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7 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands Reviews, Tips & Guides

Who would have thought that the head guard one uses during bike riding can be a source of info train? Need to get the best motorcycle helmet brands in 2021? Read our analysis for the best choice!

The work of genius here is the “Bluetooth helmet” which multi-purpose tool serving as a safeguard of biker’s head while performing other functions instantaneously.

The Bluetooth helmets have a huge market these days, wherein one can check out multiple brands and models before making an appropriate choice.

Which best motorcycle helmet brand is best for your scenario, this article will support you to understand in a far better way.

Best Motorcycle Helmets

The most common features in a Bluetooth helmet are GPS enabled device, Bluetooth Interphone headset, embedded FM radio, bike to bike intercom (range limit), rider to passenger full-duplex intercom connection as well as phone connectivity.

Bid adieu to the boring rides as the motorcycle helmet is here to wipe out the solitary experience on long routes.

Some of the best motorcycle helmet brands providing Bluetooth helmets comprise of O’Neal Commander, Built Techno 2.0, ILM Integrated Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet, IV2 936 Modular Motorcycle Helmet + SENA SMH5 Bluetooth unit among others.

Let’s take a look at the reviews of the best motorcycle helmet brands with displays below:

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands Available in Market:

Arai Motorcycle Helmets

# Preview Product Price
1 Arai XD4 Helmet (White, Large) Arai XD4 Helmet (White, Large) $609.95

Named after the founder Hirotaka Arai, the small Japanese company  “Arai Helmet Limited” was started in 1926  to manufacture motorcycle and racing helmets. Post the 60 years of its inception, the company’s trial and error method to test each helmet is a continued legacy which makes the product an exclusive pick by significant markets.

The three generations of Arai, succeeded by Michio Arai and Akihito Arai caters to Australian, European, Japanese, and American demands thereby following specific safety standards for respective markets.

Since the past six decades, hand-made helmets continue to adhere to the protection and safety standards in its manufacturing as well as designing.

Quantum –X, Signet –X, Corsair-X, Vector-2, CT-Z, XC, XD-4, and VX-Pro45 are few product models provided by the company.

The multiple interior shapes, interior liners, and detachable cheek pads make an Arai helmet comfortable for any head. The round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval are the various fits offered by Arai which takes comfort to a whole new level.

Another feature of R 75 Shape is a continuous curve radius of 75 mm which makes the shells round, smooth, and strong. It not only disperses better kinetic energy but also evades the unwanted rotational forces. Furthermore, ‘PB Tech’ or the peripheral belt is the advanced technology that maintains the integrity of the shell at the critical forehead area of each helmet.

It avoids adding extra shell thickness or weight thereby reinforcing the shell. Additionally,  the multi-density EPS liner manages impact energy in each area of the helmet, resulting in better protection in a smaller and lighter helmet.

In all ten annual JD Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Studies, the helmet was accredited with the first rank in all the sections of customer satisfaction, overall satisfaction, ventilation, and styling.

The company does not deliver helmets to eminent MotoGP races like Nicky Hayden, Dani Pedrosa but the helmets even meet the FIA requirements forming it a favorable choice for F1 drivers as well. Adrian Sutil, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Chilton are among the prospective buyer’s list of the company

The evolution of performance built upon a history of experience is what Arai pledge by while producing each piece.

Shoei Motorcycle Helmets

From manufacturing helmets wholly for the racing sector, the Japanese company “Shoei” has carved a niche for itself in creating top-quality motor helmets over time.

Founded by Eitaro Kamata in 1958 to date, helmets are manufactured in Japan alone while the sale as well distribution is done worldwide. Post its adoption by Honda Motor Co. as “genuine helmets” in 1965, the company has persistently maintained an upward graph.

With a limited workforce of 500 employees, the accountability of an employee in manufacturing every single piece makes it an exceptional product with a markedly strong yet lightweight helmet. Shoei provides helmets for various MotoGP riders including Marc Marquez, Bradley Smith, Thomas Luthi to name a few.

