[TOP 5] Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews

5 Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Magnetic screen doors are very important in our homes as they help to ensure proper ventilation and offer optimal protection from unwanted bugs, insects and other pollutants. Best Magnetic Screen Door should be made of premium quality materials which make it strong and durable. Moreover, it should be easy to install and easy to use.

Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews

Magnetic screen doors normally offer convenience and efficiency to users. They allow fresh air to come in as well as keep bugs and other unwanted pollution particles out of the house. There are different types and models of magnetic screen doors in the market and finding the best may be quite tasking.

With many brands currently on the market, the below magnetic screen door reviews can help you to find the best door to purchase. The following are the top five best magnetic screen doors based on 2022 reviews:

#1 Bug-Off Instant Magnetic Screen Door


This screen door is specially designed to solve the issues of bugs especially when having barbecues and parties. It will effectively help to bring fresh air in and keep stubborn bugs at bay. The product has advanced features which are meant to give you the best experience when using it.

These include the auto close, the easy walk-through and hands-free screen door features. Moreover, it has vinyl reinforced magnets, which helps to keep the screen shut. The door is extremely easy to install as well as use and it is readily available on the market.


  • Installs without tools in 5 minutes
  • French doors and tall doors


  • The velcro tapes are not extremely sticky.


#2 Best Magnetic Screen Door Mesh Curtain by Easy Screen Doors


If you want a superior quality door to help keep bugs on the outside and boost fresh-air within the house especially during summer, this magnetic mesh screen door will be the best to purchase. The door is quite easy to install within seconds and it quite well-fitting. It is a top quality product, which can last for a very long time.

Moreover, pets and toddlers can walk through it with ease, thanks to its strong, sewed in high-power magnets, which help to ensure automatic opening and closing of this door.


  • Magnets Sewn.
  • Best for wood frame.
  • Fibreglass Magnetic Mesh Door.
  • It’s lasted all summer.


  • No Comment


#3 The MegaMesh Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door


Mega Mesh is another top-quality screen door that is highly portable, easy to install, and can be used on vacation homes. The good thing is; you can uninstall it and store it when the season ends.

The design includes 26 very powerful magnets which enable it to automatically open and close instantly for pets as well as human. These types of doors can be used on sliding doors, single doors and many more.


  • Fits standard size doors.
  • Get the Original Hands-Free Magnetic Door.


  • Some buyers complain about the item not lasting long


#4 Premium Magnetic Screen Door, by EazyMesh


This is the best magnetic screen door according to 2019 reviews. It is a unique door that does not require any special tools to install; instead you just need to stick it on your door frame and you will be done. The product is made of high-quality material, which makes it stronger.

Moreover, it is very durable, easily washable and environmentally friendly. The Velcro that is sewn into the mesh easily sticks to the door frame. Buy best outdoor folding chairs


  • Automatically Snaps Shut!
  • Fits Doors UP TO 34″x82″


  • None so far


#5 The iGotTech Best Magnetic Screen Door


This is a premium quality product that is different from the rest, thanks to its great design which can easily fit your door as well as the house environment. Like most magnetic doors, this one will effectively let fresh air into the house and keep unwanted bugs out.

It is a lightweight product that is quite easy to install. With the help of strong magnets and the full Velcro frame, this door opens up very quickly and closes automatically without leaving any gap. Moreover, pets and children can walk through without any problem. Moreover, the door features top quality mesh, which is soft and durable.


  • Ensures you get your Screen quickly installed
  • Toughest Mesh.


  • Somebody complain about the durability


Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Magnetic Screen Door?

Screen doors have been around for a long time now. This kind of product is usually used as an alternative to using a traditional door, especially on the front entrance where you’ll regularly need to let some fresh air in regularly. While this would help filter out some insects and other pests from entering your home, it does more than that – it lets guests in easily while keeping pets or young children safely inside.

Since magnetic screen doors are becoming more widespread, there are already many choices available for consumers nowadays. There are even models which can be mounted on existing doors or ones that come with their own custom-fit designs. Here are some things you should keep in mind when buying magnetic screen door:

1. Size

The magnetic screen door should be of the right size so that it’ll fit into your doorway. If it’s too small, then there will be a gap on its edges that may let insects and other pests inside. Meanwhile, if the magnetic screen door is too large for your doorway, you don’t have any choice but to trim some parts before being able to use it properly – which defeats the whole purpose of buying a magnetic screen door in the first place.

2. Materials

Magnetic screen doors are usually made from either plastic or metal. Metal magnetic screen doors are expected to last longer as they’re less prone to wear and tear compared with those made from plastic. However, some magnetic screen doors made from plastics can come as an advantage as well as some magnetic screen doors made from plastics can also let a little more air in while some magnetic screen doors made from metal can block a lot of air.

