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5 Best Abs Wheels Reviews, Tips, And Guides


You can mistake AB wheels for Hover board spare wheels, but this piece of equipment serves an important and different purpose to hover boards. AB wheels are for people who love to keep their body fit and eventually build the body posture; the wheels come in various size, shape and style that you can use very comfortably.

Best Abs Wheels Reviews

Before you jump into any AB wheels available, it is important that you review the product that you want to purchase, have an insight into how it will be of use to you. You can future examine the features, style, design, ease of use and price to determine which is the best. Here are five best AB wheels you should consider when shopping for this wheels.

#1 Toning – The Best AB wheels of 2022


The Toning AB wheel is a dual wheel design that assures you the best workout moments. The dual wheel means you will not wobble and injure your fingers when you compare to single AB wheel. This wheel is specially designed to help you get some extra balance when you lean to one side to work on those side muscles.

You will be able to target the stomach, arms, shoulder and hips on different workouts individually. The Toning AB wheel is a convenient tool that is easily portable. Made of high-quality material making it hard to break, and designed stability for simple and vigorous workouts.

Advantages of Toning wheels includes better sporting performance, increases basal metabolic rate, lower risk of back injuries and increase sporting efficiency.

#2 Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro B00CDAQS5G

Perfect Fitness Carver Pro is one of a kind AB wheel that communicates with the body system to give you that perfect posture. First, this fitness wheel is designed in such a manner that your abdomen and hand get that intense work out o the first day; this is attributed to the design of the wheel, which is a bit curvy and broad so that you can exercise at different angles. Unique features of Carver Pro are the kinetic engine that uses carbon steel spring.

The spring provides resistance when you pull out and assistance when you roll back; the ergonomic curved handle grips are angled to help activate your core muscles and arms. The components used to design this AB wheel make it easy to carry around and travel.

#3 Maximiza AB Wheels/Best abs wheels reviews


Maximiza AB wheels help you get that high body posture and reduce back injuries, but unlike other AB wheels, this particular AB wheel is designed to target core strength and is super useful. Every component in this wheel is designed to simplify the whole workout process but produce the same result that you intend to achieve. The dual spaced wheels make it safe to work out without wobbling.

Maxima AB Wheels features ultra-durable handles and wheels that are comfortable, lightweight for easy portability and knee pad for protection on hard floors.The emphasis is on the soft high grip handles that make it easy to grip in any style that is a bit rough for non-slip handling.

#4 AB WOW dragon AB Roller


Dragon AB roller is a new design of rollers that make you concentrate on making your body fit rather. Than wasting a lot of your time to balance. The Dragon roller is a multi functional tr-wheel exercise equipment abdominal fitness centre. That guarantees quick and strong abs, which is not gender sensitive.

A feature of the Dragon roller includes three wheels and strong axle support with smooth rolling wheels. The additional wheel can carry weight up to 400 lbs making the perfect equipment for weight loss. Another feature only found on Dragon AB wheel is the braking system that converts to push up bar so that you can roll while making several push-ups with the same equipment, brilliant!

Best abs wheels reviews- Other features include sturdy frames, soft, smooth wheels with grips and strong handle with a rubber cover for a firm grip.

#5 Fitnessery AB roller


The Fitness AB wheel does not have any fancy and technology added to it and is a perfect tool to individual who are serious about their body posture and quick abs. The wheel features a non-slip rubber wheel that can grip any floor or surface, the frame is made of stainless steel making it durable and strong enough to handle any body weight.

The handles are rubber padded to ensure you get that perfect grip during pull out and roll back. This piece of the tool is ideal for both beginners and roller experts who want to get the ultimate result in the shortest time possible.

If you are looking for the best Best Ab Rollers, we are here to help you have a better understanding.

BuyingGuides – How To Choose The Best Abs Wheels?

