[TOP 5] Best Car Air Freshener Reviews

5 Best Car Air Freshener Reviews, Tips & Guides


New things always have that great scent but the scent disappears with time. This is what happens you buy a car and forget about maintaining the interior part of it.

Odors from dirt, trash, and smoking among other things you can think of can affect how your car’s interior can smell. Having a god air freshener can keep your car clean and out of this problem.

Best Car Air Freshener Reviews

Apart from ensuring that the car is clean, air freshener preserves your new car scent, deodorizes the scent of your vehicle and makes it a comfortable place to be whenever you are driving or enjoying company with family.

Another way is to try simple tips and ideas to make a complete difference in case you are not comfortable with your car interior environment.

There are several products that can offer you various results when enhancing the tidiness and freshness of the interior parts of the car.

These can be items that clip on to your air conditioning vent to ventilate the scent through the inside of a car or car air fresheners spray to spray whenever you aren’t comfortable about a certain part of the car. We have picked some of the best air fresheners in the market today that will help you improve your car interior.

#1 Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag Best Car Air Freshener

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This is another way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment in your car. Made of just one incredibly powerful natural ingredient, the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag will help you eradicate odors, pollutants, and allergens from your vehicle.

In case your vehicle is damp and musty, the Moso Bag will help absorb excess moisture to prevent mildew, mold, and bacteria from forming. Its chemical free nature makes it the right choice of air freshener whenever you have pets and kids on board.The bamboo charcoal is sealed inside a stitched linen bag making it look decent.

With simple maintenance, expect to reuse the bags for 2 years. All you need to do is to regularly put them outside in the sub once a month for at least an hour for them to rejuvenate. After their lifespan is over, you can recycle them into the soil.


#2 PREGGO Car Air Freshener – Fragrance & Scent Free

PURGGO Car Air Freshener - Lasts 365+ Days - No Chemicals - 100% Activated Bamboo Charcoal - Fragrance-Free Deodorizer, Natural Auto Odor Eliminator, Air Purifier, Neutralizer, Absorb Smoke Smell
  • CHEMICAL-FREE - Contains no fragrance, no plastic, no chemicals. PURGGO is made with 100% bamboo charcoal that naturally absorbs odor. PURGGO is healthy and safe for you, your kids, and your pets. It's also great for people with allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, and other breathing sensitivities.
  • ELIMINATE (NOT MASK) ODOR - Porous bamboo charcoal acts like a big sponge. As air organically passes through, odor particles are trapped on the surfaces inside the charcoal. PURGGO actually removes odor, rather than covering it up!
  • LASTS MORE THAN 365+ DAYS - The world's longest lasting car air freshener. PURGGO can be used for more than 365 days, while common car fresheners only last up to 45 days. Save your time and money. Say NO to pricey refills.

PURRGO is neither a spray nor a gel. Don’t confuse it with a scent Bomb or even an Ionizer; this is a 100% Bamboo Charcoal that naturally absorbs odor. For those who don’t need any fragrance or chemicals, then the PURRGO Car Air Freshener is the right product to buy. This freshener works 24/7 passively and eliminates any odor making the car fresh.

How does it absorb odor? Well, the bamboo charcoal is porous thus acting like a big sponge and traps any odor particles floating in the air. With this freshener, you will never be embarrassed with the odor in your car anymore.This product lasts more than a year and is now the world’s longest lasting car air freshener in the market.

Unlike common air fresheners that go for a maximum period of 45 days, you can have Purrgo Car Air Freshener and forget about expensive and unnecessary refills. Save time and money by saying no to pricy refills. Another advantage about this air freshener is that it is fragrance and allergen-free. This natural, non-toxic freshener is healthy and safe for you and any passenger in your car.


#3 WinTech 4 in 1 Portable Car Air Purifier Ionizer

The WinTech 4 Air Purifier is another excellent product that has the best reviews and ratings in the market. It has embraced technology in several ways and its classy design will make you love it even more. Well, this purifier works magic. It starts to work just after you have plugged it to a USB port. With its 3 buttons, the whole freshener is easy to manage.

