[TOP 7] Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews

7 Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews, Tips & Guides


Which the best inflatable kayak is suitable for your situation, we are here to help you to understand in a better way.

Inflatable kayaks have gained extreme popularity both amongst amateurs and professionals. However, a lot of people confuse between canoe and kayak.

Kayaks are more stable than canoes and unlike traditionally powered fishing boats, they work amazingly in small-waters too. Take a look at a few things that should be considered before buying the best inflatable kayak.

best Inflatable kayak reviews

A lot of companies are producing some of the best quality kayaks that are designed for almost everything; from the smallest stream to the open ocean.

With this arises a lot of confusion as to which kayak a consumer should buy and which not. We have narrowed down this never-ending list.

Let’s Check out the Reviews of  the best inflatable kayaks for the ocean with screens below:

7 Best Inflatable Kayak for Ocean:

1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump
  • Comfortable for anyone: Kayak includes an adjustable inflatable seat with backrest; Cockpit designed for comfort and space
  • Dimensions: Inflated size 10 feet 3 x 3 feet x 1 feet 8 inch; Maximum weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Directional stability: Removable SKEG for directional stability

This Kayak is #1 Amazon Best Seller. Intex Recreation Corp manufacturers a wide variety of high-quality inflatable products that are safe and affordable. Most of their kayaks are good for beginners who are interested in recreational paddling.

K2 is 10.3 feet long and 36 inches wide. It is made from super-tough 30- gauge vinyl over a 1200 denier nylon shell with internal tubes that can stand up rough water conditions, rocks, and hooks. All of them combined together speaks of strength and durability.

For added stability, Intex has added removable skegs and I-Beam support that will not let your kayak topple. This kayak is extremely lightweight as it only weighs around 31 lbs.

It is equipped with two separate air chambers; one on the floor and others in the main hull. The bright yellow design is pleasant to the eyes and guarantees safety as it provides high visibility.

It comes with 2 paddles and gives you plenty of space to store in all your essentials.

The inflatable seats are comfortable and can be easily adjusted via relocating the Velcro fastening strips to the desired location. It is equipped with two functional 86″ aluminum oars & High-Output Air Pump.

The front and back curves are covered with durable skirts that prevent the water from getting into the kayak and also protects it from any crashes. There is ample legroom; the front seat does have more legroom than the back seat.

It comes with 3 separate chambers; one on the bottom, and one on each side.

Certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association using ABYC standards, it is one of the best inflatable kayak available. Overall, The Explorer K2 is an amazing kayak that is easy to manoeuver and control.


2. Advanced Elements Kajak Frame Convertible

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak, Green
  • Built-in aluminum ribs define the bow and stern and improve tracking
  • 3 layers of material for extreme puncture resistance
  • Preassembled at the factory. Simply unfold, inflate and attach the seats

This California-based company has been making inflatable kayaks for more than a decade. Their kayaks are known for their innovative features and strong performance.

Element kayaks are different from normal kayaks in a way that they are incorporated into multiple chambers and layers. Advanced Elements AE1007 AdvancedFrame Convertible inflatable kayak features three seating positions.

You can opt for solo or tandem paddling. With a length of 15 foot and weight of 56 lbs. this inflatable kayak features a spectacular design.

The best part is its top-notch construction. heavy-duty 3-layer body construction, durable and double-coated PVC and nylon, with a tarpaulin fabric and electronically welded seams that are abrasion and puncture resistant.

The hull is made with inbuilt aluminum front and back ribs. It provides enough storage capacity to store all your gear while going for that fishing expedition.

Bungee deck lacing offers a convenient spot for stashing gear and storage hatch behind the rear seat gives adequate storage space. There is ample of legroom that adds to the comfort.

The convertible and interchangeable decks allow you to create multiple seating arrangements at your convenience. It has molded rubber handles and paddles really fast. It even features inflation TwistLok military-grade air valves and high-flow spring valves.

This one is a perfect kayak if you are planning to spend some extended hours out on the water in your kayak. Overall this durable and comfortable kayak paddles really fast and with its amazing features will only optimize your comfort. This best inflatable kayak for the ocean is so strong that it can handle almost anything.


3. Coleman Quikpak K5 Kayak

Sevylor 20000006972 Kayak K-5
  • 1 Person inflatable kayak with grab and go backpack storage system
  • 1000D Polyester bottom laminated with 24-gauge PVC
  • Double-lock and mini double-lock valves prevent accidental air loss

Coleman is an American company that specializes in products related to camping gear. Their good quality and innovative products have made their name synonymous with outdoor fun.

