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In this article we will help you to different motorhomes classes and popular types of RVs and that are available to you. Now Let’s start


  • Class A

Class A has a large size, they are pretty comfortable for the family on camping or a trip. The Class A Motorhome looks like a bus. Right! Class A Motorhomes is converted from the bus, and the size from about 22′ up to about 45′. There is every luxury imaginable in Class A. Some have granite countertops and heated marble flooring as well as leather furniture. Full bathrooms, large residential type refrigerator, even washer and dryer for your clothes.. If  you have more friends for the trip, you need to add more room and central vacuums for added comfort. You can also equip your motorhome with solar panels, satellite TV, the internet and surround sound.

8 popular types of RVs

Big Motorhomes Class A


Class A Motorhome

1990 Allegro Class A Motorhome.

  • Class B

Talk about the history, Class B was born in the 1970’s when the RV industry decided to classify van campers as a new motorhome type. Today’s Class B motor home is a modified Chevrolet, Chrysler or Mercedes Benz van. Conveniences include sleeping, kitchen, toilet facilities, the Internet. But, Class B motor homes have sleeping space for two, though some can accommodate up to four people. They are best suited for the short trips but, do not work well for snowbirding or full timing. Much of their appeal is the economy, and safety – and the fact that they drive more like the family car than a truck.

Class B Motorhome - Camper Van

Class B Motorhome (Camper Van)

  • Class C

Also known as mini motorhomes, Class C motorhomes are built on truck or large van chassis with a distinctive cab-over bunk area.  Class C units are scaled-down versions of class A motorhomes. Many class C motorhomes have inherited features such as slide-out sections and basement storage from class A units. Not only class B, Class C has some generally consider, it is a safer motor home than the class A for a number of reasons. For example, for the cockpit construction, with the frontal crush area and all-steel cage offering protection for driver and passenger in a rollover situation.

Over the years, Class B reviewed are more acceleration, power and fuel economy. Users love the design with no slides or step up to stumble over, and there are very good interiors inside.

Class C Motorhome

The fuel-efficient REV Class C Motorhome

5th Wheel Trailers

A fifth wheel configuration is popular because of its safety and handling capabilities.To describe for Fifth Wheels, here are some pros that RVers often are

– Safety Issues.

– Easy to Use.

– Too Easy to Build.

– Weight Issue.

Especially, a fifth wheel trailer is popular with full-timers, because most of these RVers want to go as big as the towing vehicle will allow. Yes, the fifth wheel is easy to connect and disconnect from the truck, it is relatively easy to back up. Furthermore, it can easily carry more height, it allows for more storage space. It means transformed full-time living on the road into a more pleasurable experience offering plenty of comforts, convenience, and safety. Living Room Slideouts in a fifth wheel provides a roomy atmosphere, but the quality of slide out mechanisms vary with each manufacturer.

Built on the truck so the fifth wheels get bigger and heavier, the need for a larger truck increases – adding to the already hefty price tag of the fifth wheel. Many large and small RV builders are specializing in fifth wheels from 30 to 45 feet in length.

5th Wheel Trailers

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer is a unit designed to be towed by a car, van, SUV or pickup by means of an equalizing frame hitch. Sometimes referred to as a conventional travel trailer. If you click on the research website or the brand links, it will bring you to a list of 10-20 different models made by that company. From that, you try to read and review all the links they will provide info such as length, height, weight, floor plan designs, and more.

The size of Travel trailers ranges in size from 18-24 foot compact models to full-sized equivalents to Class A motorhomes and travel trailers are expensive to purchase also. With Travel trailers, these units offer all the amenities of home. Depending on the model and floor plan, some units can sleep up to 10 people, which makes them ideal for large families. Much like a Pop-Up Camper, some Travel Trailers today offer slide-out bunks in the front and rear.

In short, Travel Trailers is perfectly adaptable for full-timing ideal for weekend getaways and extended vacations.

2016 Coleman 262BH Travel Trailer

Pop up/Folding and Tent Trailers

Nowaday, Pop-up campers are popular and have many models. Full kitchen with features are stove, sink, and other essentials are connect to spacious seating and dinette.

As you can see, the same with other RVs, there are many different options and many brands too. Figure out what type of Pop-up campers you want, what size trailer you want and do not forget to choose what features you’d like to have too – you just have to find out the best Pop-up campers for you.

Pop up/Folding and Tent Trailers

Truck Camper

It is RV for men. Who is passion in fishing, hunting, etc. Because of the punting of the Truck camper and it is easy to drive a truck too, but only different of the additional width, height and handling properties. The room inside a truck camper is limited, generally only good for personal and maybe two peoples.

8 popular types of RVs

A Truck Camper

Toy Hauler

Toy Hauler or the Sports utility trailer, it is more commonly known and it is the newest RV also. With space for personal watercraft and the like as your motorcycles, ATVs. Etc. Toy Hauler offers the convenience and luxury of at-home living with the ability to haul your “toys”, that’s why RVers call Toy Hauler is “all in one” unit. Because of the cargo space in the rear. The living area is not as spacious as in other types of RVs, but they do offer the same features and amenities as in travel trailers, including cooking, dining, sleeping and bath/toilet facilities. And that is not all, most units have pull-down bunks in the cargo area for additional sleeping facilities while at camp.

The ATC Toy Hauler ramp door can turn into an outdoor patio


For those RVs above described. If you’re in the market for shopping, be sure to take a look at some of the customer’s reviews before you make your final decision. It will be useful to tell you exactly what to expect, what works, and what doesn’t. Buying an RV is a big investment and a big plan too. Please look at reviews they will make you all clear that What does RV stand for? and your decision easier.

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