It uses a photocatalyst to ensure that your environment is well purified and safe. This system has a UV lamp that kills bacteria and virus within some few seconds, and its sterilization efficiency is as high as 99%. With its anion, the purifier can balance the ratio of positive and negative ions in the air.

Apart from these, it can purify the pollutants, fresh the air in your car and remove odor. Its contracted appearance and intelligent design are decent for most offices, car interior, and homes.


#4 Pure Citrus NA230 Lemon All-Natural Non-Aerosol Odor Eliminator

Pure Citrus - NA230 All-Natural Non-Aerosol Odor Eliminator (Lemon)
  • All natural non-aerosol air freshener.
  • The strongest and most effective odor eliminator available.
  • Non man-made chemicals

If you are looking for a freshener with a pleasant smell, moderately strong and one that lingers for a while after spraying, then you should opt for North American NA222-6 Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener. This air freshener does a nice job of eliminating odor and can be used in your car, kitchen or even your bathroom.

Particularly produced in orange citrus flavor, this purifier is rich in orange oil and works effectively to eliminate bad odor and replace it with a moderately strong citrus orange scent. Being a naturally made freshener, it is free from chemicals and safe to use at all times.


#5 Car Air Purifier Ionizer with Home/Office 12V Electricity Adapter

Another purifier and freshener that has proved to be superior. More advanced in terms of technology is the Car Air Purifier Ionizer. This item is seen to be one of the top rated in most online shops and has proven to work. Effectively in killing bacteria and eradicating door.

Made in an easy-to-operate function. This ionizer comes with a 12V adapter that allows you to use it at the office, home or in your car. It’s a great product that is reliable and of high quality.


Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Car Air Freshener?

There are several factors that should be put in place by the buyer so as to factor out the best car air freshener. They include:

Variety Of Fragrances

There is a variety of fragrances to choose from when buying the car air freshener. The buyer should make sure that he or she determines what fragrance they intend to buy depending on their preference. Some of the fragrances that can be found in these items consist of vanilla, strawberry, apple among other natural fragrances.


There is a wide variety of cosmetics that one can choose from when buying a car air freshener. They come in different colors and styles that should appeal to the buyer. It is upon this factor that much consideration should be put in by the buyer so as to get the best item which will serve them well.


There are several spaces that can be occupied by the car air freshener. It is upon this factor that much consideration should be put so as to get an item which will serve you well.

Variety Of Car Air Fresheners

There are several types of car air fresheners depending on the buyer’s preference. Some of these include the hanging car air freshener, vent clip car air freshener, dashboard mount among others. The buyer should put much consideration upon this factor so as to get an item that will serve them well.

Aromas And Scents

There is an array of aromas and scents that one can choose from when buying a car air freshener. Some of them include vanilla, rose, lavender among other natural fragrances. It is upon this factor that much consideration should be put in order to get the best item which will serve you well.

Duration Of The Air Freshener

There are different durations upon which the car air fresheners can work. Some of them include 6-12 months, one year among other durations. The buyer should consider this factor so as to get an item that will serve them well depending on their preference.

Strength Of The Odor

The odor produced by the car air freshener should be strong enough to attract and retain all those who visit your vehicle. It is upon this factor that much consideration should be put in order to get an item which will serve you well.


There are purifiers that one can choose from when buying a car air freshener. They include those which serve as ultraviolet, germicidal among other purposes such as this.


The car air freshener should not spill when in use. It is upon this factor that much consideration should be put in order to get an item that will serve you well depending on your preference.

Vent Clip

The car air freshener can be clipped to the vent. Air Fresheners come in different designs depending on the preference of the buyer. You can check to see if your car’s air freshener is compatible with the vents in your vehicle before purchasing it.


The car air freshener can serve several purposes such as purifying the air, attracting the buyer among others which you will determine depending on your preference.

Harsh Chemical Smell

The car air freshener should not produce a harsh chemical smell when in use. A harsh chemical smell is harmful to the user and can cause discomfort. 


