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5 Best Oven Mitts Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Finding a pair of oven mitts is so simple. You can just pick one at any shopping mall if you find one. Yet it is not only about picking “simple” oven mitts. You have to find a good quality pair that is comfortable to wear and easy-to-clean at the same time.

Do not be deceived by the looks. We collected 5 best oven mitts that you can check out and pick the right one for your kitchen needs.

#1 Flame Retardant Quilted Best Oven Mitts Commercial Grade


Made of 100% quilted cotton and premium quality flame-retardant material, the oven mitts from Nouvelle Legende are easy-to-clean using a damp cloth. This can be a disadvantage for other people since it is not washable.

However, quilted cotton fabric is more comfortable to wear than any other materials. Also, it is made durable for heat protection, so you can handle medium hot kitchen equipment, such as the oven door, the grates, and the like.

You can use this oven mitt indoor or outdoor.Use it for grilling or any other purposes that require heat protection.

It is a commercial-grade oven mitt, which means it is fit for commercial or consumer use. Rest assured you are well-protected when wearing it.

For added protection, the oven mitt covers the hands up to the forearms. Be careful with overly hot equipment because these oven mitts are not that thick enough to prevent extreme heat.


#2 Kitchen Haven Best Flex Silicone Oven Mitts Insulated


Made of a silicone outer shell, the Kitchen Haven oven mitts are for unisex, which means they are perfect for both women and men.

These oven mitts are also best to use for home and for professional chefs. They can resist heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent your arms from overly hot temperature.

The silicone material is 100% FDA approved; it is safe for food use – baking, microwaving and grilling. You can even use these mitts for clearing snow because they are created for less wear and tear. Also, it comes with freebies.

You will get a pastry or basting brush or a silicone spatula upon ordering or purchasing.


#3 OHUHU Oven Gloves, Oven Mitts and BBQ Gloves


Made of comfortable, lightweight, and flexible 5-fingers grip material, Ohuhu oven mitts are a versatile handwear that you can use for all purposes. These mitts have long cuffs so your hands will completely be covered and protected from heat.

A pair of these mitts can be a perfect handwear for baking, microwaving, camping, patio grilling, and more. Also, it is great for holding frozen foods. Heat protection is up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a must in your patio grilling and kitchen.


#4 Chefaith Silicone, Non-Slip Food Grade Oven Mitts


Another silicone-made oven mitt is from Chefaith™ with a heat resistant up to 480 degrees F. Silicone material prevents accidental slippage so you don’t have to worry about it.

It is multipurpose that can be used for pot holding, barbecuing, cooking, smoke grill handling, house cleaning, baking, and more.

It is dishwasher safe, non-stick, and odor-resistant, which makes it very convenient to clean and wear. Although it is made of a premium silicone material, the oven mitt is affordable.




Bedrocker® oven mitt is a silicone-based handwear that is stain-proof and non-porous. It has been approved by FDA so it is considered food-safe.

This kitchen handwear is easy-to-clean. You just need to use a damp cloth to clean it or wash it thoroughly if you’d like since it is machine washable.

This mitt is perfect for all-around use: oven, grilling, baking, etc. Also, the textured grip design prevents accidental slippage for double safety.



Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Oven Mitts

What to consider when buying oven mitts: When you’re cooking, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the food and not on what you’re touching. But when you need to touch something hot, oven mitts come in handy. They protect your hands and forearms from painful burns. If you want them to do their job well, here are some things that you should consider before choosing your set:

1. Material

While most people assume that all oven mitts are made of the same material, we’ve found that this just isn’t true. Before purchasing one for yourself, make sure to look closely at the label. The best types are those made with cotton or terrycloth because they are the most insulating. On the other hand, oven mitts that are made with quilted material won’t keep your hands as safe because they aren’t very thick.

2. Size

While you may want to choose an oven mitt that’s larger so it can fit over both your arms at once, be careful not to get one that’s too large or else it won’t offer much protection. You should also make sure that it fits securely around your wrist and isn’t too loose or tight. And take into consideration how easy (or difficult) it is to put on when doing this step of the selection process.

Make sure you check the size chart before buying because oven mitts come in different sizes which you’ll need to take into account when making your purchase. It should fit your palm fairly well without any loose areas so it’s snug enough not slip off easily. If it’s too big, then this could cause problems as well since it won’t adequately protect your hands from heat or minor burns.

4. Material

When it comes to choosing oven mitts, you’ll find that they are often made of one (or more) of the following materials:

Cotton – This is the most popular material for oven mitts because it protects against heat quite well. However, they may not always be machine washable unless labeled as such.