Coleman Quikpak K5 is a single person inflatable kayak that has a fantastic design. It is made of 34-gauge PVC construction that makes this kayak extremely durable and rigid. However, it is kept flexible enough to bend with the waves as well.

It features extra puncture protection with tarpaulin bottom and polyester cover that protects the boat from any accidental punctures. This kayak has multiple air chambers so that if one is punctured others can be used.

This feature simply adds to safety and convenience. The patented Airtight System is guaranteed not to leak.

The best part about this kayak is its ultra-comfortable backpack system. The backpack also serves as the boat’s seat. The overall weight of the Coleman Quikpak canoe is 25.5 pounds. This lightweight kayak is incredibly convenient for transport.

This one-person canoe features double lock valves that make inflating and deflating this kayak very easy. It has D rings that provide ease while in and out of the water. With D-rings, you can add any additional equipment.

It includes spray covers to block splashes and keep you dry in rougher waters and colder temperatures. The product comes with a hand- pump and is covered by a 1-year limited warranty. The only con of this kayak is an easily breakable paddle.

Overall this is an ultimate choice for people looking to go on fishing expeditions in their kayaks.


4. Advanced Elements Lagoon 2

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak
  • 2-person inflatable kayak for lakes, mild rivers, bays, and more
  • Built-in rigid panels on the bow and stern to improve tracking
  • Quick-inflating Twistlok and high-flow Spring valves for easy setup

Advanced elements are one of the most popular names in the Kayak industry. They have been making amazing kayaks for quite a long time.

Lagoon 2 is a 2-person version of the popular Lagoon 1, sharing almost all its features. It is constructed of High denier polyester rip-stop fabric with a PVC laminate. The bottom side, i.e. the hull is made of PVC tarpaulin. The inner tube of the kayak is made of high-density fabric that adds to the durability.

It is tough enough to handle any kind of bumps and scrapes with ease. It is a great two-person kayak that works well only on flat water, i.e. either in lakes, oceans, or rivers. With this, you won’t be able to do whitewater kayaking, but roaming on flatwater is something it manages excellently.

This inflatable kayak is extremely easy to inflate and deflate. The seats in the Lagoon. The bow and stern strengthened by rigid panels that help kayakers to cut through the waves and give the best tracking performance possible.

Lagoon 2 comes with two inflatable high support seats that have adjustable back support and are extremely comfortable. It offers rubber-grip handles that make for easy carrying and provides additional comfort.

With a weight of around 34 pounds, Lagoon 2 offers high portability. However, the storage capacity of this kayak is quite low. There is ample legroom adding to the comfort.

Electronically welded seams protect against any leakage that may occur. As far as storage is concerned, bungee deck lacing offers a convenient spot for stashing gear, and in the mesh pocket, you can store any additional necessities required.

It comes with a one year warranty that covers materials and manufacturer defects.

This kayak is a perfect blend of excellent performance and durability. Given the features, the price tag is completely justified.


5. Sea Eagle SE 370 Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat w/ Paddles
  • 3 person/650 lb capacity, weighs 32 lbs, suitable for up to Class III whitewater
  • 370 Deluxe Kayak Package features two movable, super comfortable Deluxe Kayak Seats for improved back support and 2 paddles, foot pump, and carry bag
  • 2 AB30 7'10"" 4 Part Paddles with asymmetrical blade and aluminum shaft

Since the 1960s, Sea Eagle has been making some of the best inflatable kayaks and boats that are known for their quality, performance, and durability. This light and portable kayak has won hearts across America.

Sea Eagle SE 370 Inflatable Kayak is one of the most popular inflatable kayaks, which is extremely versatile. With the weight of a mere 32 pounds, it is easy to set up. For anyone who has limited storage space, this tandem kayak is suitable as it deflates easily to fit into an over-the-shoulder carry bag.

It comes equipped with two skegs on the underside that are made of an extremely durable, molded plastic, a material that is known for its strength and won’t break due to any obstacles in the way.

The hull of the SE 370 is constructed from 38 mil PVC that provides protection from any type of collisions.

The paddles feature double-end asymmetrical Fibrylon blades and aluminum shafts. It features a self-bailing drain valve that allows you to quickly rid the kayak of any excess water.

