[TOP 5] Best Baseball Pants Reviews

5 Best Baseball Pants Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Baseball is a famous game that is recognised by the type of attire the player wear, the pant looks like any ordinary pants but has a distinct feature that helps the player to perform in the fields.

If you are a baseball fan and a player, then you understand that quality, material, design, and price are the most important features to consider when purchasing this type of sports attire. Here are the five best baseball pants to check in 2019.

#1 Rawlings Men’s Knee-High BEST BASEBALL Pants

Rawlings Men's Knee-High Pants
  • 100% polyester
  • Gripper elastic waistband
  • 2-way stetch material

At a distant, the Rawlings baseballs pants make you want to buy it instantly; this because the fabric used to make these pants is of high quality. The fabric is a stretch fabric that allows a great range of movement, this feature enables the player to run smoothly, extend to any angle without feeling pressed.

The flatlock stitching on the edges add durability to the pants and also prevent chaffing. The fabric unique feature is the stain release that makes enable the player to wear for long. The two snap closures with a zippy fly add the flavor to the pant.


#2 Under Armour UA Leadoff Baseball Pants

Under Armour Men's Lead Off Pants
  • Ultra-durable, performance fabric built for gameday comfort
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Seven belt loops, working fly & double front enclosure

Under Armour baseball pant brings style and elegance to the baseball field, this pant is lightweight that enables a motion to the player built for game day comfort. Best features include dual-layer knees that deliver added durability because the player tends to use the knees often, seven belt loops, a brass zipper that is the very stable and double front enclosure.

The moisture transport system wicks sweat ensure the pants dry faster when rained on, when washed or when it is extremely sweaty.


#3 Easton Men’s Quantum Plus Baseball Pants

Easton Men's Quantum Plus Baseball Pants with Piping
  • New heavyweight 100% polyester
  • Extra long piped pant with open bottom with patented pending inseam adjustment for customized length
  • Pro ribbed elastic waistband with sewn-down, set-in back pockets

You cannot mention baseball without acknowledging the Easton Quantum Plus Baseball Pants; this is new heavyweight 100 percent polyester. Easton is an extra-long piped pant with open bottoms, the added pending patented inseam adjustments is for customised length.

Pro ribbed elastic waistband with sewn down allows for motion and comfort and also has a set-in back pocket. One specific instruction about this machine is that is machine washable but with cold water, should be color separated and tumble dry low.


#4 Mizuno Youth Select Pants

Mizuno Youth Premier Pro G2 Baseball Pant
  • Pro player fit
  • Tunnel-belt-loop waist
  • Two set-in back pockets with button closure

Munoz is a distinct baseball pant that has the old school feel but maintains the trendy style and the quality. The fabric and material are 100 percent polyester that contains double knitting on both ends, the low rise fits perfect in women. But the men design has a flexible feature.

The Pant has double knees that provide protection and durability with added performance plus padding. The Tunnel belt loop waist ensures the pants fit perfectly when using the belt and can withstand high-end performance and motion of any player.

The advantages of this pant are that it is not buggy making it very comfortable for running and can fit well inside the sports shoes. Another advantage is the choice of the color that makes it distinct from another normal color. The attire can withstand sweat and sunlight without absorbing too much heat.


#5 Rawlings Men’s Relaxed Fit

Rawlings Men's Relaxed Fit BP31MR Baseball Pant
  • 100% Polyester; Machine wash cold with like colors; Tumble Dry low
  • Relaxed Fit Baseball Pant
  • Double Knees And Two Set In Back Pockets

The Rawlings Men’s comfortable Fit is 100 percent polyester. Slightly baggy to allow the player to relax; this feature makes it more appealing compared. To those tight baseball pants that do not permit free breathing. Best features include double knees and two set-in back pocket designed. Manufactured in Lesotho, the pant is machine washable with cold water. But with like-colored clothes and tumble dry low.

Other unique features include the Pro Dir Moisture Management and Stain Release. High waist to avoid the pant from pulling down. But also have thick belt loops. The Raw-lings comes in Black color fabric. But other colors are available, inexpensive, durable and easy to manage.


Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Baseball Pants?

