[TOP 5] Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under 100 Dollars Reviews

5 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under 100 Dollars Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you looking for the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under 100 Dollars for yourself? Look no further! You may check out our list for more details.

There are a lot of things that you need to prepare for a backpacking trip. In order to ensure that your outdoor experiences are enjoyable and comfortable, you have to possess certain essential items. Among them, the sleeping bag is quite important as it allows you to have a warm and cozy sleep.  Nowadays, you can easily find a variety of sleeping bag models with plenty of modern features. However, to find the product that can fit your humble wallet can be quite an issue. So if you are shopping for the best backpacking sleeping bag under 100, this article will be useful.

Of course, you can’t just grab any sleeping bag because it’s cheap. You need to make sure that what you get can match the conditions and the environments of a backpacking trip. If all you care about is the price then you probably end up with a low – quality of malfunction product that is of little value. That is why you need to carefully inspect the quality of the sleeping bag before deciding on a purchase. It will help you save some money while ensuring that the product you have is usable and practical on the field. Down below are the criteria of a good sleeping bag.

Features and specification of an excellent product

Getting a suitable sleeping bag at an affordable price tag may be difficult but it can be done. In fact, it would have been much easier if you just create a list of requirements that a sleeping bag must be able to satisfy. That is how you can buy a product that is well within the budget limit yet still got everything you need. As long as your purchase is made with the pre-arranged list in mind then it will be a wise and logical decision. In the case that you need some recommendations about what to look for, you can check out several hints right here.

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Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100 Dollar

  • Temperature rating: The first and foremost function of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm while you are using it. So obviously, an appropriate temperature rating is one of the most important priorities. You can decide on the suitable rating by examining the aspects of your backpacking trip. The climate, the season, the geological features and the height of the trip are the factors you should consider.
  • Weight and size: You need a sleeping bag for backpacking so it can neither be too large nor too heavy. You need something that is a balance between a comfortable space and an acceptable weight. That must come without compromising your comfort or safety though. Most of the sleeping bag on the market did try to have a flexible dimension to fit a wide range of user body and associated preferences
  • Material fitness: Different types of materials will deliver distinct levels of warm. Their fitness to the user body is also unique too. A sleeping bag must have a tight fit around your body for maximized insulation. But this must not reach the point that can cause discomfort to the body.

Top 5 best backpacking sleeping bag under 100 dollars

1. TETON Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag


  • Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 9 Inches
  • Weight: 4.1 Pounds
  • Temperature rating: 5 degrees Fahrenheit

The Tracker +5F sleeping bag is a light and compact sleeping bag for the average body. Its 3 – piece hood and the mummy style bag design with foot box shall keep your body warm from head to toes. The simple yet effective zipper will prevent the heat from escaping to the outside of the bag. There are plenty of rooms for your shoulder and leg so you can sleep rather comfortably. Should you need some items near your body, the bag got an interior zipper pocket for you to store them.

Made from Ripstop nylon, each layer of this sleeping bag provides a high level of insulation. It feels soft yet very tough so there is hardly a chance that you can tear or rupture it by mistake. The material is also water resistant which makes it a good choice in cold and humid weather. When you need to pack up the bag, you can use the Oxford compression sack to carry it around.


  • Convenient with an all-around protection
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Have a nice temperature rating
  • The stitching is well – executed


  • Complicated compressing process
  • Not suitable for people with a tall body built
  • The tightness is may make it difficult to roll over

2. TETON Sports TrailHead +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag


  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 Inches
  • Weight: 2.9 Pounds
  • Temperature rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit

If you like the idea of the Sports Tracker +5F but want something even lighter, its TrailHead +20F cousin will serve you well. While the temperature rating of this bag is not as good, its performance is still respectable nerveless. The material may look thin and light but with the used of advanced insulation techniques, the bag will still keep you warm and cozy. You may feel that the liner is a bit think but it’s still sufficient for the bag ventilation requirement. And one more notable thing is that you can actually wiggle around much better than the TrailHead +20F.

