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Conventional paper books can be cumbersome to read, heavy and bulky to move around with or store. Moreover, they can easily get torn or soak in water, making it harder for you to read your favourite books.

To avoid this, you can opt for an best eBook readers, which is an advanced electronic device that can hold many books and is ergonomically designed for easier handling.

Best Ebook Readers

These devices are lightweight and allow you to read your favourite books at any time of day. They are also energy-efficient and make it easier for you to share your books with other people. Below are the five best eBook readers based on 2019 reviews:

1. Kindle Paperwhite – The Best eBook Readers


This is the best eBook reader based on our 2019 reviews. Coming with more pixels than the previous generations, this eBook reader features a high resolution 300 ppi display, which offers crisp and laser quality text.

Furthermore, it is a lightweight device which you can comfortably hold in one hand especially when you do not feel like putting your book down.

Unlike reflective smartphone and tablet screens, this device has built-in adjustable light, which allows you to read with ease at any time of day or night and it reads just like paper.


  • Storage- 4 GB
  • Connectivity- Wi-Fi
  • Resolution- 167 ppi
  • Colors- Black, White
  • Weight- 5.7 oz (161 g)
  • Page Turns- Touchscreen
  • Screen Size- 6″ glare-free

It is also extremely convenient as one unit can accommodate thousands of books at a time. When fully charged, this energy-efficient device can last for weeks and not hours like most devices.


2. Sony DPTS-1 Digital Paper System


In a world that is overwhelmed with paper, this e-book reader from Sony introduces a more revolutionary way to work and read. When used in conjunction with cloud services, this unit with built-in WiFi gives you the power to annotate, save and share documents with ease.

The letter-size, handheld and lightweight digital paper allows you to easily and securely access different files, make and even upload handwritten notes as well as annotated documents.


  • Manufacturer- Sony
  • Model Number- DPTS1
  • Item Weight- 12.5 ounces
  • Shipping Weight- 2.05 pounds

It is a superlative and durable device which is easy to use. Coming with a user-friendly screen, which reflects the ambient light for easier legibility, the device offers a reliable option for reading indoors or outdoors.


3. Kindle Keyboard WiFi 6-Inch E Ink Display


This is an all-new kindle book reader featuring an electronic ink screen with 50% better contrast than other e-book readers. It features a sleek design with a smaller body, while keeping the same six-inch size area and it is lighter, weighing just 8.5 ounces.

The unit offers 20% faster page turns for easier reading and has double storage than conventional e-book readers, hence can hold up to 3500 books at once.


  • Storage- 4 GB
  • Resolution- 167 ppi
  • Weight- 5.7 oz (161 g)
  • Page Turns- Touchscreen
  • Screen Size- 6″ glare-free

Moreover, it normally comes with built-in Wi-Fi and can last up to one month when fully charged. It also comes at a budget-friendly price.


4. New Kindle Oasis Best ebook Readers with WiFi


You can easily turn the page using the touch display or the dedicated page turn buttons that are located at the front section of the hand-grip.

Furthermore, whether you opt to read your e-book with your right or left hand, the unit will automatically rotate the page orientation in order to suit your needs. It also comes with a dual-battery charging system, which delivers several months of battery life.


  • Storage – 4 GB
  • Resolution- 167 ppi
  • Colors – Black, White
  • Weight – 5.7 oz (161 g)
  • Screen Size – 6″ glare-free


5. Barnes and Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus eReader – Waterproof and Dustproof


The higher resolution and enhanced contrast makes each page to read just like paper under any kind of light. Featuring the latest Glow-light technology, the unit makes reading glare-free ad easier at night or during the day. Coming with a scratch-resistant screen and enhanced contrast, this device allows you to enjoy clearer and crisper texts.


  • Item Weight- 12.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight- 12.8 ounces
  • Model Number- FBA_BNRV510

With so many eBook readers on the market, choosing the best one to purchase may not be a very easy task. Ideally, the best device should be lightweight, easy to use and with a sleek design. If you are looking for the best e-Book readers to use, the above reviews can enable you to choose the best.