The notable point is that it is NMMA certified and has a Class III whitewater rating. Adding on, it comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects, and their 180 days risk-free, money-back guarantee.

As far as accessories are concerned, SE 370 comes equipped with almost everything you need in the water.  7’10” AB30 paddles, an A41 foot pump, the Sea Eagle 370 carry bag, two SEC kayak seats, and a small inflatable kayak repair kit is all that comes with this kayak. The carry bag is made out of a tough 440 denier nylon fabric and the kayak has basic SEC kayak seats that are pretty comfortable.

So, in case you are a first-timer or a professional kayaker, this best inflatable kayak for the ocean will be perfect for you and is a complete value-for-money.


6. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air-Pump, Grey/Blue (68306NP)
  • The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is sporty and fun with a streamlined design for easy paddling
  • The bright green color and sporty graphics make the kayak highly visible in the water
  • 2 86 inch aluminum paddles and an Intex high output pump for easy inflation and deflation

Intex is a huge company manufacturing water sports products, ranging from inflatable kayaks and boats to other water sports-related products.

One of the most popular inflatable kayaks, it is made from the company’s rugged, super-tough vinyl that’s UV damage-resistant and made to withstand any sharp objects without puncturing. It is perfect for exploring lakes, still water, and mild rivers.

Designed for two people this craft comes in bright green, black, and blue color scheme. These eye-catching graphics reduces the risk of collision. However, the middle seat can be removed anytime to convert the K2 into a one-person kayak.

In case you opt for a solo then you have enough room to take along plenty of camping stuff and fishing gear.

It includes a removable directional skeg to help you paddle straight and two collapsible 96″ aluminum kayak paddles that are built with rubberized hand grips. has two separate air chambers, one on the floor and the other in the main hull.

The netted section at the front of the kayak allows you to store any of your stuff like flip-flops, etc. It comes with 84-inch aluminum oars that can be broken down into two pieces making it convenient to carry around.

Looking into the safety aspect, Intex has added I-Beam support for added stability that will not let your kayak topple. You can easily inflate this kayak with a high-capacity hand pump, which has 3 interconnected nozzles to use on other inflatables as well. It is TUV approved.

Overall, this is one of the best inflatable kayaks under 500 is worth considering and is completely worth the money spent. It is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association using ABYC standards.


7. Sevylor Big Basin 3 Person Kayak

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak , Blue
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction is rugged for lake use
  • Tarpaulin bottom provides durable protection from punctures
  • Multiple air chambers allow another chamber to stay inflated if one is punctured

Founded in France in 1948, It is a company that makes inflatable boats out of PVC and vinyl. It is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer rubber rafts in the world.

Coming on to something bigger, We have Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak that will exactly fit your needs. Given the fact that it is made for 3 people, It is adequately comfortable and spacious enough to provide convenience. It provides amazing maneuverability.

It is made out of heavy-duty PVC construction and a rugged tarpaulin bottom makes it comfortable for lake usage. The tarpaulin bottom provides durable protection from punctures.

It comes with a patented Airtight System that will prevent any kind of leaking. To keep you perfectly dry, it comes with spray covers which will block the water splashes.

The adjustable seats provide the required comfort. You can remove and reposition them as and how you like them. There is also a double-threaded Boston Valve which makes inflation and deflation possible with ease.

As far as paddles are concerned, people sitting on all the three seats have to paddle individually.  Three padded seats with bottle holders ensure a smooth ride.

This kayak is NMMA certified to hold up to 490 lbs. and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Compared to the competitor products, this kayak is pretty affordable and undoubtedly one of the best inflatable kayaks for three.

However, using it as a solo boater is not easy due to the size of the kayak. Moreover, no pump is included, so you will need to purchase this separately.


Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Inflatable Kayaks?

In this day and age, it is not a surprise that everyone looks for ways to save money. Inflatable kayaks are pretty cheap as compared to the traditional hard shell kayaks. They also don’t take up as much storage space as their rigid counterparts so you can even fit them in your car trunk or SUV cargo area. Some people think an inflatable kayak would be fun but worry about purchasing one because they might puncture and deflate while they’re on the water. This article will help guide you through your search and assist you in purchasing a durable inflatable boat that will last you years without any issues.


