[TOP 5] Best Camping Coolers Reviews

5 Best Camping Coolers Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides


If you love sitting down in front of your TV to watch your favourite sport, or just throwing a party with friends, having a beer cooler close at hand would ensure that liquid refreshment is enjoyed to the full.

Finding the best camping coolers is not so difficult once you understand how the products vary. To start with, camping beer coolers vary in size and some can accommodate a handful of beers, a dozen while others can take more.

Best Camping Coolers Reviews

If you want your family or friends to enjoy cool refreshing beers as you fish, camp or enjoy the sun at the beach, opt for a product that is of large size. Big camping coolers reduce the hassle of constantly having to make trips to the fridge when the stock runs out.

Other things to consider include the available space for ice and the coolers sturdiness. Worry less because we have taken time to choose the best and only the best camping coolers that will suit your needs. The following are top 5 best camping coolers reviews.

#1 Coleman 9-Can Best Camping Coolers


What perfection from the Coleman!!! This one has made its way out of thousands of reviews and a thousand plus sales on Amazon. If you are looking for a convenient, efficient and a classy camping cooler, then the Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler with hardliner is what you should go for.

It holds 9 cans and has a removable plastic liner that makes packing a hassle-free task. With this type of cooler, you can choose to use ice or ice substitutes to keep your treats cold.The system has an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying comfort, a front zipper pocket and inside top mesh pockets.

You also get to enjoy an additional two side mesh pockets for added storage. This cooler is one of the best due to its easy to clean nature, flexibility and its soft PEVA liner. The PEVA liner helps the cooler to resist odor, mildew, and mold. The cooler also has heat-welded seams to prevent flexible liner leaks. It’s truly worth its price.


#2 Best Camping Coolers Reviewse/Bags Crew Cooler II


Made from fabric and nylon, this ebags Crew Cooler II is originally designed for the unique needs of flight attendants, campers, pilots but all love it. It has a top dry compartment with two zippers that pull easily for easy access. It’s also a perfect place to store nonperishable foods.

This same bag can help you keep napkins and other necessary items in place. The bottom cold compartment is insulated on all the six sides and has a welded replaceable PVC-free PEVA liner with a front tip-out pocket. It’s a perfect bag for camping, fishing, picnics outdoor parties and going for trips.


#3 Transworld Durable Deluxe Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag


When camping, convenience is always key. Do you have what it takes to be a camper? Well, if you want to store your treats and keep your drinks cool as you fish, the Trans world Durable Deluxe Insulated Lunch Cooler is your best bet. This adorable lunch bag has an insulated main zipper compartment that ensures all the drinks and packed foods are cool.

It features a single from the pocket that can hold a cell phone or anything of that size. You have varieties of colors to choose from and various sizes to suit your needs. The cooler bag has adjustable shoulder straps and a handle. It can also collapse easily for convenient storage.


#4 Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner


Get a refreshing moment with friends as you chat after a long trekking trip or when fishing with this camping cooler. This cooler holds up to 16 cans and has a removable hard plastic liner for packing flexibility. It can also use ice or its substitutes to keep your drinks cool for days.

Just like the Transworld Durable Deluxe, this one also has an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying comfort and zippered pockets for packing your staff. The cooler is easy to clean and has a soft PEVA liner. Get the best from Coleman because they never disappoint. The cooler has 1000+ customer reviews and is among the best camping coolers.


#5 PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure


This is also another top rated camping cooler that has been designed to keep its contents longer for more than 10 hours depending on the external temperatures. You can have your snacks, drinks or even sandwich kept cool as you enjoy your vacation or trip.

It features a patented freezable gel that is built into liner hence no need for ice or other gel packs. All you need to do is fold your pack flat and freeze it overnight.

It also features a zip closure to lock in cold or dry air. You can also use its buckle handle clips onto backpacks, strollers, and even totes. It’s a perfect match to use and carry foods hence reducing waste and saving money. It’s made from nontoxic poly canvas, and it’s an easy to clean tool.


Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Camping Coolers?

Camping coolers will help keep food and drinks cold for a prolonged period of time. Some people have bought these products in the past, so there is nothing new about them. However, one still needs to know what to look out for.

1. Size

There are camping coolers available in various sizes. A small camping cooler may only be able to fit a few sandwiches but a large camping cooler will be able to fit more items inside it. Different people have different requirements when buying this type of product, hence it is important that potential customers decide themselves on how many items they need the cooler to store at once before selecting the appropriate size.

