🥇[TOP 7] Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews In 2021

7 Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews, Tips & Guides

Which the best inflatable kayak is suitable for your situation, we are here to help you to understand in a better way.

Inflatable kayaks have gained extreme popularity both amongst amateurs and professionals. However, a lot of people confuse between canoe and kayak.

Kayaks are more stable than canoes and unlike traditionally powered fishing boats, they work amazingly in small-waters too. Take a look at a few things that should be considered before buying the best inflatable kayak:

Things to be Considered Before Buying Kayak:

  1. Length– Length depends upon the type of water you will use the kayak on and your height plus weight. Longer kayaks are much faster as compared to the smaller ones. But, then smaller ones are more maneuverable. So if you want to ride on small ponds or backwaters, then go for a smaller one and vice-versa.
  2. Portability– Portability is one of the biggest factors that should be taken into consideration before buying this tandem kayak. If you use your kayak frequently then go for a light and easy to drag down kayak. A more lightweight kayak is easier to carry, easier to load onto your car and you can even load up on gear and accessories.
  3. Depth– Deeper hulls offer a little more storage and provide more room for long-legged kayakers. A shorter and wider kayak will be more stable and handle waves better than a longer, narrower one.
  4. Width– The width of a kayak influences the boat’s handling characteristics. Kayaks that really wide require a lot of effort to paddle because a lot of water has to be pulled aside by the hull.
  5. Seat– Since you’ll be spending a lot of hours in that seat prefer a one that is sufficiently padded and adjustable.
  6. Storage– Buy a kayak that has enough room for all the necessities. Some models have integrated storage while others offer external storage. Just visualize and plan well-in-advance of all the things you are likely to carry on that expedition and make a choice accordingly.
  7. Colors– Safety and color are interlinked. Always prefer bright colors on a kayak as they are easier to spot from a greater distance.
  8. Symmetry– Kayaks are either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetry means that the front half and the back half of kayak are in the same shape. Symmetry basically affects the kayak’s ability to make turns. Symmetrical boats provide amazing turning ability and are better for quick maneuvering while asymmetrical boats provide increased directional control.

best Inflatable kayak reviews

A lot of companies are producing some of the best quality kayaks that are designed for almost everything; from the smallest stream to the open ocean.

With this arises a lot of confusion as to which kayak a consumer should buy and which not. We have narrowed down this never-ending list.

Let’s Check out the Reviews of  the best inflatable kayaks for the ocean with screens below:

7 Best Inflatable Kayak for Ocean:

1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak


This Kayak is #1 Amazon Best Seller. Intex Recreation Corp manufacturers a wide variety of high-quality inflatable products that are safe and affordable. Most of their kayaks are good for beginners who are interested in recreational paddling.

K2 is 10.3 feet long and 36 inches wide. It is made from super-tough 30- gauge vinyl over a 1200 denier nylon shell with internal tubes that can stand up rough water conditions, rocks, and hooks. All of them combined together speaks of strength and durability.

For added stability, Intex has added removable skegs and I-Beam support that will not let your kayak topple. This kayak is extremely lightweight as it only weighs around 31 lbs.

It is equipped with two separate air chambers; one on the floor and others in the main hull. The bright yellow design is pleasant to the eyes and guarantees safety as it provides high visibility.

It comes with 2 paddles and gives you plenty of space to store in all your essentials.

The inflatable seats are comfortable and can be easily adjusted via relocating the Velcro fastening strips to the desired location. It is equipped with two functional 86″ aluminum oars & High-Output Air Pump.

The front and back curves are covered with durable skirts that prevent the water from getting into the kayak and also protects it from any crashes. There is ample legroom; the front seat does have more legroom than the back seat.

It comes with 3 separate chambers; one on the bottom, and one on each side.

Certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association using ABYC standards, it is one of the best inflatable kayak available. Overall, The Explorer K2 is an amazing kayak that is easy to manoeuver and control.


2. Advanced Elements Kajak Frame Convertible


This California-based company has been making inflatable kayaks for more than a decade. Their kayaks are known for their innovative features and strong performance.