Leather – Leather oven mitts aren’t ideal since they can crack or fade when exposed to high temperatures. They also absorb heat which means your hands will feel hotter than with other types. But if you don’t mind these downsides and want a long-lasting choice, leather might be right for you.

Nylon – Nylon oven mitts are fire resistant so therefore offer excellent protection from burns. In addition, they are machine washable and able to withstand high heat. But because nylon doesn’t insulate as well as other materials do, you’ll need to make sure that the oven mitt is thick enough for your needs.

Plastic – If you want a cheap option or if you’re using an oven mitt primarily for decoration, plastic may be what you’re looking for. Keep in mind though that this type of glove will melt if exposed to extreme heat so it’s not ideal for cooking or crafting projects where it could come into contact with hot objects.

Rubber or PVC – These gloves are inexpensive and offer low burn protection since they aren’t made with fire-resistant material like nylon or Kevlar is.

Specialty oven mitts – You can also find oven mitts made with flame-resistant materials for extra protection. And some are specially designed to meet certain specifications such as having large pockets so you can wear them while cooking outdoors or working on an open fire.

5. Safe

Although it’s impossible to test your own oven mitts at home, there are some telltale signs that you should look for before purchasing one. For example, a fabric that has a high number of threads woven together will make a thicker and more protective pair of gloves. Also, take a close look at the wrist cuff since it typically won’t be very strong if you’re holding something hot in your hand. It would be best to buy an oven mitt with a long sleeve so you can keep your arm well away from any heat source.

6. Style

From polka dots and gingham prints to plaids and stripes, there’s no limit to the types of oven mitts that are currently available. You’ll also find that they come in various lengths (usually short or long, depending on the material), colors (black is very popular but if you prefer red or pink, by all means choose it!), patterns (e.g., solid color vs. floral design), and designs (does it have pom-poms? Does it look like part of a Halloween costume?). Keep in mind though that some oven mitts are meant for decoration only and aren’t made to withstand high temperatures.

7. Washability

There are only certain types of oven mitts that are machine washable so if having an easy-to-clean option is important for you, then consider what type will be the best for your needs.

8. Heat resistance

As previously mentioned, some oven mitts are made with materials that aren’t fire-resistant or flame-resistant so keep this in mind if you want protection from burns or if you’ll be using the gloves for cooking purposes. Also take into consideration how hot the surface is that you’ll be touching since different fabrics have different abilities to resist heat. For example, cotton absorbs water but doesn’t insulate as well as wool does.

9. Grip And Flexibility

When wearing an oven mitt, you’ll want it to be thick enough that it can protect your hand but not so bulky that it gets in the way. If the glove is too thick, it will affect how much grip you have when holding onto objects. Also keep in mind how flexible the material is since this affects ease of movement as well as dexterity.

10. Fit

Oven mitts should fit comfortably around your wrist and be long enough to cover both your hands and arms for extra protection from hot surfaces. The gloves also shouldn’t slide down if you’re working with something hot inside a pot or pan. So make sure you take all of these factors into consideration before making your purchase.

11. Price

Usually, you get what you pay for so don’t go too cheap. It might seem tempting to purchase a pair of oven mitts that’s a few dollars cheaper because the product seems well made and durable but keep in mind that this might not be the case. If it’s really important to have gloves that are flame-resistant, then it’ll probably cost more than those that aren’t resistant or if you need something with extra insulation or from a specialty fabric such as Kevlar, then expect to pay more for it.

12. Warranty

Some manufacturers also offer a warranty on their products which is an added bonus. So make sure to check if there’s one available depending on your needs and requirements before making your final decision.

13. Protective Lining

If you’re not sure if the material is oven-safe then this could also be a concern for you. If that’s the case, then look for gloves that are made with Kevlar or another type of protective lining.

14. Slippage Avoidance

If you’re looking for gloves that are extra-durable since they come into contact with hot surfaces on a regular basis then look for ones that have an anti-slip grip. Also check to see if the glove offers insulation in addition to its design so it will be able to protect your skin while at the same time keeping the heat out of your hand.

15. Toxicity Levels

How toxic is this item? Is it safe? Keep in mind that some oven mitts are made with chemicals so these might not be the best to have around food items or children. Also, look for gloves that are flame-resistant since they typically meet standards set by Underwriters Laboratories which regulate fire safety equipment.

16. Ease Of Use

Look for oven mitts that are easy to put on and take off since you’ll need to remove them when placing items into the oven then slip them back on again before using your hands for other purposes. If it’s difficult to slide your hand inside the glove because it has too tight a fit, then purchase one that is roomier instead so this won’t be an issue.

17. Brand Name

How well known is this brand? Is it a popular one with customers? Also, look for oven mitts that are made by a company you trust. This will ensure that their mitts meet the highest of standards and don’t contain harmful chemicals such as lead or arsenic.

