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11 Best Electric Scooter Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you looking for The Best Electric Scooters in 2022? If yes, you have come to the right place in which you can discover the full reviews, tips, and guides before figuring out The Best Electric Scooter in your situation.

An electric scooter is something that is not a commodity and we all understand that. That is not the point of this article though. Our article is for those who either decided that they should go for an electric scooter or for those who are confused that whether you should go for an electric scooter or not.

Again, we have written a very big article on the whole electric scooter issue. As this is a big one, we tried to cover everything that we possibly could in this one article. If you are someone who is already experienced in the electric scooters, then you will find a lot of this article boring as you already know about this stuff. On the other hand, if you are completely new, you will have so much content to digest in one place.

One idea for those who are already experienced: Simply skip the sections that you know about. We have given clear headings to the areas so that you can find the sections that you think you need.

We will start this article with the top 10 best electric scooters reviews and then we will talk about the other important things that you should know before you go ahead and buy an electric scooter. Let’s go for the reviews first.

Best Electric Scooters

Best Electric Scooters On The Market Reviews

So now that we’ve gone over everything you need to know, now comes the time to make a decision on which electric scooter to actually buy. To give you a helping hand, here are the top 10 best electric scooters out there right now you can buy and our intake on them.

1. Razor E100 Electric Scooter


Are you noticing a pattern yet? And it, not the last neither. The Razor brand will be appearing a lot on this list because they are home to some of the electric scooters.

The Razor E100 is an earlier model compared to the E300. But why is it compared when the E300 was designed to improve upon the older models? That’s because the E100 is designed for young kids (approx 8 years old) and is extremely lightweight and durable.

As well, it’s as powerful as the E300, so because the E100 is lightweight and the user will also be lightweight, this electrical scooter is more than capable of easily going up a steep hill. At least more so than the E300.

This scooter has the ability to travel up to 10 MPH and has the potential to travel up to 40 minutes.


2. Razor E100 Electric Scooter – Pink


This Razor E100 is a perfect vehicle for your child. It’s very affordable; a scratch won’t hurt you much. The scooter is various in designs for different tastes. Kids can ride up to 10 mph, smoothly mounting and overcoming bumps in 40 minutes without charging. That’s enough for a school day ride. It’s equipped with twist-grip acceleration control and front brake, easy to control.

Since it’s cheap with the chain-drive motor, a maintenance plan should be made sometime. You can equip the scooter with anything your child may need, such as a mirror and bell.


3. VIRO Rides 550E Electric Scooter 


If you’re looking for something affordable for both parents and kids use, this is the one. The LED lights offer a modern look and highly attractive effects. It’s foldable, easy breaks, one charge, and you can go running errands up to 17 miles. Adult commuters with wide feet can easily fit in with the non-slippery pedal. Utterly perfect for travelers of all ages.


4. GOTRAX XR Ultra Electric Scooter


The popular Gotrax scooter with a crisp and clean design is not only lightweight and easy to carry but has overall good built-in come with a fair price. It can speed up to 14.6 mph, which is smoother and speedier than expected for a newbie’s trip. The distance in its best reach can be approximately 10 miles; you may have to consider charging between locations. And although it goes untroubled through city flat streets, you will need to take some kicks to incline very steep terrains.


5. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter


This smart design from Glion should come first to your mind if you’re interested in a durable, highly convenient, and extremely efficient electric scooter. It’s foldable and will go comfortable with you on the bus or train. With a weight of about 27 pounds, you basically can carry it around. You’ll get the zippy feel with 15 mph and hang around and back to the extend of 15 miles. Patented dolly and vertical self-standing feature with pop-out kickstand can help you roll it as a suitcase and let it stand in a corner. Your evening riding home will be less dark with a headlight and safer with a tail reflector. You would want to pay more attention on a bumpy ride, as the small hard rubber wheels will let you rock a little bit.


6. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter


If you’re searching for a convenient and comfortable ride with an electric scooter, this Razor EcoSmart should immediately be put in your cart. It’s called friendly to the environment because you can sit and ride, but not in a car. Honestly, standing on a scooter for hours can be more than just tiring; therefore, a soft seat is just like a savior. Carrying cargo and expansive bamboo deck for footrest are made to guarantee your best benefits and relaxation.

