over time.

The height adjustability factor 

Keep in mind that not all sewer hose supports are made equal especially when it comes to their ability to extend over time. The height of any flexible hook-up should be easy to adjust depending on your preferences and the length of the hose you’re using. Most sewer hose supports come with an adjustable height which can be manually adjusted according to your needs but having a ‘quick connect’ mechanism is even better as it allows you to quickly raise or lower the support whenever there’s a change in the sewage drainage hose length.

The ease of installation 

If you don’t want to spend too much time figuring out how an RV sewer hose support works before camping, then make sure to purchase one which comes with easy-to-follow instructions and simple tools required for installation. Keep in mind that most supports need screws and bolts for assembly purposes so ensure that you bring along personalized screwdrivers if they don’t come preinstalled. The lesser the number of parts, the easier it is to assemble and install.

Toilet types

Any travel trailer owner would want a sewer hose support system that works not only with common drainage outlets but also septic tanks for RVs. Some people even prefer using a portable toilet and want their RV sewer hose support to match the type of outlet they use. This is why you should check if a particular model converts from one hookup type to another before buying it, especially when dealing with multiple toilet types used by travel trailers over time.

Brand names 

If you’re looking for an RV sewer hose support system that doesn’t fail you when it comes to quality, then search online for trusted brand names. Most of the time, these brands are dedicated to providing high-quality products that can complement your travel trailer or motorhome over time. This is why it’s important to opt for more popular brands even if they cost a little extra as they deliver good performance and superior durability over time.


Most of the RV sewer hose supports available these days are made using durable plastic materials with powder coating for added strength. Some come with metal frames which are suitable for all types of weather conditions especially when camping in extreme heat or cold regions. This means that buying a flexible hook-up with tough metal/plastic parts is essential if you want your support to last longer no matter where you go camping every year.

Installations options

A good sewer hose support system would be one that doesn’t need extra tools to install. It should also be easy to remove whenever it’s not needed anymore. A ‘quick connect’ mechanism even saves more time as it allows campers to quickly attach/detach the wastewater pipes according to their preferences and convenience.

Manufacture warranty

Don’t forget to check the product warranty of any RV sewer hose support before buying it. Most models come with 1-year warranties while some even offer 90-day money-back guarantees. If you’re dealing with durable yet high-performing support, then opting for at least an 18-month manufacturer warranty is essential if you want your purchase to last longer than expected.

Materials used

Cheap RV sewer hose supports tend to be made of plastic and be only capable of supporting relatively lighter weight hoses. Most people choose metal supports especially if they’re dealing with heavier waste drainage hoses which are normally found in larger travel trailers or motorhomes. Metal supports are definitely sturdier but can take up too much space when not used over time.


The cost of this RV plumbing accessory is dependent on its size, durability, and materials used in the manufacturing process although it must be noted that the cheapest models are mostly made of plastic. Some sewer hose supports come with specialized features which may not have much impact when purchasing but can save you time after use especially when dealing with multiple hookups over time.

Other extras

Some sewer hose supports offer features like rust-resistant materials, multiple attachment points, a rear locking mechanism, and even material-covered hooks for maximum safety. Keep in mind that you purchase something which offers more than the standard features because it will be an investment well spent over time especially if you’re planning to use your travel trailer for camping quite often.

These are some of the most important features to consider before buying an RV sewer hose support system. It serves as an essential part of your RV plumbing accessory setup, which is why you must make sure that it’s easy to use and flexible when in use over time.



What is a sewer hose support?

A sewer hose support is a simple device that allows you to securely hold your RV’s sewer hose at the perfect height and angle when dumping your black and gray tanks. It helps ensure an easy, drip-free connection to the dump station by keeping the sewer hose lifted above any potential spillage below. 

Why do I need sewer hose support for my RV?

Good question! Old habits die hard, but from now on, if you want to smell good while camping in your campervan or motorhome, get into the habit of using a Sewer Hose Support every time you dump your tanks. It’s really THAT simple.

What are the benefits of using sewer hose support?

There are many benefits to using a sewer hose support, chief among them being that it will make your life easier and make dumping your RV’s waste tanks far less of a chore. With very little effort you can greatly reduce stinky “black water” spills on the ground around your campsite, protect surrounding vegetation from sewage contamination, prevent your arms from getting filthy during tank empties, save money by reducing sewage spills at dump stations, keep yourself cleaner when dumping black or gray tanks (especially important if camping in bear country ), and most importantly help ensure an easy connection with the dump station, which will speed up the process dumping both black and gray tanks. With all those benefits, seems like using a sewer hose support is totally worth it.

How does a sewer hose support work?

When you use your sewer hose support, it keeps the end of the sewer hose up off the ground and holds it at an angle that’s perfect for filling your tanks. For convenience, most hoses come with pre-made holes in each end (and some even include stainless steel clamps to secure them), allowing you to easily attach your sewer hose support without any tools or permanent modifications needed.