2. Materials

Not all cooler boxes are made of the same material. There are some that have double walled plastic construction while others have an aluminium core. The type of material used will influence just how long the cooler can keep items inside it cold or hot. Thus, potential customers need to consider whether they will be placing the model in an area where heat is easily lost or if it will be used outside during all kinds of weather conditions.

3. Insulation

This is another aspect which differs from one product to another, so potential customers need to decide on this feature separately before making a decision on which specific model to buy. Some models may have more insulation than others, which means that their cooling capabilities are stronger – or weaker in case they have less. The amount of insulation required is dependent upon the needs of each customer, so it is important that they decide on this aspect before buying a camping cooler.

4. Portability

Some people like to camp in places which are very far away from civilization while others may prefer more accessible locations. There are models available for both kinds of people and these come in different shapes and sizes too. For example, there are some with wheels and handles, while others do not have such features. Generally speaking, the more portable a model is; the easier it will be for someone to carry it around when necessary. Thus, potential customers need to decide whether they will be able to transport the model or not.

5. Budget

People can buy these products in a variety of price ranges, so it is important that potential customers set a reasonable financial limit and then select an appropriate product within that range. If one does not mind spending too much money on such a product; they may even end up getting something very expensive but with extra features. This means that there are different variations available for various tastes and budgets.

6. Other Features

The products will come with other features too besides their ability to keep items inside them cold. For example, some people may prefer a cooler that has a drain plug or a built-in cup holder while others may not care about such features.

7. Cleaning Capabilities

Not all models are the same in terms of how easy they are to clean. Some can be taken apart quickly and put back together again without much difficulty, whereas others require special tools which most people do not possess at home. Camping coolers will typically need regular cleaning. For instance, some people like to clean their models once per week, while others are happy to wait for a month or so before doing so.

8. Foldable Design

Some coolers are designed to be portable and collapsible. This means that people can carry them around after it has been folded into a more compact size, which comes in handy when space is limited or for travel purposes.

9. Number Of Quarts/Liters The Cooler Will Hold

This is the most important factor to consider. If you are out camping, fishing or even having a picnic, you’ll need to plan ahead and bring along enough food and beverages for everyone in your party. Some coolers can hold up to 570 cans while others can fit about 130 wine bottles.

10. Available Space

This will depend on how much space you have available at home. Some people prefer a dual-zone cooler which has an extra freezer while others simply want something basic which will keep their drinks cold while they’re outdoors for a few hours or so.

11. Durability

When buying any new camping coolers, it is important to check the materials used in its construction so that their durability can be determined. Also check out the warranty information before sealing the deal because this may help save money down the line in case there are problems with faulty parts or issues with workmanship. For instance, when buying an iced tea maker, it’s important to consider:

12. Sturdy Handle

There are some models that come with an ergonomically designed handle which makes carrying them much easier on the user’s wrist.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Camping Coolers?

Camping coolers are coolers used for camping and other outdoor activities (for example: on a picnic). Usually, it is made of plastic.

2. What Does The Camping Cooler Provide?

The main purpose of the camping cooler is to keep food and drinks fresh and cold. It can be used as normal storage units at home or in your car, but they are made of thicker materials (insulation) that makes them suitable to the outdoors.

3. How Do Camping Coolers Work?

Camping coolers can differ in design, depending on how they work. There are two main types: the ones with ice and the ones without it. The coolers with ice require you to buy or make blocks of ice (or dry ice), pack it in the cooler and close it until you need your items cold again. The other type has a special kind of cooling gel which comes frozen when you purchase. It needs only a few hours to thaw from being completely solid to becoming liquid when you open its container, so this allows for instant use This is usually superior in colder conditions (so you don’t need to use ice).

4. What Is The Difference Between A Camping Cooler And A Portable Fridge?

A fridge is smaller, it has better insulation and can provide more cooling power. On the other hand, it requires an external electrical power source (mainly plugs into the wall outlet), which makes it less mobile than a cooler (but they are both suitable for carrying in your car).

5. What Is The Best Type Of Coolers; Wheeled Or Non Wheeled?

Wheeled coolers are more practical when moving around with them on uneven ground or stairs, but there are some that have very thick insulation that allows you to carry them without wheels too. There isn’t a clear winner here. Choose one based on what’s most important to you.