Made from the top brand in the industry, Razor, this scooter in no doubt is high in durability. Its powerful engine can let you speed up to 18 mph and travel about 12 miles with 40 minutes of non-stop using. Already a massive advance from the above items.


7. Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Scooter


The ES2 is a simple yet practical design from Segway that will satisfy even the pickiest. It’s super lightweight and portable to be carried by even one hand. Equipped with a powerful motor of 300W, this scooter can reach 15 mph, commute up to 15 miles, take a load of 220 lbs maximum, and battery recover ensures your continuous journey. Your ride for city hang-around can never be more exciting. Thanks to the front and rear wheels are offered with shock absorbers; the sightseeing is even smoother than you expect.

This scooter’s unique feature is an LED display, Bluetooth, cruise control, customizable ambient light colors, mobile APP connectivity, and updates… You can take pleasure from all benefits this modern technology offers.


8. Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter


This Xiaomi scooter is said for beginners who love to have a taste of premium. You can go as far as 18.6 miles with only one charge. The design is modern, highly portable, and light, while double brakes assure your safety. There’s no need to worry for technical support or part replacement as the vast user-base is always available.

Users can also do their modifications or upgrades on the scooters if they like to do the hackings personally. Although it’s a bit pricey, the speed, range, and other features it offers can undoubtedly outstand other models. Same with the others, this Mi scooter may not climb up sufficiently uphill.


9. Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter


If you own a scooter from a well-known brand as Swagtron, you can be assured about the quality. And if you like to go with what the crowd is choosing over, this Swagger 5 is the one.

To name the features, it’s foldable, listed range up to 12 miles on a 3.5-hour charge on a lithium-ion battery, speed up to 18 mph – already too good to impress your fellows, maximum load capacity is up to 320 pounds – super sturdy scooter. However, large-built riders may find their hard time doing inclines.

A built-in app allows you to look at your speed, headlight, trip control, and compatibility with iOS and Android. This feature considers significant if you’re a technology geek and love to track your own health.


10. Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter 


This ES4 Kick Scooter from Segway is a premium upgrade from their ES2. What makes it overshadow other models is the dual batteries that lengthen your ride, let you go anywhere as you want, with the range a single battery offers already up to 28 miles! Full speed of 19 mph provides you a rapid ride of your dream.

The one-step folding system allows the whole front part, including wheels, to fold down; this creates super flexibility in carrying. Front and rear wheel shock absorbers enable your smoothest ride even at high speeds. You can feel safe with the mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system that ensures braking is sufficient and comfortable. A single charge will take long, about seven hours. For days you find out the battery is run over, a kick-and-go can always serve well.

Other notable features include a customizable LED display under the deck, Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, and mobile app connectivity for security and updates. You are indeed having all the luxuries in just one scooter.


11. Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max


This Ninebot KickScooter is the upgrade of all other Segways. We love to end our list with this incredible scooter that can take you extremely far. With something that can travel up to 40.4 miles, your ride is almost to infinity. The speed it can reach is up to 18.6 mph, overshadowing the rest in our list.

Your battery needs to be charged in 6 hours for such long-distance – still shorter than ES4. Charging is made easier and faster with a single power cord without brick. Along with the shock absorbers, self-healing 10-inch pneumatic tires offer you max comfort, no matter how rough or bumpy the surfaces are.

You can use the bell attached to the handlebar to call for pedestrians’ attention. Folding can be done with only one step in three seconds. Other features such as LED display are the same as previously described models.

This Ninebot KickScooter is designed to be the most durable and robust of all kinds in the Segway range. If you try yourself riding on this, you will understand why people are craving for this delicious scooter that much.


Well, How Do They Work?

It is very important that you get an idea of how electric scooters work. Obviously, you are not going to do engineering on this topic but knowing how they work will help you to make sure that you are buying the perfect item in the next purchase.