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best eBook Readers

The Best eBook readers are available in many formats and prices. For convenience reasons, it is advisable that users choose an eReader with similar features to that of their smartphone and laptop, so as to ease the transition. Best eBook Readers are designed with a variety of sizes and functions just like tablets and laptops.

1. Accessories

Best eBook Readers are usually accompanied by a cover to protect the screen from fingerprints, scratches or fluid spills. Best eBook Readers are available with different memory space for storing eBooks. Some Best eBook Readers can store up to thousands of eBooks while others have limited storage space depending on the Best eBook Reader model purchased. The Best eBook Readers pages turn faster or slower depending on the Best eBook Reader model, and its screen resolution. Best eBook Readers are equipped with a variety of features such as Highlight, Dictionary, Best eBook Readers Notes or Bookmark.

2. Price

Price is always a factor in Best eBook Readers. Best eBook Readers are available in different prices depending on the brand, size, functionality and availability of memory space. Other Best eBook Reader accessories can also help to personalize it. For example, protective covers are available for Best eBook Readers that will protect it from external elements such as dust, water and sudden falls. Best eBook Readers can also be hooked up to speakers which enables you to play music from your Best eBook Reader.

3. eBooks Availability

It is advisable to consider the Best eBook reader that allows access to a wide variety of eBooks, because not all Best eBook readers have access to all e-book stores. It is also advisable that Best eBook readers have an internet browser that you can use to purchase and download Best eBook Readers from the online store of your choice.

4. Controls

Some Best eBook Readers have physical buttons to navigate around the screen, while others Best eBook Reader models have touch screen options. Best eBook readers with a touch screen may be easier and more convenient to use, but Best eBook reader with buttons gives you more control over your Best eBook Reader.

5. Screen Resolution

The quality of the eBook Reader and eBook Readers’ images are dependent on the Best eBook Reader screen resolution. Best eBook readers with higher screen resolutions have better high quality imagery which makes reading Best eBook reader more enjoyable. Best eBook Readers with good screens are usually slightly more expensive than Best eBook readers that do not have a high resolution screen.

6. Battery Life

The battery life of Best eBook Readers range from one Best eBook Reader to another, but Best eBook Reader batteries generally last up to several weeks depending on the Best eBook reader model you have bought. It is advisable that before making Best eBook Readers purchase, test Best eBook Readers that are on display at the store so as to ensure your Best eBook Readers battery life lasts for a reasonable amount of Best eBook Readers use.

7. Model Availability

There are Best eBook Readers that are not easily accessible, while others Best eBook reader models are widely available in eBook reader stores. Best eBook READER models can be located online, or at an electronics store near you. Best ebook readers have different screen resolutions, storage space and additional features such as Best eBook Readers notes, Best eBook Reader Highlight and Best eBook Reader Dictionary. Some Best ebook readers also have adjustable text size and color contrast.

8. Audio Features

Some Best eBook Readers can be attached to speakers which enables you to play music from your Best ebook reader. Best eBook Reader models with audio features can usually store more Best eBook Reader.

9. Screen Size

Best eBook reader models come in a variety of Best eBook Reader sizes, from Best eBook Reader 5 inches to Best ebook readers that are as large as Best eBook Readers 10.5 inches. Best eBook Reader screen size is usually dependent on Best ebook reader model and the quality of Best eBook Reader can be assessed from Best eBooks’ screen resolution.

10. Connectivity

Best eBook reader models are usually able to connect to Best eBook Readers’ wireless networks. Best eBook Reader models are also wifi compatible which enables you to stream Best ebook readers using your Best eBook Reader’s internet connection. Connectivity is an important Best eBook Reader feature because it allows Best ebook readers access to the Best eBook Reader store, Facebook Best eBook Reader and Best ebook readers’ other Best eBook reader features that require Best eBook Reader’s internet connection.

11. Advanced Screen Lights

Best eBook Reader models usually come with ebook readers that allow eBook Readers to adjust the ebook reader’s level of light for comfortable ebook-reader reading. Best eBook Reader models usually have a light sensor that automatically adjusts eBook Reader’s screen brightness depending on the lighting conditions of your surroundings. The more advanced Best eBooks Best eBook Readers usually have Best eBook Reader’s advanced light sensors and Best ebook readers can also be adjusted manually. Best eBooks’ advanced screens Best eBook reader models are especially useful when you are using your Best eBook Reader outside Best ebook reader store with harsh sunlight.

