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Top 6 Best Air Mattress For Camping On The MarketIn order to enjoy every aspect of the camping trip, it’s essential that you are properly energized all the time. That is why having quality sleeps and rests is extremely important. A sleeping bag would have been sufficient but if you wish for extra cushion, you could always count on an air mattress. However, there is a lot of brand and model on the market that can make you feel lost. In that case, this article will be helpful. You shall find a selected list of excellent examples down below. Through them, you may obtain the best air mattress for camping.

Everyone got their own needs and requirements so it’s best that you don’t make the purchase base on words alone. If you just rush out to buy a product without careful consideration, you may waste a lot of money for little gain. Crosscheck your preferences with the product specification and see if it can fully satisfy you. You are the one that going to use it so get something that is both practical and usable. That is how you can ensure your investment is well-spent money. Keep that in mind while you are examining the characteristics and measurements of the products.

Top 6 Best Camping Air Mattresses – Reviews

1. Coleman Airbed Cot – Queen

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo | Folding Camp Cot and Air Bed with Side Tables and Battery Operated Pump
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 7.1 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 37 Inches
  • Product weight: 92.6 Pounds
  • Product dimension: 78 x 59 x 22 Inches

If you have space to spare and want something that keeps you off the ground, Coleman Airbed Cot – Queen shall serve you well. Its sturdy and reliable stance elevates the mat and separates it entirely from the surface. This is greatly appreciated by people with knee issues that have a hard time getting off the bed in the morning. There is no contact between the bed and the surrounding environment so cuts and leaks are minimized. It also comes with side trays for you to put small items such as smartphone, clock, book, etc.

Temperature can more or less affect the performance of an air mattress since it’s filled with air. So if you intend to go on a camping in chilly weather, Coleman Airbed Cot – Queen is the perfect companion. It eliminates all contact with the cold or even frozen ground and let you stay toasty warm. The stance is kind of troublesome to transport over long distance though.  Once in awhile, you have to pump the mat and refill it for regular uses.


  • Versatile. Can be used as emergency bed for guest
  • Separate you from the ground
  • Effective and dependable


  • The stance is a nuisance to carry
  • Bulky and heavy


2. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress with Eco-Friendly PVC - Included Rechargeable Air Pump - Twin Size
  • SoundAsleep ComfortCoil Technology with I-Beam Air Coils and proprietary Eco-Friendly PVC (TM) specifically designed for durability during outdoor use. Perfect for those wilderness camp-outs, or for weekends away with friends and family.
  • Patented, external pump is include for easy inflation / deflation. The pump features a heavy duty rechargable battery, which can be charged either at home in advance of your trip or with a car charger on the road.
  • The Outdoor Camping mattress reaches full inflation and firmness in under 3 minutes and can be topped off quickly and easily. The Camping Series has been designed specially for outdoor use and is made with extra thick material to better withstand objects normally found in an outdoor setting.
  • Product weight: 14 Pounds
  • Product dimension: 78 X 60 X 9 Inches

This is the thing that can make you feel just like your bed at home thanks to its comfort and size. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress is a great product with high endurance and convenient height.  Its fabric material is fairly durable, waterproof and can withstand rough operations. You can quickly lie down and get up relative easy which is not common in its price range. The high capacity internal pump is a nice feature since it means you don’t have to carry around a separate pump. All it takes is 4 minutes for the pump to fully inflate the mattress.

Built with 40 air coil across its body, this product is appreciated by campers with back problems and joint pains. If you toss yourself inside the tent regretting that you should have used something better, you can’t go wrong with this one. It comes with its own container for transport so you can carry the mattress with ease. After a tedious camping day, you can hardly expect anything better to lay your body on. There are several minor downsides though such as the noise of its pump and can’t be used with a standard sheet.