The car air freshener should be able to serve you for quite some time depending on the buyer’s preference. Most car air fresheners will last you a few months at least. You can check to see how long your air freshener will last before you purchase it. You can clean the car air freshener depending on your preference to increase its lifespan.

Easy Application

Air freshener should be easy to apply.  Some car air fresheners will come in different designs for easy application. You can use an automotive spray adhesive in order to stick the hang-up type in between your windshield and dashboard depending on your preference.

The nature of your car

You should identify what type of car you have and buy the car air freshener that suits it well. For example, there are those with fabric interiors and leather which require a different solution than cars with plastic interior quality. Also, if you want to use natural material, make sure you know how it will react to the chemicals in your plastics and fabrics because some can cause harm or even discolor them. Consider where you want to place the air freshener: This is an important factor for consideration because not all places suit having an air freshener. For example, you do not place it in the windshield because when the sun shines through the chemicals in the air freshener will start to evaporate and give out a strange smell which may be harmful to your health. Some people also prefer to use an air freshener with an electrical socket so that they can plug it in when they are bored of refilling the air freshener bottle. Others prefer to use an automatic spray while others want manual ones.

The size of the car

This should be taken into account because if you have a bigger car, then there is no need to buy an extra-large one that will occupy more space or cost you more money. The size should go well with the location within your car and still serve the intended purpose. Also, if you want to place it on your air vents, then consider buying small ones that will not be in the way of your hands while driving. There are air fresheners that are larger than others, so you should identify how large your car is to get one that will fit in perfectly without being too big or small.

The freshness of the car

You should buy an air freshener that will purify the air in your car and drive away unpleasant odors. The best way to check if an air freshener will suit your car is by using it in the store to see how fresh it makes your car.

The material of the car’s interior

You should identify what type of fabric or leather your car has and buy an air freshener that will cleanse the air without discoloring them. A chemical-free car air freshener will do no harm to your fabric or leather.

The type of chemicals used

There are some types that may not be safe for your health and can cause respiratory problems, allergies, or even cancer after a long time of use. However, other types will purify the air and not be harmful to you. You can identify the type of chemicals contained in your air freshener and check their safety levels on various websites to be certain that they will not harm you. Some car air fresheners may even be made with organic materials which purify the air and keep it fresh and healthy.

The cost

The price is usually an important factor for those who want to buy a car air freshener. You should know that there are different types with a wide range of prices and the price is usually determined based on the quality, amount of chemicals found in it, as well as extra features, included such as automatic sprayers. Some may be higher than others but have no negative effects.

How often do you want to refill the air freshener

This should be taken into consideration because some types of car air fresheners last longer than others and therefore will cost you less money in the long run. An important factor is to identify whether you will be using it all day or for short periods only. The number of days an air freshener will last before getting empty is usually indicated on the package.

The Manufacturer

Choosing a car air freshener that has been used by many people will give you peace of mind because you know it has worked for them already and you can trust its quality. The manufacturer should be well-known in the business so that they can provide you with better services after your purchase. Buying the product directly from the manufacturer will avoid imitations and give you peace of mind knowing that it is safe to use.



What is A Car Air Freshener?

Car air fresheners or car perfume is a good alternative for people who want to keep their cars clean and fresh smelling. If you’re tired of stinky cars and people getting nauseated by the smell in your car when they get in, then this product might be for you. Using only all-natural ingredients such as essential oils, aromatic compounds, and other scented materials; these products make your car smell pleasant without any harmful chemicals seeping into the environment.

How Do Car Air Fresheners Work?

Car air fresheners work in different ways depending on the type of product that you purchase. Some products emit chemicals into the atmosphere causing cars to smell good, while others use naturally occurring pleasant smells like spicy cinnamon scents. Yet other car air fresheners take advantage of powerful fragrant oils and compounds to eliminate bad odors quickly and keep your car smelling fresh.

What Types Of Car Air Fresheners Are Available?

Car air fresheners come in three convenient forms: hanging plastic bags, small metal aerosol cans, and larger clip-on devices. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on their function; some hang from rearview mirrors while others sit on dashboards or attach to ventilators with suction cups. These last two types usually feature an air freshener cartridge that attaches to the top of the device and disperses a pleasant smell when in operation.