12. Memory

Best eBook Reader models usually have ebook readers of memory space for ebook storage. Best eBook Reader models with Best ebook readers of more memory space usually have eBook Readers that are eBooks than ebook readers that have less memory space. Best eBook Reader models with lots of memory are suitable for readers who are using their Best eBook Reader to listen to music or watch videos, Best eBook Readers who have Best ebook reader storage eBook with Best eBook Reader’s memory less than 8 GB.

13. Best eBooks’ Weight

Although the Best ebook readers come with a myriad of different features, the price usually depends on the weight and size of your best ebook reader. Best eBook Reader models usually have a lighter weight for easy carrying and use.

14. Brand

Some people prefer to buy brand name eBook Readers because they usually have Best ebook readers’ brand name Best eBooks. A lot of people also choose to buy brand Best eBook Reader models for their functionalities too so it is wise to weigh your options when you are trying to choose the Best eBook Reader model that will suit your needs and preferences best. Best eBook Readers can be ebook readers of many brands so you will have to shop around the Best eBook Reader store or online retailers to find your ideal brand.

15. Waterproof

Waterproof ebook readers that are waterproof usually have ebook reader of resistance to Best eBooks’ water and ebook readers of other liquids. The Best eBook Reader model you choose should be able to withstand the different weather conditions for your Best eBook Reader’s overall durability and functionality.

16. Fonts

Best eBook Reader models usually come with Best ebook reader Best eBooks’ fonts and Best eBook Readers also have Best ebook readers of different Best eBooks’ fonts so you can choose Best eBook Reader which has Best ebook readers of Best eBook Readers’ favorite font.

17. Sound

Some Best eBook Reader models usually be equipped with their own speakers ebook where you can listen to eBooks with Best eBook Readers’ own eBooks’ speakers. The more advanced Best eBook Reader models usually have Best eBooks that also allow you to connect your Best eBook Reader to the Best ebook reader store and speakers using a cable or Bluetooth.

18. Document File Formats

Best eBook Reader models usually have Best ebook reader Best eBooks that support Best ebook readers of the most common file formats. The Best eBook Reader model you choose should be able to support Best eBook Readers’ favorite document format for Best eBooks reading convenience.



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The eBook Reader?

An eBook reader is a device that enables people to read eBooks, which are digital books. These devices allow the users to download any number of eBooks from a local or global virtual library and store them in the device’s memory for later reading.

How Much Should You Spend On An EBook Reader?

You can purchase an eBook reader for as little as $99 and the price goes up to thousands of dollars. The amount you spend on an eBook reader depends on how many features you want your device to have, the screen size, the memory capacity, file type compatibility, whether or not it has a touchscreen.

How Portable Is An EBook Reader?

Although there are more portable devices available today than ever before, eBook readers run on battery power. This makes them very limited in terms of portability because they need to be recharged regularly if used for long periods of time. How long will batteries last after being charged? It differs from one brand to another but most can last several weeks between charges.

  • EBook Reader File Types

Some eBook readers come with their own file type, therefore requiring people to use this format when buying eBooks. For example, the Kindle uses .MOBI for its native formats and .AZW files, which can be read on other platforms using conversion software. Other devices support different types of eBook formats such as EPUB or PDF.

Do You Need A Light?

There are two types of eBook readers available: one with an electronic paper display (EPD) and the other with a liquid crystal display (LCD). The former requires no backlight because it is lit from within just like real printed paper while the latter uses a front-lighting system that illuminates your screen from behind. If you choose an LCD eBook reader, you will need some sort of backlight for reading in dark or low light conditions, otherwise, you won’t be able to see anything on the screen.

Is Customization Important?

Another factor that affects how much you spend is whether your eBook reader allows customizations such as downloading different wallpapers, skins and fonts. One site explains that models with better customization features are often more expensive because they allow for advanced content management.

Are EBook Readers Waterproof Or Water-resistant?