  • Competitive price
  • Generous space
  • Tough
  • Comfortable


  • Pump noise
  • Stretchy material
  • Might require a topper
  • Really heavy


3. Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D

Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress, Standard Valve (2018 Model), Large - 77 x 25 Inches , Blue Depths
  • Luxury self-inflating foam air mattress offers comfort and warmth for camping, home, and travel
  • Mattress provides 4 inches of stabilized loft for the comfort of home anywhere; vertical sidewalls maximize usable sleep surface
  • Perfect for car camping, expedition basecamps, RVs, and boats, it also makes an excellent guest bed at home
  • Product weight: 5 Pounds 8 Ounces
  • Product dimension: 77 X 25 X 4 Inches

MondoKing is a robust and basic design but it got one of thickest padding available. The well arranged foam core inside allow you to enjoy softness on every inch of its surface. The padding is also excelled at insulating your body from the ground so temperature change is not a big issue. Its fabric durability is quite high with admirable resistance against tear and wear. If you are looking forward to enjoying a bit of luxury while camping, the MondoKing should be on your shopping list. You may feel that the price tag is a bit on the expensive side though.

It’s self – inflating so there is no need to bring a pump along to prepare the mat. All you have to do is a couple minute to set it up and the mat should be ready. The dimension is not exactly small though even in the packed form and rather heavy. But if your primary concern is comfortable then this product won’t disappoint you. Its quality and usefulness are definitely worth your time to check it out.


  • Thick and soft
  • Self – inflating
  • Strong built


  • Expensive
  • Cumbersome
  • Bulky


4. ALPS Comfort Air Pad

ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad, Regular
  • Brushed suede-like top gives you maximum comfort
  • Polyester bottom fabric with anti-slip dots prevents you from sliding around
  • Brass non-corrosive valve for maximum durability
  • Product weight: 4 Pounds 1 Ounces
  • Product dimension: 77 X 25 X 2 Inches

At an affordable price, Comfort Air Pad from ALPS is a pretty decent air mattress for a comfortable camping trip. With high strength polyester fabric and soft blending foam, it’s an economical and effective product.  It will keep you warm and take care of your worn out body so you can wake up completely rested. One innovative feature of this design is that the bottom side is litter with plastic dots. This should prevent the mat from sliding all over the place in the middle of the night. Couple with the suede finish on top to secure your sleeping bag, your experiences with the product would be uneventful and enjoyable ones.

Comfort Air Pad may seem to be a bit thin to some peoples, especially for side sleepers. It’s quite soft however so for infrequent user or back sleepers, the product should be adequate in most of the case. The mat is also self-inflated which mean you can leave your pump at home. If you just want something basic and functional, this is everything you need for a good night sleep.


  • Fit most people wallet
  • Admirable endurance for the price
  • Minimum sliding
  • Well insulated


  • Rather thin
  • Bulky even if packed


5. Exped MegaMat 10

Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad, Ruby Red, Large Extra Wide
  • SUPERIOR BASECAMP PAD - It's more like a bed than a sleeping pad; The megamat 10 keeps you toasty warm and comfortable while car camping, rafting, or at basecamp; 3.9 in. of loft and stretch tricot surface deliver superior rest for the next day's adventure
  • SELF-INFLATING W/ MINI PUMP (LXW) - Save your breath after a long day on the trail; The Megamat 10 self inflates with easy firmness adjustment with compact Mini Pump; Inflated dimensions of 77.6 x 30.3 in.
  • SUMMER / WINTER COMFORT - Designed for 4 season comfort, the Megamat 10 features Bluesign-certified insulation that keep you toasty in temperatures down to -54 degrees F
  • Product weight: 5 Pounds 9.6 Ounces
  • Product dimension: 77.6 X 30.3 X 3.9 Inches

For occasional campers, Exped MegaMat 10 is a good product given that it’s easy to use and quite tough. With nearly 4 inches worth of foam and air pad, it can give you some quality resting time after a long day. As a result of effective insulating construction, you should feel pretty warm no matter how cold the camping ground is. The use of laminated polyester fabric ensures the mat body is fairly resistance toward humidity, wear and tear.  The efficient air channels within the foam keep the weight down but retain excellent softness and comfort.

Exped MegaMat 10 can be adjusted through the intake valve so you can get the mat to an ideal dimension. It got a built-in flap to stop the air from escaping while you inflate the mat. The flap can be manually handled to let the air out. Thanks to the well-done seams, the mat body is airtight and would stay that way for a long time. One of its shortcomings is that it’s called a self – inflating mat yet you have to use an included mini pump to inflate it. It’s much more expensive than other product in the same category as well.