There are many reasons why you should buy the ab wheels. You will get that some of these machines are designed to help in building your body muscles and making you more attractive. Here are the factors to consider when buying the ab wheels:

1. The Material Used

When buying any type of machinery there is a need for you to consider the materials which have been used in making them. It is paramount for us to ensure that we know what materials have been used to make the ab wheels. The best material which you should consider is the one which will not easily break or get damaged. You need to know that when buying the machinery you should take into consideration your lifestyle too. It is paramount for us to ensure that whenever we are purchasing any of these products, they must be durable so that they can serve us for an extended period without getting damaged.

2. Ability To Perform Various Exercises

When buying any fitness equipment there is a need for you to consider what kind of exercises it can perform. There are various challenges facing people who are working out. Each person has their specific needs depending on their goals and objectives. When using the ab wheel Proform Forza High-Performance Ab Trainer you will be able to achieve your targets in no time at all with ease. You will stand a chance of getting that it is quite easy for you to perform the exercises easily when working with these machines.

3. Price

Each person has a budget when they are buying any product. When purchasing ab wheels there is a need for you to consider the price of each machine. You will get that some of these products will cost less than others based on what you can afford. It is paramount for us to ensure that we know how much money we need before making our purchase so that we do not end up overspending. The best thing which you should do when purchasing these products is by comparing prices from various retailers. This way, you can save more money.

4. Stability

It is paramount for us to know that when buying ab wheels various benefits come along with using them. When using the ab wheels you will be able to work more stably. It is required of you to ensure that you get the most efficient product by working with experts in this field. You can also compare prices from different retailers so that you can reduce costs when doing your purchase.

5. Comfort In Use

When using the ab wheels you need to be comfortable when carrying out your exercises. You will get that most of these machines nowadays come with straps and knee pads for enhanced comfort when using them. There is a need for us to ensure that we work with the best experts in the market so that they can recommend us some of the best products which we can buy. Always ensure that you get a machine that is easy to use, even though it may cost more money.

6. Wheel Width

You should know that the width of the wheel should be at least two inches. Always work with experts so that they can recommend you some of the best products depending on your needs. You should know that there are various benefits that come along with using these machines.

7. Roller Wheel Construction

The best thing which you should do before making your purchase is by working with experts. You need to know that when using the ab wheels some challenges may arise if you do not know how they work. When buying these products it is paramount for you to ensure that you get that the casters and the plates of these machines must be machined from high-quality materials.

8. Shaft Length

Shaft length depends on several factors such as the user’s height, the width of their shoulders and arms. The ideal shaft length will allow a person to use it with ease. A person should be able to lock their hands comfortably on the bar and have their hands straight below the level of their shoulder at full extension without having to bend or strain to reach it.

9. Handlebar Grips

It is required of you to understand that the quality of the ab wheels will depend on how long they can serve you. You should know that if a person wants to get these kinds of benefits then they need to work with experts. It is therefore your responsibility as a user before making any purchase to ensure that you have some knowledge about what you are buying. Many retailers in this market will benefit from your lack of knowledge.

The handles on an ab roller should be thick and provide a good gripping surface for the palms. This way, it would make it easy for us as users to hold them firmly while surfing through our workouts. To ensure that your hands are safe when carrying out your exercises, there is a need for us not to buy products without proper handles.

10. Motion Resistance Level

When using the ab wheels some benefits come along with using them. These machines nowadays come with different motion resistance levels depending on your needs. There is a need for us to ensure that we understand how these machines work before buying any machine. You can also visit our website today, and you will get to know more about companies which sell this type of equipment in your local area. Always focus on quality materials when making your purchase so that you can be sure that you will get value for your money.

11. Durability

When looking to purchase this product, it is paramount for you to ensure that you choose a machine that will serve you for a long. Always work with the best experts in the market who will provide quality machines that will make your workout worth doing. It is always good for us as users to understand our needs and the features of the product before making any purchase. You can also find out more information from various platforms on how these products are used today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Abs Wheel?

An abs wheel is a piece of equipment that looks like a thin, semi-circular disk with handlebars attached to it. You place the handels in your hands and by leaning back or forward can adjust how far you bend backward or forwards.