The wide range of helmets offered by Shoei is X Spirit III, RYD, NXR, GT=Air, Neotec, J.O, RJ Platinum –R, J Cruise, Hornet ADV, VFX-W, TR-3 and much more.

What makes the helmets matchless and widely held is the advanced technology used in its production process covering the coverless shield system, dual liner ventilation system, RF-1000, X-eleven. The two-part shock-absorbing liner in hyper dual liner ventilation carry fresh air to the rider’s head and vent out warm humid air.

In another feature, the advanced interior padding provides comfort even at extreme speeds, thereby preventing turbulence and noise. Furthermore, the 7 different detachable cheek pads stretch a whole new level of ease and comfort.

Despite being an earthquake victim in 2011, the company managed to restore its name as a top-quality brand spread worldwide.

HJC Motorcycle Helmets

HJC has succeeded in maintaining the status as the number one helmet brand in North America. HJC offers a wide selection of helmets in the mid to high-end range segment. HJC has its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test for aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, etc.
As HJC approaches 45 years in the making of helmets, their commitment to providing the highest quality helmets to motorcyclists in the world is condemnable as they go by their words.

In recent years, HJC has put forward a lot of new technology in the helmet industry. They are concentrating substantially on their

manufacturing capabilities, as a result, HJC has been growing and evolving itself as the most wanted brands amongst the motorcyclists.

Their recently launched new model RPHA ST is a proof of their advanced technology and has taken the market by storm.

Its sleek design is bound to make the riders fall in love with it.

Bell Motorcycle Helmets

Started in 1954, Bell has taken its name from the city in which it was born, Bell, California. With over more than 60 years of experience, Bell is one of the top helmet brands known for its quality and performance.

Whether for auto racing, motorcycling, or bicycling, Bell is synonymous amongst riders as one of the top and most appreciated brands.

Bell was the first brand to come out with a helmet for full-face and very first to combine inner form lining in a helmet with its outer shell. When it comes to safety, Bell helmets are the highest safety rated helmets on the market.

They make the best helmets for people who are speed-hungry. Their helmets are best-suited for speed lovers.

Bell has always been excellent about making equipment that speaks quality and style.

AGV Motorcycle Helmets

A.G.V. is an acronym that stands for Amisano Gino Valenza. This Italian motorcycle helmet firm, founded by Gino Amisano was started in 1946. The colors on the helmet are those of the Italian flag, just to showcase the AGV’s great pride in its connection to its homeland.

They ventured into the business via manufacturing leather seats and motorcycle saddles. It was a year later, i.e. in 1947 that they started making motorcycle helmets.

In 2007, AGV was taken over by Dainese and company president Lino Dainese, that are known to manufacture some of the best innovative technologies in action sports and are used by the world’s top riders.

Basically, it was the motorcycle World Champions Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini, who made this brand popular by endorsing AGV helmets throughout their career. Adding a few more to the list are Barry Sheene, Kenny Roberts, Johnny Cecotto, Angel Nieto, and Marco Lucchinelli.

It was the first company to produce a fiberglass helmet in 1954. AGV helmets are now being manufactured after undergoing rigorous tests and follow  AGV Extreme Standards to give its customers the best quality and design possible. AGV Grid and GP-Tech Helmets bring up the mid-range category without compromise.

Nolan Motorcycle Helmets

Founded by Lander Nocchi in 1972, Nolan Helmets SpA is an Italian motorcycle helmet company that deals in in-house manufacturing of helmets and its components.

Working on a blend of conventional as well as advanced methods, the helmets are designed produced and engineered by a limited team of 360 who constantly assure highest quality standards as well as satisfactory customer service.

With a guarantee of 5 years from the date of purchase, the helmets are credited with ISO 9001:2008 and SG (CPSA Japan) certification.

Along with in-house production, the company also produces for brands like X-LITE and GREX.