  • Large sleeping area
  • Keep you warm and cozy
  • Tough fabric
  • Come with a repair kit


  • Expensive
  • Need a mini pump
  • Inconsistent quality


6. Klymit Static V Luxe

Klymit Static V Luxe Sleeping Pad, Extra Wide (up to 30 inches), Maximum Comfort for Car Camping, Travel, and Backpacking (Insulated and Non-Insulated)
  • Country Of Origin : Taiwan
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 5 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 5 Inches
  • Product weight: 26.5 Ounces
  • Product dimension: 76 x 30 x 3 Inches

With an interesting appearance, Klymit Static V Luxe is the product highly sought after by minimalist. Its V-shaped air channels enhance the user comfort and keep the mat relatively light. The side rails underneath held the Luxe in place so sliding is not an issue. When packed, the mat is extremely compact though it comes with a certain loss of insulation and structural support. You should only use it for summer camping due to the barely acceptable insulation.


  • Extremely light
  • Great value for the price
  • Compact and easy to use


  • Insufficient insulation
  • Maybe inconvenient for certain people back


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Air Mattresses For Camping?

How to choose the best air mattresses for camping? Because not all air mattresses for camping are suitable for use outdoors, numerous consumer reviews were scoured by thousands of consumers to seek out the top ones for camping, backpacking, or just more casual outdoor sleeping. From a light weight comfortable sleeping pad to a full air bed and additional cot and mattress set, here are the top air mattresses for camping by mid-2022:

Lightweight Twin – This is by far the lightest of all air mattresses for camping. The reason it is so lightweight is due to the air pocket that allows it to conform to a person’s contours. This reduces pressure points and provides a comfortable sleeping surface. The twin also offers reduced bulk and a sleeker, thinner profile than the traditional camping pads. Although it has the lowest density, it weighs just over two pounds for an average sleeping surface.

Lightweight Air Mattress – As the name suggests, this is the lightest of all air mattresses for camping. Many reviews commended its lightness for its use on a long camping trip, even on days when the sun is shining brightly. Its ability to inflate and deflate like a regular sleeping surface makes it easy to pack into a stuff sack for easy transportation and storage. It weighs less than three and a half pounds and is just over two feet long.

Lightweight Waterbed – Designed for car camping and other areas where a water mattress is not an option, this sleeping device is designed to provide a luxurious water-filled sleep surface. One of the primary benefits is that it is highly durable, able to stand up against challenging weather conditions. It is built with an electric pump and includes a built-in electric pump. Some models are made with an inflatable “saucer” that provides extra buoyancy. A lightweight, water-resistant material is used to manufacture the body and the underside of the cover, which is puncture resistant.

Etekcity Twin Sweat Pad – Three pounds and six inches long, the eternity twin weighs less than one pound and can be easily packed into a pocket or purse. A water-resistant polyester fabric is used for the under-belly to keep it from getting steamed up in a hot sun. It is very lightweight, but because of its portability it does not have the same stability as other air mattresses for car camping. It is powered by a standard portable air pump and includes a built-in electric pump. However, some models include a backpack strainer to collect excess water during transport.

GoLite Air Mattress – This airbed is one of the lightest air mattresses on the market and is quite compact. This means that it can fit into small spaces. This makes them ideal for car campers who want to bring a lightweight airbed. Although it weights a little less than most other air mattresses for car camping, it is still a durable and comfortable choice. The GoLite weighs three pounds and only weighs two and a half ounces to carry.

Marmot Air Mattress – The Marmot air mattresses are made with heavy duty plastic and steel, making them strong and sturdy. They also feature pinch seals around the base so that air leaks cannot form around the sides. Many models include inflatable covers to add extra protection and comfort. They are perfect for car campers because they do not suffer from air leaks and do not puncture the air mattresses making them a safe choice for long term travel.

Foamex Air Mattress – Foamex air mattresses come in various sizes and are available in several different color schemes. Some of the more popular colors include neon green, blue, pink, white and yellow. The newer model sizes are made using new technology that prevent the foam from leaking which decreases the chance of puncturing.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Ideal Size Of Air Mattress For Camping?