There are two main types of the ab wheel: the ones that have handles on both ends (double-handled), and then there are single-handled ones which you grip halfway up the shaft. Most people find it easier to use the single-handled kind, but not many gyms carry these for some reason – probably because they’re more fragile… As always when buying gym equipment, check reviews online before purchasing anything!

An abs wheel is usually used in conjunction with other core exercises such as crunches or sit-ups, planks, leg raises and supermans. It is placed under your lower back to make it easier to perform crunches, or under your feet for sit-ups.

How Effective Is The Ab Wheel?

The ab wheel is very effective at toning your core muscles (the “six pack” muscles) and also helps you burn belly fat. It works all of the muscles in your abdomen – including the lower, upper and side abdominals as well as the obliques. This piece of equipment can even help reduce back pain, especially if you suffer from a herniated disk or sciatica nerve pain!

How To Use The Abs Wheel?

To use an abs wheel simply lean forward until the wheel touches the floor, keeping your legs stretched out behind you. Rollback by contracting your abdominal muscles. Repeat 20-30 times for 1 set then take 30 seconds to break before beginning another round of exercises. can perform this exercise daily but if this is your first time using it you might want to begin with once or twice a week.

An alternative way of using an abs wheel is to roll out as far as you can go, then pull yourself back up until your knees are touching your chest. This will work all of the muscles in your core very hard!

What Muscles Do The Abs Wheel Work?

One of the best things about the ab wheel is that ALL of the abdominal muscles are used – especially if you’re doing one of the variations where you lean forward and bring yourself back up again (to touch your knees). There’s also less strain on hips and shoulders than there is with sit-ups and crunches which means it’s a more effective exercise.

How To Workout With Abs Roller Wheel For Abdominal Exercise?

1Use the ab roller to improve your core stability, strengthen and tone your abdominals, back muscles and shoulders.

Do not let the abs roller drop too low as you roll forward because momentum will cause the wheel to lose contact with the floor, increasing shoulder strain.

Keep your abs tight while rolling out and in; maintain proper form at all times

Roll smoothly (no jerking) at all times.

It’s also advisable not to do this exercise if you suffer from lower back pain or any other related issues – it may make things worse!

Is The Ab Wheel Better Than Crunches?

Absolutely yes! If anything crunches are responsible for a lot of lower back injuries as well as problems such as herniated disks and sciatic nerve pain. The abs wheel is much safer to use (should your doctor allow you to do it) because it’s more gradual on the muscles since on some exercises you’re creating about 170 degrees of flexion in your abdominals.

What Are Things To Avoid When Using Ab Wheels?

Don’t jerk while using an ab wheel; this can result in shoulder injuries – don’t lean too far forward without support (this will cause momentum making the wheel lose contact with the floor); stop immediately if you feel like your shoulders or hips are straining.

If you have any sort of neck/back/shoulder injury, make sure that you speak with a doctor before using an ab wheel.

Avoid the exercise if you have a herniated disk or sciatica nerve pain.

If you suffer from any sort of lower back injury, it’s probably best not to do this exercise at all!

How Many Ab Roller Reps Should I Do?

Most ab roller exercises require 20-30 reps for 1 set. Don’t do any more than that (or less) for your first couple of weeks of using it; once you get used to doing ab roller exercises you can increase the number of sets and reps if you want.

What Are Some Variations Of Ab Roller Wheels?

As you get better at using an abs wheel, here are some good starting points (in increasing difficulty):

  • Lean forward until the wheel touches the floor, then back up again
  • Lean forward until the wheel is touching your knees, then back up again
  • Lean forward until the wheel is touching your thighs, then back up again
  • Lean forward until the wheel is just under your chest, then back up again
  • Lean forward until the wheel is under your upper chest, then back up again

When you do these exercises once or twice a day for about 2 weeks you’ll see and feel some major changes in your core stability and strength!

Remember: Just because this exercise works all of the abdominal muscles doesn’t mean that it’s safe to do if you have an injury. Don’t push yourself too hard at first just to get better results – good form should always come before anything else!

How Can You Improve Your Core Stability Skills?

One-Handed Plank Exercise: This exercise will work your core even harder than doing planks with both hands. Hold for 1 minute on each side to improve your core stability skills.