None of them are waterproof or water-resistant, but there are waterproof cases available for purchase if you want your device to be protected from accidental spills or exposure to rain. Are these cases difficult to use? How long do they last before they have to be replaced? It depends on the model and brand.

What Other Features Should You Look For In An EBook Reader?

Some of the other features you might want to look for in an eBook reader include a built-in dictionary, bookmarking capabilities, text highlighting and annotation options. Depending on your needs, you might also want to look for a device that allows audio and video playback in addition to text.

Does Battery Life Affect The Value Of An EBook Reader?

Yes, it does because one eBook reader’s battery life is not the same as another’s. Keep reading for more details about this feature.

How Long Can You Read On Your Device Between Charges?

Different brands offer different estimates about how much time you’ll get from your batteries. For example, one company says their batteries can last up to 30 hours and will take four hours to recharge while another brand claims their device offers about 22-26 hours of reading between charges.

How Long Do EBook Reader Batteries Last Between Charges?

The average time your eBook reader’s battery should last is six weeks or two months if you are using it for at least an hour per day. That being said, this varies according to the size of the screen, how long each page takes to load and whether or not you are using backlighting on your display. Some devices come with a cover that acts as a keyboard so that you can type notes directly into your books. This feature requires added power usage that could reduce the amount of time you get out of your battery.

Should You Get A Waterproof Case?

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or around water, it might be worth investing in an eBook reader that’s waterproof (or at least water-resistant) so that you can read without worrying about ruining your device. If you live near the beach and plan to take long reads on the sand, this is especially important. Are waterproof cases difficult to use? How long do they last before needing replacement? These cases are extremely easy to use just like plastic covers for phones which simply snap onto your device. Some companies offer only one case color but others have multiple options that allow for customizing your cover based on mood or outfit.

What Format Do eBook Readers Use?

The majority of eBook readers use e-paper displays which are different from the screens used in cell phones or tablets. These displays are not backlit so they don’t emit light and instead reflect what’s on the screen just like a printed page. This means you can read your device even under direct sunlight as long as it’s not reflective.

How Does The Resolution Affect Your Reading Experience?

It depends on how picky you are about reading specs as well as whether or not you still own an old-fashioned hard copy book that has better resolution than most digital devices. eBook reader resolutions vary between models and manufacturers, generally falling within the 600×800 pixel range for black and white and 300×600 pixels for color screens with 256 shades of grey. While these resolutions may seem low in comparison to the HD display you’re used to on your laptop or cell phone, they are comparable or better than most paperbacks. In fact, they are often advertised as being twice as clear when compared to a paperback.

How Do EBook Readers and Tablets Differ?

Tablets like the iPad and the Kindle Fire are similar to eBook readers in that they can be used for reading digital books, but they also offer different features such as access to websites and apps. Because tablets run on Android or iOS systems, they have larger screens that are more suitable for multitasking which is why some users prefer them over dedicated eBook readers. If you mostly plan on using your device for light reading with a few games thrown in here and there, then an eBook reader might suit your needs just fine. However, if this is one of many devices you use regularly or if screen size is important to you, then a tablet may be better suited.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular eBook Readers?

Sony, Amazon and Barnes & Noble all make popular eBook readers which you can purchase directly from the manufacturer or from an authorized reseller such as Best Buy. Sony is known for their sleek design while Amazon is extremely popular thanks to their huge library of titles including self-published books and the ability to download them directly onto your device if they’re not available in print. The latest versions of all three include touchscreen capabilities, higher resolutions and more memory than older models.

Can You Use Any eBook Reader With Any Operating System?

No. Most dedicated eBook readers work with a specific operating system such as Android or iOS so these devices will only work if you have the corresponding OS on your mobile phone or tablet. Some companies however, such as Kobo and Nook, work with a number of different operating systems so you can read on an Apple tablet if that’s your preference.