Element kayaks are different from normal kayaks in a way that they are incorporated into multiple chambers and layers. Advanced Elements AE1007 AdvancedFrame Convertible inflatable kayak features three seating positions.

You can opt for solo or tandem paddling. With a length of 15 foot and weight of 56 lbs. this inflatable kayak features a spectacular design.

The best part is its top-notch construction. heavy-duty 3-layer body construction, durable and double-coated PVC and nylon, with a tarpaulin fabric and electronically welded seams that are abrasion and puncture resistant.

The hull is made with inbuilt aluminum front and back ribs. It provides enough storage capacity to store all your gear while going for that fishing expedition.

Bungee deck lacing offers a convenient spot for stashing gear and storage hatch behind the rear seat gives adequate storage space. There is ample of legroom that adds to the comfort.

The convertible and interchangeable decks allow you to create multiple seating arrangements at your convenience. It has molded rubber handles and paddles really fast. It even features inflation TwistLok military-grade air valves and high-flow spring valves.

This one is a perfect kayak if you are planning to spend some extended hours out on the water in your kayak. Overall this durable and comfortable kayak paddles really fast and with its amazing features will only optimize your comfort. This best inflatable kayak for the ocean is so strong that it can handle almost anything.


3. Coleman Quikpak K5 Kayak


Coleman is an American company that specializes in products related to camping gear. Their good quality and innovative products have made their name synonymous with outdoor fun.

Coleman Quikpak K5 is a single person inflatable kayak that has a fantastic design. It is made of 34-gauge PVC construction that makes this kayak extremely durable and rigid. However, it is kept flexible enough to bend with the waves as well.

It features extra puncture protection with tarpaulin bottom and polyester cover that protects the boat from any accidental punctures. This kayak has multiple air chambers so that if one is punctured others can be used.

This feature simply adds to safety and convenience. The patented Airtight System is guaranteed not to leak.

The best part about this kayak is its ultra-comfortable backpack system. The backpack also serves as the boat’s seat. The overall weight of the Coleman Quikpak canoe is 25.5 pounds. This lightweight kayak is incredibly convenient for transport.

This one-person canoe features double lock valves that make inflating and deflating this kayak very easy. It has D rings that provide ease while in and out of the water. With D-rings, you can add any additional equipment.

It includes spray covers to block splashes and keep you dry in rougher waters and colder temperatures. The product comes with a hand- pump and is covered by a 1-year limited warranty. The only con of this kayak is an easily breakable paddle.

Overall this is an ultimate choice for people looking to go on fishing expeditions in their kayaks.


4. Advanced Elements Lagoon 2


Advanced elements are one of the most popular names in the Kayak industry. They have been making amazing kayaks for quite a long time.

Lagoon 2 is a 2-person version of the popular Lagoon 1, sharing almost all its features. It is constructed of High denier polyester rip-stop fabric with a PVC laminate. The bottom side, i.e. the hull is made of PVC tarpaulin. The inner tube of the kayak is made of high-density fabric that adds to the durability.

It is tough enough to handle any kind of bumps and scrapes with ease. It is a great two-person kayak that works well only on flat water, i.e. either in lakes, oceans, or rivers. With this, you won’t be able to do whitewater kayaking, but roaming on flatwater is something it manages excellently.

This inflatable kayak is extremely easy to inflate and deflate. The seats in the Lagoon. The bow and stern strengthened by rigid panels that help kayakers to cut through the waves and give the best tracking performance possible.

Lagoon 2 comes with two inflatable high support seats that have adjustable back support and are extremely comfortable. It offers rubber-grip handles that make for easy carrying and provides additional comfort.

With a weight of around 34 pounds, Lagoon 2 offers high portability. However, the storage capacity of this kayak is quite low. There is ample legroom adding to the comfort.

Electronically welded seams protect against any leakage that may occur. As far as storage is concerned, bungee deck lacing offers a convenient spot for stashing gear, and in the mesh pocket, you can store any additional necessities required.

It comes with a one year warranty that covers materials and manufacturer defects.

This kayak is a perfect blend of excellent performance and durability. Given the features, the price tag is completely justified.


5. Sea Eagle SE 370 Inflatable Kayak


Since the 1960s, Sea Eagle has been making some of the best inflatable kayaks and boats that are known for their quality, performance, and durability. This light and portable kayak has won hearts across America.