Hanging plastic bags are available in various fragrances, are often reusable, and are extremely easy to use. Most bags come with a small metal disc that attaches to your car’s air vent. When turned on, the airflow pushes the fragrance out of the bag when it’s hanging from your rearview mirror. Some people find this type of product unsightly, while others appreciate its convenience.

Small metal aerosol cans and clips that attach to car air vents are also available in several different forms. Their main function is usually to eliminate bad odors, but they can also emit pleasant smells depending on the product you purchase. Look for large clip-on types that attach directly to your ventilator or filters for best results.

Clip-on devices, which are the most common type of car air fresheners, usually contain a scented compound coated with a thin metal mesh. As airflow passes through the filter, it holds the fragrance and releases it into your car’s ventilation system.

Why Buy Car Air Fresheners?

If you’re tired of people complaining about the smell in your car, then a great solution is to buy a car air freshener. These small devices usually last between 30 and 90 days depending on use and come with easy-to-follow usage guidelines for best results. Look for hanging plastic bags that easily attach to your rearview mirror or metal can spray types that clip directly onto your ventilation system and release fragrance when turned on.

Car air fresheners are available in many forms, but they all work using the same principle: an attractive scent emits from the product into the atmosphere while it’s turned on or during the normal operation of your vehicle’s ventilation system. Be sure to read product descriptions before purchasing to get exactly what you need.

Where Do I Place An Air Freshener In My Car?

If you’re looking for the most effective way to keep your car smelling clean and fresh, then look no further than buying a product that attaches directly to your vehicle’s ventilation system. These clip-on devices offer powerful scents, last up 90 days, and are available in various forms depending on their function. Some aerosol cans emit chemical compounds into the atmosphere while others contain powerful fragrant oils or waxes.

These products are marketed in hanging plastic bags but they’re not highly recommended because they don’t work as efficiently when compared to metal clip-on types that attach directly to your air vent. You can also find small metal can spray types that smell great when in operation, but these have several limitations the potential of being hazardous if mishandled.

When placed directly onto your car’s ventilation system, these products release pleasant scents during operation to keep your overall experience fresh and clean. Look for metal clip-on units that attach directly to the air vent or filters for best results. They come in various forms depending on their function, some aerosol sprays contain harmful chemicals while others use powerful fragrant compounds to eliminate bad odors quickly.

Are Hanging Car Air Fresheners Illegal?

Car air fresheners are designed to keep your overall driving experience fresh and clean without harming the environment or anyone in your car.  Some people believe that hanging these products from your rearview mirror is illegal because it may obstruct part of your view while driving, but several courts have found no violation in this action because it doesn’t block the windshield. The only types that may be considered illegal are aerosol sprays that contain hazardous chemicals because these can be harmful if mishandled or used inappropriately.

How Do I Get The Air Freshener Smell Out Of A Car?

If your car smells like a mixture of fragrances, then you can easily get rid of these odors by looking for products that are specifically made to eliminate all types of fragrances. Look for car air fresheners or fragrant oil sprays that are designed to remove old scents quickly and neutralize bad odors with fresh fragrances.

These items come in many forms including bags, sticks, small metal cans, and bottles that contain chemical compounds that safely break down bad smells into nice fragrant compounds. When used properly, they’re safe to use around children and pets because they don’t emit any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. You can also find aerosol sprays that work well used directly on upholstery, carpets, and other types of material in your vehicle.

What Is The Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener?

While there are many products available, the longest-lasting variety is one that attaches directly to your vehicle’s ventilation system. This will provide you with a fresh scent for up to 90 days and it doesn’t require refills or batteries.

If you plan on using an air freshener that emits fragrant chemicals, then look for products that contain powerful compounds like D-Limonene and other types of oil extracts that eliminate bad odors quickly and efficiently without emitting harmful fumes into the atmosphere. These items are in small metal can sprays and aerosol cans, but for best results, we recommend buying a clip-on product designed specifically to attach directly to your car’s air vents.