18. Material Textiles/Fabric

The material of these mitts is important so pick ones that are made out of fabrics such as cotton, wool, Kevlar, or spandex. You can also find oven mitts that are made out of silicone but these will typically be more expensive since the material is harder to work with and use.

19. Laundering Instructions

What are the laundering instructions like? Are the gloves machine washable or do they need to be hand-washed only? Check the care label to see how they should be cleaned so you can easily clean them after using.

20. Gloves/Mitts Style

Baking mits come in two styles: gloves or mitts. While most people choose one style over another, it’s important to note that they both offer protection when working with hot items in the kitchen. You can find oven mitts that are made with cotton, spandex, or leather materials for durability purposes. Also look for ones that have an anti-slip grip on the palm area so you won’t drop whatever is placed inside the oven while taking it out to prevent burns. Mitts are more popular than gloves but some prefer wearing oven gloves instead because they are more lightweight and offer better mobility since you can move fingers with ease.

21. Durability/Quality Standards

How durable is this product? How long will it last? Focus on oven mitts that are made to last and retain their shape after multiple uses. Also, look for ones that can stand up to heavy-duty tasks in the kitchen such as pulling hot pans out of the oven.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Require Two Oven Mitts?

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen, and need to purchase mitts to go with the new utensils that you will purchase, then you will definitely need two oven mitts. It is important to remember that there are utensils that come in a set, but that do not come with mitts. These would be the single serve utensils that you would buy for yourself, and that would serve the purpose just fine. However, if you happen to purchase a set of single serving utensils, you will find that the mitts would come in handy more than you thought they would. So, if you happen to be remodeling your kitchen and would like to buy yourself some nice mitts to go along with it, then it is definitely a good idea to purchase a pair of these.

There are many different uses for two oven mitts, but one of the most common uses would be when you are doing the cooking of two foods at once. For instance, if you are making lasagna, and happen to have two sheets of lasagna on one hand, and a hot dish on the other, then you will obviously need two oven mitts to make sure that the food will be kept separate. The same thing goes for making a roast. If you happen to be making a roast, and happen to have an open box of beef that you would like to keep warm while you are making the roast, you will obviously need to have two oven mitts to ensure that the meat won’t get destroyed during the whole process of cooking.

If you happen to be in the market for some of these items, then it is definitely a good idea to do some research online. You will be able to find out which styles of mitts are best suited for what purposes. After all, you do not want to spend your hard earned money on something that is not going to work right? Therefore, it is very important for you to ensure that you do your homework and figure out which products are going to be the most effective. If you do your research well, you should end up with a product that will last you for years to come!

2. Does Silicone Potholder Melt At High-Temperature?

The first question that comes to our mind after seeing an advertisement of new silicone oven mitts is – Does silicone potholder melt at high-temperature? This is a legitimate question and yes, it does melt at high-temperature. Silicone has been used for a long time in the making of mitts and other products. This type of material is quite popular among all types of manufacturers as it is very cheap and available in a large variety of styles and colors.

When we have cast iron or steel based oven mitts, they do not melt at all. This is because steel based or iron based mitts are made of high density homogenous construction material which is resistant to heat and flames. The problem with these types of mitts is that they get discolored and deformed after a few years of continuous usage. This is because the structure of the material changes and it starts getting various cracks and breaks which are caused by friction and heat.

The highlighted features of silicone oven mitts are that they do not melt when heated to over 500 degree Celsius and they provide high level of protection to our hands even in high temperature conditions. We can check price from different brands and also check whether the features are applicable on these types of mitts. It would be best if we could do some research on the Internet before investing some money for these type of gloves. We can read reviews and compare prices from different manufacturers and choose the best one.

3. How Do You Store Oven Mitts?

How do you store oven mitts? You can simply hang the oven mitts on the wall in front of your oven, or you can place them in an appropriate spot in the kitchen. If you have a wall that is close to a vent, you might want to consider putting the oven mitts on top of the vent so that smoke cannot escape. However, if you have a wall that separates you from ventilation, you might want to put the oven mitts up on a non-vented wall.

The type of oven mitts you use also play an important role in how well your cooking is done. If you are using a metal pan, you might find it harder to bake with, since metal pans can easily burn if they are not used in an appropriate way. The best way to use metal baking pans is to mix them with thinner pans, and apply the butter or margarine as thin as possible. In this manner, the pan is not so heavy, and your cooking time will be much faster. If you are using cast iron or copper pans, you should be careful to keep the oven mitts away from these types of pans, so that they will not react to the grease or heat, potentially damaging the mitt.