Sea Eagle SE 370 Inflatable Kayak is one of the most popular inflatable kayaks, which is extremely versatile. With the weight of a mere 32 pounds, it is easy to set up. For anyone who has limited storage space, this tandem kayak is suitable as it deflates easily to fit into an over-the-shoulder carry bag.

It comes equipped with two skegs on the underside that are made of an extremely durable, molded plastic, a material that is known for its strength and won’t break due to any obstacles in the way.

The hull of the SE 370 is constructed from 38 mil PVC that provides protection from any type of collisions.

The paddles feature double-end asymmetrical Fibrylon blades and aluminum shafts. It features a self-bailing drain valve that allows you to quickly rid the kayak of any excess water.

The notable point is that it is NMMA certified and has a Class III whitewater rating. Adding on, it comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects, and their 180 days risk-free, money-back guarantee.

As far as accessories are concerned, SE 370 comes equipped with almost everything you need in the water.  7’10” AB30 paddles, an A41 foot pump, the Sea Eagle 370 carry bag, two SEC kayak seats, and a small inflatable kayak repair kit is all that comes with this kayak. The carry bag is made out of a tough 440 denier nylon fabric and the kayak has basic SEC kayak seats that are pretty comfortable.

So, in case you are a first-timer or a professional kayaker, this best inflatable kayak for the ocean will be perfect for you and is a complete value-for-money.


6. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak


Intex is a huge company manufacturing water sports products, ranging from inflatable kayaks and boats to other water sports-related products.

One of the most popular inflatable kayaks, it is made from the company’s rugged, super-tough vinyl that’s UV damage-resistant and made to withstand any sharp objects without puncturing. It is perfect for exploring lakes, still water, and mild rivers.

Designed for two people this craft comes in bright green, black, and blue color scheme. These eye-catching graphics reduces the risk of collision. However, the middle seat can be removed anytime to convert the K2 into a one-person kayak.

In case you opt for a solo then you have enough room to take along plenty of camping stuff and fishing gear.

It includes a removable directional skeg to help you paddle straight and two collapsible 96″ aluminum kayak paddles that are built with rubberized hand grips. has two separate air chambers, one on the floor and the other in the main hull.

The netted section at the front of the kayak allows you to store any of your stuff like flip-flops, etc. It comes with 84-inch aluminum oars that can be broken down into two pieces making it convenient to carry around.

Looking into the safety aspect, Intex has added I-Beam support for added stability that will not let your kayak topple. You can easily inflate this kayak with a high-capacity hand pump, which has 3 interconnected nozzles to use on other inflatables as well. It is TUV approved.

Overall, this is one of the best inflatable kayaks under 500 is worth considering and is completely worth the money spent. It is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association using ABYC standards.


7. Sevylor Big Basin 3 Person Kayak


Founded in France in 1948, It is a company that makes inflatable boats out of PVC and vinyl. It is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer rubber rafts in the world.

Coming on to something bigger, We have Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak that will exactly fit your needs. Given the fact that it is made for 3 people, It is adequately comfortable and spacious enough to provide convenience. It provides amazing maneuverability.

It is made out of heavy-duty PVC construction and a rugged tarpaulin bottom makes it comfortable for lake usage. The tarpaulin bottom provides durable protection from punctures.

It comes with a patented Airtight System that will prevent any kind of leaking. To keep you perfectly dry, it comes with spray covers which will block the water splashes.

The adjustable seats provide the required comfort. You can remove and reposition them as and how you like them. There is also a double-threaded Boston Valve which makes inflation and deflation possible with ease.

As far as paddles are concerned, people sitting on all the three seats have to paddle individually.  Three padded seats with bottle holders ensure a smooth ride.

This kayak is NMMA certified to hold up to 490 lbs. and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Compared to the competitor products, this kayak is pretty affordable and undoubtedly one of the best inflatable kayaks for three.

However, using it as a solo boater is not easy due to the size of the kayak. Moreover, no pump is included, so you will need to purchase this separately.



We hope this review is helpful for you to purchase the best inflatable kayak.

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