In this setup, the sewer hose support is being used to elevate the end of the sewer hose. It’s possible to use a sewer hose support like this for both gray and black tanks, however, it works best when dumping only your RV’s black water tank (and not the gray). If you’re constantly emptying both types of wastewater tanks, consider purchasing two separate hoses, which will allow you to set up an elevated line just for your black water tank.

What are some common #ways people attach their sewer hose supports?

Because there are many different types of RVs with different configurations, there are also many different ways that one might attach a sewer hose support. The following examples should give you an idea of what’s possible:

Usually we have a typical setup using two pieces of 1″ PVC pipe and two ABS “street” fittings, all of which can be purchased at your local hardware store for just a few dollars. The advantage of this type of setup is that it’s very easy to break down if needed. Being able to separate the pieces makes them easy to stow away when not in use, plus you can easily extend the upper section with additional lengths of PVC pipe. If you like this idea but don’t want to go through the trouble (or expense) of buying extra parts, make sure you check out these complete kits! Another benefit of using PVC piping is that you can paint it to better match your RV’s exterior color.

Above is an example of one way to attach a sewer hose support for use with both black and gray wastewater tanks. By using two ABS “street” fittings, you can easily attach two sewer hoses to the same sewer hose support. The benefit to this approach is that it’s inexpensive, but there are also some drawbacks. First, these street fittings require rubber gaskets which need replacing every few years (or sooner if exposed to harsh conditions). Second, they’re not very easy to store when not in use (you’ll probably need to wrap them up or find somewhere safe just for keeping them on hand).

Last but not least we have the most common setup seen on pop-up trailers, in which the sewer hose support is mounted directly onto the camper wall. This tends to be simpler than most other configurations, but there are some limitations. First, it can only support a small diameter of sewer hose (typically 2″), making it difficult to use with larger RV’s or when dumping multiple tanks. Second, you won’t get good use out of this type of setup unless you already carry your sewer hose coiled up on-board (as opposed to using a “stationary” storage method).

How high should you elevate your sewer hose?

Much like how it’s important to choose the right type of RV sewer hose supports, the other consideration is how much elevation you’ll need when attaching them. The higher the better, in most cases. Remember, you want to avoid kinking or bending your sewer hose when dumping your tanks, so try to keep the end elevated at least 18″ off the ground – this will ensure that your hose can easily drain without being restricted. Since it’s hard to predict exactly how much height any given setup will need, it’s usually best to start with a taller setup and then shorten things if needed.

Can I use my sewer hose support for anything else?

Yes – in addition to using them for RV sewer hoses, these same supports can come in handy when using larger, non-RV drain hoses as well. You’ll often find these larger diameter hoses used for draining sinks, tubs, and showers (as opposed to your typical household drains which usually range from 1.5″ to 2″). By attaching a sewer hose support directly onto the wall alongside the drain source, you’ll be able to easily use it as an elevated stand which will help avoid kinks or bends as it discharges into the main waste line.

What types of materials are commonly used for sewer hose supports?

Most folks will opt for using either ABS plastic or PVC piping when constructing their own DIY sewer hose supports. ABS is just about the most common type of plastic pipe used in the plumbing industry, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it at your local home improvement store. PVC is also a very common material for sewer hose supports due to its affordable price tag and ease of use. Plus, if you plan on painting it to match your RV’s exterior color, this will provide an even closer match!

How long of an RV sewer hose support do I need?

In most cases, a sewer hose support should be around 2 feet long. This will provide more than enough elevation for any trailer or RV that uses a 2″ sewer hose. The only exception would be if you plan on using a large diameter sewer hose, in which case you’ll probably want to bump it up to 3 feet. But unless your RV needs something extremely specific, this is the length you should stick with as a general rule of thumb.

How do I install a sewer hose support?

It’s actually quite simple – most sewer hose supports are sized with a universal “T” shape, meaning they can be attached to any flat surface using the included mounting hardware. If you’re attaching it directly onto your camper wall, then all you need is either some adhesive or screws + drywall anchors. If you go with screws then just make sure that whatever material you use for your RV isn’t going to split apart when being drilled into (for example, if you have thin aluminum siding then it’s probably not a good idea). Here are some of the most important things to watch out for when attaching your new support:

Make sure it’s level with the ground. This is really important if you want to avoid any slow leaks or overfilling your dump tanks.

Be careful not to overtighten anything – just give it enough force so that it stays securely attached, but don’t use more pressure than needed since this can damage both your hose and/or sewer hose support.

If using screws, make sure they’re long enough to penetrate through whatever material you’ll be attaching it to (e.g., cardboard siding, aluminum siding, plywood, steel walls). Just about all of these materials are soft enough for screws to go through without much of an issue, but if you’re unsure about the strength of your camper wall then it’s probably best to grab some longer screws just in case.