3. Colors

Screen doors come in a decent variety of colors so it wouldn’t hurt to pick one that goes well with the rest of your house’s color scheme. For instance, you could match the magnetic screen door with either your home’s exterior or interior paint design such as having an all-white magnetic screen door installed if you have an all-white house with pale green plants and furniture inside.

4. Installation

There are magnetic screen doors available which don’t require permanent installation just like the usual door. These magnetic screens for doorways usually rely on pressure mounted designs and heavy duty Velcro to stay in place. Be sure to check out installation videos online to know how exactly magnetic screen doors are installed properly.

5. Cost

Like any other magnetic screen door reviews would tell you, magnetic screens for your doorway can vary depending on its features, design, durability or overall construction. Since there are magnetic screen doors which rely on Velcro in order to stay in place while others use magnets, chances are magnetic screen doors with Velcro will be much cheaper compared with magnetic ones made from metal or plastic. Moreover, magnetic screens for your doorway don’t require expensive materials either so the cost of labor should matter as well when it comes down to working out all the numbers when buying one.

6. Measurements Of Magnetic Screen Doors

One of the first things you need to consider when buying magnetic screen door is its measurements. If you want an magnetic screen door that’ll fit into your existing front door, then it needs to have exact measurements so you can easily find one that matches your doorway. Always keep in mind that magnetic screen doors are usually only 70 inches tall so they won’t work for taller users, especially if there’s someone who’s over six feet tall living under the same roof with you.

If you already have a magnetic screen door but don’t know how high it is, just measure from the floor up to where the top edge of your magnetic screen door goes. From here on out, take note of measurement as well as check other magnetic screen door reviews on how magnetic screens for home and patio differ from each other.

7. Durability

Some magnetic screens for doorways are made from magnetic sheets which could be easily ripped off especially if there’s someone who’s taller than six feet living under the same roof with you. Moreover, magnetic screen doors aren’t meant to be used to keep people out so their sturdiness may vary depending how you actually use them. For example, magnetic screens for doorways installed in front of garage doors won’t last long compared magnetic ones installed beside backyards or home entries where not too many people tend to pass by all the time.

8. Fastening Magnetic Screens

Now magnetic screen doors are available in both magnetic and Velcro designs. Depending on your needs, you can choose magnetic screen doors with velcro or those that rely on magnets to stay in place. Most magnetic screens for doorways aren’t actually magnetic but have adhesive strips which work as replacement for magnets so they won’t need any kind of installation other than just being attached to the bottom edge of a door. These magnetic screen doors with strong adhesive strips will offer a more permanent solution which means they’ll be harder to remove should you no longer want them around anymore.

In comparison, magnetic screen doors with Velcro tend to be much easier to mount if ever required but aren’t as reliable when it down to staying in place compared with magnetic ones. Furthermore, magnetic screen doors with Velcro can easily be removed especially if you don’t need them around anymore.

9. Single Or Double Doorway

Another important magnetic screen door which you should consider buying is one that’s suitable for your doorway. Circular magnetic screens for doors are available as well but chances magnetic screen doors aren’t meant to be used on circular fronts and offering magnetic screens for single or double doorways first will help out a lot especially if you’re not good with measuring things.

Sure magnetic screens can easily pass through any sized doorway just like other magnetic screen door reviews would say, but they’re only designed to work with openings which measure around 36 inches high and 80 inches wide since the need to create something bigger than this isn’t really there. So if you have an opening wider than 80 inches up ahead, then you’ll definitely need magnetic screens for double doorways instead of magnetic single ones.

10. Extra Features

A magnetic screen door no longer needs to be just a magnetic one else you wouldn’t consider buying magnetic screens for at all. The best magnetic screen doors will have extra features which will allow them to work both as magnetic screen doors and something more, especially when you already have other things around your home or garden that doesn’t let in air but does give way to insects.

For example, some magnetic screens for doorways are designed with zippered sides which can be used as an alternative entrance if ever required. Moreover, magnetic screens with zippered sides are also fully enclose so there’s no need to keep it open when not using it. If you’re the type who wants additional features then magnetic screens for doorways with zippered sides are the right choice.

On top magnetic screen doors can also come in various designs which will allow you to choose magnetic screen doors that perfectly match your home décor. If magnetic screen doors look like they’re not made to be there then this extra feature is definitely what you need especially when magnetic screens for doorways aren’t meant to stand out. In addition, magnetic screen doors can also be printed with creative designs such as leaves and flowers which could make them suitable for use around pools or patio areas where children often play.

