The Trails and Greenway at Fontanel

**Parts of the trail may be closed due to construction and property improvements.**

Trails at Fontanel is over three-miles of wooded and asphalt trails that winds through the historic Whites Creek Valley and Fontanel. The trails offer a tranquil escape and dog-friendly environment just “three songs” from Downtown Nashville. Guests at Fontanel and the public may enjoy this quiet tree-lined retreat and spend the whole day trekking without paying a fee.

It’s a perfect place for friends and families to unwind and enjoy each other’s company in nature’s embrace. The trails have been fitted with sensory points by MARS Petcare for pet owners who are craving a little off-leash adventure with their dogs. Some owner’s have taken their goats or pet wallabies on The Trails at Fontanel.

Everyone living in Whites Creek and nearby areas enjoys hiking through the forest, relaxing at the meadows, and listening to the soundscape at dawn at the Trails at Fontanel. Beginning at the Woods at Fontanel music venue, the unpaved trail extends up and over the ridge, overlooking the scenic Whites Creek valley. From the ridge, you can see the gorgeous Fontanel Mansion. The groomed trail ends at the VIP seating area.

The trails also connects to over two miles of paved Metro Parks Greenway for foot and bike traffic. Bikers and hikers will get a chance to see the beautiful wild flowers that bloom along this lightly trafficked loop trail. In the near future, we plan to expand the area so people can explore other hidden areas of the valley.

From sunup to sundown, the Trails at Fontanel are open for your enjoyment. Some say this is one the largest “privately held public parks” in all of Tennessee. Head down to the estate and connect with nature. After a long hike, grab a hearty meal at Cafe Fontanella. Explore our website to learn more about other activities and attractions at the Fontanel complex.

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