Some sewer hose supports come with small suction cups (for temporary use), but most people will opt for simply using adhesive instead. As long as this is properly attached, it should provide more than enough support to work as a permanent fixture.

What are the different types of RV sewer hose supports?

There are actually quite a few different styles that exist. Here are just some examples for you to consider:

Wall-mounted models – the most common type of support, these sit directly onto your camper wall and can be mounted using screws or adhesive. For this reason, they’re ideal if you want something that has a universal “T” shape so it can attach to any flat surface within your vehicle.

Trailer models – these are specifically designed to be attached to both the front end of your trailer, as well as the back end (after it connects with your tow vehicle ). These types of supports are generally meant for larger setups that require more elevation in order to prevent spills or overflows. in mind though – since this is primarily intended for trailers that are being towed by a larger vehicle, you’ll have to make sure it’s compatible with both your camper and tow vehicle.

Portable units – these are designed so that they’re easy to transport around whenever you need them. This means that they can be folded down into a compact shape, or possibly even attached to an outside wall of your RV instead of sitting on the ground. The benefit here is that unlike other types of supports which are large stationary objects, these can be slung over your shoulder using a strap while still allowing you to maneuver throughout different areas without any problems.

Electric models – if you want something super convenient then this may be perfect for you! These particular models use standard power outlets in order to control when they rise or fall, so they should be compatible with just about any other sewer hose accessories that you have, including the automatic ones mentioned above.

Solar-powered – if you don’t want wires running down your vehicle’s walls, then this may be perfect for you! One of the major benefits here is that there are no cords required whatsoever, plus they work automatically by utilizing solar power which means less upkeep and maintenance over time.

How much should I pay for an RV sewer hose support?

Now, this obviously depends on a number of different factors which we’ll get into shortly. But in general, you shouldn’t have to pay more than $30 for basic wall-mounted support that’s meant for smaller setups such as campers and trailers. Keep in mind that some other types may be more expensive, however (e.g., electrical models, solar-powered ones), so if possible then it can be helpful to do your research first before committing to anything. Also, the best prices tend to come from online retailers rather than brick and mortar stores, especially since they usually hold sales all year round and don’t require you to pay any shipping fees either!

How long does an RV sewer hose support last?

This obviously depends on the type of support that you end up buying. Some models can last for a few years without any issues, while others may only survive one or two trips before the tubing needs to be changed. The main thing to remember here is that as long as it’s providing enough elevation to your sewer hose (and relieving pressure from its connection point), then it should work great for as long as possible!

How often should I replace my RV sewer hose support?

As we mentioned above, you won’t have to change anything immediately unless it starts showing any signs of degradation or damage. Even so, though, some manufacturers suggest checking things occasionally before automatically replacing them every time they’re used.

It’s important to keep in mind that the tubing for these types of supports can be easily punctured if you don’t store them properly (e.g., by stacking them on top of each other, or directly onto your sewer hose). You should also avoid using anything sharp (or sticking it into the support) since this may cause permanent damage to any one of the valves inside. If possible then it’s always best to try taking it out first, and then reinserting it back in just in case any debris gets stuck inside which might otherwise clog up your sewer later!

What are some common RV sewer hose problems?

The most common issue that people face with their sewer hoses is when they start to plummet towards the ground after extending all the way up. The reason for this is due to the difference in air pressure between the bottom and the top, so it’s best if you can get the support that will provide extra elevation to make up for this.

If you’re not sure whether or not your RV sewer hose support has failed, then there are some signs that you should look out for. For instance, does it appear warped or bent when laying flat on the ground? Is there any visible cracking near its connection point which might be an indication of damage? Does either end keep retracting back inside after extending it to its maximum length? Lastly, does the tubing take much longer than usual before getting pulled back inside once again? If so, then it may be time for you to invest in brand new replacement support.

Do you need to use hose clamps with your RV sewer hose?

For the most part, hose clamps are only needed on some models when it comes to attaching them to any type of enclosure or enclosure frame. For example, if you don’t want the tubing tearing away from the body of your trailer while you’re driving on uneven terrain, then this might be helpful in keeping everything securely fastened together.

Otherwise, you can usually get away without using any special equipment at all (e.g., zip ties). If possible though, then it’s always best to keep an extra tube handy just in case something like that does happen later on down the road. Also, make sure that your new supports are compatible with your hose by checking for any non-standard connectors.



And those are some of the best RV sewer hose support on the market and their characteristics, see anything you like yet? While you could use rocks, branches, and other materials to stabilize your sewer hose, they are not as good as purpose-designed products. Nowadays, many RV parks require you to use hose supports if you want to stay at their place. That is why it’s a good idea to get a suitable set of hose support as soon as possible if you don’t have one already.

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