The best magnetic screen door should be easy to open and close without any problems whatsoever. After all, if it’s difficult to open then you won’t even bother using a magnetic screen door since magnetic screens for doors aren’t practical when it works against your efforts. For instance, magnetic screen doors with Velcro are easier to open compared with magnetic ones but magnetic screens for double doorways won’t be easy to use as magnetic screen doors intended, not to mention they’ll make more noise whenever you try opening them up.

So the best magnetic screen door will be one that doesn’t leave any room for complaints. Once you’re through the list above then chances are high that you already know what features or features that magnetic screen doors must include or leave out. Remember, all magnetic screens work the same way regardless of their design and all offer protection against insects without impeding air flow so the only thing left is how good certain magnetic screen doors are in terms magnetic screen door reviews would say.

One of the most important magnetic screen doors that you’re going to buy is magnetic screens for doorways because they’re designed specifically for this purpose. However, this alone doesn’t mean magnetic screens for double doorways or even single magnetic ones work better than others which is why you should also consider other factors before buying one magnetic screen doors . The best magnetic screen doors will be more than just a magnetic screen meant to attract bugs away from your home so take note of these things when you go out there to look for one.

11. Maintenance

Maintenance is important magnetic screen doors or magnetic screens for doorways because you wouldn’t want a magnetic screen that needs constant attention in order to work properly.

A magnetic screen door doesn’t only need to attract insects away from your home but it should also be able to keep them out as well. To this end, it’s important magnetic screens don’t have holes or gaps since these can serve as entry points for insects and bugs. In addition, the best magnetic screen doors shouldn’t have any sharp edges else they won’t keep bugs at bay but injure those who touch it by accident.

An easy way magnetic screens avoid problems with maintenance is to purchase magnetic screens for double doorways instead of magnetic single ones which come without zippers. This magnetic screen door reviews magnetic screens for double doorways will provide better protection against insects and bugs compared with magnetic ones meaning magnetic screens for doorways won’t be necessary to keep open whenever you’re through using them. If magnetic screens for double doors don’t work then magnetic screen doors that zip up the sides instead of magnetic ones are the best choice.

What’s more, magnetic screen doors can also be washed or cleaned so remember to take this into consideration as well. There’s nothing wrong magnetic screen doors being made from fabric because these same types usually come in a variety of colors and designs which you can choose according to your preferences. In addition, it’s much easier to clean magnetic screens out of fabric compared with other materials making it one of the main magnetic screen doors that come in fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Magnetic Screen Doors Worth It?

Magnetic screen doors can certainly add an air of elegance to your home or office, but are magnetic screen doors really worth it? A lot of people purchase magnetic screen doors for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons have more to do with function than style. If your reason for purchasing a magnetic screen door is simply to save money on energy bills then yes they are definitely worth it. But, if you are shopping for a magnetic screen door because you want a custom effect in your home or office, then there are definitely some drawbacks to buying magnetic doors.

One major drawback that you will find with a magnetic screen door is that they are not as durable as wooden doors or even vinyl doors. This is because a magnetic screen door has a weaker strength than a wooden door or vinyl door. It’s also going to affect how comfortable it is to stand and walk in because the weaker force that it has will make it harder for you to push or pull it open. If you are planning on walking in your magnetic screen door it can be quite uncomfortable because you won’t be able to push it fully open without some sort of manual assistance.

Another thing that you will find with a magnetic screen door is that they are not very stylish. They are not as exciting as the other types of doors that you can purchase for your home or office. They do give a sense of style though and it is easy to get one to match your decor. They do not have as many different styles and colors available as some of the other doors so if your taste is more on the subtle side then they may not be the best choice.

2. How Do You Adjust A Magnetic Screen Door?

A magnetic screen door has its advantages. It is one of the most affordable options for a door, and in many cases is far more durable than wood or fiberglass. It comes with an automatic lock feature that allows a user to simply push a button to lock or unlock the door from the inside. There is no key needed to open it, and since it comes with a self-cleaning feature, it is also easy to clean.

A magnetic screen door also comes with a safety feature that is designed to stop accidental opening. When you have a screen door installed, you cannot pull it open with a screwdriver or other pointed instrument. You must use the proper screws and latches to attach it to the frame, which can make the process a bit tricky.

A magnetic screen door can be set to open at different times based on the time of day. For example, during the day when it is cooler outside, you can set the door to open at night, and in the evening when you are returning from a day out. There are times when you wish to keep your windows open when you are indoors during the day, and for this purpose a magnetic screen door can be locked. To add to the security features, a screen can be attached to the door that will show a pattern that when triggered will lock the door.