When used in conjunction with other products, clip-on car air fresheners can provide you with a nice scent for up to 90 days. These are the only types that work well when directly attached to your ventilation system because they emit powerful scents into the atmosphere during operation.

What Is The Most Effective Car Air Freshener?

Since there are many types of fragrant compounds that work well, we recommend a clip-on product that attaches directly to your vehicle’s ventilation system. These types emit a strong scent for up to 90 days without requiring refills or batteries.

They come in small metal can sprays and aerosol cans, but these items have been reported as emitting hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere during operation because they use chemical fragrances. This has been found by several courts to be illegal due to its harmful nature when used inappropriately or mishandled.

When used properly, car air fresheners are safe for you and your passengers because they don’t release any harmful fumes into the vehicle’s atmosphere.

How Long Will My Car Air Freshener Last?

The longest-lasting car air freshener is one that attaches directly to your vehicle’s ventilation system. These products are designed to emit strong scents for up to 90 days without requiring refills or batteries

Using these items is safe for you and your passengers because they don’t release chemicals into the atmosphere during normal operation. However, some people find the smell of chemical fragrances unpleasant in their vehicles so they choose alternatives like natural or artificial fragrant compounds in small bags, sticks, or other forms. These items last longer than spray products because you only need to replace them when the scent has worn off.

How Often Should I Change My Car Air Freshener?

Since most products are designed to last up to 90 days, you should replace them when the scent begins to fade. This varies depending on the type of compound used in the product so check the label before placing it in your vehicle.

Every few weeks is a good time frame if you notice that your car’s air freshener isn’t emitting any strong scents into the atmosphere. 

If you’re not satisfied with how fast it works, then try another brand or choose one that attaches directly to your car’s ventilation system for the best results.

Why Are There So Many Car Air Fresheners?

The main reason why there are so many different types of car air fresheners is that each one has different designs and fragrant compounds that work better than others.

For example, artificial fragrant compounds like deodorizers are popular because they’re inexpensive and emit powerful scents quickly to eliminate bad odors. 

Natural fragrant compounds can also be used in small bags or other forms for people who don’t want anything with chemical ingredients inside their vehicles.

Some people want something more stylish so car air fresheners shaped like fruits or other items are available to give your ride a unique look while eliminating bad odors at the same time.

The important thing is to purchase high-quality products that attach directly to your vehicle’s ventilation system because these types last longer than spray alternatives due to the number of chemicals they contain during operation.

Will Installing A Car Air Freshener Irritate My Allergies?

Most people who are allergic to fragrant compounds like scented candles, incense, and perfumes won’t have any problems using air fresheners because they don’t release chemicals into the atmosphere during operation.

However, some products on the market contain chemical fragrances that can irritate asthma or other respiratory conditions if used for an extended period of time. People with lung problems should use artificial fragrant compounds in small bags inside their vehicles instead of spray alternatives if they want something more powerful than natural fragrant compounds.

Car air fresheners are safe for most people but you should always do a patch test first before using them regularly to see how your body reacts to them.

If you’re still concerned about chemical ingredients after reading this article, then use natural fragrant compounds or artificial fragrant compounds in small bags instead.

Which Types Of Car Air Fresheners Are Safe?

Most air fresheners are safe to use because they attach to your vehicle’s ventilation system and emit powerful scents during operation. Even if chemicals are released into the atmosphere, you’ll only breathe them in for a few seconds before they’re filtered by the cabin filter every time you turn on your A/C. 

Using aerosol can products is fine as long as you don’t shake them before spraying because that releases propellants that can irritate your eyes if sprayed directly into them. Shake them gently before using them so the fragrant compound will be evenly dispersed across the inside of your vehicle.

Which Car Air Fresheners Will Damage My Vehicle If Spilled?

All types of car air fresheners should be handled carefully because the compounds they contain can damage your vehicle’s interior if spilled during operation.

Spray products will cause the most damage because they contain a lot of chemicals and propellants that can ruin your interior. Aerosol cans are also harmful if they’re left open so only use them if you want to constantly spray fragrant compounds into the atmosphere like pine scents during winter or coconut scents on hot summer days.