What Is The Difference Between Open-Source And Closed-Source eBook Readers?

eBook readers fall into two categories based on their source code: open or closed. In a closed system, all data is sent to the device through one central server which means users have limited access to settings like font sizes or bookmarks. The advantage of this set up is that it allows for better security because only authorized software can be installed on the reader itself. This means users are protected from malware but many believe this also leads to censorship because certain titles may not be available in certain regions due to government restrictions. Open-source systems, on the other hand, allow users to install software directly onto their device which means they have more control over the user experience. However, this also means that in order to access certain titles in an open system you must do so through a central server rather than downloading books offline like you would in a closed system.

How Fast Do eBook Readers Boot Up?

eBook readers boot up much faster than tablets because all of their processing power is focused on reading and rendering digital files including downloaded websites and applications which are accessed only when needed. The startup time for dedicated eBook readers averages about 10 seconds while most high-end models can start in under 5 seconds.

How Many Hours Do eBook Readers Last On A Single Charge?

When it comes to battery life, eBook readers have a big advantage over tablets because they’re primarily used for reading which doesn’t require much power. Dedicated devices have an average battery life of up to 2-months when used for 30 minutes each day.

How Much Do eBook Readers Weigh?

Weight varies depending on the size and age of the device but newer models usually weigh less than 6 ounces while some older versions can reach upwards of 12 ounces. The light weight makes them easy to carry wherever you go.

What Are Some Common Uses for eBook Readers and Tablets Compared With Traditional Paper Books?

eBook readers and tablets allow users to carry thousands of books wherever they go and enjoy features like adjustable font size and built-in dictionaries. This convenience is one of the biggest reasons for their popularity but some also favor digital reading because it puts a limitless library at their fingertips without sacrificing aesthetics or durability.

How Accurate Are eBook Scanners Compared to Reading Print Books?

eBook readers allow you use an electronic book scanner to turn any printed book into a digital version which can be saved as a PDF file, sent as an EPUB document or shared on social media sites. The accuracy of these devices varies largely depending on the type of scanner used and how it’s implemented but most eBook scanners are very accurate when used properly.

What is e-Ink?

High resolution, full color images require a lot of energy compared with plain text which is why eBook readers and tablets use e-Ink. This isn’t the same as standard ink found in printers which always leaves a mark, rather it uses microscopic spheres made from black and white particles. When voltage is applied to these microspheres they either rise to the surface or sink down depending on if the image is black or white which creates an image that can be displayed indefinitely without draining power.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using eBook Readers and Tablets Compared With Traditional Paper Books?

eBook readers and tablets open up a world of literature by allowing users to carry thousands of books wherever they go compared with traditional paper books. These devices also allow people to highlight favorite passages, notes and access dictionaries for better comprehension. The convenience of digital reading is one of its biggest assets but the ability to adjust font size, switch between day and night modes and even use built-in book scanners also makes this technology appealing.

How Do I Get Books On An eBook Reader?

All of the major eBook readers are compatible with EPUB files which can be purchased or transferred from many websites. Some users also download books to their computers first and then upload them to their devices so they have access no matter where they are.

What Is an eBook Reader Made Out Of?

The exterior material used for eBook readers varies by manufacturer but plastic is the most popular choice because it’s durable, easy to manufacture into different shapes and lightweight compared with materials like metal. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all plastic models are fragile – some are made out of rubbery materials which feel comfortable in your hand but still protect against falls.

Why Are Some Books In Popular Apps Like Kindle Free?

Books in popular apps like Amazon Kindle are often free to encourage users to download the app and make purchases later on. Pricing for Amazon’s eBooks varies but many titles are offered at discounted prices or for free.

What Are The Benefits Of An eBook Reader With Audible?

This feature is usually reserved for audiobooks which can be listened to through built-in speakers or headphones. Audible allows users to switch seamlessly between reading and listening which makes it easier to understand complex passages or difficult words.

What Is The Major Difference Between Kobo And Kindle?

The major difference between Kobo and Kindle is the fact that Amazon dominates the eBook reader market. While Kobo doesn’t have access to as many titles, users who prefer its model often do so because of the company’s support for ePub files which aren’t compatible with Kindle.

What Is An EPUB File?

Almost all books purchased from leading retailers like Apple or Amazon are in a format called EPUB which stands for electronic publication. This is a popular standard format used for most books bought online and can be viewed on eBook Readers, tablets and computers.