Many people when they decide to go camping often wonder what the ideal size of an air mattress for camping is. When you are camping, your goal is to spend a lot of time in a tent because this is where you will relax after a long day’s work or simply spending time with family and friends. Because you cannot have a bed or mattress of your own when you’re camping, the best way to make sure that you have a nice comfortable sleeping experience is by getting an air mattress. The problem with traditional air mattresses for camping is that they tend to be too small for camping and do not provide the best comfort. However, there are air mattresses for camping that are large enough so that they can provide the best comfort as well.

If you are wondering what the ideal size of an air mattress for camping would be, then you should think about two things. One, how much time you are going to be spending out in the woods and two, what type of environment you are going to be in. If you plan on spending time camping for a few days or a week, then you can get a small air mattress that is portable and easy to carry. On the other hand, if you plan on going for a longer camping trip, then you will need to find an air mattress that is large enough to serve your needs. However, if you’re just going for a short period of time, then you can get an air mattress that you can bring along with you as a portable sleeping option.

The best way to figure out what the ideal size of an air mattress for camping would be is to figure out how much time you plan on spending out in the woods. If you plan on walking a long way in the woods, then you can get a larger air mattress that will provide more comfort for your body. However, if you prefer to sleep in the open, then a smaller air mattress should be more than enough for your needs. Just make sure that when you are shopping for an air mattress for camping, that you do not choose one based on its size alone.

2. How Hard Is Air Mattress Inflate An Air Mattress?

Many people ask, how hard is it to inflate air mattresses? Air mattresses for camping are easy to deflate and store in your vehicle. Inflatable air mattresses for RVs have a limited storage capacity of about three to four gallons. The best air mattresses for camping that are made for camping trips with long periods of sleeping are the ones that have a high air volume and good R-value.

A good quality air mattress for camping has a high air volume and R-value and has a long hose to enable you to easily pump it up yourself if necessary. The best models come with a pump that can be disconnected to prevent over inflation and leaking. Some air beds for RVs come with a remote control to control the suction power as well as inflation time. You should always check your manual to make sure the model you purchase has the appropriate features. Many people find that it is not very difficult to pump a mattress fully inflated, if done properly by a professional.

The best air mattresses for camping are made from vinyl and have a flocked surface. Vinyl is the best because it is very resistant to degradation, will not get wet easily, and has very good insulating properties. Vinyl also has a very long hose to allow you to pump it up yourself if necessary. The advantage of having a flocked surface is that it provides much more insulation than the flat-bottomed models do. Inflatable air mattresses for RVs with flocked surfaces are also very warm and provide a great deal of comfort when it comes to sleeping on the road.

3. Can Air Mattress Give Proper Back Support And Comfort?

Before we answer the question, “Can air mattresses for camping give proper back support and comfort?” it is necessary for us to understand what back pain is all about. Back pain, or as some people call it, spine pain, can be caused by a number of reasons. Among the most common are frequent accidents, bad sleeping postures and standing for long hours on end without properly supporting the body’s weight.

If you experience back pain, you may have fallen on your back while sleeping or you may have rolled over onto your stomach while trying to get up after sitting on the couch for several hours. Another reason why people suffer from back aches and pains is because of the type of work they do. A person who performs his or her job as a carpenter for example will find that the bending and twisting of the wood while cutting holes in the wood will surely cause pain to the spine. One can therefore conclude that if you are camping out, lying on your back on an air mattress and getting up and down again on an inflatable mattress is not conducive to good back health.

But did you know that an air mattress can alleviate all the above mentioned problems? The air bed, a portable, low-pressure chamber where air bubbles can circulate can serve as a perfect bed and can relieve back pain because air flow allows circulation to the affected areas of the body and relieves the pressure on the lower back. An air mattress, unlike a foam bed or a waterbed offers support to your body and relieves the stress and strain that may have accumulated on your back. The air is also rich in air sacs that enable it to conform to the shape of your back, thereby relieving pressure on certain areas of the back. Furthermore, an air mattress provides the comforting temperature and air flow needed to ease restful sleep.