Factors to consider when buying baseball pants are; Baseball Pants size, Baseball Pants design, Baseball Pants fabric weight and Baseball Pants application. Baseball pants should support the natural movements of athletes during play. Baseball pants should be well designed for comfort, fit and performance. Depending on the level of competition, Baseball pants should conform to specific guidelines set by Baseball Pants manufacturers, Baseball Pants governing bodies, Baseball Pants leagues and Baseball Pants teams.

1. Sizing

When sizing Baseball pants, Baseball Pant buyers need to consider their waist size in inches or centimeters, baseball pant height in inches or centimeters, the length of the Baseball Pant Leg opening (inseam) measurement taken from crotch at the seam, Baseball Pant Waist circumference measurement at belly button height without a belt and Baseball Pant measured around the hips. Baseball Pants sizes are standardized to allow for the accommodation of cloth Baseball Pants under garments including Baseball pants, Baseball pant liners/cup/supporters, Baseball Pant belts, Baseball Pant braces, Baseball Pants athletic supporters and Baseball Pants cups. Baseball pants are generally sized by waist circumference. Baseball Pant sizes vary by Baseball Pants manufacturer, Baseball Pants style and Baseball Pants design.

2. Design

Baseball pants should be designed for comfort, fit and performance. Baseball pants can be worn tight or loose on the body depending on the style of Baseball pants. Baseball Pant’s design can include elastic or non-elastic waistbands, belt loops to accommodate Baseball Pant belts, internal stirrups for use with braces, slits on the sides of Baseball pants, reinforced crotch area and protective cup pocket.

3. Fabric Weight

The design of Baseball pants is related to its fabric weight. Depending on the Baseball Pants application and length of wear, baseball pants can be constructed from a variety of fabrics including; light weight, medium weight and heavy weight. Baseball pant fabric weights can vary depending on the division or level of competition.

4. Competition Level

Baseball pants should conform to specific guidelines set by Baseball Pants manufacturers, Baseball Pants governing bodies, Baseball Pants leagues and Baseball Pants teams. Baseball pants have different design characteristics depending on the level of competition including color, fabric weight, cut or length. The appearance of a Professional Baseball Pants is considered more professional and costs more to design and manufacture than a Youth or Amateur Baseball Pant.

5. Reinforcements

Baseball Pants may have reinforcements in the crotch area to support use of a Baseball Pant cup and withstand sliding. Baseball Pant slits on both sides of a Baseball Pant allow for better movement during play. Most youth baseball pants do not have provisions for a genital protection device because participants are typically not exposed enough for this need to be a concern. Tender areas such as the inner thigh, groin and tailbone are areas that should be protected by a Baseball Pant cup. This area takes the force of a baseball or softball.

6. Material

The material of a Baseball pants can be designed to support the movement of an athlete including, stretch or non-stretch fabrics.

Baseball pants are designed for different levels of play and often worn by male and female athletes. Professional baseball pants are heavily padded around the hips, thighs and tailbone area for protection during sliding into base and pitching. Youth and amateur baseball pants for players 12 to 13 years old may be lighter weight, less expensive and have less padding. The Baseball Pant should fit snugly around the waist and should not impede movement such as sliding or running. Male athletes should wear a protective cup with their baseball pants to protect them from impact injuries while participating in fast pitch, slow pitch or modified baseball/softball games.

Baseball pants are designed to support the natural movements of an athlete during play. Athletic activities such as running, jumping and sliding should be supported by the design of Baseball pants . The leg opening (inseam) measurement of a Baseball pant should allow for knee bending without restriction. A good Baseball pant fit is not too loose or too tight. A poorly fitting Baseball Pant can interfere with the normal movement of a baseball player.

7. Fitting

If you are unsure of your pant size, measure while wearing the undergarments you intend to wear while playing. Do not use pants that fit too loosely or too tightly because it will affect the performance of your pants.

The length of a baseball pant should be measured from the crotch to ankle area for an accurate fit. Standing inside of your Baseball pant, have a friend measure from the crotch to the bottom of the pant leg. The waist circumference should be measured around your hips, keeping the tape straight and snug but not tight for an accurate fit.