When you are using the oven for the first time, or after having it for a period of time, it might be difficult to find a place to hang oven mitts. If you are like most people, though, it is a nice feature of the kitchen that you would like to be able to store the mitt in an appropriate spot, where you will not have to worry about them getting in the way when you are using the oven. You can purchase oven mitts that are designed to hang from the oven door or rack, keeping the mitt out of the way. These are often made of plastic, and there are also metal varieties, which look more professional but are usually less durable.

4. Can You Wash Silicone Gloves?

Most people do not realize that some common household items, such as dishwashers, oven mitts and microwave oven mitts can all be used as a substitute for silicone gloves in the heat. All it takes is one simple pair of oven mitts to reduce the heat from the stovetop or oven to a safe level and reduce the amount of damage to your dishes, cookware or other items. These easy to use products are available in most standard sized quilted cotton comforters as well as heat-resistant black polyester fabric for oven mitts. Each product is constructed with several highlighted features to make cooking safer and more convenient. These features are outlined below:

Silicone gloves provide comfort and safety during whatever projects may lie ahead. The materials are lightweight and versatile and will go with any project from cutting food to mixing batter. Cotton gloves, on the other hand, provide a strong barrier of protection and security from heat and are great to use on projects ranging from painting to sculpting. The black polyester fabric and quilted cotton/hepa grade cotton construction provides exceptional barrier protection from heat.

Can you wash these mitts? If you buy one of the products that can be reused between washings, you can count on several years of safe and comfortable use. In addition to being easy to re-soak after washing, the cast iron construction offers a long lifetime of durability. Unlike other types of mitts that are not made to withstand repeated washings, the silicone oven mitts have been designed with multiple uses in mind. It would be a shame to throw out an old pair just because they were no longer able to perform their primary job.

5. What Is The General Instruction For Washing Silicone Gloves?

What is the general instruction for washing silicone oven mitts? The general rule of thumb is that you should never put your hands directly into your microwave oven. Ever. For all of the reasons that we’ve already discussed, it’s a bad idea. While the general rule is good for certain kinds of things, it’s a poor one for washing silicone oven mitts.

It might sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how often people make this mistake. One of the most common is that people expect the heat protection to remain intact throughout the heating process. This is why cast iron utensils, such as Dutch ovens and slow cookers, typically come with metal dishes that protect the utensils from burning. Silicone oven mitts are made from a different material, and as such they cannot withstand high heat. Therefore, they must be washed in a separate cycle.

When you wash your silicone oven mitts in the washing machine, you need to use cold water, as cold water is your best bet for killing bacteria. Using hot water is not a good idea, because you run the risk of burning the glove. Once the glove has been rendered useless as a construction material, your hand will be free of any type of germs. In addition, the materials do not stick to each other, so you won’t have to worry about contaminating other parts of your kitchen.

6. What Are Oven Mitts Used For?

What are oven mitts used for? There are many uses of oven mitts. They are designed to protect the hands and help people from burning their hands when they are working with fireplaces, ovens, and grills. They also help protect the user from sparks or smoke that may occur from burning things. The mittens will prevent you from getting singed, which is why they are primarily used in kitchens or in the home.

If you go to any party where there are large ovens, you will find that there will be some children who will go into them, or try to climb up the side to get to the top. While this is a common occurrence, it is still one that shouldn’t be accepted. While you may want to save your money, you are still risking hurting your child if you don’t take precautions. You should use a pair of oven mitts, even if you have to buy a new pair, because they will not only help protect your child, but they will also prevent the spread of bacteria or other germs. While you can use regular cotton cloths, the mitt is much better because it is designed to withstand heat, unlike cotton cloths which melt under the heat.

While there are many other things you can use to reduce the number of burn-outs in your household, you can also use oven mitts for a variety of tasks like cleaning pots and pans, removing burnt food from pots and pans, and removing boiling water from dishes and pots. In addition to being used for these various tasks, the mittens will also be able to protect you from burns, especially if you work with acidic or hot materials. These mittens were made specifically for handling these types of materials and will usually come with a handle so you can easily slip them on and off your hands. Some manufacturers also make oven mittens that are made out of durable leather that is perfect for pot holders. The leather is usually acid resistant so you won’t have to worry about the mittens getting ruined if a pot or pan accidentally slips off.


The best oven mitts are those that have a good grip, protect the hand from heat and stay cool to the touch. There are many different materials available for an oven mitt’s material, but it’s important to find one that suits your needs as well as offers protection. Our team of experts has compiled a list of their top picks in oven mitts so you can make a more informed decision about which product is right for you! We recommend our favorite pick-the KitchenAid Consumer Oven Mitt with Silicone Grip. It stays cooler than other brands, conforms better to your hands and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or substances like some competitors do. For more information on this great options click here now!

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