4. Can This Air Mattress Support The Weight Of An Adult?

A camping air mattress cover may sound like it is only beneficial for occasional use. However, the first step in establishing a camping air mattress budget is to consider its long term viability. Are air mattresses for camping intended primarily as a temporary sleeping arrangement or are they intended to be a mainstay part of one’s camping gear and furniture or even a permanent sleeping facility for your whole family? If it is the former, then budget considerations must account for the added cost of purchasing air mattresses especially when air mattresses for camping are considered. Air mattresses for camping that are meant to be a permanent part of your camping gear will require additional space and weight from your back, meaning that they are not just more expensive, but also harder to set up and more difficult to take down.

Camping air mattresses can be used for extended periods of time and so their weight and size will become important factors in determining how and where to purchase one. The bigger and heavier an air mattress becomes, the more difficult it will be to transport and set up; consequently, air mattresses for camping that are too large and heavy may not be the best investment, since a single night on an air mattress filled with a thick layer of foam can feel like a solid ten or twenty years! If you are thinking about spending a significant amount of time camping, either as a couple or as a family, then a larger, heavier air mattress is advisable.

Furthermore, an air mattress can become uncomfortable after prolonged use. Although most air mattresses are designed to give the user the comfort of a padded bed, there is nothing like sleeping on the cold hard floor. A good rule of thumb to follow when purchasing an air mattress is to expect that it will take at least double the time to inflate it than it will to deflate it. This is because of air mattress pressurization, which makes them very difficult to roll up. Air mattresses may also require you to spend a good deal of time storing them away, since they can become very heavy when flat.

5. Why You Should Always Bring A Durable Air Mattress For Camping

When planning a trip to the great outdoors one of the most important items that you must bring along is an air mattress. Camping is a great activity and will give you the opportunity to get away from the comforts of your own home for a couple of days. As you probably already know, air beds provide the perfect solution to sleeping on a hard surface and can be extremely relaxing especially in the cooler months. This article will discuss why you should always bring an air mattress for camping.

The first reason that you must consider when it comes to camping is the possibility of weather changes. Especially in the summer months, camping in a tent is not recommended as they can easily get very hot and uncomfortable especially for the older people. Even if you are using an air mattress for camping, it will still be necessary to use a cooling fan or a lighter to ensure that you stay warm enough during the day. Even if you are using a portable air mattress for camping, it will be wise to bring an extra set of clothes just in case the weather gets really cold.

Another reason to choose an air mattress for camping is that they provide a much more comfortable sleeping position than just sleeping on a bed. You do not have to lay on the ground and pull yourself up with the use of a bed. With an air bed you can simply lay flat on top of it. Most air mattresses for camping come with a variety of different sizes that will accommodate both adults and children of different heights. If you are going to purchase one, make sure that you select a high quality air mattress that will last you for many years into the future.

6. Are Proof Air Mattresses Durable Enough To Use?

So, when people ask the question “Are proof air mattresses durable enough to use?” the answer should be yes. If you plan on spending time in your air bed in the wilderness or other rough conditions, then yes, they are. You can actually put some of them on your tent and sleep on them for months without any problems at all. I have been using proof air mattresses for camping for about eight years now and I love them. I have never bought a replacement mattress from any brand, because every time I have had to go out and buy one there has always been a problem.

Most people that buy air mattresses for camping do so for the comfortable sleep provided but some buy them mainly for the look and to feel the smooth surface. If you are planning on camping for more than a night or two, then it is probably not worth buying a new one for the look and comfort factor. In most cases, though, these mattresses will last a good few years without a lot of problems. You just need to make sure that you store them properly and not just throw them in the back of the car.

One of the main problems that people who purchase air mattresses for camping have is that they tend to be too heavy to blow onto their backs when sleeping on the ground. If you plan on hiking and going into the woods, you may want to invest in a portable air mattress instead. It is much lighter and it provides a much more comfortable sleeping surface. Just make sure that you buy a brand and model that you are going to be comfortable using.


And that are the competitors for the best air mattress for camping, see anything you like? The products above have their own pros and cons that match a variety of working condition and user preferences. To make an informed and logical purchase, you must ensure that the product matches your own circumstances. As long as you can do that, you will be surely satisfied with what you buy.

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