The collection involves the diverse type of helmets like crossover, jet, full face, flip-up, and jet in all the brands. Chin guard rotation movement, dual-action chin guard opening system, ultra-wide visor, pin lock anti-fog visor, vision, ventilation, inner comfort padding, and new micro-lock retention system2 form an excellent feature list of the product.

Furthermore, the exclusive feature added to the helmets is the setup for N-COM M5, which is a communication system and can be installed on a helmet model of any brand and is a novel approach to the universal intercom.

Be it talking to pillion rider, listening sings, calls, radio or fellow riders, it can make each thing a child’s play.

While the N-COM line is for Nolan helmets, X-Series Line is specifically designed for X-LITE N-COM while the MULTI Line is useful for all helmet models.

Nolan helmets have been a preferred choice of many elite championships namely superbike, MOTOGP, MOTO2, MOTO3, LEGEND among others. Riders like Casey Stoner, Marco Melandri, Ricardo Tormo are prospective buyers of the helmet.

Shark Motorcycle Helmets

With more than 25 years of experience, the Shark Helmet group is one of the renowned names in the helmet industry. This French brand is known for making the helmets that are known for their quality.

As this brand is founded by former professional racers, their helmets ensure the highest level of performance and safety.

It has its headquarters in Marseille along with its own factories and more than six hundred employees. Shark manufactures about 350,000 helmets each year and has a large sales network of 5,000 outlets throughout the world.

They give a guarantee on their products for 5 years and offer helmets that meet all the needs of motorcyclists.

Buying Guide – How to choose the perfect motorcycle helmets

How to choose the perfect Motorcycle Helmet? You’ve made the decision to buy a helmet, so now it’s time to choose the right helmet for your head and what you will be using it for. Many people think that a DOT approved helmet is the safest helmet, and it certainly is the most comfortable, but there are many other factors to consider. Your helmet should protect your ears, your eyes, your forehead and the vital signs of your blood pressure.

Your top consideration when choosing how to choose the perfect Motorcycle Helmet is, protecting your head in case you’re involved in an accident. All helmets today have a crash test rating of one hundred thousandths of a percent, this means that if you were to crash, this certain type of helmet should protect your skull from the impact. Some of the most popular DOT approved helmets are the Snell Memorial Foundation, Snell polycarbonate, Snell BMW, Moto helmet, Bell & Ross, FitX USA and Cor ev.

Next thing you need to know when looking for how to choose the perfect Motorcycle Helmet is what your helmet is made for. DOT helmets are for those who ride dirt bikes or DOT approved motocross helmets. Motocross helmets were specially designed for the motocross rider to protect their head in case of an accident. The Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell Test, Inc.) has been testing and approving motocross helmets since 1974.

Snell Memorial Foundation tests every helmet to ensure that it provides maximum protection for the head. It is given a certain score, which represents the level of protection that the helmet provides. A zero on the test represents a useless helmet and a five, represents a very safe helmet. This rating is also given to helmets that meet the standards of the Snell Memorial Foundation only. It is very important to choose a helmet that is certified by Snell.

You should also take into account the price when choosing the right helmet. When looking at how to choose the perfect Motorcycle Helmet, price should not be the main factor, but it should be one of your secondary considerations. Choose the helmet that has protective casings shell with padding to cover your entire head. Check if the shell is shatterproof. Also, check if the shell has scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and UV-resistant material.

There are also many features that you should consider when looking for how to choose the perfect Motorcycle Helmet. If you have troubles seeing clearly in low light situations, look for a helmet that has reduced reflectivity and tinting. The helmet should also have sealed straps and contain vents to ensure the comfort of the rider. These vents help keep your head cool during warm conditions and let out the harmful UV rays that can cause sunburn when your head gets exposed to the sun too long.

Another important feature to consider is the back protection. Back protection is another important factor in how to choose the perfect helmet. A properly fit chin strap will prevent the helmet from hitting you in the back of the neck. A fully adjustable chin strap is also great as it allows you to customize its fit to your head size. A helmet that has foam on the liners is recommended as it will absorb the impact when an impact occurs and distribute the impact evenly between the foam and your skull.