3. How Do You Measure A Magnetic Screen Door?

What are the different magnetic screen door features that you should be looking for when comparing magnetic screen doors? First of all, you have to determine the size of the space that you want to cover and then you will have to measure how big the door is going to have to be. Doors can be a single-swing door or a double-swing door, and before you purchase a magnetic screen door you should first determine what kind of opening you have in mind so that you can invest wisely in the right item to fill that space properly. Single-swing door magnetic screens generally measure between thirty to forty inches wide, but double-swing doors can measure anywhere from fifty to one hundred and fifty inches wide.

Some of the important considerations for magnetic screen doors include whether you are purchasing insulated magnets or non-insulated magnets. While both of these types are available on the market, they have different pros and cons. If you want to save money on your magnetic screen door, then you should go with the non-insulated magnets because they will be cheaper. On the other hand, if you want your magnetic screen door to last for a long time without having to replace it, then you should purchase the insulated magnets because they are more durable and they will keep the moisture out. The number of magnets that you should purchase also has a huge impact on how long your magnetic screen door will last. There are actually seven different sizes of magnets that you can buy for your magnetic screen doors, each ranging from four to twenty-four magnets.

There are a couple of other things to consider as well, such as the material that the door is made of and the number of hinges that are used in magnetic screen doors. One of the biggest pros to using these doors is that they can prevent mold and mildew by helping to keep air circulating and moisture out. This is because when the door is open, the air is able to move easily through the door and then out through the hinges, which then help prevent the moisture from getting trapped inside the door. In addition to mold and mildew prevention, these doors are also great for use in cold climates because they can provide just enough warmth to keep you warm during the winter and cooler during the summer months.

4. How Do You Install A Magnetic Screen Door?

Magnetic screens can be single doorway or double doorway opening, and you should decide which kind you have before shopping for a magnetic screen door so that you can spend your money on the right product to fill all the space in your home properly. Single-door magnetic screens usually measure between thirty to forty inches wide, with sliding panels being available from three to four panels. They can be installed in any location where a standard door will fit, although this might not be a good idea if you want to install them in high traffic areas. Double-way magnetic screens, by contrast, measure a full forty-eight inches wide and are quite suitable for use in rooms with heavy foot traffic.

The first thing you need to do before shopping for a magnetic screen door is to figure out what sizes the doors you are looking for have to be. There are several companies manufacturing these doors, but there are only two sizes of these doors: the queen has two hasps, while the king has three hasps. The number of hasps that a magnetic screen door has will affect the price, so be sure to know how many you will need. You should also measure the opening of your doorway to find out what size fits, because most of these doors will be installed using standard screw installation.

You should buy magnetic screen doors from a company that sells them in bulk, because these doors will be difficult to install, especially if you’ve never done it before. The company you buy from should have plenty of customer testimonials, because people who have bought their doors from them have found that they are easy to install and keep open for a very long time. You should also find out how long the magnetic strips stay open, because you don’t want your bugs to get through and get stuck!

5. How Does A Magnetic Screen Door Work?

Magnetic screen doors are not all that new to the market, but have gained popularity in recent years. They’re the perfect addition to any home or business, and can really add to the ambiance of the building or room. A magnetic screen door is made of two pieces – a magnetic layer on the top sheet, which contains magnetized particles (such as iron or aluminum), and another sheet which has a discharge surface on its bottom. When the door opens, it pushes this magnetic surface across the doorway and up into the ceiling or wall. Because the particles in the magnetic screen are attracted to each other, there is no passage of air or liquid through the magnetic layer. This allows for air or liquid flow to be regulated and much more efficient than traditional wooden doors.

There are many different types of magnetic screen doors, and you can either purchase the pieces individually, or have them installed together by a professional. Most installations only require a few magnets for installation, although you will need more if you want the full functionality of the door. Before purchasing a magnetic screen door, you must first determine which exact magnets you will need, because each one is specific to the type of door it will be installed on. Magnetic screen doors can be single Doors with magnetic strips along their perimeter, double-doors with double magnetic strips along their perimeter, or a triple-door installation with three magnetic strips along their perimeter.

Once you determine which magnets you will be using, you will also need to install brackets to hold the magnetic strips together along the two sides of the door. To install the brackets, first attach the magnetic screen door to the two sides of the frame with screws (they should come with the frames) and then attach the brackets across the two sides of the frame. If you decide to have the magnets installed permanently, you will want to drill into the frame at each corner, then nail in the magnets. You may find that you only need two or three magnets for the installation of a tri-fold door; however, you will want to make sure that you use enough to ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly. As long as you use enough magnetic fields to hold the door in place, you will have no problems.


We hope that this article has helped you find the best magnetic screen door for your needs. If not, we’ve included some helpful resources in the sidebar to help guide you along on your search or provide more information about different types of doors. Whatever type of door you choose, make sure it is one with a high-quality design and durable material so that it will last through years of use by many families!

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