A Beginner Guide To Changing Travel Trailer Tires Reviews

A Beginner Guide To Changing Travel Trailer Tires

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Traveling on a trailer is a great way to gain new experiences while enjoying the benefits of the modern world. But no matter what, road safety is still the number one priority when it comes to using the trailer. One of many things you have to do to fulfill this condition is to ensure the tires remain functional. When you see that signs that a tire is about to give in, change it right away. Well if you happen to own a travel trailer very recently, you probably don’t know how to replace a tire. In that case, you can find some help in this article

Changing the tires is a common knowledge that every trailer owner should have know. It’s true that you can simply take the trailer to an automobile store and ask them to do it for you. Well, such service is not going to be available all the time and can actually cost quite a lot too. So why don’t you try to learn to change the tires on your own and cut down the expense? Changing travel trailer tire is not difficult to do and you can save up some money. All you have to do is gather several suitable tools and apply appropriate techniques then it will be done.

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The necessary tools and gears in order to changing Travel Trailer Tires

There won’t be any need for complicated stuff here, you only need three items and that would be enough. They are the jack, lug nut wrench and wheel chock. In most situations, you are not going to change only the tire, you will take off the trailer wheel as well. The cost of wheels with pre-mounted tires doesn’t have a substantial difference compared to independent tires. Changing both the tire and wheel as one is much quicker and more convenient than replacing just the tire. If you don’t already have a spare wheel with tire, go and get one

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For the tools, just get any model you want but you need to make sure that they are suitable. You don’t want to waste money buying tools that you can’t use so be careful. Write down the specifications of the trailer weight and wheel then make your decision base on that. Oh and just to be on the safe side, wear a pair of protection goggle while you are changing the tire. There are many things that can suddenly puncture the tire which is very dangerous if it happens. Better be safe than sorry

The changing procedures (5 steps)

  • Step 1: Park the trailer and secure the wheel

If you are traveling with the trailer on the road and suspicious that something has happened with the tire, pull over.  After that, move the trailer to a stable and level ground then secure it with the wheel chock. It’s is vital that the ground clearance is enough for you to slide in the jack under the trailer frame. In the case that the clearance is insufficient, remove the wheel chock and look for a solid object. When you find one, place it right in front of the tire in question and steadily tow the trailer forward. This will increase the ground clearance so you use the jack.

When the trailer is in an ideal position, engage the emergency brake and proceed to give the tire a close examination.

  • Step 2: Loosen the nuts and deploy the jack

When you decide that the tire need to be changed, take out your lug nut wrench and the jack. Now you need to loosen all the nuts on the trailer wheel first before using the jack. Don’t deploy the jack right away since that will let the wheel spin freely when you are trying to undo the nuts. Remember that you just need to loosen the nuts, there is no need to remove it entirely yet. When the nuts are sufficiently loosed, deploy the jack and raise the trailer just enough for the wheel to turn unobstructed.

  • Step 3: Remove the nuts and change the malfunction tire with a new one

At this step, loosen the nuts complete and get them out. Next, remove the wheel with the damaged tire out and grab the replacement. When the replacement is in the desired the position, proceed to fasten the nuts a bit. Same as before, you probably have trouble fastening the nuts all the way because the wheel keeps spinning. Well you don’t have to try too much, just drive the nuts in enough so the wheel cannot fall back out. If you can do that then it’s good enough for now

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  • Step 4: Lower the jack to let the wheel touch the ground

Now, slowly and steadily release the jack so the trailer comes down. The moment that the wheel touches the ground and no longer spin freely, cease at once. Take out the lug nut wrench and fasten the nuts to the best of your ability. The ground and the trailer weight will keep the wheel in check which should put a stop to the spinning. Everything is very easy now, just casually tighten the nuts back and that is pretty much it. The new trailer wheel with tire is ready to go.

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  • Step 5: Remove the jack and get back to the road

Fully released the jack then put it away, go around and check each of the nut tightness again. The last thing you ever want to face is one of the trailer wheels detach itself from the frame while moving on the road. So take your time and make sure that every nut is properly tightened. If you are completely confident that everything is in order, pack up your tool and return to the road. About the wheel with the damaged tire, mount it to the spare tire location and replace it later.


And that is most of the basic about changing travel trailer tires, not too hard to understand, right? Technically, it’s is rather an easy and simple process which can be done by almost anyone. As long as you got the right tools and strictly follow the correct procedures, it’s totally possible. You will resume your trip with the travel trailer in a blink of an eye


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