8. Elastic

Elastic waistbands are used on baseball pants to provide a snug, comfortable fit. If you think the size may be incorrect, try them on before exchanging them for another size.

Different types of play require different levels of protection or padding for Baseball pants. An athlete intending to take part in activities that require sliding requires more padding than an athlete participating in activities only requiring running.

9. Moisture Venting

Baseball pants and shorts made of synthetic materials and containing ventilation panels help to prevent moisture build-up on the skin and aid in air circulation. Moisture also conducts electricity, so this feature is beneficial for athletes being active during lightning storms.

10. Water Resistance

Waterproof Baseball Pants are preferred by most baseball players as a way to stay dry and comfortable.

Advanced technology is being used in the design of Baseball pants as a way to maximize both protection and performance.

11. Technology

Baseball Pants can be fitted with advanced technology such as metal or plastic plates, cooling panels and devices designed specifically for women’s bodies allows athletes on many levels to continue playing a sport without a set end point. Technology combined with the design and material of Baseball pants can offer enhanced protection, performance and comfort.

12. Comfort

Comfortable Baseball Pants allow athletes to focus on maximizing their ability both offensively and defensively because they are not distracted by discomfort from their clothing or lack thereof.

The type of fabric used in Baseball pants will determine whether an athlete is comfortable or overheated while participating in play. Technology combined with the design and material of Baseball pants can offer comfort comparable to that of other performance clothing.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Baseball Pants?

Baseball pants is a custom pockets sewed into a pair of baseball or softball pants. Baseball and softball players typically use them to store their batting gloves, cleats, cell phones, wallets, keys and other items. Baseball pants are also used for warming up pitchers in between innings by holding the ball in one of the pockets. Baseball pants were first popularized in the 1990s when they became mandatory equipment across all levels of play in both recreational and professional leagues.

Baseball pants are known by many different names depending on the manufacturer, team and league. Baseball pants can also be referred to as “baseball/softball pants”, “baseball uniform” or just simply “pants”. Baseball uniform is defined in MLB Rule 1.04 Uniforms. Baseball uniform is required equipment for all players that must match their teammates. Baseball uniform rules do not include mandatory baseball pants for players at any level of play however it highly recommended because it helps increase performance and prevents injuries.

2. Are Baseball Pants Breathable?

Baseball pants are usually made of thick material which makes it difficult for air to circulate through the uniform. Baseball pants are not breathable due to their design, however they are equipped with sweat-absorbing features that help reduce heat and moisture build up. Baseball pant waistbands can be made of stretchy elastic materials that stretch to fit the player’s body type. Baseball/softball belts are used by players that require additional tightness or support around the waist area due to high number of innings pitched or excessive weight gain / loss throughout a season. Baseball Pants have mesh ventilation panels on inside of legs so players can easily slide in and out without taking their shoes off. Baseball pants also have zippers along leg openings so players can access pockets quickly during games. Baseball pants are made of materials that are meant to wick away moisture and not allow it to accumulate.

3. How Are Baseball Pants Worn?

Baseball pants are worn by fastening them around the waist and adjusting leg openings so they fit snugly. Baseball belts are optional equipment that can be used to tighten or secure baseball pant waistband if needed. Baseball belt is secured around the waist with a buckle and two straps that go over player’s thighs which helps increase performance and prevent injuries. Baseball pants should be tucked inside of players’ socks when sitting in the dugout or on the bench during games. Baseball players will wear their batting gloves inside of their baseball pants, however they will remove them before each at-bat which means some players may lose a batting glove while playing a game unless they have extra one stored in their baseball uniform bag. Baseball cleats should also not be worn while wearing baseball pants because it could be hazardous for players. Baseball cleats should only be worn on the dirt field and not inside of baseball/softball pants due to safety concerns. Baseball pants can also be used as a warming up tool which means they should always be placed back into their original location after use. Baseball Pants can also be used to protect legs from getting scratched by fastballs and thrown bats while warming up pitchers in between innings, however players will still wear protective sleeves just in case.