The material of the boat is very important because it affects the safety and comfortability. It’s not a good idea to purchase an inflatable kayak made out of PVC material. When you are on rough water, the plastic could crack or puncture causing you to sink in nothing but cold water. You could also end up catching hypothermia which can be fatal if rescue teams do not find you quickly enough. Instead, try looking for an inflatable kayak that is made out of drop stitch fabric. This type of inflatable coating keeps all seams locked tight so they won’t pop even if under extreme stress. An inflatable boat made out of this material will last you years before needing replacement.


You need to decide how long of a kayak you want before purchasing. Inflatables come in different sizes from 10 feet, 12 feet, 13 feet all the way up to 15 feet. Generally, a smaller inflatable is better for storage and carrying around because it takes up less space. When selecting a size that will suit your needs think about how often you plan on using the kayak and what type of water you will be going on. For example, if you live near a very secluded lake where there aren’t as many other boaters such as motorboats or jet skis then I would suggest getting an inflatable kayak between 13-15 ft long so you can maneuver around easily without worrying about other people causing accidents. If however, you stay close to populated lakes or oceans then I would suggest getting a shorter inflatable kayak so you will blend in with other boaters.

Weight capacity 

When shopping for an inflatable kayak, the weight capacity is very important because it tells you how much weight the boat can support safely. If you are 6ft tall and weigh 240 pounds then buying an inflatable that has a maximum weight limit of 220lbs would probably not be a good idea unless your partner is lighter than you. Instead, try to find an inflatable where the maximum weight limit is at least 50lbs more than yourself to give you extra wiggle room if desired. Also, when trying to transport these boats from car trunk to water on your own they tend to get heavy especially if they have a lot of weight in them. This is why I recommend looking for an inflatable that has a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs so you can bring them around with ease.


Storage is another concern to take into consideration. If you are planning on bringing your kayaks indoors then you don’t need to worry about storage space as much because there will be plenty available. However, if you do not have space indoors then you might consider getting one that comes with its own carrying case. They both come with their own bag and pump making it easy to store without taking up too much room in your garage or basement when not being used.


When deciding on an inflatable kayak, personal safety is always important. Every inflatable should come with a pump and repair kit to help you stay safe while out on the water. If you are looking for something that will keep you afloat without any problems then take into consideration how much weight you can put in it before trying to purchase one. If it’s below the maximum weight limit then adding extra people would not be advisable because it could cause accidents meaning someone has to swim by themselves which isn’t fun especially if they don’t know how to swim well or there aren’t other boaters around them at the time of need.


Some companies provide paddles with their inflatables which is great because this means you won’t have to go out and buy one separately. If your inflatable does not come with paddles of any kind keep in mind that they are generally cheap to purchas and you should be able to buy one for under $20 which is relatively cheap compared to other types of boating equipment.


If you are thinking of taking your kayaks on adventures off of the water then purchasing an inflatable kayak with a trailer is definitely something to consider. Not only are trailers great for hauling the boat around, but some companies like Advanced Elements offer models with round-shaped trailers which can turn into paddle boards as well. This is really convenient because you get 2 different activities from 1 package saving money in the long run if desired.


Stability is another factor to think about when purchasing an inflatable kayak. If you are near the shore then having a steady standing position will be important so that you can use your paddle effectively and quickly if needed to avoid any possible obstacles in the water. Some inflatables only have one main chamber which means they might tip over easier than those with 2 chambers splitting up weight evenly throughout the boat. Single chamber boats also tend to cost less money for this reason, but two-chamber boats are definitely more stable so keep that in mind before making your decision on what kind of boat to buy.


Another thing people should consider when looking into buying an inflatable kayak is durability because it will determine how long your investment lasts before needing to buy a new one. It should be made from durable material that can hold up against constant use and weather conditions including sun exposure, water, and wind. If you are going out onto the ocean then you want to keep this in mind especially because boats will move around a lot more than on calm inland waters where waves aren’t as large.


One more factor to take into consideration before buying an inflatable kayak is how versatile it is. If you plan on doing a variety of different things with your boat then take a look at the kind of accessories or storage options that it comes with so you can get the most out of your purchase. The more features it has the better because not only will you save money by getting everything you need in one package, but versatility allows for multiple people to use the same boat for different types of activities as well as offering extra conveniences that other boats lack. You should also take into account what type of accessories each inflatable offers because some have no bells and whistles while others can come with multiple storage compartments and other

Ease of Use 

While some may require a bit more practice before gaining full control others take little effort at all so beginners should look into those first if they do not have much experience using inflatable kayaks already. The only real way to figure out what kind of kayak will be easiest for you is to read reviews from other customers online and try them out one on one in a local store. This way you can get a feel for the different types before committing to purchasing any so that you do not have buyer’s remorse later on down the road.

