An Easy Guide On How To Fold A Pop Up Tent?


How to fold a pop up tent

How to fold a pop up tent?

When it comes to a temporary solution for a shelter, the pop-up tent stands out as an ideal choice. Its construction is robust and basic which offer adequate protection against outdoor elements.  While the interior space is not as good as a standard tent, you can still feel rather comfortable resting and sleeping inside it. Usually, at a rather limited weight, a pop-up tent is great for people that want to keep everything light and simple. It only requires a little room so this type of tent is space efficient and an excellent companion in short period trip.

To achieve such advantageous characteristic, a pop-up tent body is quite different from other. To avoid any problems related to setting up and putting down the tent, you must have a firm grasp on its operation. If you don’t clearly know how to fold up a pop up tent and assemble it, you might end up in a giant mess. In the case that you could really need some hints on the subject, this article will be of use. Right below are the instructions on how can fold up two popular styles of pop up tent: Large and Beach

How To Fold A Pop Up Tent

Large pop-up tent

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  • Step 1: Cleanse the tent

Remove all the dirt, sand and alike with a soft piece of cloth before you attempt to fold the tent.  It’s vital to do this step thoroughly since an accumulation of foreign material can degrade the fabric and affect your experience. Rinse the cloth with deterrent if you have one on hand and wipe every nook and cranny of the tent. Let it dry for a bit then tip and shake the tent to ensure all the debris has completely fallen out. Keep in mind that you should not move to the next step if the tent is still wet or you will let it become ideal for mold to grow.

  • Step 2:  Pull the poles together and fold the tent

Stand right next to the tent and grab the poles which are located on top left and right of the tent. Get a good drip on them and swiftly pull the poles together and keep them with one of your hand. Next, there is another set of poles on the bottom of the tent, reach out to those as well.  Repeat the folding process as with the top poles until all the tent poles are on top of one another in your hand. Remember to open the tent door so the air inside can escape. If everything goes smoothly, your pop up tent should have a semicircular shape by now.

  • Step 3: Position the tent door against the ground and fold the top poles

Lay the tent by the side so its door is pointed at the ground then grab the far edge of the semicircular. Due to your positioning, the edge is the highest point of the tent and lay right in front of you. When got a hold of the edge, press it into the middle of the semicircular bottom side. The poles that made of the tent frame are lightweight so only a moderate amount of force is needed. They are also flexible so don’t worry and just apply pressure to bend the tent.

  • Step 4: Combine the halves and put the tent in the bag

The pop-up tent shall look like two wheel of fabric lying side by side if you do everything correctly. Now push them into each other so the wheels form one single circle and that would be it. One thing you must know about the pop-up tent is it can automatically deploy on its own so hold down the poles.  Depress the tent to fully flatten it and promptly secure the tent inside its container. With the tent in its packed form, all you have to do is put into your bag and hit the road.

Beach pop up tent

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  • Step 1: Get rid of the sand

You can do this like the above but it’s likely that you only deal with sand so shaking the tent alone is sufficient. Should you find dirty spots in or around the tent, soak a rag with water and remove them.  If you are in a rush and don’t have time to remove stubborn stains, simply clear out the sand.  When you get home, you can give the tent a more careful wash.  Powered deterrents can come in handy here to scrub out the stains.

  • Step 2: Pull the tent together by its entrance poles and press it down

Stand at the door of the tent and grab the poles to its left and right but remember to keep the door open. After that, push one pole into the tent center and press it flat on the ground. Hold it tight while reach out for the remaining pole and do the same. At this stage, the tent shape resembles an oval. Next, flip over the tent and apply pressure on its edge which slowly turns into an 8 shape. Put your hand on the side of the tent to guide the process.

  • Step 3: Fold the tent

Hold the tent up by one side then fold it over to other to form one circular shape. Put your knee on the tent to secure it while you grab the container, concentrate or the tent will spring back to its deployed form. All you have to do now is slide the tent into the container and it’s done.

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And that is pretty much it, fairly easy to follow, right? Knowing how to fold a pop up tent is crucial in order to have a satisfying experience with the tent. As long as you follow the steps above close and carefully, you can pack the tent with relative ease. It may be a bit tricky at first but when you are used to it, you can finish folding a pop up tent in a blink of an eye.

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