The operation is super simple. Electric scooters have one small-sized motor and a battery inside them. The battery will always generate enough motion power for the motor so that the motor can rotate at a good speed. When the motor rotates, the electric scooter moves.

In almost all cases, you will be able to charge your bike using electricity. It does not matter whether you are going for a riding electric scooter or a stand-up model, there will be two other elements that you need to think about. Those are speed and the brake elements. These will always be controlled with two different buttons or switches which you can find at the handle area.

So basically, you need to keep a few things in mind when you are thinking about buying an electric scooter. You will first have to make sure that the motor is in great condition and then you have to make sure that the battery is good enough to support the motor. After you are done inspecting these two, you need to think about the brakes and the buttons. That is it.

Now you know how an electric scooter operates and now those shopkeepers will never be able to deceive you with those weird statements.

You might ask whether it is actually important to know about how electric scooter works or not to find the electric scooter from the market. It is a very valid question. We don’t really need to know these details if we are confident about the knowledge that we have but on the other end, the shopkeepers are always trying to get some extra bucks from people who are not that knowledgeable. Giving some extra money is alright and that is acceptable too if someone is trying to make a better profit. What is not acceptable is if he or she tries to sell you a bad product giving you the wrong details. Don’t you believe it? It happens.

Once we heard a story from an Asian friend of ours. According to him, he bought an electric scooter with an almost double price because the seller said that it was a dual-motor scooter that can run super fast. A dual motor scooter is not a thing and as that poor guy didn’t know about it before, he paid that extra price. We do not want this same thing to happen to you again and again.

Types of Electric Scooters

Now, there are lots of types when it comes to electric scooters out there but the basic types are not much. Most are actually subtypes of a type. We will have a look at the major types of electric scooters available right now around us.

The Kick Scooters

The first type that we will talk about is the kick starter model. These are the most famous ones in the industry right now and these are doing super well when it comes to consumer liking and disliking. People are really going for these kick based scooters and they are loving it.

These are easy to manage, easy to ride and everyone including kids can enjoy the fun of kick scooters. The prices vary but there are some great companies out there who are providing quality scooters at a great price.

The Wheelchairs

It is similar to the one that Mr. X uses in X-men. You know the type. Remember how he used to operate his wheelchair from the arms control area? That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this section. Though this type does not really fall under our core area of the best electric scooter we thought you might be interested in this type too as technically, this is also an electric scooter or wheelchair.

If you are a kid, we do not really recommend this to you because it doesn’t really go with that fun and active type of lifestyle. These types of scooters run on 12V batteries in most cases and have a mileage of around 20+ miles with the full charge.

Mobility Scooters

The third type of electric scooters that we will talk about is mobility scooters. They are another unique kind that you can go for. Electric mobility scooters are mostly designed for the disabled but we have recently seen that able people are also using these scooters for different purposes such as commuting.

We are nobody to judge whether you should go for a certain item that is designed for the disabled or not. We are just saying that this is another option that you can go for if you want to and that is it.

The fourth type is the electric dirt bikes that you can go for. These are not really scootering if you look from the outside. They will always look like pure motorbikes or dirt bikes. If you look from the inside, you will understand that a lot of these bikes are electric-based. They are interesting and fun to ride on.

We do not recommend these bikes to kids though as these are not safe for someone who hasn’t ride original motorbikes before. If you are someone who has a bike license and are experienced enough to go for regular motorbikes, you can try these ones too. They are fun for sure.

Why Go For The Best Electric Scooter?

This is very important. Even before you buy the regular or the electric scooter, you have to first understand why you are doing so! There has to be a reason why you are buying such an electric scooter.

Remember, if you are clear on your mind on whether you should buy something and the reason behind that while you are buying it, your purchase scenario will be much better. Having a clear concept of your mind on why are you purchasing something is very important and this section will clear your confusion about that.

So in the following section of this part, we will talk about why you should go for an electric scooter right now!

The first reason is simple. These are easy and these are super light when you use them. Therefore, you will never feel that you are riding something heavy. Electric scooters are not really used for commuting purposes but we have seen people do that for shorter distances. These are easy to use and everyone including kids can go for these scooters.