How to choose the perfect helmet depends on your purpose. If you are just looking for basic protection then there are a number of options available in the market. If you are involved in a lot of risky activities, you will have to choose a Motorcycle Helmet that is specifically designed for this kind of activity. Finally, if you are looking for maximum comfort and protection, then a full face helmet should be your choice.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Makes A Motorcycle Helmet Comfortable?

When you purchase a motorcycle helmet it is important to know what makes a motorbike helmet comfortable. Most importantly you will want to ensure that you have the correct fit. If you purchase a helmet that is too big or too small for your head you will likely suffer from discomfort and headaches. You will also need to ensure that the helmet does not interfere with your vision and that it fits properly.

If you wear glasses regularly, you may want to look for a helmet that is the same size as your glasses. This can make wearing your glasses more comfortable. If you frequently wear contact lenses, you will also want to look for a helmet that matches your contact lenses. These can often be the most comfortable if they are the same size as your helmet.

One of the best things that you can do when shopping for what makes a motorbike helmet comfortable is to try out different models before making a purchase. Trying several different helmets will allow you to find the perfect fit and the perfect style that meet your requirements. Once you find the perfect helmet you will be able to enjoy head turning moments every time you put your head down to drive!

2. Can I wear a football helmet on a motorcycle?

How can I wear a football helmet on a motorcycle? You cannot legally drive a motorcycle with a football shaped helmet on it. There are however many styles of full face motorcycle helmets available that fit properly on a motorcycle and are very comfortable to wear. Some styles of these helmets are made from such materials as carbon fiber and Kevlar, which are two of the most durable and lightweight materials available to motorcycle helmet manufacturers. Because they are lighter in weight than other materials, they also allow more flexibility with the way they are fitted to the rider’s head.

No, you do not NEED a full face motorcycle helmet just for sports riding, but you DO need one for many reasons. First off if you crash, the last thing you want is a big injury to one of your ears or possibly your nose. Full face helmets keep the noise out of your ears and the nose of your helmet so that you can still hear the other drivers clearly in the other lane, or on the side of the road. Also, if you crash, a wind up helmet will keep you from smashing your head to the ground in such an unfortunate accident. Wind up helmets are very comfortable to wear and light weight so you will not feel like you are wearing a heavy helmet even if you are riding at 30 mph.

So you now know, wearing a football shaped helmet on your motorcycle helmet can be helpful, and you know how important it is to have some form of personal safety equipment while you are riding. If you would like to buy a helmet like this, there are many online retailers available where you can choose from several different styles and brands. Make sure that when you are choosing a helmet like this one, you find a helmet that fits you properly so that you are not saving any space in your clothing for something you don’t need. Most online retailers will deliver your order to your home and should help you with any questions that you may have regarding your purchase.

3. How heavy should a motorcycle helmet be?

One of the first questions many bikers ask when considering how to purchase a new motorcycle helmet is; “How heavy should a motorcycle helmet be?” Well there are a few things you should know when trying to determine how much weight a helmet should be. The purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect your head in an accident, so you definitely want it to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. You will find that most retail stores stock a variety of different types of helmets that vary in weight. It might be difficult to determine what weight is right for you without trying them on first.

There is no absolute rule on how heavy or light a motorcycle helmet should be, it all depends on your size and weight and your own personal preferences. Some people prefer a light full-face helmet while others will wear a light weight biker helmet. Another thing you should know before determining how heavy a motorcycle helmet should be is that in general the heavier the more expensive it is. You can find some really cheap motorcycle helmets at places such as eBay, and while they won’t be the most comfortable or protect your head they will be inexpensive.

When determining how much weight a motorcycle helmet should be considered not only how light it is, but also how tightly it fits. The purpose of having a motorcycle helmet is to protect your head in an accident, so if you don’t have a very tight fitting helmet it won’t do you much good. Most bikers feel that if you are wearing a helmet that is too loose you can squeeze it to fit better and if you are wearing a helmet that is too tight you might not be able to breathe properly. Many times a little weight will make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting the most effective head protection.