4. How Are Baseball Pants Supposed To Fit?

Baseball pants are supposed to fit snugly around the waist and upper thigh area. Baseball pants should not be baggy when standing up but players can wear them like that when their sitting in the dugout or on the bench during games. Baseball pants are made to stay in place while playing therefore it is safe for players to wear them in that manner. Baseball pants are available in many colors however, most baseball teams use either gray or “team color” which is usually lighter than gray depending on team preference. Baseball Pants come in standard youth sizes (22-24) and adult sizes (28-40) which also includes Big & Tall sizing options for adults who have long legs or are overweight. Baseball pant lengths are measured by their inseam length. Baseball Pants can also be custom ordered with a player’s number and/or team logo on the back of their pants. Baseball pant waistbands have four elastic inserts that allow players to adjust the length of the baseball pant to fit appropriately. Baseball pants should be worn two inches above the knee cap for youth players and three inches above the knee cap for adult players. Baseball pants should not hang below players’ knees because it could get caught by other players or tripped over while running around during games.

5. How To Clean The Baseball Pants?

Baseball pants should be washed as little as possible because they are made of synthetic materials and dirt can build up if washed often. Baseball pants must be washed after every use to remove dirt, mud and grass stains from the legs. Baseball Pants should also not be fully submerged in water when cleaning them and care instructions must always be followed carefully. Baseball Pants should only be cleaned with a damp cloth or soft brush which is most effective for removing light dirt stains from cotton fabrics. Baseball pants with removable padding inserts inside of the legs may need special attention when cleaning due to issues with their waterproof lining becoming compromised by washing baseball pants incorrectly. Baseball Pants may also come with a protective covering on the bottom of the legs which protects players’ shins from getting scratched during sliding and/or ground ball fielding. Baseball Pants should be air dried and never machine dried because it could damage the elastic inserts inside of the waistband and cause them to become loose and not fit players appropriately. Baseball pants can also be laid flat or hung up vertically to dry however, care instructions must always be followed carefully when using this method instead of air drying Baseball pants.

6. How Often Do Baseball Players Replace Baseball Pants?

Baseball players typically replace their baseball pants every 1-3 seasons. The life span for a pair of baseball pants really depends on how often they are used and what type of activity they are being used for. Baseball Pants with removable padding inserts will sacrifice the lifetime of those inserts after each time they get washed because the padding becomes compressed after each use. Baseball pants are also more likely to rip or tear around the knees and at the seams during sliding, running and general wear. Players should replace Baseball Pants that have been worn often because they could be dangerous due to hazards such as the stitching coming undone from overuse of wearing Baseball pants. Baseball players can avoid potential injuries if they purchase a new pair of Baseball Pants before wearing Baseball pants with holes, rips or tears in them.

7. How Do Baseball Pants Reflect A Player’s Personality?

Baseball pants do not reflect a player’s personality at all. A player’s personality is only reflected by their own attitude towards playing baseball which does not include how they dress while throwing on their baseball uniform.

8. Who Invented Baseball Pants?

Baseball pants were first invented by professional Baseball player Albert Spalding in 1876. Baseball Pants are used primarily for Baseball players to protect themselves from the elements, high friction surfaces and objects that can cause them injury while playing Baseball.

9. How Much Do Baseball Pants Cost?

The average cost for a pair of Baseball Pants is between $55-100. A Baseball pant’s retail price depends on whether they are authentic MLB baseball pants produced by Nike, Under Armour or Rawlings. Baseball pants usually have pro level materials and comfort features which causes them to have a higher price point then other types of athletic pants or shorts.



Baseball pants are an essential part of playing baseball, but they can be hard to find. We’ve put together this list of the best ones on the market so you don’t have to go through all that trouble yourself. If you want your son or daughter to feel comfortable and look great while he/she is out on the field having fun then one of these options may work for them! The pants we recommend will help improve their performance by providing more protection from scrapes and bruises as well as a better range of motion when it comes time for batting practice. Which pair do you think would be perfect? You might also consider finding a store near where your child plays ball in order to get even more information about what they recommend. If you need any further help feel free to reach out to us for some extra recommendations.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a great day! And remember, no matter how difficult finding the perfect pair of baseball pants may seem there are always more options available – just look at the 5 best on our list!

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