Ease of cleaning 

You should also consider how easy or difficult your inflatable kayak will be to clean as well because you will want to make sure it stays in good condition for as long as possible. If you cannot remove the cover to wash it then having a boat that is easy to wipe down after use would be best.


You should definitely consider getting an inflatable that comes equipped with a pump because they are easier to use than manually blowing up the boat. Advanced Elements Pumps are air-only, meaning you don’t have to worry about improper inflation due to other factors such as water getting in the way of your kayak being inflated correctly. The only downside is that it will take quite a few minutes to fully inflate your boat if you have one of these pumps which could be problematic if there are bad weather conditions coming through during this time frame.

Replacement Parts

If you will be using your inflatable kayak often then it is a good idea to invest in one that offers replacement parts because accidents can happen at any time. You may accidentally puncture the boat or become stranded out on the water with an anchor stuck in your boat, but if you have a way of fixing these problems quickly then you should not have to worry about being stranded for long periods of time.


Most inflatable kayaks will come with some sort of warranty but it is important to always look for a longer warranty when possible because you want to make sure your purchase is protected as much as possible. Having a costlier boat doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have fewer issues with it so long as the company stands by its product and offers warranties for an extended period of time.

Brand Reputation

You should also consider looking into what sort of reputation a particular manufacturer has before deciding on buying one of their boats. A good way to do this is by reading reviews from other customers who bought the same boat as you planned to purchase online or even asking friends and family members if they had any experience with the company in the past. Most companies are likely not going to sell anything that they know will damage their reputation so this information can give you great insight into whether or not it is worth purchasing.


Last but not least the price is extremely important and should always be considered. When shopping for inflatable kayaks you will find that prices range greatly. The cheapest one I could find was at around $400 while the most expensive model costs around $1,600. Basically, this boat comes with a hefty price tag but if you consider what it offers such as durability and convenience then it’s worth every penny. You may also want to take into consideration how much money you can afford to spend on your inflatable kayak before making a final decision on which type to purchase.

So as you can see there are a lot of things to consider before purchasing an inflatable kayak. Some might not care about certain aspects but it’s important that you have the knowledge available surrounding every factor so that you know what you’re getting into and can buy accordingly. If possible test out a few models first-hand in a store setting so that you get a feel for each one and how they perform during use, this way making a more educated decision on which one is best for your situation should be relatively simple.


Inflatable Kayak FAQs

What is an Inflatable Kayak?

An inflatable kayak is an inflatable boat that is capable of carrying people over water. These kayaks are inflated using foot pumps or electric inflators, and they provide flotation for the user, as well as some degree of rigidity. The volume inside the hull decides its buoyancy.

Inflatable Kayaks are fairly easy to use. They have a hard covering that makes them quite rigid, keeping them afloat on water. Only those who have been kayaking before will be able to maneuver the boat with ease as initially, it might prove difficult for some people.

Inflatable Kayaks can be inflated for a temporary period of time. They should be deflated and packed back into their carrying bag after use, to prevent them from getting damaged or developing leaks.

Normally, when one is using an inflatable kayak in fairly calm waters, they might stay inflated for around 8 hours.

What are the types of Inflatable Kayaks?

There are three different types of inflatable kayaks that you can choose from. They are Sit-on-top Kayaks, Canoe style inflatable kayaks, Rowing inflatable kayaks.

Sit-on-top kayaks are those that allow the user to sit on top of the kayak, facing forward. These types of inflatable kayaks can be used as fishing kayaks as well as for recreational purposes. They provide the user with stability and comfort while they’re on the water. Sit inside inflatable kayaks have a cockpit for the user to get in and out easily.

Canoe-style inflatable kayaks work similarly to hardshell canoes, making them ideal for paddling across calm waters. These types of inflatable kayaks can be used for fishing and other recreational purposes. Canoe-style inflatable kayaks also have a smooth and sleek design which makes them look like real canoes.

Rowing inflatable kayaks are best suited for calm waters, and they provide the user with an easy means of maneuvering through calm waters without much effort. These types of inflatable kayaks usually come with rowing frames that further add to their stability when in use. Rowing Inflatable Kayaks can be used by a single person or two people, depending on their size. These inflatable kayaks come equipped with oars and seats, providing you with an easy way to row across calm waters.