The second reason is the ease and comfort that you get with the scooter. Think about it. Do you need to go to a store in the middle of the night? You can simply use the scooter to go now if you have one.

You do not really need to have any driving experience or knowledge to be able to learn to ride electric scooters. These are easy to use and anyone within a few minutes can start riding electric scooters. You do not need to have any driving classes or license either to start riding scooters.

If you think about the environment, you should go for electric scooters because these do not harm the environment. Really, think about it. If you think that electric scooters harm the environment then in that same logic, your cell phone is also harming the environment. If you can substitute even one ride of your car with a scooter, that will be a huge factor in a positive way for the environment.

Even if you do not care about the environment, you are still saving fuel and money too. The only payment that you will need is for electricity to charge the scooter and that is it.

Another great part about scooters is that you do not need to maintain themselves that hard. It is like maintaining your cell phone once again. You simply charge it every now and then and the phone works pretty fine all around the year. The scooter will be the same.

Another very important reason that why scooters will be awesome for you is because these are completely safe to use. Therefore, kids can use these scooters whenever they want and as parents, you will not have to worry whether they will be alright or not. There is hardly any age limitations when it is a scooter and they do not need any sort of license either. All in all, this is a great deal to go for.

Fit for Purpose?

Before you consider buying an electric scooter, you need to first take a step back and evaluate your surroundings. Factors such as the terrain around you, your weight, and the budget need to go into consideration before looking at different models to buy.

The Terrain

If you live in a relatively flat area, then you don’t have to worry about choosing a specific model, because all-electric scooters are designed to ride on flat land. However, If you live in an area where there are lots of hills then your options are slightly more limited. If this is the case, make sure you lookout for a scooter that runs at least a 350-watt motor to be able to maintain the power to climb up hills without any problems.

Your Weight

Anybody that is 250lbs or lighter can ride any type of electric scooter without any issues. However, those that are heavier than this will have limitations on which scooter they can ride. It doesn’t mean to say it’s not possible for heavier people to ride these scooters, it’s just that the scooter won’t achieve its maximum performance with a heavy load; just like we wouldn’t if we were carrying something we weren’t able to handle. Don’t be turned off by this though, there’s plenty of electrical scooters out there for the heavier people. For example, A heavy rider wouldn’t be able to ride the Go Motorboard but would have no problem with a Goped electric scooter.

Distance Traveling

An obvious but easily overlooked factor when deciding to buy an electric scooter is how far do you plan on traveling with it? Each scooter has a different battery size and maximum speed potential; which is why you need to do your research on this. If you plan on traveling to work and back, you need to calculate the approx time and distance and buy a scooter that’s capable of traveling that distance. If it’s just for hobby use, then there’s no problem. However, going long distances over 10 miles without charging the battery will limit you on which models you can get.


It’s no secret that electric scooters are quite expensive. Before planning out which scooter you want to buy, make sure you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

The average decent electric scooter will cost you around $500. It is a lot of money to spend on something you’ll barely use.  If you’re wanting a powerful scooter, then we’ll be talking around $1000+

Stand Up/Sit Down – This one is all about preference. Do you prefer sitting down or standing up? Some scooters come with a seat installed allowing you to sit down. These are better for long distances. If you’re just planning on going to the park or something similar, then a seat is not recommended.

Advantages of an Electric Scooter

As well as being extremely fun to use, riding electric scooters can have a lot of advantages when compared to the likes of other methods of transport such as Trains, Busses, etc.

I’ll be going over the top 5 advantages below in no particular order.

Huge Variety

When it comes to choosing an electric scooter, you already know it’s no easy task. Everyone has a different opinion on which is the best electric scooter, which is why a lot of research is needed in order to pick the right one for your needs but isn’t that part of the fun? Having so many different designs and features makes your choice more unique. We’ve shared our top 10 electric scooters above, check them out if you’re looking for inspiration.

