May 25 Back Porch Concert Series at Fontanel Features #Stop22: Three Former Marine Singer/Songwriters Working to End Veteran Suicide

Nashville, TN – (May 23, 2017) In a pre-Memorial day tribute, Champion Car Wash and Fontanel are proud to welcome the #Stop22 Tour to the FREE Champion Car Wash…Presents Back Porch Concert Series at Fontanel On Thursday, May 25 from 5:30-8:30 PM. #Stop22 is a group of musicians dedicated to bringing awareness of, and an end to the 22 veterans taking their lives every day. The group includes Stephen Cochran, Tyler Jay Satterfield, and Daniel Dean.

Stephen Cochran and Daniel Dean got together after a friend, and a family member, both Veterans, committed suicide within a year of each other. The two Vets have felt the impact of suicide in every aspect of their lives. They also realized that their music could help heal their brothers and sisters, as well as educate the civilian populous. As they started to perform in places around Nashville, they realized how many other talented singer songwriters there were that had also served this great country. So the #Stop22 was born, and can be found playing most months on the 22nd in or around Nashville. The tour started as a tribute to the Global War On Terror Wall Of Remembrance that travels the country displaying the names of the fallen men from the war on terror. It is the only wall touring currently being added to. #STOP22 was asked to come and play with GWOT Wall of Remembrance in Vegas during the Shot Show and demand for it came shortly thereafter. Tyler Jay Satterfield joined up a short time after the launch, and has been a huge addition. Also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and Iraq, Tyler wrote and performed one of the most known songs in the Marine Corps in the mid 2000s (EAS SONG). He too has been plagued by the epidemic of PTSD among the veteran community, and understands the ability for his music to help educate and heal.

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