What are the advantages of buying an inflatable kayak?

Some of the most notable advantages include: 

  • They can easily be deflated and stored so you don’t have to hunt for space in your home or garage. 
  • It can be transported with ease, which means it does not require a car to move about with it. 
  • The material used in making these boats is very strong and durable. This makes them quite safe even if they hit jagged rocks while you’re riding on them over water.
  • They can be used for multiple purposes.

What is the difference between an inflatable kayak and a rigid kayak?

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two types of kayaks would be their structure. An inflatable kayak consists of nothing more than the boat itself (a skin and a skeleton). Rigid kayaks, on the other hand, have internal skeletons that help them maintain their shape. Since there is no such thing in the case of inflatable boats, they rely on air to fill up most spaces inside. As such, they do not remain inflated for long periods of time, which is why this type of boat cannot be commercially marketed as an alternative to a hard shell.

How long does it take to set up an inflatable kayak?

In just a few minutes, an Inflatable Kayak can be inflated using foot pumps or electric inflators depending on the type of pump being used. The time taken depends mainly on how much air needs to be pumped inside the kayak.

An inflatable Kayak takes around 15 minutes to inflate completely, using an electricity-powered pump. People who don’t own or have access to such pumps can use foot pumps to inflate the kayak. Foot pumps take around 20 minutes to inflate the kayak completely.

Once inflated, how long does it take to deflate?

On a whole, Inflatable Kayaks can be deflated within a few minutes. Usually, it takes about half the time that was taken while inflating. Once deflated, they can be rolled up and packed back into their carrying bag for storage later on.

What is the weight limit for an Inflatable Kayak?

Inflatable Kayaks can accommodate people weighing up to 220 pounds fully inflated. If you weigh more than this, you might want to look out for sturdier options. This weight limit applies only when using one-person inflatable kayak models. Some inflatable kayaks that are two-person models can be inflated to accommodate more than 220 pounds.

How do I inflate an Inflatable Kayak?

There are two main types of boat pumps for inflating inflatable boats, foot pumps, and electric air pumps. Depending on the type of pump you own, the time taken to inflate your kayak will vary accordingly. For instance, if you have a foot pump at home, it might take around 20 minutes to fully inflate your inflatable kayak. Similarly, if you use an electric air pump which is readily available in most households today, then it will only take about 10 minutes to fully inflate your kayak.

I own an electric pump. Is there any way that I can inflate my kayak faster?

Yes, there are a few tricks you can use to inflate your kayak in the minimum possible time possible. These techniques include:

  • Inflating one-half of your Kayak first and then adding air to the other side. This will help balance out the weight inside and increase your speed while inflating. Balancing your payload like this will result in fast inflation speeds overall.
  • Mounting the foot pump onto a high surface such as a kitchen countertop or dining table, and use it while standing instead of sitting on a chair or stool. You might need someone else’s help for this trick though! Using the foot pump in this manner will enable you to use more of your strength while inflating. Therefore, your kayak will be inflated in the minimum possible time.

What is the ideal inflation PSI for my inflatable kayak?

The inflation pressure required depends on the type of inflatable boat that you own. A rule of the thumb would be the higher the number of air chambers in an inflatable boat, the increase its inflation pressure accordingly too. For instance, if you own an IK with two separate compartments (one at either end), set its pressure to between 3-5 PSI per compartment. Similarly, if you own IK models with three separate compartments (one at either and one down the middle), then you should set the pressure to 4-6 PSI for each compartment.

How do I measure the PSI in my inflatable kayak?

Modern inflatable kayaks all come equipped with their own foot pumps which can be used to regulate the inflation pressure. These kayaks also include valves that are meant for monitoring the air pressure inside them. Furthermore, these foot pumps, valves, and even inflation chambers often come equipped with gauges that enable users to monitor the air pressure within their inflatable boats while they’re being filled up. It is advised not to exceed the recommended inflation pressures mentioned on your boat’s manual!

What accessories do I need for my Inflatable Kayak?

In order to enjoy your time on the water, you will need a few accessories such as foot pumps or electric pumps among others. Some accessories you might require include paddle extensions, paddles, carrying bags, etc depending on what type of accessory your inflatable kayak model comes equipped with.

Can I attach additional accessories to my inflatable kayak?