One Leg Squat Jumps Exercise Perform: This exercise with just one leg to improve your core stability skills.

Hand Walkouts From the push-up position, do a push-up but on your way back in walk your hands towards your feet until you are back at the starting position again.

What Are Exercises That Don’t Require The Ab Wheel?

Isolation movements such as crunches and curls are highly effective but can damage your spine so unless you have been cleared for abdominal exercises by a health professional do not attempt them without first consulting with your doctor.

There are many other ways to tone up your abs without using an ab wheel including Pilates, yoga and using resistance bands to name just three examples. Click here for ideas on how to get six-pack abs!

You may also be interested in reading about a “sit up attachment” which allows you to perform sit-ups without putting pressure on your spine.

How Do You Use A Roller Wheel For ABS?

A roller wheel is a small round piece of equipment consisting of two round disks, one fixed and the other free to rotate on an axle. You place your hands on top of it while you are lying on your back with the weight of your lower legs pressing down on the floor. Then you move yourself forward using your arm strength until your trunk is raised 45 degrees off the floor.

Try to do this exercise in sets if possible because by doing so, you’ll be able to perform more repetitions during each set. If not, simply try to work up to about twenty-five reps. If you find twenty-five too easy, go ahead and increase the number of reps per set but never put yourself at risk for injuring yourself just so you can perform more reps. This is not worth it!

To get the most out of this exercise, make sure you do not hold your breath. As you tire, your breathing will become faster and shallower; try to catch yourself doing this and alter your form so you take full deep breaths throughout the entire exercise (this will also improve your performance).

The abs wheel was made popular by “The Ab Roller” – a simple piece of equipment that attaches to any door frame and allows anyone at home to perform an effective ab workout.

Because your lower back muscles support such weight as the rest of the body’s weight (and then some) they end up getting fairly strong fairly quickly when using an ab roller for abs. This means that they can support more weight, which means that you will get bigger muscles in return.

The abs wheel is also the perfect complement to the existence of an ab roller – it allows you to strengthen your core by performing exercises not possible with an ab roller alone!

Exercises using the abs wheel are great for abdominal cramping too – this is because they get rid of waste products in your abdominal cavity and allow fresh blood and oxygen in, which is what all cells require in order to function properly.

What Is A Good Exercise To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

Bench Dip Exercise: This is a great exercise that uses your body weight to work out the abdominal muscles, triceps, and chest. It will also provide you with an effective cardio workout too.

Start by sitting on a bench or chair infront of you, with your hands behind your bum. Make sure that when you do this exercise, you are not resting your weight on your palms but instead have them in front of you for balance purposes. Then, slowly bend your legs until they form right angles at the knees before straightening again in order to complete one repetition. Try to keep your back off the bench throughout the entire movement – this means that you should only dip down as far as is comfortable. Add weight once you feel up to it!

Bicycle Crunch: This exercise tones and strengthens your abdominal muscles like no other and will help get the fat off your stomach and allow muscle definition to be revealed by doing so. Lie flat on your back with your arms at either side of you before crossing one leg over the other knee. Then, slowly lift yourself upwards by moving your elbow towards the opposite knee in a twisting motion. The bicycle crunch is great because it really attacks every single muscle fiber within the abdominals – you’ll definitely know when you’re done! To increase difficulty, lift both legs up into the air too which will also produce an effective cardio workout along with incredible strength results for your abs!

Forbid: This workout requires a medicine ball and is great for hitting the entire abdominal area as well as getting rid of belly fat. Lie down on the floor and place the medicine ball underneath your lower back; make sure you’ve got some padding there (using a mat or towel will do). Your legs should be bent at 90 degrees with your feet resting against the wall. Draw your tummy in before slowly pushing it out again to complete one repetition; try to keep this movement slow and smooth. Keep going until you feel like you can’t anymore!

A traditional crunch pull: A lot of people believe that doing standard crunches is all they need to do to get great core strength and six pack abs – but, if only it were so easy! This exercise takes a standard crunch to the next level by making you pull yourself further up towards your feet in order to get an isolated contraction of the abdominals.

Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat against it. Then, place your hands behind your head but leave a little space between them – this will be where the weight of your body goes, so make sure that’s comfortable for yourself. Keep yourself steady before pulling your head and shoulders off the ground as far as is possible while maintaining good form – squeeze at the top for a count of one second before lowering back down again slowly to complete one repetition. Make sure not to let go of tension in the abs when lowering yourself downwards or else you won’t feel the burn!

Who Can Use The Abs Wheel?

Anyone can use an abs wheel, but if you have back pain or herniated disks then make sure you consult your doctor first – this piece of equipment might not be the best way for you to work your core muscles!

When Should You Start Using An Ab Wheel?

You should start using an ab wheel when you feel capable of doing so, just remember that if you’re a beginner then taking breaks in between exercises is important. Don’t push yourself too hard either, otherwise your body will compensate by creating a bulky excess in other areas – not what we want! If you already have some experience under your belt then start using the ab wheel as part of your existing workout, or create a whole new workout dedicated to it.

What Kind Of Exercises Can You Do With An Abs Wheel?

You can perform crunches with an abs wheel, though be careful. When you lean back on the wheels and your feet are still on the ground try lifting your legs up – this will work your lower abdominal muscles very hard. If you’re feeling particularly strong one day then try pulling yourself in towards your knees instead of just leaning backward! You can also place the ab wheel under just one side of your upper back for one-sided oblique exercises which target your obliques to give that “wedge look popularised by bodybuilders” (as my mum would say).

What Are The Risks Associated With Using An Ab Roller?

The only risks associated with the ab roller are muscle strains or pulls, and back injuries. If you experience any back pain when using this equipment then stop immediately to avoid any further injury.

As A Beginner, Can I Jump Straight To The Ab Wheel?

If you’re very new to ab exercises then stick with beginner abs workouts such as crunches and planks for a while, or other equipment such as medicine balls before moving onto advanced work such as the ab wheel. Using this piece of equipment is an advanced exercise so it’s not recommended if you’ve only been working out for a short period of time.

How To Do The Ab Wheel Rollout?

To do the ab wheel rollout you need to begin in a push-up position with your arms straight. Now roll forward onto your forearms and keep your body in a straight line from head to toe. Your abs should be contracted at all times, and when you’ve rolled out as far as possible then use your abs to roll yourself back up into the starting position.

How Many Ab Wheels Should I Do A Day?

You should try to do 1-3 sets of 10 reps, and don’t forget to use this ab wheel for other exercises such as crunches and one-sided oblique exercises. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on your way to having ripped abs in no time!

How To Do Crunches With An Ab Wheel?

An example of a crunch with an abs wheel: lie on your back and place the ab wheel just above your chest. Now pull yourself up, concentrating on the movement only happening from the ribcage down. When you reach the top position hold it there, then after a few seconds lower yourself back down again. Repeat until failure if you’re doing them for fat-burning properties. If not then stop after 1-3 sets of 10 reps. If you find this difficult then it might be a good idea to use lighter weight and do more repetitions instead.

Tips: Keep abs tight and try pulling your ribcage up and in towards the navel, exhaling as you raise yourself up. Don’t roll forward or backward when doing crunches with an abs wheel! To target lower abdominal muscles, bring legs off ground slightly so shins are diagonal across the floor.

Is The Ab Wheel Better Than Sit-Ups?

There’s a lot of debate as to whether the ab wheel is better than sit ups for abs, though it really comes down to personal preference. Some people find sit ups uncomfortable so use an ab wheel instead. Others prefer using crunches or planks as they concentrate more on correct form and movement which targets the abs more efficiently.

What Are Some Other Ab Wheel Exercises?

The ab wheel is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for several exercises such as oblique twists, Russian twists and one-armed rows. Try performing some of these exercises after your usual abs workout to hit the abs from different angles and target problem areas more efficiently!

How To Use The Ab Wheel For Obliques?

