[TOP 5] Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Portable Bluetooth speakers are becoming popular each day with different companies competing for market. This healthy competition has also brought about new inventions and designs. The features and uniqueness of this items has even made it more difficult for potential buyers to decide what to buy.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

When buying any portable Bluetooth speaker, one should consider the quality of sound, durability and also portability.

Although there are several Bluetooth speakers to choose from, separating the grain from the chaff is easy if you read this review.Things to check when going for any portable Bluetooth speaker in 2019 include; ease of use, features, price and compatibility. Here are the five best portable Bluetooth speakers of 2022.

#1 SoundBot SB510 Water Resistant


Sound Bot ranks as one of the technologically first Bluetooth device ever created. Its features and installation techniques contribute things that other portable Bluetooth speakers lack.

For instance, this device is water resistance, meaning you can enjoy unlimited music at the pool or while taking a hot shower.

Further more, this same device gives you access to hand free phone calling thanks to the inbuilt microphone for outdoor and indoor use. Unlike most devices, the sound clarity is attributed by 3.0 audio wireless connectivity that can stream and play for up to 6 hours’ time.

This particular brand is also compatible with all the smartphones running either IOS or Android operating systems.

Other notable features include volume up and down functions, fast forward, skips, pause and play and the power button that is water resistant. This US patent licensed product also features control buttons and dedicated suction cups for cars, beach, showers and pools.


#2 Oontz Angle 3 Portable Speaker


Ootz Angle 3 is another brand that produces one of the best water resistant portable wireless speakers.

This next generation portable sound delivers quality sound with distinct Mids and highs from the speaker that produce 10W of pure sound. The system features a loud volume and a more bass distortion free when at maximum.

Some of its components are waterproof, sand proof, dust proof best for outdoor use. The speaker is lighter making it easily portable.

Other features include inbuilt Microphone for hand free communications, compatible with almost all smartphone. With the non-Bluetooth device, the 3.5 mm audio cable saves the day.


#3 Roker S-Cannon Portable Speaker


This award winning design wireless speaker combines an incredible style that complement the quality of sound produced. Roker has a special alloy housing that makes it stand out, apart from the design, the speaker deliver crisp sound thanks to super enhanced bass.

The speaker also has a 3W bass quality and 40mm speaker drive that balances the whole sound experience. Best features of this printable device include upgraded Bluetooth version to 3.0, stable connectivity to any Bluetooth enabled device.

TF card slot that supports MP3, noise cancellation and hand free function. Additional Features include a built-in rechargeable battery that can play music continuously for 5 hours, press button that replace the slide button that is easy to operate.


#4 Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Photive HYDA is a must have a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker. This device can double as a shower speaker with the advantage of using all the features without the need to step away from the water.

The features that make this product unique are the waterproof, dust proof and shockproof, thanks to the advanced rubberised rugged interior that resist water and impact. The advanced 4.0 technology that ensures the device uses less energy but delivers quality sound.

Its sub woofer and two 40mm drivers provide the sound system with the intended quality sound. The only thing that powers this powerhouse is the powerful Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that lets you enjoy up to 8 hours of uninterrupted music.


#5 Bekhic 3D Tumbler Wireless Speaker


Bekhic 3D tumbler is the latest state of the art wireless portable speaker that does it all with ease. The portable sound system features a German 3D Bluetooth technology speaker. NFS functions that tumble 45 degrees including the touch functions.

The Bluetooth speaker supports AUX in, TF function and Bluetooth speaker that is compatible with Samsung phones, iPad and iPhone and many other devices that support Bluetooth functions.

One thing that makes Bekhic speaker significant. The built-in rechargeable battery that is very efficient especially in places with a limited source of power energy.Other features of Bekhic include; FM function, built-in a microphone system for hand free phone calling.


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