If you own an inflatable kayak model that has a hook or ring on its deck, then you can easily attach any accessory of your choice. Furthermore, most modern inflatable boats are equipped with multiple storage compartments which are meant for storing several accessories simultaneously. Some of these storage compartments are even waterproof!

What kind of safety gear do I need for my Inflatable Kayak?

You can never be too safe on the water. As such, it is advised that every kayaker carries some basic safety equipment with them at all times while they’re out on the water. This includes life jackets, light handheld VHF radios, etc among others depending on your location and the type of water you will be exploring.

Do I need to use any tools while setting up an inflatable Kayak?

No, you don’t need to use any tools while setting up an inflatable kayak. Everything comes included in the package when you purchase one and only takes a few minutes to get inflated completely.

Do I need any help inflating my Inflatable Kayak?

If you own a two-chamber (one either end) or three-chamber (one either and one down the middle) inflatable kayak, it is advisable to get someone’s help when inflating them. Having someone else manually pump air into your inflatable boat will enable you to use more force and result in better inflation as well as save some time as well!

What is the best inflatable kayak size?

If you’re just starting out, then a small one is usually recommended. This includes about two meters long of inflatable kayaks that are meant for one-person use. These are compact and lightweight as well which makes them perfect to be carried around easily. However, if you intend on fishing or using your inflatable boat regularly, it’s advised to get something bigger with more carrying capacity such as 3-4 meter long inflatable boats instead.

How is an Inflatable Kayak different from a hard shell kayak?

A hardshell kayak is a rigid one that has no inflatable chambers or air bladders which makes it difficult to carry around and store. Inflatable kayaks on the other hand can be deflated and folded down into a compact shape for easy transportation, storage, and portability.

How long will an inflatable kayak last?

An inflatable kayak is made to withstand constant use, both on the water as well as overland. However, there are several factors that can affect the lifespan of an inflatable boat. For one thing, it’s important for you to not puncture or scrape your inflatable kayak against rocks or hard surfaces while being used or during storage. This can damage the material and ruin its inside air pressure which will reduce the lifespan of your inflatable boat significantly. Normally, inflatable kayaks can last up to two to three years before they start developing leaks and other signs of wear.

What’s the best way to re-inflate an Inflatable Kayak?

If you have one that is only slightly deflated, then it should be enough just to use your pump to manually inflate it back up again. If your kayak has lost most of its air, you will need to use a high-pressure hand pump as well as a repair kit with a repair nozzle if required. Simply attach the repair nozzle onto the valve on your inflatable boat and press down on it with all your might until there’s no more air coming out from the nozzle. This should do the trick!

How much does an inflatable kayak cost?

The price varies depending on various factors such as size, shape, weight capacity, and materials among others. Most good quality inflatable kayaks cost anywhere between $300 and $500 depending on their size and weight capacity.

How do you reinforce an inflatable kayak?

For added protection and safety, it’s advised to reinforce your inflatable kayak, especially in exposed or tougher environments. This can be done by adding a layer of Kevlar or polyester on the outside which will prevent any punctures from sharp objects such as rocks when being dragged across them. Another way is to buy an additional outer cover for your inflatable kayak that comes with its own materials for reinforcement purposes.

How do you protect an inflatable boat from punctures?

To protect your inflatable kayak against punctures, you can use a tarp or cover it with heavy padding. You can also try to buy an inflatable boat that comes with outer materials for reinforcement which will help prevent any unwanted ruptures on its exterior surface.

What are some tips when using my Kayak?

Before proceeding with any activity involving your kayak, you need to go through all sections and check whether there are any holes or damage done anywhere on it. Also, make sure that the valves are not loose and that the pressure required is still maintained inside before hopping into it and setting off. You should also make sure that your kayak is securely tied before you bring it up on land so that no one can take it away while you’re not looking.

How do I care for my inflatable kayak?

There are some tips and tricks to help you take care of your inflatable kayak and prolong its lifespan. For one thing, it’s important that you only bring it up on land when required and do not leave it exposed to the elements for too long especially in direct sunlight as this could cause color fading and other forms of damage. Do not drag or scrape your inflatable boat against any objects such as rocks because this can weaken the material and potentially puncture holes over time.

What should I wear kayaking?

When kayaking, you should always wear a good quality life vest to prevent accidents from happening. Apart from that, you can also wear other protective equipment such as helmets and wetsuits depending on the kind of activity you’re planning to do with your inflatable boat.



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