4. When To Replace A Helmet?

So you bought a great new helmet that has been well designed and it looks pretty nifty, but when it comes to a time to replace it, you may not be sure how to proceed. Should you simply hand over your helmet to your son or daughter? Shouldn’t you consider replacing it with a newer model? What about if your child wants a different color? Read on to learn some of the answers to these questions.

There are several reasons why parents should consider changing their child’s helmets. First of all, the latest helmets offer more safety features than the older models. Newer helmets will offer better protection against impacts, but they are also much lighter weight so they are easier to maneuver. In addition, there are many new features available on today’s helmets that were not available in past models that were made from foam. For example, the inner padding of today’s helmets offers increased protection against cuts, scrapes and scratches which could potentially lead to severe head injuries.

When To Replace A Helmet? Unfortunately, if your child rides without a helmet regularly the time to get a new one may be when their current helmet stops working properly. When helmets stop functioning they do so because the foam inside the outer shell has leaked or because the foam has become damaged due to improper manufacturing. In either case, the best time to replace a helmet is when the foam has expanded or the outer shell has cracked. The inner foam will have already expanded and can absorb the shock of an impact without breaking or ripping.

5. Do you need a full face helmet for a sports bike?

Do you need a full face helmet for a mountain biker? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely purchase a helmet that fits you snugly. When choosing a helmet, there are a few things to consider. If you live in an area where you will be riding in the summertime then a good full face helmet is a good choice, as the heat will not hurt your head as much. You should also make sure that your helmet has some sort of vents to let fresh air flow through your helmet.

No, you do not NEED a full face motorcycle helmet, but you do need one for many reasons. First of all, if you ride often then you are going to experience more head injuries than someone who only rides once or twice per year. Also, a full face motorcycle helmet will protect your entire head from impacts, and a half helmet will protect your head only to a certain point. A half helmet is not nearly as protective as a full face one and can actually be quite uncomfortable while riding.

Yes, you do need a full face motorcycle helmet just for your safety standards sake. There are many different types of helmets to choose from such as the safety helmet, racing helmets, motocross helmets and more. You can also find many colors to choose from as well. Just because you have a DOT approved helmet does not mean that it has to look like the dorky pink motorcycle helmet that your friends are rocking, it can actually look good!

6. How effective are military helmets for motor bike riding?

The question “How effective are military helmets for motorcycle riding?” is important as there has been much discussion and controversy in recent months about the safety standards in certain countries regarding motorcycle helmet use. There are some parts of the world that have stricter safety standards on head protection than others. There have also been questions about how effective the safety helmets really are, especially compared to other similar products on the market. If you are looking for an answer to the question “How effective are military helmets for motor bike riding?”

There are several different types of motorcycle helmets that are available on the market. The two main types are full face and half-face. Full face motorcycle helmets are designed to cover the entire head and face. These are considered the safest of all of the motorcycle helmets because they cover the largest area of a rider’s head. Many people prefer the full face motorcycle helmet due to its ease of wearing, comfort and protective characteristics.

Unfortunately, all helmets do not meet the same safety standards. Because of this, it is important that prospective buyers do a little research to determine which one is the safest and most comfortable helmet. To do this, one needs to know what the ECE test is, and what it is composed of. In addition, one should find out what type of testing procedures each manufacturer uses and what type of motorcycle helmet they are using, if they are using one at all.



Motorcycle helmets are available in a wide range of styles and colors, with several types being used for different purposes. There are wind-tunnel type helmets which are meant for off road use, and there are also leather helmets that look more like a customary full face helmet and are available in various colors and designs. For women who wish to sport an ATV, a protective shell is attached to the top of the ATV. These shells also prevent the riders’ faces from being damaged by stones or other hard objects that are thrown up in the air while riding an ATV. There are also helmets called soft-shell helmets which are designed not to absorb impact but to be comfortable and retain heat and moisture.

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