How Do I Save Money On My Next eBook Purchase?

Savings can be found when purchasing popular books by downloading them from websites that charge lower prices compared with retailers like Amazon or Apple. Most bookstores also offer discounts for students and members of the Armed Forces which can save readers up to 50% off the cover price.

What Are Popular eBook Reader Apps?

There are many popular apps that act as eBook readers including Amazon Kindle, Kobo’s KoboReads, Barnes & Noble Nook, iBooks and Google Play Books.

How Do I Download EPUB Files On My Computer?

Epub files can be downloaded for free online after you’ve purchased specific titles from big name retailers, but users who want a large collection of books should consider downloading a book management application such as Calibre which allows users to download books from friends or other websites.

What Does EBook Overload Mean?

When people purchase eBooks faster than they can read them, this is referred to as “overloading the device” or simply being overloaded. It requires users to go back and delete books that are not likely to be read anytime soon in order to accommodate new purchases.

What Is Page Flip Feature On eBook Readers?

This feature allows you to skip ahead or go back on a page by quickly swiping through it. This is especially useful for textbooks because students can easily flip back and forth between pages without losing their place.

How Do You Update An eBook Reader?

Updating an Amazon Kindle book reader is done wirelessly after downloading an update from Amazon’s website which makes it easy for users to remain up to date on the latest features.

What Is A Kobo?

Kobos are eBook readers made by a company called Rakuten Kobo which was originally named Shortcovers before being changed. This is one of the few companies that offers titles in formats beyond EPUB so you can view purchases across multiple devices.

Can I Read eBooks On Other Devices?

Users can read eBooks on a smartphone or tablet by using apps such as Amazon Kindle, the Nook app from Barnes & Noble, iBooks from Apple and Google Play Books from Google.

What Is EPUB3?

EPUB3 is a newer standard that allows for advanced features like audio and video playback. It also makes it easier to navigate books which have been altered slightly from their original formats since they’re more closely linked with web pages.

How Do I Change The Font Size In My EBook Reader?

The size of text in an eBook can be changed by selecting settings which allow users to change the font type, color and size. This is especially useful for those who need vision assistance but don’t want to give up their eBook Reader.

How Many EBook Readers Are There?

The number of eBook readers in use is expected to reach 167 million by the end of 2018 which calculates to a 26% increase from 2011. This figure accounts for those who have one or more eBook Readers as well as those reading on tablets and smartphones across the globe.

Which eBook Reader Offers HD Video Content?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one of few devices that allow users to access video content due to its Android operating system. Other eBook readers only offer audio playback so consumers may need multiple devices if they want both options.

Why Do People Use An eBook Reader Over Physical Books?

This comes down to preference but some people choose eBooks over physical books because they can hold dozens or hundreds of titles at once without taking up any space in one’s house. People also like the convenience of opening up an eBook Reader when they’re commuting rather than carrying around a heavy book in their bag.

Is An eBook Reader Right For You?

An eBook reader is a small device that allows you to view eBooks, magazines, newspapers and other publications. It’s useful for those who have trouble reading physical books because they are aging or have vision assistance needs but the convenience makes it suitable for all ages.

Is A Cloud Reader The Same As An eBook?

Although both cloud-based readers and eBooks allow users to access content wirelessly, there are some key differences between them. eBook files are downloaded to the reader’s device while cloud-based readers work by allowing users’ browser to pick up where they left off on another device.

Is There A Color eBook Reader?

It’s possible to read eBooks on devices like the Kindle Fire which has a full-color screen but there are different formats for color screens like PDF. If you plan to read books in color, make sure your chosen device can handle all of the file formats.

Does An eBook Reader Need To Be Connected To The Internet?

Most eBook Readers only need to connect to Wi-Fi when initially setting up so they can download new books and subscriptions. Some readers, such as the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, allow users to connect their devices to 3G networks for browsing and downloading books.

How Do Users Change The Text Size In An eBook Reader?

There is usually a control that allows users to change the font type, color and size by using either keys or buttons near the screen itself or on its casing. This is especially for those who need vision assistance but don’t want to give up their eBook Reader.


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