Same as its +20F brother, the Sports Tracker +5F offer a hood, foot box and zipper compartment. Everything is relatively easy to manipulate and adjust to better fit your personal needs. The padding is well arranged so your body is breathable and warm at the same time.


  • Very light, easy to pack and carry
  • Generous space
  • Can deal with chilly weather


  • The hood isn’t long enough to cover your face
  • Zipper might get stuck in the fabric
  • Unsuitable for extreme temperature

3. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag


  • Dimensions: 12.35 x 17.1 x 12 Inches
  • Weight: 1.41 Ounces
  • Temperature rating: 0 degrees Fahrenheit

When you are looking for the sleeping bag that can handle very low temperatures, you definitely need to check out this bag. The North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag of Coleman got an excellent rating for the harshest of weather. Due to the spacious interior, people with a height up to 6 feet 2 can comfortably use the bag. The hood of the bag utilizes a drawstring, semi-sculpted design that is fully adjustable. You can modify it in any manner way to keep the cold air away from your head. The box-shaped portion at the bottom allows plenty of room to move.

When you want to use the bag for warmer nights, there is a zipper at the end of the bag. You can unzip so increase the bag ventilation and let your body breath.  Since the bag employs a tube block construction, possible heat loss can be reduced to the minimum. Its waterproof material ensures that water or humid will have little effect on the bag performance.


  • Great temperature rating
  • Generous space to wiggle and roll around
  • Streamline design and very effective


  • Quite bulky
  • Troublesome to deploy and compress
  • Not practical for taller people

4. Outdoor Vitals OV-Light 3 Season Sleeping Bag


  • Dimensions: 6 x 29 x 83 Inches
  • Weight:  2.2 Pounds
  • Temperature rating: 35 degrees Fahrenheit

Should winter camping is not your thing, a sleeping bag that can keep you warm for the rest of year is more than enough. In that case, the OV-Light 3 Season Sleeping Bag from Outdoor Vitals will not disappoint you. Its temperature rating means you can use it conveniently in the chilly nights of Spring, Summer and Fall without any issue.   You can even purchase the bag in a pair and connect them together for increase warms. While it may have substantial dimension, you can compress it down to a size of 10 x 7 Inches or even less

For the fabric, the bag uses Ripstop nylon as its material which is soft, light and a high level of insulation. At the top is the drawstring to tighten the bag opening around your face. You can adjust it so you can feel both comfortable and warm.  The VitalDry DWR coating on the bag surface should keep the bag dry and warm at all time even if get wet. Its zipper is strong so you will never have a trouble pulling it up and down.


  • Minimal weight
  • Can be attached to another one
  • Compact and simple to carry


  • Suitable for short people
  • The stitching could have been done better
  • Customer complains about receiving used products

5. Tough Outdoors All-Season XL Hooded Sleeping Bag


  • Dimensions: 6 x 7.3 x 16.3 Inches
  • Weight:  4 Pounds
  • Temperature rating: 25 – 30 degrees Fahrenheit

For the average weather condition, Tough Outdoors All-Season XL Hooded Sleeping Bag is the sleeping bag to use. It’s is large, well – built and keep you warm throughout the year without fail. Should you need something to wrap around the body, unzip this bag all the way and you will have a large size blanket at your service. Using Ripstop fabric and scratch resistant liner, the bag can be used in a wide range of situation and environment.


  • Low eight and can be compressed for transport
  • A durable and versatile sleeping bag which can turn into a blanket
  • Quality construction


  • Inadequate for low to very low temperature
  • Zipper gets stuck easily
  • Slight bulky

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And that would be all the candidates for the best backpacking sleeping bag under 100 dollar, see anything you like? Having a suitable sleeping bag is vital for a successful and enjoyable backpacking trip.  You need something can match your needs so don’t accept anything short of it. Simply compare the products above to the requirements and demands of the trip to make a wise and informed purchase.

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