6. How Do You Keep Your Camping Cooler Clean?

Clean it regularly, not only to improve the efficiency of cooling power but also for hygiene reasons. Wash and dry it after each use in warm water and soap and let it air dry in a cool place. Do the same with the lid and its hinges too. Dry thoroughly if it gets wet or dirty before you store or pack it back into your car for transportation. If there is any mold on your product, make sure to get rid of it immediately because it can spread fast ruining the insulating capability of your unit. In order to kill all potential bacteria from inside, make sure to rinse out with vinegar, salt etc., mix them with some water and leave this mixture inside overnight (you can use a spray bottle). You can now rinse it out with water and let it air dry. Repeat this process if needed.

7. What Are The Best Camping Coolers?

There is no clear winner here, because there are different types of camping coolers (with or without ice, wheeled or non-wheeled, soft side cooler vs hard sided cooler etc.), each with distinct features that make them outstanding for certain users. Let us provide you some examples to compare:

If you want to keep your food fresh during long trips (for example: road trip) regardless of where you store them (in the trunk), then try these camping coolers which keep food cold up to 4 days without any external power source. They will require you to buy ice.

You can also get soft side coolers if you like to bring your drinks and snacks with you when going camping or hiking (they offer great portability). They work perfectly in any climate conditions; below zero or even extremely hot. These ones keep things cold for 2 days so they don’t require additional ice either.

If you want a high-quality cooler which will keep your items frozen up to 3 days, then the Coleman 70 quart is what we recommend. It’s loved by many users and it received 4 stars on Amazon with over 1000 customer reviews. This one requires an external power source (can be plugged into the wall outlet), but this makes it suitable for long trips where there are no camp sites with electricity.

8. What Are The Benefits Of Camping Coolers?

The main benefit is that it keeps your food and beverages fresh and cold longer than just keeping them in an open cooler. This means you can store more items inside the same space, saving money, room and trips to buy/replace ice until you can get home again. Additionally, if you plan on spending time outdoors for several days or weeks at a time, having additional cooling capacity is helpful so that even when the first ‘batch’ of ice melts/becomes non-useful, there’s still some left to keep food at safe temperatures for consumption. Another advantage is their easy storage – they usually have collapsible designs which make it easier to transport, store and stack them inside one another.

Camping coolers are usually lightweight, easy to use and durable enough for everyday outdoor activities. They also have handles which make it convenient to carry them around with you.

9. What Are The Disadvantages Of Camping Coolers?

On top of the previously mentioned disadvantage where the camping cooler is completely useless if there’s no power source nearby (so you need electricity), note that these kinds of coolers do not keep food cold for as long as other appliances you can find at home or in your car. Typically, they only keep food fresh for about 3-4 days (about 72 hours). If you’re planning to stay outdoors longer than that, might be worth considering investing in a higher end cooler.

Camping coolers are usually more expensive than regular coolers and even some car fridge/cooler models. Note that if you get a model with dry ice or other special cooling methods, the temperature inside may drop too low over time (for example: it can go below freezing point). This might affect your food in a way that it gets frozen before you have the chance to consume it. Also, since they work by using electricity, make sure to choose a camping cooler which is appropriate for outdoor use where you don’t have access to power outlets to recharge its batteries/get new ones.

10. Where Can I Purchase Camping Coolers?

Camping coolers are widely available at most grocery/supermarkets, outdoor recreation stores and online. They range in prices depending on their capacity, special features (like dry ice or gel cooling), brand and other things like that. Some may come with accessories like waterproof cases for glasses, plates, utensils etc., but these are not necessary if you’re planning to use the camping cooler only for food storage purposes.

11. What Kind Of Camping Cooler Would Be Best For Me?

This depends on your personal needs and preferences. The basic models usually come with similar features (like the lid which keeps the cold inside) so it really comes down to price, brand name (some trusted brands have cooler models which can last for years instead of just a few months), extra functions (like dry ice, gel cooling etc.) and so on.

Before purchasing any camping cooler model, make sure it’s the right size for what you need – if you plan to store only 4 cans on a hot day on a picnic outside, then buying an expensive high end model will probably do more damage to your wallet than its actual use. However, if you’re planning a longer/larger trip where having enough cold food and drinks is important for everyone involved, then paying a little bit more upfront may be worth the investment. How long should I look for warranty?