Doesn’t harm the environment

One great thing about electrical scooters is that they are very eco-friendly. They don’t use up any fuel, therefore don’t produce carbon dioxide, therefore don’t have a negative impact on the environment. Electrical scooters run from rechargeable batteries rather than fuel, so using an electric scooter instead of a vehicle using the fuel you’re technically helping out with the environment. No pollution, no problem.

Easy to Ride

Though we can all agree that different types of electric scooters have different features and benefits. One thing that all of them have in common is that they were designed to be as simplistic as possible. They are very easy to assemble, so easy in fact that children as young as 7 and elderly as old as 80 are able to assemble and set up these scooters within 15 minutes or less!

Take advantage of the simplicity of these scooters.  Upon first sight, you may think they are just used for goofing around or having fun, but you’ll realize how helpful they can be when it comes to running errands.

No License required

Interestingly enough, you actually don’t need a license to use an electric scooter. Why is this? Because they don’t achieve a high enough speed to be considered needing a license. Obviously, some very expensive ones that can achieve a very high speed will need a license, but for typical/common models, you definitely won’t. You can find information online about what the requirements are and why common electrical scooters don’t meet them.

Keep in mind though; different rules apply to different countries, so you might need one in some countries. However, you should be fine.


And finally, and the most obvious point, is that they are very entertaining to use. Whether you’re just running some errands or driving around the block, it’s fun either way. Driving a car can also be fun but it does have its limitations. Electrical scooters seem to never lose their thrill factor.

Scooter Accessories & Parts

Likewise, for a lot of other things, you can also buy accessories for your electrical scooter. These include but aren’t limited to:


Wheels are an essential part of your electric scooter. If one isn’t functioning 100% then the overall performance of your scooter is obviously affected. You are able to buy different types of wheels to either replace your old run-down ones, or you can even upgrade them if you wish.


Wearing a helmet is often made a mockery of, but you’d be surprised how many times these helmets have saved people’s lives. Don’t be fooled into thinking that scooters aren’t that fast to crash or fall off.. because they are. There are lots of different types of helmets tailored to different types of scooters.


Grips are also something you can buy separately to add to your scooter. Adding stunt pegs, for example, will help you try out stunts and tricks easier. And usually, they offer different colors.

Lap Tray

For the wheelchair type of scooter, you can actually buy an attachable lap tray which will allow you to place items such as food and drinks onto. Though these can be quite pricey, they are extremely reliable. Easy to clean and waterproof.


During winter or cold days your hands will easily get cold as they are exposed to the cold air. If any of your hands get really cold when you’re on your phones outside during winter, then the same applies to electric scooters. There’s plenty of different types and different materials out there.

And much more…

Buying an Electric Scooter on eBay or Gumtree

It’s understandable that you might turn to eBay or Gumtree when you’re looking for a second hand, cheap electric scooter. But is it exactly a good idea to buy one from eBay? Well, it’s the same with anything else really. With technology such as laptops, for example, there have been cases where people are rigging the laptops to break after a certain amount of time. Some are not as described neither.

With electric scooters, you need to make sure the person you are buying from is legit. Usually, if you see a seller that has a lot of positive reviews, chances are you there isn’t going to be any sort of foul play. But those with no reviews or even a few always have the chance of selling you an item that wasn’t as described.

An example of this would be that the scooter could actually be damaged or badly scratched. Usually, you can solve issues like this, but remember buying one new is always a lot easier and less worrying.


So now that you’re familiar with everything we’ve listed above, you should now have more knowledge of how electrical scooters work and how much of an impact they have on us. Like it or not, electric vehicles are the future of transport. Who knows what kind of electrical scooters we as people could create within the near future? The possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve considered all the factors listed above and you know exactly the type of scooter you’re looking for, it should be fairly easy to decide. But to help you out with that, check out some comparison websites. They are dedicated to comparing all the electric scooters and finding the best one that suits your needs.  If it’s for a child, then it should be relatively smaller and lighter weight so it’s easier for them to control. Teens/adults should be looking for a heavier and faster model, but it all depends on personal preference with that.

Be sure to look online for reviews on the scooter you’re wanting to buy, if others agree that it’s a good scooter and it’s highly rated, then go for it! We recommend looking on Amazon.

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