Some example oblique exercises with an ab wheel: stand up tall with feet hip-width apart and place the ab wheel on the floor in front of you, then roll it out so your body forms a straight line from head to toe – do this by leaning forward slightly as you extend both arms down towards the ground. When you’re ready to return, use your obliques to pull yourself back into an upright position as you inhale. Repeat until failure if doing them for fat-burning purposes, or stop after 1-3 sets of 10 reps if not.

Will The Ab Wheel Help Me Lose Belly Fat?

The short answer – yes! Using the ab wheel is a good way to lose belly fat as it targets all of your abdominal muscles, and it’ll also help you gain a leaner core. Now that’s what I call effective!

Are There Any Other Benefits To Using The Ab Wheel?

Regular use of this piece of equipment will strengthen the stabilizer muscles in your body, improving posture and reducing injuries like lower-back pain. This is because using an ab wheel requires you to support yourself on strong abs while engaging numerous other muscle groups; working every muscle in the body brings benefits that go beyond aesthetics!

What Is The Best Way To Use An Ab Wheel For Abs?

Keep abs tight throughout the movement, perform each repetition slowly and deliberately and try not to roll too far forward or backward. Take deep breaths as you work through your abs workout – exhaling as you contract (pull) the ab muscles and inhale as you return to starting position.

Can This Piece Of Equipment Be Use For Any Other Exercises Besides Working The Abs?

Yes! You can use this piece of equipment for exercises such as one-armed rows, oblique twists, and Russian twists. Try to incorporate these exercises into your ab workout, or try them out after you’ve done your usual routine to target the abs from different angles!

Recommended Ab Wheel Workouts:

  • Ab Wheel One-Armed Row (Alternating)
  • Ab Wheel Roll Outs (Facing The Ground)
  • Ab Wheel Twists (Left Side, Right Side)
  • Ab Wheel Plank Crunches (Feet On The Floor Or Raised)

What Other Equipment Is Great For Working The Abs?

A resistance band is a brilliant addition to an ab workout because it can be used for so many other exercises too. Perform cable crunches by hooking one end of the band over something sturdy at shoulder height and then holding the other end with both hands. Alternatively, try something like a pull-up bar to perform leg raises along with hanging knee tucks and abdominal crunches – just make sure you pick up a bar suitable for your height!

Will The Ab Wheel Help Me Build My Obliques?

Yes! If you want to build your obliques then try out some of the variations listed above as they’ll help target those muscles. Remember, though, that if you’re after a balanced physique then it’s important to include exercises for all of the different muscle groups.

When Is The Best Time To Use An Ab Wheel?

Whenever you feel like it! Although I’d recommend using a resistance band more frequently due to its versatility, an ab wheel is a good choice when you fancy targeting the abs from another angle or if your usual routine starts getting a bit boring.

Will The Ab Wheel Help Me Build My Lower Abs?

It will help you to target the lower abs, but be aware that it’s a secondary muscle in this region. To really hit the lower abs from every angle, I’d recommend adding in some targeted exercises too.

Are Ab Rollers Portable?

Unfortunately, they are not. They can’t be carried around in your pocket or bag! If you want to do ab workouts when you’re away from home then I’d recommend taking a resistance band with you instead.

Are There Any Other Accessories For The Ab Wheel?

Yes – some people like to use gloves when performing ab exercises, especially if the skin on their hands is particularly sensitive or if it gets sweaty. You could also try using an ab wheel mat so that your floor isn’t damaged by excessive rolling, which would be particularly useful for new users who aren’t sure how much force to apply during use. Also, remember to look out for replacement components too because they are bound to wear over time!



The best way to get a six-pack is not just through diet and exercise. There are some products that may help you obtain the look of your dreams, including abs wheels. These devices work by isolating abdominal muscles which allows them to contract at higher intensity levels for longer periods of time. When used regularly, these tools can strengthen core muscle groups in order to create an enviable midsection without having to spend hours on end doing crunches or sit-ups until your back aches from being hunched over all day long. You don’t have any excuses now! If you want the body you dreamed about as a kid but never got because life happened instead, it doesn’t matter how old you are–you can get it now!

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