Look for as long as possible because during those times, manufacturers usually provide best customer service and if the cooler stops working, they’ll replace it or fix it for you. Note that there are some models which come with lifetime warranties (e.g.: Coleman’s PRO 65 Elite Cooler) but these kinds of products may be more expensive than regular camping coolers.

12. What Type Of Ice Should I Use In A Camping Cooler?

Most common is regular cubes of ice from your local store, but if you’re going to stay outdoors longer or in a hot climate, then using crushed ice can last up to twice as long and its cold surface is also very convenient when you want to put drinks on top). If you have access to electricity where you plan on having your cooler at all times during the, investing in an electric cooling box may be a better overall investment.

13. How Do Camping Coolers Work?

Camping coolers typically use regular ice cubes to keep the food inside nice and cold. If you have access to electricity in your camping/adventure area, investing in an electric cooling box can be a much better option because it uses external power when needed, which means that when your cooler’s batteries are low or when you’re too far away from any power source, the electricity will still do its job of keeping things fresh. Fortunately, most models come with LED indicators which tell you how much battery life is left.

Most common issue people report about camping coolers is leakage after some time (usually found in cheaper brands)., if the problem appears right after the purchase, you can ask for a replacement or a refund.

If the cooler works properly, you can use it regularly for a few years without any issues. However, if you store your drinks/foods in a place where they’ll be exposed to dirt and dust (e.g.: under a tree), make sure to clean them on a regular basis because these things will damage the insides of your cooler over time.

14. Why Do Some Camping Coolers Have Dry Ice?

Dry ice is usually used for keeping perishable goods frozen while preventing water from forming inside the unit due to its very low temperature. It can last about 3-5 times longer than regular ice cubes so this is why many people prefer it when going on extended trips or adventures where having a supply of food and drinks is important for everyone involved.

15. How Can Camping Coolers Be Used?

Camping coolers are an essential for people who like outdoor activities such as: camping, picnics and barbecues. They can also be used in boats, cars (for short trips) and even at home if you don’t have the space or budget to buy a regular refrigerator/freezer unit. Most models come with sturdy handles which allows them to easily be carried around and they’re usually lightweight enough to carry by one person. Also, some models have wheels and retractable pull handles on top of them so that you can roll them around instead of carrying them.

Camping coolers usually come with different types of locking systems which allow you to place it sideways on its side without worrying that the contents will fall out. They’re usually not cold enough to store ice cream or frozen food, but they can keep fresh food cool for several hours on a hot day.

16. How Much Do Camping Coolers Cost?

Camping coolers can cost as low as $100 (providing you don’t need anything with high capacity) and go up to several hundred dollars for bigger models. You can also invest in a cheaper model, but make sure it’s a quality type which is durable enough for outdoor use – if you buy something flimsy, it will break after being moved around a little bit. The more expensive models usually have extras such as wheels and retractable handles so that you can easily roll them from one place to another. These types of snazzy features are great for people who plan on transporting their camping cooler from one location to another frequently. Also, some models come with dry-ice or other special types of cooling methods which results in the temperature dropping so low that it might freeze your food. This isn’t great if you want to keep your food fresh for more than a day or two.

17. Will The Water Leak Out From The Camping Cooler?

Camping coolers usually come with drain plugs which allow water to be drained out into a container or sink. However, if you’re planning on using it as your everyday fridge solution (for short trips) then make sure the plug is tightly sealed otherwise it might leak and create a huge mess on your floor.

Some camping coolers (especially those below $50) might not come with drain plugs – these models work by allowing you to fill them up with ice and freeze the contents within the walls of the cooler itself. These types of cooling units aren’t meant for long term usage such as boat trips or picnics. You can still use them at home though – just place them out of reach from pets and children who might damage it.

18. Do Camping Coolers Have Locks?

Some of them do, some don’t. Make sure you check the manual before buying one.

If there are no locks on the model that you’re considering, then it’s best to only keep food which won’t go bad in a few hours inside it. Also, when moving your camping cooler around make sure you double check that the locking system is secure or else things might fall out during transportation.



If you’re looking for a camping cooler that will keep your food and drinks cold while out in the wilderness, then one of these top rated coolers may be just what you need. We’ve done extensive research on various brands to come up with this list of ten best-selling items which should meet all needs whether it’s ice retention or durability. You may want to consider one of the camping coolers as your final choice if any from our list catch your eye!

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