Natural and artificial fragrant compounds in small bags won’t harm your vehicle’s interior but they may not be as effective as chemical alternatives. Natural fragrant compounds work slowly and provide an odor-neutralizing effect instead of masking bad odors like most types of car air fresheners do which means you’ll always need something stronger than those for very stinky cars.

There isn’t any type of car air freshener that will damage your vehicle’s interior if it gets spilled on, but some chemicals can ruin the paint job so always keep this in mind before purchasing them.

How Do Car Air Fresheners Differ From Enzymes?

Car air fresheners differ from enzymes because the latter doesn’t contain any fragrant compounds during operation. Enzymes break down bad odors fast so they don’t have a strong scent at all which is why people often choose these products if their cars give off a very unpleasant odor when in use.

Enzymes only work when humidity levels are high so you won’t notice any difference if your vehicle’s ventilation system isn’t releasing cold air because that feature will cause relative humidity to increase inside your car instead of cold air dissipation like most models do.

There aren’t many types of enzymes available for purchase online or offline, but there are hundreds of different chemical and natural compounds that can be found in these products along with other ingredients like water, so you’ll need to read the label carefully before using them in your vehicle.

How Can I Make My Car’s Air Freshener Last Longer?

Car air fresheners will only last longer if you use them properly so keep this in mind before spraying anything inside your vehicle.

Chemical fragrant compounds don’t spray evenly like aerosol can products do, but they’re safer for the environment and won’t damage your vehicle’s interior because there aren’t any harmful propellants mixed into their ingredients.

Enzymes are safe to use as long as you avoid spilling them on surfaces where you want to preserve the original color or paint job, but they’ll stop working after breaking down all of the bad odors present in your car’s ventilation system.

You should always choose liquids over chemical fragrant compounds when operating an air conditioner even if it has humidity levels because these products contain more fragrant compounds with the same amount of liquid.

Their compositions aren’t as efficient as those with more water, but they contain a lot more fragrant compounds which are designed to be released into the atmosphere before evaporating.

Most types of air fresheners don’t mix well with certain materials like leather or wood because these compounds will react to their chemical make-up and cause damage over time even if it’s mild. 

Car air fresheners can last longer than regular sprays if they’re used during summer instead of winter days because these products often contain more fragrant compounds to mask odors quickly.

Chemical fragrant compounds are commonly made with many different types of essential oils, but these ingredients have a weaker composition than fragrance oils which makes them work faster and last longer on very stinky vehicles. 

Chemical air fresheners will only become less effective if you spray them inside your vehicle during winter days because cold weather prevents most chemical compounds from working properly until the temperature increases inside the car’s cabin again.

Most natural fragrant compounds aren’t as powerful as chemical products, but they still keep working after evaporating completely unlike ‘heavy duty’ sprays that release their contents all at once which means you’ll always need stronger ones for very stinky cars.

How To Keep Your Car Smelling Good?

There are a few different ways to keep your car smelling amazing, but you’ll have to experiment with the most efficient options depending on how much time and money you’re willing to spend.

You can add natural fragrant compounds easily if you make them yourself using the same ingredients found in any regular air freshener, but it’s easier to use synthetic compounds when you spray these products around your vehicle. 

Many air freshener producers have been around for decades and have a very good idea of what consumers need depending on the type of fragrant compounds inside these products, but it’s still hard to distinguish between different types of fragrant chemicals without trying them out first even though most people rely on customer reviews before making any purchase online.

Chemical fragrant compounds are usually more effective than natural fragrant compounds because companies use a much stronger composition which means you’ll always need stronger sprays when trying to remove stinky odors from your vehicle.

Using air freshener sprays is the most common way of getting rid of bad smells inside vehicles without having to use chemicals, but these products sometimes contain ozone-depleting substances making them less effective during winter days unless you wait for the car’s cabin temperature to increase again before using any chemical compound.



The best car air freshener is actually the one that smells like your favorite thing. Whether you are looking for an original scent, or want to find a fragrance with memories of home-we have something for everyone. We also carry many different brands so it should be easy to find whichever one suits you and your vehicle best!

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